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by D.Jean Vainio-Kulczycki

Materials Needed:

  • Sculpey Maroon #382
  • Sculpey Yellow #072 ,
  • Sculpey Red #083 (OR Sculpey Red Hot Red #583)
  • Apple Colors
  • Fimo Soft Caramel #7 (or mix Sculpey #053 with Sculpey white 001) for Stem Color
  • Sculpey Green #022 mixed with Sculpey White 001 for Leaf Skinner Blend
  • Sculpey Green #022 mixed with Premo Black #5042 for Leaf Border and veins
  • Premo Black 5042 mixed with Sculpey Black #042 for apple outer layer
  • Tissue Blade
  • Needle Tool or appx. ¼" (5mm) diameter cylinder rod (3 - 4" long)
  • Pasta Machine
  • Acrylic Roller
(Click Pictures for a Larger View)
  1. Prepare or condition the clay.

  2. Skinner Blend the colors for the Apple. Begin with the Maroon and Red Stacked together after running through the pasta machine on #3 setting, and Yellow on #1 setting.
    (Fig. 1)

  3. Skinner Blend the layers about 20-25 times through your pasta machine on the #1 setting. Before the final pass through the pasta machine, trim the ends and Tri-fold the clay (Fig. 2). Put it through the pasta machine on a #1 setting, inserting the lighter end. One last time, insert the lighter clay end, this time on the #4 setting. Using left over cut off clay from the Yellow clay, roll into a small snake. This will become the center of the log. Carefully roll the long Skinner blend around the Yellow snake, keeping straight, and try to keep the air bubbles out. Roll smooth and trim ends (Fig. 3).

  4. This is an optional step. You may chill the cane for about 5-10 minutes in the freezer. Once it is fairly firm, cut in 2 curves on the insides (not in the yellow, but the darker part of the apple cane) to add a thin (#4 or #5 on pasta machine) layer of brighter red for extra color. You may skip this step if you don't want to mess up your Skinner Blend log.

  5. Shape the cane to resemble an apple. Using your needle tool handle or appx. ¼" (5mm) cylinder rod, make an indentation on the top and bottom of the apple (Fig. 4).

  6. After mixing a small portion of Premo Black and Sculpey Black, roll out a thin layer #5 or #6 on your pasta machine. Cut the edges to fit the apple cane. Wrap this around the apple cane, leaving the indentation (notch) open at the TOP for the stem. (Fig.5)

  7. Insert a caramel color (Fimo Caramel or a mixed Sculpey Brown and White). Roll out a layer of caramel on the #1 setting. Fold in half, and using your roller, seam together. Cut outer edges, and top, leaving fold rounded slightly. Cut to desired height for stem of apple.

  8. Add two leaves, using Leigh's Leaf Cane. Click here for Leigh's Leaf Cane Lesson. (Fig. 6)

  9. Wrap the outer layer with the color of your choice, I used light blue. Roll outer color on your pasta machine #4 setting, and wrap around the apple cane, leaves and stem (being careful not to crush the leaves or stem). Use your needle tool to press clay into creases. Roll out a snake of outer color. Cut into quarters, and insert these into the creases or gaps around the leaves and bottom of apple. Wrap a final layer of outer color with a sheet of clay on the #1 setting on your pasta machine. Smooth the seams, and roll smooth. Reduce the cane to the desired size. Before you cut your cane in half to see your work, freeze the cane for 5-10 minutes. Now cut and see the results of your work. (Fig.7)

D.Jean Vainio-Kulczycki
Website: © November, 2000

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