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Welcome to Poly's Clay Castle
8/9/2011 - NEW STORIES!
We just got a 2 great NEW stories from Jude and Nick! Click here for the playroom, and then click on Story 1 and Story 2. When you see the pictures just click on Jude and Nick's names to read their great stories! And don't forget to check out all the other stories, too! Have fun!
Let's Write a Story

Hey Kids - Add YOUR Story!
Our first two story pictures are up and ready for your imagination!!! Come take a peek and let us know what you think is happening in these pictures!!!
Poly's Clay Castle is happy to present a brand NEW lesson from Dinko Tilov -

How to Make a Dinko Skull!

Make a Dinko Skull! Our friend Dinko is back at the Castle with a terrific new lesson that will have you making cute little skulls in no time! It's a little bit of clay, two simple tools, lots of fun, and it's right here!

We had LOTS of names sent in for our six characters, and now all our Castle friends have voted for their favorites and our six nameless Characters now have their own Special names! Check out the winning names right here, as well as the Grand Prize winner and a special gift for all the voters!
Birds With Teeth! Chatelaine's friend Dinko Tilov has created many of the Castle Critters, and now he shows you how to make a Bird With Teeth! Check out this great lesson right here!
Chatelaines International Tree Project Chatelaine got so excited with the new Leaf Lesson that she is going to start a new project to get all her friends from the Castle to help her build a PolyClay Tree! Stay tuned to learn more about CHATELAINES INTERNATIONAL TREE PROJECT.
We are working harder than ever to finish setting up a bunch of activities for all our Lords and Ladies to enjoy.

We do need YOUR help with the DINING HALL this week and can't wait to see what an incredible FEAST we are going to have!

Follow this link to get more information about this fun swap!

Visit the Treasure Room! The Treasure Room is now open!!!! Come see the Gallery Index and the Swap Index. Do you want to put your Polymer Clay Artwork on the web for everyone to see? Just email me sincereleigh@polymerclaycentral.comand I'll tell you how!!!
Visit Polly Anna

Cross the moat bridge, enter the Castle keep and meet the Dragons and special Creatures who live there.
Find the swaps, the Treasure room, and try to avoid the Dungeon.
FREE, FUN AND FABULOUS for the young and young at heart.

Cross the moat bridge, enter the Castle keep and meet the Dragons and special Creatures who live there.
Find the swaps, the Treasure room, and try to avoid the Dungeon.
FREE, FUN AND FABULOUS for the young and young at heart.

A Note from our Web Master!

Welcome to the KINGDOM of CHATELAINE and POLY'S CLAY CASTLE. There's still a lot of work to do, but we couldn't wait any longer to start sharing the excitement with everyone. We have opened some of the rooms and invite everyone to start investigating.

Our first and most exciting project has been the "First Ever, Polymer Clay Central's, Poly's Clay Castle Kids Swap"
Please stop by, I know you will be excited with what our wonderful creative kids have put together!

What's New?
Linda Hess' Clay Kids Class!
Covered Pens!
Holiday project for the family
Print us out and COLOR!
Let's Write a Story!!!
New Gallery Pages
School Project Gallery
From the 6th and 7th Graders at
Skidmore-Tynan Jr.High
FAQ for PC
Information for KIDS all about Polymer Clay.
WE NEED FOOD! We're going to have a FEAST and we need your help!!!

FAQ for PC

Click here for a list of the most FrequentLEIGH asked Questions about Polymer Clay. Poly Anna has listed them, if you have more questions for Poly Anna, just email Chatelaine and she will forward your letter to Poly Anna.
Come Visit the Kingdom! The Kingdom

Chatelaine is watching you!
Chatelaine will be watching you!!!
Attention All Young Artists and Designers
We are always looking for Children's Artwork and clay creations to use for the graphics here on Poly's Clay Castle. Email them as attachments to SINCERELEIGH@
or snail mail them to:
Leigh Ross
PO. Box 694
Red Bank, NJ 07701
EMAIL Chatelaine:


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