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Cat Cane
by Candice Mathewson

Materials Needed:

  • Polymer Clay in black, white, dark gray, light gray, pink, leaf green (colors can be substituted)
  • Pasta machine, brayer or rolling implement
  • Slicing blade

Step One: Eyes
Roll out a log of black clay.
Pinch opposite sides to create a diamond shape.
Create a log shape by filling in the spaces around the diamond. I have used leaf green (yellow & black) mixed with white for the eye color.
Wrap the eye with a sheet of black clay.
Reduce the eyecane to your desired size.
Step Two: Whiskers
Start with a large light gray log.
Cut the log into four sections using your cutting blade.
Add narrow sheets of black clay between cuts. Each sheet of black clay should be centered and not extend to the entire length of the log in either direction.
Wrap the log in a sheet of black clay.
Reduce to the desired size and cut in half (or make two canes) and press together.
Step Three: Mouth
Roll out a small log in light gray.
Pinch the log into a triangle.
Carefully shape the light gray triangle into your whiskers cane.
Add a thin sheet of black clay around the bottom of the chin.
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