Polymer Clay

Smoke's Tale

The Beginning:

First, let me say that I've learned a lot over the past few years about what's real and what isn't. Time travel, space travel, inter-dimensional travel, life on other planets - those are as real as what you are experiencing at this very moment. The expression "thoughts are things" is also true as life itself. Many of those "imaginary" worlds you see on TV and in the movies are also real. "Been there, done that" is gettin' to be my motto!

I know you're lookin' at the figure of me, and you're probably wondering how it is compared with the real Smoke... well, I'm here to tell you it is ME! The blue jumpsuit and the wheels on the boots represent years and years of work and practice I put in as a competitive roller skater. The shirt represents a tale I'll tell you later that has to do with being a Mountain Man back in the 1800's. The sword and knife are both from the dragon-fighting days, but those days are long ago. The gloves and wrench represent some of the things I do now, like welding and mechanical work. The hat is for being a "cowboy" of sorts, and a "magician" for pulling rabbits out of hats in tough situations, if you know what I mean. The bag on the waist is a magic bag where I carry all the stuff I need instantly, but would be too bulky to pack and load on the pack horse. The pile of rocks... well, that's just a whimsical thing I put on there. If you want to see some of Smoke's smoke, well, just light up some incense and place it under the pile of rocks!

Course, I know you're probably wonderin' about my magic bag. Some real interesting stories there, but all in due time, all in due time... as we get to know each other better here in the Castle, I might just be convinced to tell you some of those magical stories! Keep watching here at the Castle for more of Smoke's Tale...

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