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Upcoming Guest Chats:
(All Times are EST)

Keep Watching Here!

If there's anyone you would be interested in chatting with, email and she will see what she can do to line them up!!

Special Guest Chat Logs!
If you missed the chat, you can read it here
or download a text version!

Sarajane Helm - April 4, 2004
Sarajane Helm - February 3, 2004
Sarajane Helm - January 20, 2004
Sarajane Helm - December 2, 2003
Sarajane Helm - November 4, 2003
syndee holt - October 22, 2003
syndee holt - September 17, 2003
Lisa Pavelka - April 24, 2003
Lee Radtke and Julie Wise - NPCG - March 24, 2003
MaryLu & Stefanie of Claydaze - January 27, 2003
Sarajane Helm - March 1, 2003
syndee holt - January 21, 2003
Suzanne Tourtillotte - June 5, 2002
Sarah Shriver - May 14, 2002
Tamila Darling of Darling Creations - May 4, 2002
Sue Heaser - April 4, 2002
Karen Rhodes of the Clay Alley - April 24, 2002
syndee holt and Howard Segal - March 26, 2002
Donna Kato and Bob Augur - March 20, 2002
Donna Kato - February 27, 2002
Necklace Construction with Shelley
Suzann Thompson - March 23, 2001
Irene Semanchuk - February 17, 2001
Shelly Thompson - January 20, 2001
Dinko Tilov - January 5, 2001
Elissa Powell - December 16, 2000
Tom Plattenberger - December 4, 2000
Marie and Howard Segal, with Syndee Holt - November 13, 2000
Karen Murphy - Artifactory and Baby Island Lodge - August 17, 2000
Meredith Arnold of NWPCG - September 7, 2000
Selling Online with Alicia Ghandi - June 23, 2000
Kathy Gregson - Mokume Gane With PerlEx - April 2, 2000
Teaching Your Art (and Mike Drops In!) with Dianne Cook
Trudy Schwarz-Burrill - February 16, 2000
Memory Bracelets with Carol Chapman - Jan 20, 2000
PCC Talks Selling Your Art Online - Jan 20, 2000
Patty Barnes - January 20, 2000
Kathy Gregson - Faux Stones
Mike Buesseler - December 9, 1999
Jody Bishel - December 3, 1999
Marie and Howard Segal - November 16, 1999
Donna Kato - November 2, 1999

Scheduled WeekLEIGH & Bi-WeekLEIGH Chats:

Sunday - No chats scheduled at this time but check above for GUEST SPEAKERS!

Monday - No chats scheduled at this time but check above for GUEST SPEAKERS!

Tuesday - No chats scheduled at this time but check above for GUEST SPEAKERS!

Wednesday, 9:30 - ???: Beginner Basics. Please join Elissa along with other experienced clayers for a chat devoted exclusively to newbies. Do you have any questions you want real-time answers to? Need to brainstorm for some ideas? Having a problem with your latest project you can't figure out? Don't know what to ask or where to start? This is the place to get some answers. So - newbies bring your questions, oldbees bring your thinking caps!!!

Thursday - No chats scheduled at this time but check above for GUEST SPEAKERS!

Friday - No chats scheduled at this time but check above for GUEST SPEAKERS!

Saturday, 1:00 PM - Stargazer's Weekly Webcam Demo. Check Message Board for directions to attend.

UNscheduled Chats
All Chat times are scheduled using Eastern Time.

These chats happen randomly and may or may not be moderated. All members are encouraged to go into the chatroom at anytime. If no one is there, feel free to lurk as someone may just show up! Post a message on the message board you're there and your chances to visit will increase!

Keep watching Polymer Clay Central and right here for details as we work on our chat schedules. We'll be adding more regular get-togethers for clay artists, as well as some special Guest Chats with some of the best names in Polymer Clay!

If you have any questions, or would like to suggest someone you would like to see in Chat, please Email or .

If you would like to learn how to be a chat host or hostess, also email or . as we are always looking for new Chat Hosts.

See you in Chat!

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