Polymer Clay
The Dungeon
Want to give him a name???WOW, It's dark in here!!! Better watch out, this is the place you don't want to visit too often, unless you're visiting a friend who got sent down here!!!

Rumor has it there are DRAGONS and SPIDERS and all kinds of creatures down here, along with some very naughty elves!!

Please do us all a favor and don't SMOKE!!! We want everyone to be around the castle for a good long time, so let's try to make sure it's only the DRAGONS who can smoke!!!
I wonder who is going to win, the KNIGHT or the DRAGON?

Come around every so often to see if we have some important information for you down here in the DUNGEON!!! Just be careful and

Don't Get Sent Here for being Naughty!!!!

Make sure you DO your chores and DO your homework!!

AND as a member of POLY'S CLAY CASTLE, we ask you to say something nice to someone EVERYDAY!!! Something they won't expect. This way we can pass some of the Magic of POLY'S CLAY CASTLE on to everyone we meet!!

Tell them Poly sent you!!!

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