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"I have found an interesting way to prepare a Leaf Cane by using the Polymer clay extruder. This method allows me to play with the colors to get the look of a natural leaf. I will show here how I create the Autumn Leaf, but by using your imagination you can use this method to create any leaf."Angela

Click Pictures for a Larger View

Step 1: Choose the desired colors for your leaf (it's important to choose dark and light colors to create contrast). I use about 1/8 package for each color. Roll each color into a snake about the diameter of your Extruder.

Step 2: Cut the snakes into small circles keeping the diameter of each circle about the diameter of the Extruder.

Step 3: Now I stack all the circles together and create a cane of about 8cm long.

Step 4: Get your Extruder and a large slotted disk.
(I Use No.13)

Step 5: Insert the cane from Step 3 into the extruder, attach the slotted end, and extrude a flat "snake".

Step 6: Using a round cookie cutter (about 4cm), trace a circle on your work surface.

Step 7: Begin to fill in the circle with cut off pieces of the snake as shown...

Step 8: ...until the whole circle is covered. I keep the rest of the "snake" and use it later.

Step 9: After tightening the layers I cut the edges with the cookie cutter.

Step 10: Lightly mark the center of the circle with a blade.
(Do NOT cut through!)

Step 11: Offset your blade as shown and through the center point of the circle.

Step 12: Now turn one of the halves upside down and position them as shown.

Step 13: Take the remains of the "snake" from Step 8 and run it through your Pasta machine, starting with #1 up to #3. The resulting sheet will be used for the leaf veins and contour.
(If there is no "snake" left over you can use one of the colors instead)

Step 14:Take a slice from the sheet just created and insert it beween the halves for the center vein of the leaf.

Step 15: Cut another piece from the sheet and wrap it around the circle.

Step 16: I now reduce the cane to the diameter I want for my leaves. When done, I pinch the cane into a leaf shape.

Step 17: This is the final result. Every cut of the cane will create a unique pattern! Enjoy & Good Luck!

by Angela Barenholtz
©2009 Text and Photos

We want to thank Angela for sharing this excellent leaf cane variation with Polymer Clay Central. If you have a lesson or tutorial, or something you would like to share with PCC, please email Leigh or Stephen and we will help you prepare your project for the PCC Website!

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