Polymer Clay


We are going to have a FEAST!!! But what we need the most for a FEAST is FOOD!!

We are looking for YOU to make us some FOOD for the FEAST!!!

If you love to play with Clay, we would love for you to make some really kewl food for our dining table.

We also need plates, utensils, placemates, centerpieces, single servings of food and big serving platters full!

Don't forget we need desserts and drinks too!!!

In order to try to make it easier for ME to put this FEAST together, I'd like you to all try to think of your plate as the size of a soda can. Take a soda can, put it on a piece of paper and trace around it!!! Now that is your plate!

Make your food to fit on that plate. If you are making a platter full of food, you can make it a little bigger!

But most important, let's have fun!!!

Please send your Polymer Clay food to:

Leigh Ross
610 5th Ave
Bradley Beach, NJ 07720

Make sure you have your name and age in the package someplace, along with your return address. For every package I get of food for the castle, I will send you a little something special that I have made from Polymer Clay!!!

Now, let's get ready for the FEAST!

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