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Our poor nameless characters are nameless no more! Thanks to all the kids who joined in, we now have names for Chatelaine's friends, and we want to share these wonderful names with all of you!

And for all of you who voted, Chatelaine will be sending each and every one of you a special piece of "Dragonheart" as a thank-you gift for helping to name her friends! As just as we promised, we picked one name at random for our Grand Prize, and that person is:

Jo Love

Jo will receive her very own special Dinko Critter, so keep watching in your mail box for the arrival of your new friend!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and keep watching for the next name the Character Contest right here at Poly's Clay Castle!


Chef Peegaire



Goo Roo

Moostache the Polyclay Warrior

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