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Let's write a story....

Well, our "Let's Write a Story" feature is in place! Who's going to be the first to give it a try?
You have TWO scenarios to choose from: Story 1 or Story 2?
Take a look at the pictures on the page and tell us what YOU think is happening!

name Game Let's Play the NAME GAME! Some of our Characters are in need of names!! And since kids can be some of the most creative people in the universe, we thought we would ask for ideas on what to name our characters!!!!

Here in the PLAYROOM we will be listing different GAMES and ACTIVITES for the Young and the Young at Heart to play while you are a member of Poly's Clay Castle. We want everyone to participate in all activities!

We are also interested in YOUR ideas for ways to interact with your clay, your family and your computer. Send your ideas to

Let's all have some fun!!!!

Please visit the DINING HALL page and see how to send your Polymer Clay Food to the Castle. We want everyone to bring something for our FEAST!!!
Find the Swap Pieces! I'm going to take the swap pieces and hide them in the KINGDOM picture. When you move your mouse over the picture you will be able to see if you have found one of the pieces. There will be two levels of difficulty, I hope!!

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Coloring Pages are

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Page 3, Page 4,
Page 5, Page 6
Let's Write a Story
Story #1
Let's Write a Story
Story #2
WE NEED FOOD! We're going to have a FEAST and we need your help!!!

Do you have any ideas for an Activity you think would be fun to find in the Castle?
If you do, email me sincereleigh@
with your suggestions and we'll see what we can do!

EMAIL Chatelaine: