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Polymer Clay Central Book Review

The Big FIMO-BOOK from A to Z

Het grote FIMO-BOEK van A tot Z
A to Z

Written by:
Tjitske van Nus-de Zwart

Uitgeverij Niesje Wolters van Bemmel

ow do you write a review for a book written in DUTCH? I can only read and write in English, and I've been known to murder them.

In this case it's easy. As an artist, I seem to be able to see an awful lot just from the photographs in this book. Not just the craftmanship of this incredible artist, Tjitske van Nus-de Zwart, but I can see the love and joy she has in creating her little works of art.

In order to write this review today, I had to spend about a half an hour tracking down the location of the book - my 3 1/2 year old grandaughter, Delaney, sneaks the book out of my room to sit in the corner and talk to the pictures. If that isn't the sign of a great book, I don't know what is.

My first impression when I opened the package that held the book was complete and total excitement. I couldn't believe these characters were so detailed, and the colors were so soft and comforting.

Upon further study of just the cover, I knew I was in for a real treat. The incredible detail and placement of the many adornments are fascinating and inspiring.

Tjitske van Nus-de Zwart When you first open the book you see a photo of a lovely lady who looks extremely happy!

If I had as many of these wonderful little creations around, I would be smiling, too! What a dream come true, to be able to work at something so creative and bring joy to others.

As I skim through the pages, the second thing I notice is it's in DUTCH, and I KNOW I can't read Dutch! But someone once said "a picture is worth a thousand words", and this sure is true - page after page after page after page of full color and black and white photos.

Actually, there are 16 color plates, including 99 different wonderful creations from the hands of Tjitske. There are also 68 black and white photos of her darling characters. Whether you are looking at color or black and white photos, this is still some of the most adorable and intricate work I've seen done with Polymer Clay.

 Black and white Page! Yes, there is a down side to this book... the 11 "how-to diagrams" written in Dutch, that I definateLEIGH can't read.

So, the special details of just how she put some of those darling characters together will remain a secret, at least for a little while!

flowers I have gotten a promise that in the near future Tjitske will help translate some of those HOW-TO diagrams, along with her son Klaas, so we can do a lesson for the web site. We will find out some of her techniques, but I really want to know about them NOW!!!! I guess if it's worth knowing, it's worth waiting for!

I'm really excited because I just won an auction on for one of Tjitske's wonderful figures! Actually it was a two for one, there are two lovely figures as a set to hang on my wall. I can't wait for my grandaughter to see them! We are all very anxious for the package to arrive!

For More Information:

I want everyone to know that you can find some of these incredible figures on Click here, and you can find what is available online. I've also heard from a very established grapevine that they have started to call them "Dutch Darlings".

Dutch Darlings
It will be easy to remember these awesome little treasures - just enter "Dutch Darlings" in the search engine and find out what is available! For more information, you can visit her Interview and Photo Gallery pages on Polymer Clay Central. To find out about purchasing the book you can email
I hope you enjoyed my little trip through Tjitske's book. I hope I have done it justice, and I sure hope you can see how much I admire this artist's talent, creativity and imagination!

Leigh Ross
©1999 Leigh Ross

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