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Book cover New Ways With Polymer Clay
by Kris Richards
Published by Chilton Co.
February, 1997
(Click the title to order this book)

This is the first complete Polymer Clay book written! It not only contains easy-to-follow instructions, but resources, and hard-to-find information on the clays, their similarities and differences, and why all this information is important to choosing a clay that's right for you!

Kris shows you, in easy-to-follow language and graphics, just exactly "how-to" create lasting art for your home using tips and tricks developed from her own and other reknowned artists' experiences with polymer clay.

The first half of this 100 page book teaches you the differences between all the major clay brands on the market. Guidelines on work surfaces, lighting, posture, and tools are discussed. Textures, techniques of conditioning, mixing color, imitative techniques, added finishes, glues to use, baking times, tips and temps, and correct storage of the clay are then discussed.

The second half is dedicated to hands-on projects:

  • Faux Chocolate Sweets for the Dieter
  • Grandma's Old Fashioned "No-Cal "sugar" Cookies
  • The Internet Ink Pen
  • Spicy Jar lids
  • Gilded Antique Frame
  • Springtime Birdhouse Ornament
  • Good Morning Glory" soapdish
  • Christmas Package Frame
  • Recycled Santa Lightbulb Ornament
  • Christmas tree-(shaped) Box
"I wrote this book to be "THE" reference book for all polymer clay artists. Whether you are just beginning your odyssey or already fully immersed... the book will de-mystify this fascinating medium, and make you feel right at home with it. I've illustrated the project portion of the book with 'hands-on" pictures, (not diagrams!) so the reader feels as if they are receiving a personal lesson from the teacher!" - Kris Richards

Polymer Clay is truly one of the most colorful, fascinating, endlessly versatile artist's mediums to hit the market in years! Imagine "color you can hold in your hands"....and a book that shows you what to do with that color once it's there!!!

A great book, and one that The Polymer Clay Forum highly recommends! Click here to read about another fine Polymer Clay Book by Ginny Baker!

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