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PCC Chats With
Jody Bishel

Click Here to Download a Zipfile of this Chat

December 3, 1999:

.Leigh> JOdy, I watched your Video again yesterday! It is really amazing what you have done with Liquid Sculpey, how long have you been working with it?
JODYBISHEL> People do tend to get excited about the transfers, though
MARTYWOOSLEY> Jody, will they be selling it labeled soon. If so, where
JODYBISHEL> I guess I've been doing LS for about two years
JODYBISHEL> A lot of my experience from other work helped
.Leigh> Wow, what did you think when you first saw it? ANd where did you first get it
JODYBISHEL> I don't think that Polyform will be packaging the LS soon
.Leigh> I'm going to run down a couple background questions first so we have some facts in the log!<G>
JDESIGN> Hi everyone
JODYBISHEL> Investing in the equipment is expensive so they sell to distributors and leave it up to them to lable it
MARTYWOOSLEY> Thanks to you and several others, it is great to NOW have some information on it.
JODYBISHEL> Well, we're just making it up as we go along!
FIMOFIEND> I agree, both faq's are very informative
FIMOFIEND> I thank you for the work on them
JODYBISHEL> You are very welcome!
MARTYWOOSLEY> THAT is interesting!! Being a pioneer must be fun!
JODYBISHEL> It was just too cool to keep quiet about
.Leigh> wow, 8 minutes into the chat and we have 18 people in here already!
.Leigh> way to go Dianne!!! Our new Chat GURU!!!
FIMOFIEND> How did you like doing the video?
JODYBISHEL> For me, experimenting is everything!
FIMOFIEND> It is wonderful
.Leigh> I love experimenting!!!<G> THat's why I was late!<G>
JODYBISHEL> The video was something I never dreamed I'd be doing!
.Maggie> You did beautifully Jody...I felt as tho we were sitting in the room together..:)
JODYBISHEL> It was hard concentrated work but fun too
.Leigh> You did very well in your video, and it's cool cause it reminds me of Conn. and the retreat, it's really great to watch videos of people you ahve met already
.Dianne C> Jody, do you have a count on the number of ways that you have tried ls?
MARTYWOOSLEY> Am I correct, It will NOT pull an inkjet image?
JDESIGN> I haven't seen it's still coming...but I can't wait Jody..
FIMOFIEND> If you could do it again what other techniques would you include?
JODYBISHEL> Only if you print the ink jet on thermal fax paper and it will be pale- not worth it
.Leigh> Let's try to keep only one question going at a time!
JODYBISHEL> I would do bonding clay to fabric
MARTYWOOSLEY> Great! It didn't work and I thought I might have done something wrong
JDESIGN> So that means colour photocopies only?
BEADBAG> I've had splendid results with my inkjet - use 720 dpi resolution on regular paper.
FIMOFIEND> Do you always thinit to work with it?
JODYBISHEL> It's a lot like the transfers to clay
JODYBISHEL> some copies are better than others
JODYBISHEL> Make small tests first
JODYBISHEL> I thin the TLS depending on what I'm doing
MARTYWOOSLEY> Great, Will try 720 and 1440---experiment, right!
JODYBISHEL> Right now I have some that is very thick but normally I don't thin it
.Crafty Michele> Hello to all !!!
.Leigh> What is the best method to thin it?
BEADBAG> Yes, experiment! What do you use to thin the ls?
JODYBISHEL> The other thing to do with a TLS transfer that won't transfer is to just leave it intact and use it with the paper on
JODYBISHEL> Thin TL with Sculpey diluent
.Joanie> is there a ratio of TLS to thinner that you prefer for most things?
.Leigh> For those of you just joining us, we are chatting with Jody Bishel, we have the room open and informal but ask that you only ask questions one at a time! Let's not overwhelm her!
JODYBISHEL> Not really
.ELangsner> Do you really mean use it withthe paper on , or bake it with the paper on?
JODYBISHEL> Sometimes I want the LS thicker
PLAYCLAY> can you leach it?
JODYBISHEL> Yes, leave the paper on and use sobo glue to mount it to a sheet of clay
JODYBISHEL> If the transfer was made on glass you will have that glossy layer of TLS protecting the paper
.Joanie> is there a way to get a matte surface with the tls?
.Karen> Jody, is the TLS ever too old to use? I've heard that it should only be kept 6 months
JODYBISHEL> If you want to thicken LS you can spread it on a tile and let some evaporate but it can really catch dust
MARTYWOOSLEY> Is the PVA workable with it? An artist friend said the PVA is "softer" but she thinks it is somewhat like it.
JODYBISHEL> TLS seems pretty matte to me just the way it is
.Joanie> I mean with a transfer... do you HAVE to use glass?
JODYBISHEL> The shelf life question is very important
.Crafty Michele> Jody, are there actually two types of TLS? One translucent and on transparent?
BEADBAG> ? What's PVA, Marty?
JODYBISHEL> If properly stored TLS should last indefinately
.Karen> How should it be stored to keep it in useable condition?
MARTYWOOSLEY> Somewhat like padding compound.
JODYBISHEL> There are two types- LS which has white pigment and is opaque and TLS which has no pigment
JODYBISHEL> Just keep your TLS away from heat, nothing fancy
JDESIGN> each does different things, right?
JODYBISHEL> That's the beauty of having the opaque and transparent
JDESIGN> do you cover this in your video?
JODYBISHEL> You can blend them or use which ever you need to get the effect you want
.Leigh> You won't believe how much she covers in the video!
JODYBISHEL> Yes, that's on the video
JDESIGN> ROFL...mine is still coming...
.Karen> could you just make the TLS opaque with white oil paint?
.Maggie> Jody, if one takes TLS and adds white oil pigment, is that the same as LS?
JDESIGN> I gotta order the opaque one!
.Joanie> Mine too JD...
JODYBISHEL> Well, as Burt said, polymer people want CONTENT!
JDESIGN> ROFL...min'es on the water...
.Leigh> And you provided it, Jody!
JODYBISHEL> You can make TLS opaque by adding titanium white yourself
.ELangsner> what do you use to add color to the LS?
JDESIGN> ReallY?? grat...
JODYBISHEL> Oil paint, pearlex or other powders
JDESIGN> Oil paint Jody?
JODYBISHEL> Nothing water based since LS is oil based
SENSEWHIM> Jody, can you use TLS to get rid of finger prints?
.Georgana> ok Im here thanks Dianne
FIMOFIEND> what about azstist acrylics?
JODYBISHEL> Yes, it will fill in the finger prints
JDESIGN> Hey...that's pretty neat...
JODYBISHEL> No acrylics mixed into the LS- the water turns to steam in the oven even if you got it to mix in
JDESIGN> anyone selling this in Australia yet?
.Leigh> Ah Ha, that explains what happeneds!!!
JODYBISHEL> Bear in mind that TLS has a matte surface so if you want gloss you have to sand or varnish
.tammie> hi all
.Dianne C> Jody have you used TLS to build layers.
JODYBISHEL> I think you'll have to order it from the states
.Leigh> I mixed some TLS with some neeeato paint I bought recently and it baked looking like a sponge
.KathyG> How about the water clean-up oils? I suppose they make steam also
JDESIGN> OK..that's what I thought
JODYBISHEL> Don't know about the water clean up oils
JODYBISHEL> I'd be suspicious
.KathyG> I have a new set. Think I'll try them anyway <G>
JDESIGN> yeah Kathy...experiment<G>
.ELangsner> so what do you clean up with?
MARTYWOOSLEY> Can you pull a copy from a magazine with TLS?
JDESIGN> Leight...did the sponge thingie crumble?
.Leigh> It was awful, spongie and soft
.Leigh> too many air bubbles
JDESIGN> ...yuk
JODYBISHEL> Clean up with paint thinner
.Leigh> too much paint
.Leigh> acrylic type of paint
JODYBISHEL> Some printed stuff does transfer but not all
MARTYWOOSLEY> So, color copies work the best?
JODYBISHEL> Leigh, your spongy stuff sounds like the accident we had at Polyform
.KathyG> How about the Luminaries, Leigh; are they water based?
.Leigh> That's what turned it to sponge Kathy!
JODYBISHEL> We accidently mixed rubbing alcohol in thinking it was diluent!
.Dianne C> Luminieres will be in stock by next Wed. ;)
.Leigh> Jody was that with an acrylic paint
.KathyG> I figured
.Leigh> Ouch!
JDESIGN> did youget sponge too Jody?
.ELangsner> what are luminieres?
.Leigh> Yes?
JODYBISHEL> Alcohol mixed with TLS makes sponge too
JDESIGN> Have you tried oil based crayons yet?
.Joanie> So, could you bake on a coating of TLS... then paint an illustration on with oil paints... & cover THAT with another layer of tls?
.Leigh> I think the Luminaries are so concentrated that it just blew holes all throught the tls
JODYBISHEL> Not personally but they do work. You can color on a paper and transfer it
JDESIGN> OK...might try that...thanks
.KathyG> I used my daughters oil pastels on the back of the TLS to enhance the colors of the transfer
JODYBISHEL> Yes Joanie! It's my favorite thing!
.Leigh> Luminieries are a new ppaint put out by Jacquard that have a very strong metallic nad very potent colors
.Dianne C> Jody, have you used tls to build layers on piece to add a variety of texture and height?
JODYBISHEL> Layering works great
JDESIGN> this on the vdeo<G>?
.Dianne C> Could tell us a little about layering and your exiperments with it.
JODYBISHEL> You can keep it smooth and transparent, to get the depth or you can go with the opaque and build up texture
JDESIGN> sounds really magic stuff...
.Dianne C> I can imagine some great polyclay paintings.
JODYBISHEL> On the video, I do a red layered patina
.Dianne C> do you layer in the colors?
JDESIGN> Anyone coming to OZ soon?<G>
JODYBISHEL> It isn't that hard but it means rebaking between layers the heat gun helps a lot
FIMOFIEND> The Transparent won't build up depth?
JODYBISHEL> TLS does make a great sense of depth
.Joanie> Bummer.. got booted. Can I get a log from someone?
.Maggie> Jody...I would like to use it to coat eggs with. Is it possible to let it drip and then bake without any more running?
.Leigh> The entire chat will be put up on the web site next week, Joanie
JODYBISHEL> There is a limit to how heavy you can coat the LS
.Dianne C> Jody, regarding hot long??
JODYBISHEL> If I think that something might run, I let it sit for half an hour before baking
.Joanie> :o}
.Maggie> Ok...good and thank you!
JODYBISHEL> That way I can eliminate the drips
.Leigh> are you better off with multiple thin layers than one thick layer?
JODYBISHEL> You can see the LS cure and become matte as you heat it with the gun
.Joanie> also, you can stick a tack up through a piece of cardboard and set your egg on that to bake, so if it did drip you'd only have a little bump to sand off
JODYBISHEL> Yes, Leigh! Two thinner layers are much better than one heavy one
.Leigh> do you thin it out with Diluent?
.Dianne C> When you are layering, have you imbedded items??
.Dianne C> sorry, about doubling the questions.
JODYBISHEL> If it looks too thick or if I'm really concerned with keeping it clear I will thin it
.Crafty Michele> Jody, do you sand between layers?
JODYBISHEL> Temperature is also important
JODYBISHEL> Most problems are from under baking
JODYBISHEL> I bake at 275-300. Don't worry, the clay can take it unless it's translucent clay
JODYBISHEL> I sand only if I see a lump developing and only up to 400 grit
.Dianne C> Jody, please tell us what do you thin ls with??
.Claire> I've had TLS kind of smear when I tried buffing (seemed fine while I was sanding) - Is this due to too low a temp??
JODYBISHEL> Sculpey Diluent
.Joanie> So, can you not use TLS if you've used translucents?
.Dianne C> TY!
JODYBISHEL> It sounds like the TLS didn't cure
JODYBISHEL> Give it more heat
.Dianne C> Regarding do you know the temp of heat gun??
BEADBAG> High speed buffing will melt the tls.
JODYBISHEL> Experience was my teacher
.Claire> OK - it should buff up to a glassy finish, right??
.Leigh> Yes, buffing needs to be careful with TLS
JODYBISHEL> I did get the gun too close to the clay the first time and singed it but then I got a feel for it
.Dianne C> What do you watch for when you are using the heat gun? too not burn?
JODYBISHEL> Glassy yes, if sanded well first
.Crafty Michele> I recently did two pieces with TLS and buffed at a high speed using a rotary tool. Wroked just fine.
JODYBISHEL> And it is possible to buff right through the TLS layer
JODYBISHEL> I'm a baby about buffing and go carefully!
.Claire> Thanks, just have to do it carefully then
JODYBISHEL> I have the variable speed buffer
.Leigh> Yeah, the rotary tool, especially the battery pack ones are not as hard as a bench grinder buffer
.Dianne C> what # sandpaper do you use?
JODYBISHEL> I guess the bench grinder would be trickier
.Claire> Thats what I have - a bench grinder
.Karen> I've had good luck with the bench grinder and TLS
.Leigh> Very nerve wracking unless you have an adjustable speed one!
JODYBISHEL> I usually start with 400 then 600 and 800 and 1200, if I have it
.KathyG> I've torn a couple of my TLS transfers but I think I diluted it too much and they were really thin
JODYBISHEL> They were probably just too thin
BEADBAG> Needs a light touch with the bench grinder, and keep the piece moving. Dremel is a lot easier to buff with
.Joanie> You can put a foot pedal on any grinder and make it variable speed
JODYBISHEL> I used to buff with a miniwheel on my flex shaft but it took forever!
.Dianne C> Jody, what # sandpaper do you use on tls?
.Crafty Michele> I have both a Dremel and a Black and Decker totaty. I like the flexibility of the later.
JODYBISHEL> I use wet dry paper
JDESIGN> so what do you use now Jody?...apart from sandpaper?
JODYBISHEL> Pretty much the same proceedure that you'd use for clay
.Dianne C> I really love tls' velvety feel. 400? 1200?
.Leigh> Remember, we need to use wet dry sandpaper WITH water so we don't breath the dust!!!
JODYBISHEL> I like to have a lot of different types of surface on my vessels
.Leigh> Speaking of vessels, does anyone watnt to talk a little about the LIghtbulb vessels?
.Leigh> I think they are so fascinating
.Dianne C> oh, yes yes yes.
JODYBISHEL> Sometimes I leave the TLS matte, or I Flecto or buff if the area is smooth enoough
JDESIGN> yes please...
.Karen> sounds good to me!!
BEADBAG> Huh? How do you make lightbulb vessels?
.Dianne C> Jody, tell us about ligtbulb and tls.
JODYBISHEL> I LOVE light bulb vessels!
.Leigh> I LOVE JODYBISHELS light bulb vessels!!!!
.Joanie> BULBS!!!
.Dianne C> yuppers.
.ELangsner> where can we see light bulb vessels?
.Leigh> Yes, burned out light bulbs, something to do with them!
JODYBISHEL> The vessel is still made using the regular clay. The TLS comes in to add strength and surface interest
.Dianne C> Hey, Jody, give us Onelisters some tips for our upcoming lightbulb, you know.
.Joanie> SWAP!!!!
JODYBISHEL> OK, save your lightbulbs because I will be hosting a swap
.Crafty Michele> I have removed the end cap of the bulb, but that was as far as I have gotten,
.Leigh> I"ll looking at my books to see if anyone has the loightbulb vessels in it!
.Dianne C> I love burned lightbulbs!!
.Leigh> Will you really Jody!????
JDESIGN> I'm collecting burned lightbulbs<G>
.Leigh> Please let us know here!!! I want to be part of that one!
.Dianne C> oh, i see it now a 30 X30.
JODYBISHEL> Yup, I'm crazy
.Joanie> I've got a whole boxfull just waiting for it Jody! :o}
.Leigh> Heck, I'll put an ice cube on every lite lamp in my house if I have to!<G>
JODYBISHEL> I think they'll be small groups, but other than that anything goes!
.Dianne C> Jody, do you have any of yours on the net??
.KathyG> I have a bunch also
.Karen> I've got some, too!!
.Joanie> I want to be in all of them!
JDESIGN> PLEASE be small...too much to post from OZ...
JODYBISHEL> Hmm I don't think so...
.Dianne C> Check Jean Comport's lt bulbs on
.Patty> Oh, Boy!! A lite bulb swap! I'm in!
.Maggie> If you need a source, check with your local nursing home...I have at least a 100...and can get more anytime
.Joanie> You have one at my photopoint site Jody!
.Dianne C> in the are you using tls with lt bulbs?
.Dianne C> thanks for tip, Maggie.
.Georgana> she may wabt to join in on it too she told me---Jean that is
JODYBISHEL> Duh, thanks Joanie
JODYBISHEL> I need to get some prints taken instead of slides so I can scan them
.Crafty Michele> Ok, where do we start in our quest for the perfect lightbuld vessel?
JODYBISHEL> If anybody can get to the POP! Exhibit, there are lightbulb vessels there
.Leigh> I'll take a ride on the weekend and bring my digital Camera Jody!
.Dianne C> Joanie, could you put your URL in here so we can check out Jody's lt bulb vessel, Thnx.
JDESIGN> is that online?
JODYBISHEL> cover the bulb with a layer of thickest setting on the pasta machine clay and bake
.Joanie> I have a folder especially for's towards the bottom of the list
.Dianne C> I will also put Joanie's url in message board so others might see Jody's lt bulb vessel.
JODYBISHEL> Then you can stick the bulb end into a brown bag, gather up the opening around the screw end and break the bulb with a sharp whack
.Joanie> It's different than I expected it to be... wonderful though. Those ones at POP are way cool too!
.Dianne C> Is POP online??
.Crafty Michele> Jody, does the end cap pull away?
.Joanie> Are those Jean Comports at POP? Doesn't she have some at one of the guild pages too?
JODYBISHEL> The fun of the lightbulb vessels is to make them look like anything but a light bulb
.Leigh> I think we need to let Jody give us a little more instruction on the vessel!!!
JODYBISHEL> Yes, the glass breaks away from the screw end
JDESIGN> So...after you've broken the glass out, what then?
.Leigh> then we can ask the questions! We want to make sure she gives those out!
.Joanie> sorry...
BEADBAG> How much of the bulb is covered initially? How much sticks out so you can break it?
JODYBISHEL> Then you carefully pick up the clay covered bulb and squeeze it to break up the glass
.ELangsner> what do you do with it after you break it?
JODYBISHEL> keep squeezing and dumping out the bits Then rinse it out with water
JODYBISHEL> I've cover almost up to the screw end and it still broke just fine
JODYBISHEL> Once you have tha basic vessel you can add on
JDESIGN> do you take the screw end out before covering?
.Crafty Michele> Jody, what are some of the things you have come up with?
.Maggie> a day
.Maggie> sorry
JODYBISHEL> No, the light bulb is intact when you are covering it
JDESIGN> OK...thanks...
JODYBISHEL> I add a ring on the bottom for a base or lately legs!
JODYBISHEL> You can build onto it. They make cute little teapots!
JDESIGN> I'd imagine the possibilities are endless!
.Dianne C> teapots for show, right?
.Leigh> what's the biggest lightbulb you have used?
JODYBISHEL> The weirdest one I've done was for my DH
.Patty> Jody, I'm adding wings! Love your video!!!
.Leigh> what was it made from?
JODYBISHEL> So far the 300 watt utility bulb is the biggest I've used. The white vessel at POP! was done that way
.Karen> what is POP ??
JODYBISHEL> My other favorite is to use photo flood bulbs
.Leigh> I still dream about the little vessel you had at Conn! I wish I had taken a photo of it!!!
JODYBISHEL> POP! is at the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs CO
BEADBAG> How about the smallest bulb? Think of the burned out Christmas tree lights
JODYBISHEL> Which vessel, Leigh?
.Karen> oh, thanks
.Leigh> The little peachy colored one
.Leigh> with the greyish leaves
JODYBISHEL> OK, lots of layers of leaves?
.Leigh> Yes, gorgeous!!! I wanted that one bad!
.Patty> Jody, have you tried the bulbs from the Gocco print system? Yellow flash bulbs, long oval, size of nite lite bulb.
.Dianne C> now that would be interesting shape.
JODYBISHEL> No but they sound great!
.Karen> well, I've got to go now. Nite all!!
.Leigh> Okay I'd like to talk about your work on the video with texturizing the surface of the clay, antiquing and then covereing with TLS, what a beautiful technique. BUt I forget what you called it!
.Joanie> I was looking at the tiny little mini floods recently, they'd make SUCH a great little vessel
JODYBISHEL> I did use a Christmas bulb once to make a small vessel to hang from a necklace
JODYBISHEL> And they are really easy!
.Georgana> But the little ones don't need to be burned out,,do they?
JODYBISHEL> I've heard that the good bulbs can pop in the oven but I use them and it hasn't happened yet
JDESIGN> so you don't ALWAYS use burnt out ones Jody?
.Leigh> The pin you made on thee video is so basically simple, yet so elegant and incredible when finished! Very impressive!
JODYBISHEL> No, I buy cheap photo floods at Bargain Hunter
.Patty> Jody, ask Nuchi, she was selling the Gocco system. Ask for all of her bulb buyers!
.Georgana> the chandiliers did ok for me
JDESIGN> even better..<G>..thanks
.ELangsner> how long do you bake the bulbs
BEADBAG> I would imagine that the reason for using burned out ones is that they have (theoretically) outlived their usefulness.
JODYBISHEL> Which pin? Butterfly, Dragonesque or gold?
.Leigh> The gold
JODYBISHEL> Bulbs bake 15-20 min
JODYBISHEL> Gold layering is just amazing, like magic!
.Joanie> gold layering?
JODYBISHEL> Just press a bunch of shallow texture into a sheet of gold Premo and bake
.Dianne C> shallow texture, like a texture stamp?
JODYBISHEL> Then accent the recessed areas with burnt umber acrylic and the high points with Pearlex bright gold mixed with Flecto
.Leigh> Yes, that's the one I"m talking about!!! Awesome piece
.Dianne C> oh, yes, love that one!
JODYBISHEL> So you have a bunch of different colors of gold. Fill it with TLS in a couple of coats and the effect is almost holographic
.Dianne C> how thick of coats?
JDESIGN> Goodo...will try this while I wait for the video...thanks Jody..
JODYBISHEL> People swar that there is really a piece if a plant in there but it's all clay!
BEADBAG> Mmmmmm........just gotta get this video.....
.Joanie> I_can_NOT_ wait.
JODYBISHEL> Hard to discribe how thick the coats are
.Leigh> I'm going to try to get the review of JOdy's video up next week, along with a bunch of other stuff I never get done!, but this video is jam packed with IMPORTANT useful information!O
JDESIGN> Trial and error?
BEADBAG> Ooh....are you putting TLS on TOP of Flecto?
JODYBISHEL> the TLS is a little cloudy brefore it is cured but you should be able to see through it a bit
JODYBISHEL> Yes, the Flecto and acrylic must be completely dry first
.Patty> So, Jody, your gold layering technique might simulate amber inclusions?
JODYBISHEL> I'll bet it would make great amber!
BEADBAG> Cool. How does that affect the baking time/temp with TLS over Flecto?
JODYBISHEL> Just paint a little insect between layers
JODYBISHEL> No change in time or temp
JDESIGN> have you done anything special with tls and tattoos?
.Leigh> Dianne, how did you make the amber on the necklace you posted on the board?
.Leigh> Temporary tattoos, I hope?<G>
JDESIGN> Jody sent me some
.Dianne C> I used Tory Hughes amber recipe.
JODYBISHEL> You can transfer the water tattoos onto the raw or baked clay and then cover them with two coats of TLS, sand and buff
.Dianne C> And just changed the shading slightly...then used ocher acrylic over before sanding.
.Nae> how much do you sand TLS with, and what grit? (I keep sanding it completely off...)
JODYBISHEL> Nothing special from me yet but it works great
.Leigh> Ah, okay Dianne, that is very attractive!
JDESIGN> haven't tried those tattoos yet...was waing to get my TLS from Kathy..
JODYBISHEL> That's why I always end with two coats of plain TLS before I sand and buff
.Dianne C> Jody, I think that the amber may really work too if combining use of cfco6 with tls.
JODYBISHEL> Yes, the 06 is so transparent!
.Nae> --- is waiting for her 06
.Nae> =D
.Leigh> My favorite, cfc 06
.Dianne C> yes, then I have a friend dries insects with her flowers sometimes. ;)
.Crafty Michele> Does andyone know where you can purchase 06?
.Leigh> I've got about 10 pounds!<G>
.Nae> LOL
.Leigh> Clay Factory or Polymer Clay Express
JDESIGN> Lucky you Leigh...<G>
JODYBISHEL> Clay Factory or Polymer clay Express
.Leigh> GMTA
.Nae> I ordered mine from polymer clay express, $9 for a pound
JDESIGN> Mine's coming..........soon.....
.Crafty Michele> Polymer Clay Express does not state this in their site information.
JODYBISHEL> It really does make a difference
.Dianne C> I could just take a bath in 06 and tls...oops.
.Leigh> You mean on the web site, Michele?
.Joanie> So... do you think you can get from Polymer Clay Express.. or Clay Factory?
.Leigh> LOL Dianne
.Leigh> I'll get that changed ASAP
JODYBISHEL> Boy, and I thought I was obsessed!
.Dianne C> You can get it from both plus wee folks
.Nae> Joanie- I know Kathy at PCE has it... I ordered mine 2 days ago =D
.Crafty Michele> Yes, Leigh..I cant seem to find it and I have an order in and may have to change is I know what to look for.
.Joanie> Just kidding. I got mine from her too.
.Leigh> I get all of mine from Kathy, so I know she is even stocked up on it!
.Nae> LOL
.Nae> oh, ok =D
.Dianne C> Just email an order to pce (kathy.) she has it.
JODYBISHEL> I managed to use it for leaves on a vessel and keep it white by carefully watching the oven
JDESIGN>'ve used dried flowers with TLS haven't you?
.Dianne C> Jody, have you experimented yet with 06 and tls??
BEADBAG> Kathy at Polymer clay express has a catalog in addition to her website. Call her toll free order
.Dianne C> Yes I have.
JDESIGN> and you sell 'em?
BEADBAG> and whe will be glad to tell you what she has in stock. Great to do business with!
.Leigh> Michele, we are working on updating her site ASAP, I will make sure STephen get's that on the site!
JODYBISHEL> The other vessel I did was made with white,pearl and translucent clay with TLS and opaque LS
.Dianne C> yes, my friend actually does all the pressing using very lovely flowers.
.Nae> i managed to turn my sculpey translucent a pretty brown yesterday... *chuckle*
.Crafty Michele> Thank you, Leigh.
JDESIGN> OK..thanks Dianne..I'mm email you<G>
.Dianne C> Is that vessel on the video??
BEADBAG> Sounds yummy!
JODYBISHEL> All creamy shades and a lot of fun to do! The 06 holds up to the heat better than the regular translucent but I did get the leaves daker than I wanted
.Leigh> Do you tent or cover your pieces when they are light, in the oven, Jody?>
JODYBISHEL> No, I just made that one. It's at POP! The one on the video is in Polyform's collection
.Leigh> Is that the same one in Barb McGuire's book, Jody?
JODYBISHEL> I should try that, Leigh
.Leigh> It can make a very big difference,
.Leigh> Just throw a piece of aluminum foil over it
.Nae> --- makes note... TENT the translucent!
JODYBISHEL> I've only just gotten into the 06
.Dianne C> me too, but 06 will be very exciting!!
.Leigh> My dragon was baked about 25 times and we just kept throwing hte foil over it, because some of it was very thin and light
.Dianne C> for inclusions work, there are so many applications.
JODYBISHEL> Usually my battle is to support them in the oven so they don't tear themselves to pieces!
.Leigh> Nae, tent anything light Just in Case!
JDESIGN> speaking of do you support the light bulbs once you've added tls?
JODYBISHEL> I'll do that,thanks!
.Leigh> what do you use to support them, Jody?
.ELangsner> woudn't the aluminum foil blow away in the convection oven?
.Joanie> Will baking in a baking pan with a lid work the same way Liegh?
.Leigh> Nope, I do everything in the convection oven now
JODYBISHEL> Not sure what you mean about the bulbs
.Leigh> Yes, Joanie
JDESIGN> sorry...I meant, doesn't the tls drip?
.Leigh> Actually, you can put themn in a cardboard BOX
JODYBISHEL> For support, I have steel bowls that I can put fiberfil in and nest the vessel
.Dianne C> the fiberfil doesn't make a pattern in the tls?
.Leigh> Jody, if you are putting them in bowels, you can get deep bowls and just put the foil over the bowl
.Joanie> the wet TLS doesn't take an imprint/
JODYBISHEL> Sometimes I put a band of paper around a part to support it
.Joanie> ?
.Dianne C> sand it, right?
JODYBISHEL> Getting back to the TLS drips- you get a feel for that. It should not drip unless there is too much on the piece
.Leigh> The uncured TLS will harden a bit when it is waiting to be baked, right?
JDESIGN> OK..Jody thanks..trial and error again I guess...
JODYBISHEL> Ye, it soaks into the raw clay
.Nae> and it dries out just a little bit
.ELangsner> don't want to sound sumb, but what is fiber fill?
JDESIGN> gosh Jody, you gotta write much info here...
JODYBISHEL> It's fun to paint colored TLS on a sheet of clay, let it set up for a couple of days and then run it through the pasta machine at a smaller setting
.Dianne C> yes, Jody, will there be a book in your future??
JDESIGN> head is many things to try<G>
.KathyG> The white, fluffy material used to stuff pillows, animals, etc
JODYBISHEL> The TLS cracks it's cool!
.Nae> oooh... i cant WAIT to get a pasta machine!
JODYBISHEL> Fiberfil is what you put inside stuffed animals
.Nae> or quilts
JDESIGN> now I DO have some of that<G>
JODYBISHEL> A book would be fun!
.Leigh> LOL
.Leigh> We would all love it if you did it, Jody!
JDESIGN> it Jody.....just on tls...<G>
.Georgana> how about for making molds---can you use LS?
JDESIGN> I'll pre-order mine now...
JODYBISHEL> I do plan on doing more articles foe Jewelry Crafts and other magazines
.KathyG> Good
JDESIGN> well hurry up thenJODYBISHEL> You sound like my son!
JDESIGN> what other mags...we don't get many here....
JDESIGN> ROFL...sons are like that...
JODYBISHEL> I have an article on fabric bonding out to bead and button
.Patty> Jody, do you ever use TLS with terra cotta molds?
JDESIGN> goodie...I sub to that one...
.Georgana> thanks Patty :)
JODYBISHEL> I wonder if there would be a big enough audience for a TLS book?
.Joanie> Jody... do you demonstrate the tambour tops on the tape?
.Nae> ooooh.........
.Nae> JODY- oh, definitely
.Nae> ack
JODYBISHEL> The Tambour didn't make it on the tape
.Nae> gotta get a pencil
.Joanie> NEXT one then!!! LOLOL!!
.Dianne C> Jody, do you recommend tls for moldmaking??
BEADBAG> gotta leave. Jody, thanks so much for the opportunity to chat! I'm inspired.
.Patty> YES!!!
.Leigh> Thanks for coming Beadbag
JODYBISHEL> I'm not into LS in molds but I hear that it works great in the terra cotta ones
.Georgana> thanks
.Dianne C> could you talk a bit about using tls for colorwashes!
JODYBISHEL> I did try making a mold by baking a couple of layers of LS on a checker piece.
.Dianne C> Over baked pieces.
.KathyG> I wonder what they use to release on the terra cotta molds?
JODYBISHEL> The LS picked up all the grain and everything but it wasn't hard enough to push it into the clay, even with a backing
.Georgana> I think theyjust pop out,,from what I remeber Marie S saying
JODYBISHEL> I would use Armor all
.Patty> I ve nearly all the Cotton Press molds, slowly working my way through them, using TLS, paints & PearlEX. No release necessary.
JDESIGN> Cotton Press molds?
.Georgana> thats good to know,,thanks again Patty
JODYBISHEL> Color washes are nice over pearl clay
.Patty> Cotton Press, sold by Amaco for paper making
.Dianne C> I mixed my tls with various colors of Pearl ex then brushed several thin, thin layers on...loved the look. is that how you do them??
JDESIGN> thanks Patty...
JODYBISHEL> Because the TLS is wet until it is heat set, color blending is easy
.Dianne C> Oh, over pearl, I bet that is gorgeous.
.Leigh> Oh that just reminded me, I loved what you did with the Butterflies, dragging the colors through each other
JODYBISHEL> You can apply that to a lot of other things too
JODYBISHEL> I did star ornaments that way for Irene Dean's book
.Leigh> Very attractive
.Dianne C> If you swirl rather than drag, will the color mix together a bit?
.Leigh> Looks like a lot of fun
JODYBISHEL> That's what I do when I'm too tired to think and just want to relax with the clay-very zen
JODYBISHEL> Yes, the colors do blend a bit very pretty
.Dianne C> Hey, too bad Dotty's not here cause she could use this technique to get bordello....uh, bargello look1
.Crafty Michele> Jody, do you blend a bit of clay to create a colorwash?
JODYBISHEL> No the TLS makes the blended colors though it would also be nice to have color blended clay underneath
JODYBISHEL> OK, my turn. What have you guys made with LS?
.Nae> heh
.Nae> a great big mess
JDESIGN> ROFL...nothing yet...except one thing I can't talk about yet
.Dianne C> transfer pieces for collaged boxes
.Maggie> I have done a couple of things from your video...butterflies and a vessel
.Nae> oh, one thing was good... I dropped one of my eggs, and it cracked (in half)
.Nae> and I was lucky enough to be able to glue it back together with the TLS
.Maggie> and transfers..
.Dianne C> also to build up layers on a vase and to colorwash another vase.
.Nae> now it's barely noticable, and goes with the pattern of the egg...
JODYBISHEL> Yeah, it is a great glue
.Dianne C> to imbed pressed flowers.
.Maggie> Makes a great first coating for eggs also
.Leigh> I used it to reenforce an armature that had broken inside one of my dragons
.Nae> uhhuh... i've done that too... *grin*
.Georgana> I made window decals
VIOLETTEL> I use it a lot for transfers
.Crafty Michele> I have done two transfers form catalogs.
JODYBISHEL> It adds a lot of strength and stiffens forms
VIOLETTEL> and in books
.Maggie> How did they come out Michele? Haven't tried a catalog
.Georgana> used it with bendable wire mesh also,,that is fun
JODYBISHEL> Window decals! I hadn't thought of that!
.Leigh> THis was a disaster that could not have been fixed if it wasn't for thee TLS, saaved my butt
.Claire> I made some window decals too - they are cool!!!
JDESIGN> do the window decals look like that stained glass art?
.Patty> poured into molds, transfers, a lite bulb, as a glue, back filling a design like your dragon only a western scene.
.Claire> Yes Jenny
.Leigh> Could make interesting window decorations for the bathroom!
.Crafty Michele> maggie..They turned out pretty goo. One was a vae with characters on it. I woul dhave like a much clearer effect though.
.Georgana> too weird Jody,,it's been stuck there for 3 wks
JDESIGN> hmmm..interesing...thanks Claire
.Dianne C> I am seeing a lesson for students...stained glass windows decals.
.Nae> my next project is making those stained-glass-look christmas ornaments, I think...
JODYBISHEL> Oh, if you have leftover bits of TLS, brush them on a tile, bake and peel off the sheet you can punch out shapes or cut with scissors
JDESIGN> too Dianne!
.Joanie> ooh.. I bet you could make a great mobile!
.Nae> yea, I made a sheet of TLS, and sprinkled it with the holographic glitter...
.Leigh> I like the mobile Idea
.Nae> it's flexible, cuttable, really cool
JDESIGN> Did i mention that my head was spinning<G>?
.Georgana> I cut a star shape with mine it's a little one
.Dianne C> Joanie, yes so cool right under an overhead light.
.Dianne C> mine too, Jenny
JODYBISHEL> Wilma Yost made it thick and made hinges with it
.Joanie> suspended from a cieling fan! LOLOL!
JDESIGN> ROFL..thank goodness this is being logged!
.Leigh> Ah, I textured one of my dragons skin with TLS!!! I almost forgot
.Claire> I was going to make stained glass panels to fit the panes of my bathroom window
.Georgana> used crayons in it,,with powders,,,my head spins too!
.Leigh> I saw that hinge, it was incredible how duraable it is
JDESIGN> Jody...made hinges with thick TLS?
.Dianne C> Claire, way cool idea.
.Joanie> what a good idea Liegh! thanks, I'm making a dragon lamp for my niece for xmas
.Georgana> window panels,,wow
.Leigh> It was fun, smeared some clay into it for color
JODYBISHEL> Yes, Wilma baked a thick layer of LS and cut the sheet to make a simple hinge to imbed in clay
JDESIGN> interesting...and it actually works like a hinge?
.Leigh> It's wasn't very wide either, mnaybe a third of an inch, make a locket necklace with it
JODYBISHEL> Flexes beautifully
.Claire> It's amazing how well they "stick" to the window
.Leigh> And we opened nad closed it a zillion times at Shrine MOnt
.Nae> it's great... my 6 year old has played with teeny strips of it, and it's just about indestrubtable
.Leigh> never showed one crack
.Dianne C> ok, now, how about a tls hinge lesson on PCC????
JDESIGN> I think I should order another couple of tins...
JODYBISHEL> I've been working on a PC book hinged with fabric coated with LS
.Nae> LOL
JDESIGN> Yes Dianne...great idea<G>!
.Leigh> That sounds awesome Jody
.Georgana> sounds wonderful
.Nae> i was just thinking that fabric on some sort of base, coated in TLS and sanded to a high shine would be GORGEOUS
.Dianne C> Jody, please put that up here when finished...we want to see that!
JDESIGN> yes Nae...handpainted silk perhaps?
.Nae> ooooh....
.Leigh> I think I should just make a day trip to Jody's house and take photos and interview her for the web site!<G>
JODYBISHEL> The covers have TLS leaf prints on it.I'm not having fun getting those flat surfaces buffed so I took a break
JDESIGN> Gotta try that...since in paint silk<G>
.Nae> gotta look through my scrap boxes now... ROFL
.Dianne C> Hey, Jody, wonder if manufacturers could bleach tls????
JDESIGN> I wanna live with Jody<G>
.Maggie> I think you need an assistant Leigh and I have time! *G*
.Leigh> LOL Youre on Maggie!<G>
JODYBISHEL> Do you do house work? (evil grin)
.Leigh> NEVER
.Dianne C> Fledglings would love to visit.
.Maggie> Moi?
JDESIGN> I can learn JOdy!
.Dianne C> My dh does!!
JODYBISHEL> Nobody here does either!
.Leigh> Dh here too!
.KathyG> Bar the door, Jody. The horde is coming
JDESIGN> small price to pay for living with you<G>
.Dianne C> got enough rooms?? don't worry we sleep on floors.
JODYBISHEL> Actually, this could be a blast!
JDESIGN> ROFL....better still, why don't you all come to OZ?...
.Leigh> I'll bring my own air mattress!<G>
VIOLETTEL> we only drink water
.Leigh> LOL
.KathyG> Har, Har!!
.Dianne C> INstead of the Betty Ford, we'll go to the Jody Bishel for terminally addicted to tls!!
.Maggie> LOL Dianne...
.Leigh> But that's not going to cure anything, Dianne
.Claire> LOL!!
JODYBISHEL> But you won't be cured
.Dianne C> Yes, it is....lots of clay!!
.Nae> --- nods.... it's worse than heroin...
.Nae> cause clay doesnt make you nauseous!
JODYBISHEL> Won't fit in the oven snicker snicker
.KathyG> I don't think there is any hope, anyway
.Leigh> LOL
.Dianne C> you know. cure clay!! =)
.Leigh> Oh Dianne!!!!!
.Dianne C> It's Jody's fault...she addicted me.
.Leigh> Where's Ziggy's Trout?
JODYBISHEL> Please! I'm much more sane with clay in my life!
.Joanie> LOLOL!!!
.Dianne C> sleeping with Zig.
JDESIGN> Ziggy's Trout?????
.Leigh> We all are Jody!!! It's therapy!
JODYBISHEL> Bwaaahahah!
.Maggie> ---writes that one down for DH.....
.Leigh> It's cheaper than therapy!
.Patty> No Fair! I can't come, so Jody when will you come to Texas? (It's a lovely 70 degrees here, hehe)
.Joanie> For YOU maybe!!
JODYBISHEL> There are a lot of clayers in TX
.Dianne C> Ok, perhaps we should all pack up with Jody in hand and go to Patty's!!
.Patty> No Fair! I can't come, so Jody when will you come to Texas? (It's a lovely 70 degrees here, hehe)
JDESIGN> not many in OZ
.Leigh> but you are the TLS MASTER, Jody!
JODYBISHEL> I'll be teaching at Ravensdale
.Dianne C> Better still, I vote a visit to Oz!!
JDESIGN> YES! I got a big yard we can pitch tents in<G>
.Joanie> <==== hides her clay expenses from her hubby in creative ways
.Dianne C> How about that Jody??
.Nae> LOL
.Maggie> You too Joanie, eh??? *EG*
JODYBISHEL> OZ sounds good to me
JDESIGN> We could spread the clay word around OZ...
.Dianne C> Ok, we'll have to bring over lots of tls for all our Oz friends.
.Patty> Ravensdale is when school sarts for me. :-{
JDESIGN> A clay Takeover!<G>
JODYBISHEL> I want a side trip to NZ to visit the Kiwis
.Leigh> I want to visit Kevin Smith!<G>
.Dianne C> Who?
JDESIGN> yep...that's easy enough...we'll visit Petra<G>
JDESIGN> Kevin Smith?
JDESIGN> And lots of other supplies as well Diane
.Maggie> I need to go to bed...NITERS everyone and thanks Jody from the bottome of this lil' ol' wrinkled heart!
.Leigh> It's eleven and the guest chat is "Officially Over" But let's not pay any attention to that! Unless Jody wants a break!
.Dianne C> When is Ravensdale??
.Maggie> *HUGGLES*
JDESIGN> by Maggie...
.Leigh> Kevin Smith plays ARES on Hercules and Xena!!! And he is a HUNK
.Dianne C> nighty, Maggie
.KathyG> Nite Maggie
JDESIGN> Jody doesn't want a brak<G>
.Crafty Michele> Thnaks Jody,...very inspiring.
JODYBISHEL> Ravensdale is at the beginning of Aug
.Dianne C> ohhhhhhh.
JODYBISHEL> You're welcome!
.Leigh> Nite Maggie
.Dianne C> Do you have date?
.Joanie> _I_ would like a date with... Kevin Smith!!!
JDESIGN> WHO is Kevn Smith?
.Crafty Michele> Leigh...please dont foget to post. Good nite all.
.Leigh> Oh, ME FIRST!!!
.Dianne C> no, joanie, dear, date of aug. for ravensdale
.Leigh> Ares on Hercules, and he livces in NZ
JODYBISHEL> OK, Who is Kevin Smith?
JDESIGN> OH...Now I know<G>
.Joanie> Ooops... well, that's VERY different. Sorry.
.Dianne C> ohhhh, no, the chat host has let loose...clay fumes got to her! =)
JODYBISHEL> Now you're talking!
JDESIGN> You're all nuts!
.Leigh> ares on Hercules, and Xena and the greatest Eye Candy in the world
.Nae> heh
JODYBISHEL> But he has to have facial hair
JDESIGN> but then so am I....Nuts that is
.Leigh> Hey, he sings to me every day on my computers!
.Dianne C> Jody, this chat was the most informative chat!!! Thank you so much!
.Leigh> Oh yes and leaather and chains!<G>
JDESIGN> YES I's been just great....
.Elizabeth> Hi, Jody and Hi, everyone... I'm slowly waking up from one of those naps that makes ya groggy and foggy.
.Dianne C> ohmygoodness, a chat gone mad!
JODYBISHEL> We seem to have entered the twilight zone...
.Georgana> omg Leigh are you going to delete any of this chat that goes on the web,,,rof
.Dianne C> Oh, yeah, now she wakes up.
JDESIGN> that you Ziggy?
.Leigh> Nope, I'll add pictures!<G>
.Elizabeth> Good timing, hm? *g*
.Dianne C> Leigh will clean it up...Geo.
.Georgana> HI Ziggy
.Elizabeth> She will, too.
.Nae> ROFL
.Dianne C> So, now just have a good time.
.Georgana> whoosh
.Elizabeth> Add pictures, I mean.
.Leigh> LOL
.Leigh> I've got a ton of them!!!
.Dianne C> Leigh, you better behave.
.JENNY P> Who do we contact for a log? I missed the whole thing!!!
.Leigh> Jody, this was wonderful!
.Dianne C> What pictures??
.Elizabeth> She does behave....
.Elizabeth> "BADLY," but she behaves! ;-)
JODYBISHEL> Hem, Leigh, what sort of pictures?
.Leigh> It was totally informative and fascinating
.Dianne C> jenny, it will be on PCC web.
JDESIGN> You missed a good one Jen...
.Leigh> ARES who else?<G>
.KathyG> Hey, Leigh, I have a question
.Dianne C> also, you can email me for log if you like.
.Elizabeth> Hi Jennygirl!
.Leigh> It's amazing what you can do with a paint program!
JODYBISHEL> Umm...nevermind
.Leigh> <G>
.Leigh> Yes Kathy
.Claire> Just do TLS transfers of them, it will tie it all in to the subject of the chat!!
.Georgana> Yes I missed the beginning---thanks Dianne
.Claire> The pictures, that is
.Dianne C> no prob.
.Leigh> LOL Claire!<G>
.Nae> LOL
.Leigh> I like your thinking!
JDESIGN> It must be late over there...?
.Nae> hey, i have photoshop, i can do all SORTS of grahics!
.Leigh> I"ll post one of them in the break room so those who don't know who he is can see!<G>
.Dianne C> after 11pm in EST
.Patty> Leigh, does Stephen know about this fantasy life? Hehe
.Claire> 11:00 pm here
.Dianne C> Hey, Kathy, you there??
.Leigh> He sure does!
JODYBISHEL> accent on graphics
JDESIGN> that's not too late...<G>
.Nae> LOL
.KathyG> I seem to have run out of space on delphi to post pictures. Do I have to pay the $9.95 they want?%
.Nae> graphic graphics?
JDESIGN> 3.15 in the afternnon here...on Saturday
.Joanie> Roleplaying is a GOOD thing, huh Liegh???
.Leigh> Heck, it's eye candy, but I'll take my hubby everyday!
.Elizabeth> We can't even use 'late' for an excuse around here, Jenny. ;-)
.Leigh> Email me Kathy!
JDESIGN> just got up though
.KathyG> OK
.Leigh> I have a special deal for staff
.ELangsner> It's 9:10 and cold in Scottsdale Az
.JENNY P> ACK, this is going so fast I can't keep up!!!1
JDESIGN> these time zones a confussling...
JDESIGN> I think JOdy is taking a break<G>
.Dianne C> Jody is probably exhausted. We kept you so busy tonight!!
JODYBISHEL> I'm here but spacing out
.KathyG> And all promised to decend on her ;0)
.Leigh> You were terrific, Jody! I hope you'll let Dianne schedule you again on a different nite so others can make it!
JODYBISHEL> Wishing for dreams of Aries tonight
JDESIGN> yes...she's probalby haus frauing!!!
.Leigh> Ah, see that, a lady after my own heart!
.Dianne C> Yes, PLEASE!!!
.ELangsner> Good night, this was very interesting
.Dianne C> Fantastic!!
.Elizabeth> Goodnight Elangsner!
.Leigh> See that, get the schedule out for the beginning of next year,
JODYBISHEL> Well, stick a fork in me I'm done!
.Nae> ROFL
.Leigh> Thank you again Jody, it was wonderful!
.Marty> Jody I just want to say that anyone who doesn't have your video is missing a great one. I love working with TLS and hope to get to do some of those projects after Christmas.
JODYBISHEL> Time for bed!
.Dianne C> Night, E!!
.Joanie> Thanks Jody! Can't wait tosee the log!
.Elizabeth> I met a really nice gal on PCC.. she's here tonight as SENSEWHIM, but her name is Christine.
.Leigh> We all learned so mucjh
.Georgana> Nite Jody
JDESIGN> This Aussie has to go's way past a HUGE BIG THANKYOU was grat...and thanks Dianne as well..
.Elizabeth> Good night, Jody, thank you so much!
.Dianne C> Christine Pollina??
.Leigh> Hi Christine!!!!
JODYBISHEL> Goodnightt, all. See you online!
.Claire> Goodnight Jody. Thank You!!!
.KathyG> Yes, thanks Jody
.Dianne C> {{Jenny}}
.Patty> Jody,thanks so much come back soon!
.Leigh> Good Nite Jody, SWEET DREAMSJ
JDESIGN> back at ya Dianne<G>...
.Dianne C> Goodnight Jody!!! BIG HUGS!!
.Claire> Goodnight Jenny!!
JDESIGN> G'day mates!
.Leigh> Nite Oz
.Dianne C> Get Jody's video will love it.
.KathyG> Niters Oz
.Dianne C> In fact, you will probably wear it out!!
.Leigh> THe log will be on the Web ssite this week! So you can read it or download it too!
.Leigh> See you all later, and thank you so much for coming!
.Leigh> - signed off -

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