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Simple Leaf Ornament Project!

A Simple Ornament Project Here's a project for the whole family. Whether you use it for ornaments for the Holidays, or for centerpieces or wreaths,it's still something that everyone in the family can participate in!

How about a memory Tree, pick up a leaf from every family outing and make a PolyClay leaf from it. Write the date and the location on the back of it and hang it in a special place! Eventually you have a Hanging Memory Tree.

And they are fun!

For the Young and the Young at Heart, this is the place to come for lessons and information on all things to do with Polymer Clay!

We will be adding more and more Lessons as we find them, or as people make contributions to our web site!

If you are interested in sending in a Lesson please email, I will be more that happy to put your lesson up on the web!

Remember, we are looking for contributions from all ages, I think that young people can put together some exciting lessons the same as the young at heart people can and I'm anxious to see all of them!

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Click here for a list of the most FrequentLEIGH asked Questions about Polymer Clay. Poly Anna has listed them, if you have more questions for Poly Anna, just email Chatelaine and she will forward your letter to Poly Anna.
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