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Cat Cane
by Candice Mathewson

Step Four: Nose

The nose is very simple. Start with two logs of pink clay -- one log larger than the other. Shape the smaller log into a triangle and flatten the larger log into a thick pancake.

Add the nose cane to the whisker cane.

Step Five: Filling in the Blanks

Begin adding dark gray background, being extra careful to pack around the nose and eyes.
Add enough background to create a round cane.
Step Six: Marking the Top of the Cane

This step is VERY important. I cannot stress this enough. BEFORE you begin reducing your cat cane, MARK THE TOP with a strip of light colored clay. Because the ears will be added later, you will need to know where the top is, and finding the top can be VERY difficult when the cane is left unmarked.

Step Seven: Making and Applying the Ears

Roll out a long log of pink clay and shape the log into a triangle.

Wrap two sides of the triangle in dark gray clay.

Pinch and reduce to desired size.
Apply one ear along the entire length of the cane using the light gray clay strip as a guide.

Apply the second ear, and Voila! Your own Cat Cane!

Candice Mathewson
© 2001 Text and Pictures

We would like to thank Candice for this terrific cane tutorial! And remember, if you have a lesson or tutorial that you would like to shgare with PCC, just email or and we will help you prepare your lesson for the PCC Website!

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