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Vote Now!
The entries have all arrived, and the March 2015 Polymer Clay Central Challenge, sponsored by Sculpey Products, in ON! Our themes this month are GREEN or ST.PATRICK'S DAY (what else for March??), and we have a great selection of projects to see, so click here to view the entries, pick your favorite and cast your vote!

Enter Now!
While we finish voting, it's time to get ready for the April 2015 PCC Challenge! Check here for the themes, rules and entry submission form and take a chance on great prizes from our sponsor Sculpey Products!

PLAN AHEAD - 2015 Challenge Themes!
PCC Throwback - From the PCC Archives!

Another great cane lesson from 2000! Kris Richards, polymerclay Author and Artist, teaches how to make a terrific utility piece, the Kaleidoscope Cane! Her easy to follow text and beautiful illustrations will have you creating some beautiful canes of your own!

Here's a great cane lesson from Donna Kato that dates back to 2003! Click here to see this beautiful cane and all the many variants you can do!

Let's take a look back at some of the amazing cane lessons that PCC has published over the years, and a great place to start is The TrueLeigh Rose Cane. First posted in 1999, it's probably the lesson that introduced many clayers into the world of caning!

Join us for this look back at the early days of Polymer Clay and PCC, when the Internet Clay Swaps were hugely popular, and one of the most exciting features of the original Polymer Clay Central! Click here to see these pages that have not been seen since 1998.

Updated 2/28/2015
Join the International PC Teachers Directory
Calling All Polymer Clay Teachers!!!!!
Polymer Clay Central is beginning a new feature - a database and Internet listing of polymer clay teachers from all over the world. The hope of this project is that it will make it much easier for prospective students to be able to find teachers in their geographic areas who can provide the level of instruction they need. Teachers, fill out the easy online form, upload pictures illustrating your classes or your work, and your new Teachers Webpage will be added to the International Directory, making it easier for students and Guilds to find and contact you! Begin this project right here...

Now With Lists by State for the U.S. and by Country for International Teachers!!!
Polymer Clay Cyclopedia
Would you like to be a part of Polymer Clay History? Then join us and add your tips and techniques to the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia, an ever growing collection of polymer clay information from around the world!

Just Added - New Color Recipes!

We're happy to introduce a new feature at PCC - Foreign Language Lessons! We've added a new Greek lesson - The Feather Cane - to join the other Greek translations by Vicky Paschali... Natasha Technique, Angela's Autumn Leaf, the Basic Jelly Roll Cane, the Brain Cane, the TrueLEIGH Rose Cane, the Lace Cane, the Simple Leaf Ornament, and the Skinner Blend. The list is beginning to grow, and begins here! We're also looking for people to translate PCC lesson into other languages, so if you are interested please email Leigh or Stephen!
PCC Coaster Swap
It's been awhile since we had an "official" PCC swap, but we're back with a BANG with the PCC Coaster Swap, hosted by Leigh Ross! Click here to see two pages of beautiful coasters made by a VERY talented group of swappers!
Guild Gazette!
Check the PCC Guild Gazette for articles and photo shows from guild events, as well as the Regional and International Guild List, the Clayers Classified, and many other Guild links!

PCC Events Datebook
Have you ever had a special event at your Guild, or knew about a great Workshop coming up, or wanted to advertise a great Retreat, but didn't know where to go? Did you ever hear about a terrific event AFTER it was over? Well, PCC has come up with an answer for BOTH of these dilemnas, and we now offer the PCC Events Datebook! Here is a place where you can post about your upcoming events, or look to see if anything is happening in your area. It's easy - you just type it in, and it goes live within a few hours. So, click here to check it out and advertise YOUR special event!

PCC member DocSarah started a terrific discussion at the PCC Message Board asking the question in the tile above, and we received some inspiring responses. These were so fascinating that we wanted to share them will ALL our friends at the PCC Website, and give you all the chance to add your comments. Read them here and add your response!
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