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Click Here to Order From Making Doll House Miniatures with Polymer Clay
by Sue Heaser
Cassell and Co. (Paperback Ed. 2000)
Distributed by Sterling Publishing Co.
List Price: $19.95

Sue Heaser has written several valuable polymer clay books covering a wide range of applications. This book, recently issued in paperback, deals with the fascinating world of doll house miniatures. If you have ever priced good quality miniatures, you know how expensive they can be. The book does not have many furniture projects, but rather, focuses on household items, giving clear step-by-step instructions on how to make miniature dishes, baskets, books, food, utensils -- everything that you would see in an Edwardian or Victorian Home. A scale of 1:12 (or a ratio of one inch to one foot), which is the most common scale used in doll houses, is used throughout the book.

There are directions for making bathroom fixtures including a tub, sink, commode, and a stove and kitchen sink complete with plumbing. While the sink does not have running water, there are instructions on how to make lamps that really light up. The food projects include such tidbits as roast lamb from which you cut a few slices to make your table setting more realistic. There are instructions on how to make the china on which to serve your roast lamb dinner. If your dolls have a sweet tooth, there are directions on how to recreate all sorts of fancy Victorian desserts!

While this is a specialized book, it has something to offer everyone who is interested in polymer clay. Projects include techniques for making realistic-looking wood, crockery, burlap and recreating brass, copper, stained glass and tiles. You will also find directions for miniature toys such as a teddy bear and a doll. The book ends with a list of suppliers and suggested reading.

Martha Aleo

Readers' Comments!

"This book sold out the minute it hit Australian shelves. For a small country (in terms of population) with a relatively small base of polymer clay artists, and even fewer miniaturists, this is saying an awful lot. This is an essential text for miniaturists, and excellent for clayers who have miniaturist friends - they will love receiving clay minis as gifts. If I had to name my five favourite and most useful miniatures books, this would certainly be one of them!"

"If you are into miniatures, you must have this book. I love it. Even if you have no experience with polymere clay you can do the projects in it. I just got the book and can't wait to start the projects. I think I will start with the teapot and dishes. The author makes it easy."

Barbara Del Duco
We'd like to thank Martha for this excellent review of Sue's book.

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