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Special Thanks to Sunni Bergeron for the Transcript

Click Here to Download a Zipfile of this Chat

May 4, 2002:

SUNNI: Ok, folks - let's begin!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tamila for taking time out to join us here and let us know about her new product!
TAMILA: You're more than welcome.
SUNNI: Tamila - how did you ever come up with the idea for the disks?
TAMILA: As with most people who get ideas, I was just playing around. I desperately wanted shapes and one day, it him me like a ton of bricks. I experimetned with some on hand stuff and low and behold....IT WORKED. I was so excited that I called Kathy almost hyperventalating.
TAMMY: They were awesome. :)
KATHY: Yes, she did! And said, "Are you sitting down?"
TAMILA: I sent her some pics as well as Anita and Cindy. They all thought I was onto something.
ANITA: We "knew."
TAMILA: So it was kind of a brainstorm session that took years to finally figure out.
SUNNI: Years?
TAMILA: Anita and I had discussed ways to do it before, but until I did what I did, nothing worked. Anita and I talked about this for a long time being able to have shaped disks.
SUNNI: Waiting for the modern technology?
TAMILA: No, waiting for Kemper or someone else to do it for me. No one did and I got tired of waiting. So, while cleaning and playing in the studio, I tried a few things and it just happened to work.
SUNNI: So tell us how you went about making these disks happen as a commercial venture?
TAMILA: Call it luck, good fortune or a fluke....all I knew was that it was great. Well...... after showing these to Anita, Kathy & Cindy, I spoke to Marie & Howard Segal and Shelley Comiskey. I told them what I had discovered and sent them some samples.
TANTAN: What I really like from the little I have seen at your site is that you are an "adaptable" sorta gal. Like you understand that there is more than one way to skin a cat....mataphorically speaking.
CINDY: Very adaptable!
TAMILA: Shelly said that people would easily pay for these without even thinking twice about it. I didn't really want to manufacture, but then again, I wanted to be able to share what I had develooped.
SCADVENTURER: Is the thickness of these disks the same as the ones already available commercially?
TAMILA: They are thick, however, they are not metal. They are plastic.
KATHY: We have paid up to $18 for a mini cutter to do holly leaf! and thought this was fantastic and more reasonably priced.
SCADVENTURER: Does the thickness help them last a little longer?
TAMILA: That does help, however, the most important part of the disk are the following:

  1. You must extrude slowly and not push yards of clay through it as fast as you can.
  2. You must CLEAN the disk immediately after use. Unfortunately the plastic material is not PC compatible, but with cleaning immediately afterwards there is no adverse effect on the disks.

I've been using the same ones for over a year and they work as good now as they did when they were brand new.
KATHY: I have extruded lots of leaves with Premo.
TAMILA: I do not recommend stiffer brands unless they are extremely well conditioned. I have tested the following brands with the disks....Sculpey III, Premo!, Cernit, Fimo Soft & Kato Polyclay.
SCADVENTURER: What do you clean them with?
TAMILA: We recommend a rubbing alcohol with a toothbrush, then a follow up with dish soap. It only takes a minute and extends the life.
TAMMY: I have used mine a lot with no problems. I have containers upong containers filled with extruded shapes.
KIMBA: Tamila - I have had great successs with a wetwipe soaked with rubbing alcohol for cleaning them.
SUNNI: Does the alcohol have an adverse effect on the plastic if left without the soap wash?
TAMILA: It possilby could because of the drying effect that alcohol has on plastic, that is why we recommend the followup in the dish soap.
DONNABECK: How soon after extruding must they be cleaned? I mean, do you have to stop what you are doing to clean the disk?
TAMILA: You should try to do it right away. I've left clay on mine for an hour without much damage, but it is not recommended. Once you get used to using them and the results you get with the shapes, any small time it takes to clean is well worth the effort. it is also not recommended that you put the disks into a dish of alcohol and let them sit for extended periods of time. This tends to dry the plastic. However, if you drop them into a small dish of rubbing alcohol and within an our or so go through and clean them good, there should be no problems.
DAVE: Would there be a possibility of using some kind of sealer on the disks to help them withstand the effects of clay?
TAMILA: That is a possibility and one that I've not researched a whole lot.
KATHY: I have also used them with the new eraser clay. Kids would love them!
TAMILA: Yes, they work great with eraser clay. Thanks for bringing that up. Little shaped erasers for the kids.
ANITA: And Linda Geer used them with PMC.
SCADVENTURER: Tamila, is there a different screw on cap that needs to be used with these disks?
TAMILA: The disks were originally designed for the Kemper type guns. However, due to the manufacturing process, because they are individually made, not all of them come out exactly the same. Soooo - you can sand the edges to fit the kemper type guns if they are too big...OR - you can use an adapter ring I developed for the Sugarcraft gun and then all the disks will work in this gun without any sanding at all, if they are too big for the kemper types.
SCADVENTURER: Oh, are you talking about diameter?
TAMILA: Yeah, the diameter. You meant thickness, didn't you? LOL
SCADVENTURER: I was wondering if the extra thickness would keep it from screwing on.
TAMILA: No, it shouldn't. I've used the disks in ALL the clay guns I could get my hands on: Kemper, Sculpey, Darice and some off the wall Taiwanese one. Then, after testing all these I started working with the Sugarcraft gun. Then I realized they were a little bigger than the kemper ones so in comes the adapter ring.
SCADVENTURER: Do you have a gun preference?
TAMILA: Yes, I do. And it's my preference along with several of my beta testers. The Sugarcraft gun.
KIMBA: I agree.
SCADVENTURER: What is the biggest difference?
TAMILA: In my opinion, it's the easiest to use, the quickest results and extrudes more clay than the kemper type ones. The Sugarcraft has a built in trigger action unlike the Kemper type, which have the plunger thing. With the sugarcraft, you don't need an extra piece of equipment to help you extrude, like a caulking gun or clay pusher. I would have paid twice the money for the one I have, If i would have had to.
KIMBA: And it is easier to add more clay to the Sugarcraft gun and it's easier to clean.
SCADVENTURER: That would be nice!
SUNNI: Do you sell the Sugarcraft guns, Tamila?
TAMILA: fact, they arrived Wednesday!!! I was in claygun heaven!
KATHY: The Sugarcraft guns are the best!!!
SCADVENTURER: Sunni, she has a pic of one on her site.
DAVE: Are the Sugarcraft guns durable/heavy duty?
TAMILA: Yes, they are actually more durable then the Kemper ones. Especially if any of you have ever bent the plunger part.
KATHY:  I have bent plenty of them!
DAVE: Me, too. :)
TAMILA: I also feel they are easier to clean and also extrude more out of them. When I do extruding, I have to clean the Kemper types or get the colors blended.
KATHY: And it seems like you have more control with them.
TAMILA: With the Sugarcraft, it seems to actually get almost all of the clay off the sides of the gun when you use it. Any excess can be removed with a rub of your finger, especially if the clay has cooled a little. You don't have to haul around a pusher or caulking gun with you to clay day or classes. The SG also comes with its own set of disks, too. They are metal.
ANITA: And for someone with little hands and not a Popeye... the Sugarcraft gun is wonderful.
KATHY: I know that I extrude a lot more now that I have the SG to use. Easier and more convenient.
SCADVENTURER: Do you know, off hand, how many disks come with the SG?
TAMILA: Funny you should ask, I was just opening a package to double check it. Sixteen. There are some that are NOT the same as the disks in the kemper types.
KIMBA: They are nice ones, too.
TAMILA: My price for this gun is $22.50. Most places online sell them for $25 plus shipping. These are the same as the Jane Asher Sugarcraft gun. I ordered them direct from the manufacturing company of the gun.
DAVE: I've seen them go for even more that $25 already...
KIMBA: Tamila - do the SGs you sell have the disks in a small plastic container?
TAMILA: Yes, in a small plastic container.
KIMBA: The plastic container is handy and doesn't interact with the clay - a very nice plus!
JENNYPAT: And what is the price on the disks?
TAMILA: My disks are priced at $1.00 each and are sold in kit form.
SUNNI: When you sell our SGs, do you include the adapter disk with it or does that go with the Darlin Disks?
TAMILA: The adapter ring is sold seperately. These are individually ground down from a special washer I found that would make it work with the gun and the disks. The adapter ring is $1.50 - It's sold seperately because some people already have the gun and just want the ring and some already have the ring, before I got the guns and now will only want the gun.
SCADVENTURER: Tamila, do YOUR disks have some of the same ones in different kits or all the disks different?
SUNNI: I see. Tell us - each of your kits, are there any designs in more than one kit?
TAMILA: No. Each kit is completely different. No designs are duplicated from one kit to the other. So, if you buy Kit A, that is the only kit that will have those disks in it.
SUNNI: Do you mix kits on special request since the disks are $1 each?
TAMILA: Currently, I'm not doing any custom orders. I am looking into that for the future. It will probably be at least six months before I start looking in that direction. If I know that you purchased the kit and haveit on record, then an individual replacement could possibly be made. Of course, you would have to pay for the disk and shipping charge, which would be at cost. I am not selling the disks on an individual basis though.
SUNNI: Ok - so down the line you're looking at stocking up and being able to sell individual disks?
TAMILA: Maybe. But we are talking a waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyysssss down the road. I would be changing my inventory from some 25 items to over 225 items. That would be very cumbersome for me to pull individual orders that way.
SUNNI: Or more...if you make more kits.
KATHY: I can understand how complicated that would be!
KIMBA: Are you planning on adding more kits to the list?
TAMILA: In a year's time I've done 200 and you all still want more! LOL Of course, I would, too. :-) I am looking at possibly adding some special kits just for the SG gun with larger shapes. it's on the drawing board, but will be several months before being a reality and even up to a year. So it's just the larger sizes right now. I am also looking at some special kits for some who are working on articles.
FTOFCLAY: I just used the tiny snowflake and snoman disks tonight - unbelievable how tiny they are!!! And so detailed!
TAMMY: Aren't they great? They come out so cute. :)
FTOFCLAY: They are amazing!
DAVE: Do you get much time to clay now that you are producing disks?
TAMILA: NO. LOL. That's ok, though. For now I'm enjoying the disks. I have cut my show schedule to compensate for disks from five to two plus I do work full time, too - like a 9-5 job. I'm not sad, I'm really excited about this. And with the help of Anita, cindy, Tammy, Kathy, Ginny - all in the chat - who helped test and kept me motivated to continue the endeavor.
FTOFCLAY: Sounds cool Kathy!
SUNNI: I'm sure glad to hear that!! These disks are just awesome!
TAMILA: I also must take the time to mention, as well, some others who helped me in this whole operation: Kris Richards, Marie & Howard Segal, Leigh Ross, Shelly Comiskey and Linda Geer. Did I forget anyone?
SUNNI: Your dad and grandpa?
TAMILA: Oh, my dad and husband, too! Oh, and Grandpa!
ANITA: Michael for all those late nite chats - going to bed without a goodnite kiss.
FTOFCLAY: Ma Bell for all those phone calls. LOL
KATHY: I am doing something really fun with the flower shapes... When I make canes, i take the Skinner blend ends and put them in the gun and make shapes to match my canes... I am so glad Tamila has found this for all of us!
TAMMY: Me to Kathy - it is changing my life!!!
CINDY: She is awesome! And has worked extremely hard to bring you quality!
TAMILA: Yeah, without all these people testing and helping me to figure out whether this was even a doable thing, I would never have gotten here.
SUNNI: Tamila - how did hubby, dad & g'pa help?
TAMILA: Well, the manufacturing involves several steps. A couple of the preliminary steps I do are very time consuming. Between my husband, dad and grandpa, they came up with some machinery to help make the process move along a lot faster. From that point, I do the design insertion portion myself and finish all the manufacturing packaging etc.
SUNNI: Wow, that's a lot of work.
TAMMY: She is one hard working lady!
TAMILA: It is a lengthy process, however, it's like making a cane. Once you've done it a few times, you get good and then you can whip 'em out without even looking.
SUNNISAN: Have they started to sell well, yet?
TAMILA: Yeah, sales are going very well! I actually did a pre-launch in January to my local guild in Ohio. Every member present placed an order for at least one set and several were for more than one. I did a demo onsite.
SUNNI: Sounds like the prelaunch was a resounding success....
TAMILA: Then I went to the Michigan retreat and a lot of people ordered them there, too.
KIMBA: LOL!!! Yes, we did!
TAMILA: It took a couple hours to just fill the orders...remember, Anita and Kathy?
TAMMY: We were lucky to have her demo in Michigan, too.
TAMILA: Then I started online sales on April 20 and things are moving right along at a nice pace. I'm keeping up. I did stockpile a lot of kits before going live, so people would not have to wait for orders.
SUNNI: Smart move there!
TAMMY: That was smart.
TAMILA: Before the MI retreat, I had over 50 kits and some kits 100 of each set ready to go. So, for the most part, I don't plan on running out of inventory. However, if I get a HUGE SURGE of the same kit there could be a wait period.
ANITA: She's given "disko-mania" a new meaning.
FTOFCLAY: LOL Anita! Have you put any on eBay yet, Tam, or are you busy enough with orders?
TAMILA: Right now I'm doing good with orders so I'm not gonna be eBaying for a little while, if at all.
KIMBA: How many were left after the retreat? You seemed to be doing a very brisk business at the retreat.
TAMILA: Some kits I sold over 20 of each, others were 10 or 5...but with 20 kits they were scattered throughout. I already can tell you the popular kits: Geometrics, Leaves, Stars & Hearts.
TAMMY: I love my geo metrics. I can put the shapes together and make great canes. :)
ANITA: The applications are endless.
SUNNI: So you haven't had any trouble determining rather quickly the more popular kits.
TAMILA: Not really, the orders pretty much tell the tale. I do have a survey on my site also, though, for people to vote for their 5 favorite ones. This helped me out somewhat, but the real indicator is what people actually buy.
SUNNISAN: Will you be going to the CT retreat and selling there?
TAMILA: Nope, sorry. I'm not going to CT. I WISH! Ok. Let me give you the "low-down" on Disk-O-Mania. It is a term...coined by Cindy. We decided that when I had a special runing I would have a page with what that special was for the day, week, month or what have you. So - would you like to know what I've decided the first Disk-O-Mania Special will be?
SUNNI: yes!!!!!!
KATHY: yes yes yes
DAVE: Yes, please...
TAMILA: OK, after all this talk we had over the Sugarcraft Gun....for a limited time, I will GIVE YOU the Adapter Ring at No-Charge with the order of a Sugarcraft Gun.
KATHY: Kewl!
SUNNI: Cool!
DAVE: Yeah, what they said... ;)
TAMILA: I will post this on the Disk-O-Mania page later tonight or in the AM.
KIMBA: And when will this special start? As in, if I ordered a claygun earlier today...
TAMILA: Awww...poor Kimba. I already sealed your envelope, too!
KIMBA: I ordered it too soon?
TAMILA: The way you will get this is to put a note in the COMMENT section of the order form online and say DISK-O-MANIA. Just click on the Disk-O-Mania button and you will see the Disk-O-Ball. I will post the information on how you get the special and you can place your order.
KIMBA: How long will this special run?
KATHY: Hey, I know I'm buying another one this week....(like Thursday)
TAMMY: Can I tell folks at National about the special? Is this for everyone?
TAMILA: I think a week is good. When are you going to National?
TAMMY: A week from tomorrow
ANITA: I'd say two weeks. That way Tam can offer it to the National people.
TAMILA: You trying to make me work too hard here or what?! LOL
CINDY: Sounds good to me!!!
CORGI: Tamila, I just ordered, to I get the special????
TAMILA: Email me, Corgi...I'll make sure you do. and mention the special so I remember.
CORGI: Thanks!
TAMILA: I aim to please.
TAMMY: Tamila, if you do not mind, I planon doing some informal demos at National with mine.
KIMBA: And it will cover Mother's Day, too.
TAMILA: OK....Twist my arm!! TWO WEEKS IT IS...that's IT THOUGH! LOL Oh, speaking of Mother's Day....
KIMBA: Yes?????
TAMILA: Here is one other thing I'm planning on adding to the store....
SCADVENTURER: Speak of it...
CORGI: Oh cool.... hey, Mom!!
DAVE: Good idea ...!!
TAMILA: Gift Certificates can be sent via Online or, for $1 extra, via snail mail. All printed out with a nice little card/note with what you want to say and mailed off to your loved one...or favorite clay friend.
TAMMY: I love that - gift certificates!!
SUNNI: I LIKE that idea Tamila! What a neat gift idea!
FTOFCLAY: That is a great idea, Tamila!
TAMILA: That idea was given to me in another chat a few weeks ago, so I can't take full credit. But it is a good idea, isn't it!
ANITA: Yes, it is.
TAMMY: Will you mail to the person for us? And put in little notes?
TAMILA: Yep. That's the extra $1 - to cover the envelope, postage and printout.
TAMMY: Oh cool!!! Love it.
TAMILA: Whatever you want it to say, as long as it's "nice," of course.
SUNNI: So, how will you be sending one online?
TAMILA: It will just be an email to the person that you request it to go to. I'll set up a special email address: Then the person will get an email telling them that they are entitled to whatever dollar amount is purchased with whatever not you want to provide for me to send. That way I know who has a VALID outstanding give certificate.
SCADVENTURER: Tamila, just out of curiousity, how do you mail the disks out? Are they small enough to mail in a padded envelope?
TAMILA: Yes, most disks are mailed in a small/medium sized padded envelope. Actually, they are double padded.
FTOFCLAY: The packaging is very professional.
TAMMY: I know. She is amazing. I feel lucky to know her.
TAMILA: ===blush=== stop it! LOL Most orders of disks can ship for $2. Sugarcraft Guns weigh more so they cost a little bit more. Once the weight gets to the point that Priority is cheaper, I automatically ship that way. So - my fingers are tired...I want my testers to tell you what they have done with their finished extrusions.
FTOFCLAY: Me, too!
SUNNI: Yes - tell us, plz, testers!!! Before you do, I would like to thank Tamila for coming tonite!!!
TAMILA: I'm not LEAVING...just need a two minute time out! LOL
SUNNI: * grin * I hope you're not leaving, but thank you anyway!
TAMILA: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
SCADVENTURER: Yes, I'm glad you could schedule her for chat, Sunni.
ANITA clapping wildly
TAMMY: Applause, applause!
TAMILA: You're most welcome. Thanks for having me. This has been a blast! Talk away you testers...tell them what you do with them.
ANITA: I make little characters and us the shapes as embellishments for them.
FTOFCLAY: I make little characters, too - and ornaments and such and they are wonderful for the embellishments.
TAMMY: Kathy, take the floor, I have to check on the kids.
KATHY: Well, I am mostly into making jewelry. I find amazing things to do with the extrusions.
SUNNI: Such as, Kathy?
KATHY: I make a lot of memory wire bracelets and make shapes to match my canes.... They look so cute!
FTOFCLAY: Yep - bears, bunnies and the like.
SUNNI: Do you bake the extrusions and cut or cut them raw?
FTOFCLAY: Both. But it works better baked first - cleaner slices. I just did a polar bear tonight using tiny snowflakes and snowmen.
ANITA: The geometric shapes are great to use for caning.
SCADVENTURER: Hey you have pics of your work from the disks anywhere for us to view?
ANITA: There are some pictures on Tamila's site.
TAMILA: I have an online Artist Gallery using the disks on my disk page.
FTOFCLAY: Tam, I will be sending you pics this weekend.
TAMILA: My personal Gallery
is mostly my personal caned work Before Disks.
ANITA: Look under the "disk" site and hit "Artist Gallery."
TAMILA: Tammy used them on her snowfolk.
STARGAZER: heehee My egg is there! :)
TAMILA: Yeah...and it's great!
ANITA: That's your's, Jean? How neat!!!
STARGAZER: Thanks. :)
TAMMY: I do production for restaurants, so I make jewelry out of mine.
TAMILA: I invite ANYONE who wants to contribue pics to the Artist Gallery to send me pics. I give FULL CREDIT TO YOU for your work. Marie Segal, Kris Richards & Kathy Weaver all have items there.
SCADVENTURER: Okay, I found them! Fantastic.
ANITA: For any of those that work in making dolls...these shapes are great for buttons.
TAMILA: Also, 13 year old Megan Wakar used them in Michigan and did some great stuff, too. Cindy likes to use them as embellishments on her dolls, little earrings, mini necklaces, buttons, etc
KATHY: And they make great little spacer beads... for almost anything! Memory wire bracelets.
ANITA: Necklaces, hair snaps...
KATHY: Purses? LOL
SCADVENTURERS: Yeah...I'm into miniatures and figures both, so I can see lots of applications.
TAMILA: That's what I do, too. I just didn't want to keep buying and waiting for custom cutters to come, that's why I kept working to find a way to do the disks.
TAMMY: The Xmas sets are wonderful additions to detail pins, etc.
TAMILA: Kathy had an article in Jewelry Crafts on the purses last year. Which issue, Kathy? The purses are to DIE FOR!
KATHY: Thank you, Tam. June? I have used a lot of the disk extrusions fro embellishments
TAMMY: They are, if anyone ever gets a chance to get one -- get one!!
SCADVENTURER: Wow! This has been a great chat! Tamila, it was nice to meet you and learn about your disks! I'll be spreading the word. I'll also be by sometime this week to order!!! Bye all!
TAMILA: It was nice to meet you, too! Email me if you have any questions: Does anyone else have any questions they want to ask?
TAMMY: I would like to know about the containers for storage.
TAMILA: Oh! I forgot about that!
KATHY: Yes, please tell us about them.
TAMILA: I offer two small containers to store your disks in. One is a small 9 compartment, the other is an 18 compartment. The 18 one is adjustable. They are great to store your disks and other tiny stuff, too - like jewelry findings, etc.
STARGAZER: Will you have a picture of the containers on your site?
TAMMY: Are those on the disk page? I am looking for those right now.
SUNNI: Are these all up on your site, too? I don't see a "catalog" page.
TAMILA: have to actually enter the STORE to see the containers. They are under the Miscellaneous Tab. To enter the store, click on Order Disks from the Disk Page, scroll to the bottom and hit ENTER THE STORE button. Everything is there. I'll be adding the Gift Certificates tomorrow.
TAMILA: On the Ordering Information page, it outlines everything you need to know BEFORE you order instead of afterwards.
SUNNI: That's such a great idea to inform before!!
TAMMY: Oh, I see. You just go into the Miscellaneous.
TAMILA: The store itself has to be seperate because of the secure server.
TAMMY: Those nail files are great if you have a regular gun.
TAMILA: I tried to put all the ordering info before the store as it's always a disappointment to find out you are getting charged $10 for shipping and handling after you place the order.
TANTAN: Yairs....tell me about it!
SUNNI: Where on earth did you find the single edge razors? There are NONE to be found in our town or where my folks live!!!
KATHY: I think you did a great job on the web site!
FTOFCLAY: I do, too. The whole thing is very well done.
TAMILA: You can usually find them at a hardware store. I just offer them for people that don't want to go on the hunt. The single edge razors make it easier for slicing the baked canes because you have more control. I use them to cut all my baked canes, including actual caned canes and not just my shapes. Now I wanna ask a question.
SUNNI: Go for it, Tamila!
TAMILA: Who is here that already has the disks and have used them?
DONNABECK: Sorry! *gulp*
FTOFCLAY: Me, too! I love my disks!
SUNNI: I have the disks but haven't figured out what to do with them!
CORGI: Mine got lost in the mail.....
TAMILA: Well, I'm writing down your names and will be waiting for pictures! LOL
CORGI: I'll send you once I get to play ....
SUNNI: I better get bizzy with all the ideas these folks have dropped....
TAMMY: I think it is awesome how you send a PayPal invoice. That saves the customer time. I just found out a really cool thing... I went to order and lost my page. LOL My fault. And when I went back into the site, my order was still there. YAY!
TAMILA: That's good to know.
SUNNI: That's interesting!
CORGI: Same happened to me, but because of a popup I lost my screen
TAMMY: Well, I am excited because I am always doing stuff like that. LOL
STARGAZER: I have a question. When you extrude the clay, I've heard that some folks bake it before slicing... I've also heard something about "baking" the outside by using a heat gun to make slicing easier... has anyone done this with the heat gun?
KATHY: I haven't tried that! I'mve been meaning to!
TAMILA: Yeah. It works! Leigh Ross told me about this (I think it was her, anyway.) Now I do know that Marie Segal did all of her extrusion cuts with RAW clay.
CORGI: Yeah, Leigh mentioned that in a post awhile back.....
STARGAZER: If you're building a cane, can you do that to the different components then put them together?
TAMILA: Gee, I don't know, Star. Might be hard for the cane to stay together since you are placing partially cured portions next to each other.
STARGAZER: Ahhhh.. I'll have to 'speriment... heehee
SUNNI: Seems to me, Star, the clay would crackle some if you prebake the outside with a heatgun. But try it on a little cane - it might yield interesting effects!
STARGAZER: Oh, ok... Thanks! :)
TAMILA: You wouldn't be able to reduce, I wouldn't think. But if you wanted it the size you made it to begin with, it might work. Sounds like an experiment for you to try and then write an article on! LOL
STARGAZER's gears are a-twirlin' ...
CORGI: I can hear them here.
TAMILA: Good, because I don't have as much time to play as you do.
STARGAZER: I have to say that building the yin-yang cane with the comma disk was one of the easiest canes I ever made!
TAMILA: It looks so good, too! You know, when I saw that egg, I was thinking in the back of my head...hmmmm looks like a disk shape.
SUNNI: Howdja get the dot in the center, Star?
STARGAZER: Ah.... The secret of the dot.... heehee After i sliced the cane and put it on the egg I used my handy-dandy needle tool to make a hole. Then I baked and backfilled.
SUNNI: ohHO! You are so smart!
TAMMY: Awesome.
STARGAZER: Nah.... just trying to find the easy way out... :)
TAMILA: You wanna do a tutorial on that for my site, Star?
SUNNI:  Yeah, Jean! Great idea! Do a tute!
TAMILA: I'm sure you noticed there is a page called Projects and Links. It's empty. I want to fill it with projects from my users.
STARGAZER: Someone remind me... I have CRS...
TAMILA: I'll email you and remind you, Star! LOL Oh... here is another thing I remembered.
SUNNI: * perk *
TAMILA: It just doesn't stop! UGH
TAMILA: The geometric shapes will also work well for mosaics.
SUNNI: For mosaics... and quilt designs!!
TAMILA. Oh yeah, quilt designs...see what I goes on and on and on...
STARGAZER: I want to try some Escher style canes... So, Tamila... I'm going to need some "special" shapes.
TAMILA: Yeah, I know where you are headed already.
KIMBA: OH???? What shapes, Star?
TAMILA: Eventually I hope I will be able to take custom orders. But again, that will be down the road a little bit.
STARGAZER: Neato! Just let me know when... They are geometric but complex canes.
TAMILA: Geometric shouldn't be too difficult. Complex is another story and depending on how complex, they may not be possible.
STARGAZER: Cool! Think two diamond shapes stuck together at the point and along one side...
SALLY: I am dying here. My set of disks is staill at Leigh's house and i won't be back int the States 'til August. Leigh said I HAVE to pick them up in person. Sort of an incentive.
SUNNI: She is a hard bargainer!! * grin *
STARGAZER: Ah, holding them ransom, eh?
KIMBA: Which ones did you order, Sally?
SALLY: All of them.
KIMBA: ALL????? And I thought I was bad! LOL
TAMILA: Since I knew she could save a lot of money by getting them here in the States instead of me shipping internationally, we worked out a deal.
SALLY: One of the pluses of living over here is that you can afford more toys. I have so many ideas.
STARGAZER: Tamila, where do you get the ideas for the various shapes you decided to include in your theme sets?
TAMILA: The ideas came from a few places but mostly things that I've wanted myself.
SALLY: Those are always the best ideas.
TAMILA: I've probably got another 50 or so sitting here, but they either won't work or they are just a "pain" to do. I might offer a few of the "pain" ones later on at a premium since they are harder and take longer. Those ones would be offered individually.
KIMBA: Can you give us a hint as to what some of them are?
TAMILA: Snowflakes, Bigger puzzle pieces. That's all I'm saying! LOL
SUNNI: * Grin *
----Salutations and thanks given at this point and chat ends----

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