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Buy This Book!
Creating Life-Like Figures in Polymer Clay:
A Step-By-Step Guide

Written by Katherine Dewey
Published by Elvenwork Press
ISBN 0974153001
Amazon Price: $19.60
Click Book Cover to Order This Book

Being a sculptor at heart, I couldn’t wait for this book to be published! I have long admired the work of Katherine Dewey, and her Creating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay book was a wonderful addition to my library, but this book, the one on human forms, was a book I truly coveted from the time I heard about its inception. This month, I was lucky enough to receive it for review from the guild library.

This book is unparalleled in it’s detail oriented, step-by-step tutorials for creating truly lifelike human figurines. It not only covers basic anatomy and facial expressions, but explores paints and finishes, clothing and costumes, and an excellent method to create simple but incredibly realistic butterfly or fairy wings.

After covering the basics of polymer clay and figurative modeling, Ms. Dewey explores the human body in great detail with separate sections on faces, male and female torsos, legs and feet, hands and arms. She includes "the heroic torso", which is an amazing analysis of a well-muscled male torso that is broken down into such simple terms that it would seem possible to at least try it, no matter how little sculpting you’ve done in the past. In addition, she has included a wonderful section on polymer clay clothing for your figures, and explores the wonderful finishing touches and details that make a good sculpture into a great one.

Many people may be intimidated by the incredible perfection of Ms. Dewey’s work, and may be afraid to attempt a lifelike figure, but this book breaks down the steps so well that sculptors at any skill level can improve their skills and begin to look at the human form in a different way - broken down into a sum of its parts. With the homemade tools that she teaches us to make, and the wealth of information and images included in this book, it’s hard to believe that there is anyone who would not benefit from reading and studying this book. With a bit of clay and a wealth of imagination, you'll be well on your way to creating better sculptures in no time. I know it will be hard for me to return it to the guild library, so I am off to order a copy for myself!

Lynne Schwarzenberg

Readers' Comments!

"This book is fabulous. An absolute must for anybody interested in sculpting the human form and even for those that are not, it's a wonderful addition to your library. I am a relative 'newbie' to polymer clay and already I have made my first 3D figure. The instructions, diagrams and templates in this book are so easy to follow and work from, you will wonder how you ever did without it."

Lorraine Robertson
"One of the best books out there for human sculpture. My favorite part is that I didn't feel like I needed to know about secret tools to give me a chance at success. Ms. Dewey includes a chapter on how to make the tools you're going to need. Finally - hair that looks like hair!"

M Zimmerman
"The merit of this book cannot be easily expressed in words. The skill with which Mrs. Dewey teaches is stunning. This is probably the best text book of any kind I have read in my 37 years. Interesting, informative and accurate. This book was truly a God sent blessing to me."

W. A. Rice

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