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Polymer Clay Central is the oldest and largest website serving the polymer clay community (since 1995), and we are now offering the opportunity to advertise your website or online store to our audience. We have grown over the years and our website statistics and viewership, shown below for 2014, shows the extent of our reach into the internet clay community. We also reach out with our Facebook page and email list.

Monthly Stats for 2014

Here's your chance to use our reach to bring your banner and link to a large audience, and increase traffic flow into your website. Along with targeting your banner to a receptive audience, we also offer impression and click-through stats at your request.

Banner Ad at Top of Most Pages: $45 per Month
Your 468x60 Pixels Banner in a Rotating Display above the PCC title banner. Banners will rotate on page changes and page refreshes (click Refresh to change the banner below).

Smaller Ad in Main Page Right Column: $25 per Month
Your 125x125 Pixel Banner in a Rotating Display in the rightside column of the PCC Main Page. Banners will rotate on page access or page refresh (click Refresh to change the banner below).

All banners include clickable links to your website, and you can either host your banner art at PCC or at your own site so you can easily update the copy and art by uploading a new banner with the same filename. And if you don't have a banner, we will work with your ideas to produce one for a small added fee.

If you would like to see your banner and link on the Polymer Clay Central website, please email Stephen at for further details!

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