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Dinko Tilov

Click Here to Download a Zipfile of this Chat

January 5, 2001:

** Special Event Commencing **

.Dinko Tilov> It was a bit cold when I went there, so I guess there weren't as many people as usual, but still it was good.
.Dinko Tilov> Yeah, kind of like the saying. :)
NITEFALCON> i think i was there in july so packed, plus extra tourists (including me)
.Leigh> hi kids, leigh will be here in a sec... (stephen speaking)
.Dinko Tilov> I'll go again as soon as I can. Do you know what they had there?
.Dianne> Incognito, huh, Stephen?? :)
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Stephen!
.Leigh> lol
.Dinko Tilov> Haven't seen you in ages Stephen! :)
.Leigh> hi dinko (he's sitting right next to me)
.Dianne> As Ria would say, Dinko is wearing his funny pants!
.Dinko Tilov> NF, they had a stand of things made out of spoons at the saturday market. All kinds of things made just using regular kitchen spoons !
NITEFALCON> i have seen stuff like that before. when I was there I got a "computer virus" this women made them out of clay (earthen kind)
.Dinko Tilov> I didn't see much polymer clay stuff there...
.Dianne> Hi Sunni!
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Sunni!
NITEFALCON> i would really love to get to go there again.
.sunni> hi gang!
NITEFALCON> hi sunni!
.Leigh> hi sunni
CJFOSTER1> Hi Sunni, sorry I missed night before last.
.sunni> no problem, connie.
.sunni> dinko - are the ross's treating you well?
.sunni> (((leigh)))
.sunni> *wink* hi celie!
.Leigh> she'll be here in a sec sunnie (stephen)
.sunni> ah. (((stephen))) thx.
NITEFALCON> sunni...i had to think a minute who you meant :) its late here
.sunni> stephen - how ya doing on the faux opals?
.Dinko Tilov> What time is it?
NITEFALCON> i am in germany
.Leigh> should have something up this wekend
.sunni> *giggle * you must be getting close to end of shift, nite.
.sunni> thx stephen!!
NITEFALCON> no, no shift. don't work nights this week. don't work again till monday. just being insane at the moment
.sunni> dinko - when are you returning to our fair state of oregon?
.Dinko Tilov> Time zones... I hate them :)
.sunni> time zones make me think. *groan*
NITEFALCON> i only hate them when I have to travel over them in the easterly direction. then they are killer. the other direction is tolerable
.Dinko Tilov> SUnni, I'm going back to the Beautiful Northwest on 12! :)
.sunni> yup. east to west really plays havoc with sleep patterns. too bad we can't fly over the pacific and the continent to get to europe!!
CJFOSTER1> I fly to Russia a couple times a year. I don't have trouble going East, but can't sleep coming back and it is murder!!!!
.sunni> ah!!! it'll be good to have you back over here. how are you doing with perceiving the size of our country? ;)
.sunni> dunno why it's so hard to go west. you'd think time was just time?
.Dinko Tilov> Sunni, I had to have a total change of scale, because distances here are huges, and so seem most things! :)
NITEFALCON> "everything is bigger in America :)"
NITEFALCON> and even bigger in Texas
.Dinko Tilov> I meen in Europe all the countries are so closely packed together you don't realize it when you're there. And here it's always the same country. :)
NITEFALCON> no offense to texans :)
.sunni> hahahaha!! yes indeed!! i was once in a town in England and was using my American perception of distance to get to the right street to turn on. i passed it by a good 10 blocks!!!
CJFOSTER1> But bigger yet in Russia. So you know how many time zones they have in that country???
.Dinko Tilov> :)
.sunni> well - we did cut it up into states for you.....
NITEFALCON> I know what you mean dinko. I have the opposite effect here. I am in germany but I can be in Prag, Czech in 2 hours by train.
.sunni> no connie - how many?
.Dinko Tilov> I was telling Leigh about how in Bulgaria we consider 40 miles "far away", while here it's almost nothing...
CJFOSTER1> Right, 12.
NITEFALCON> what is the population of bulgaria?
.Leigh> Hi Gang, I think I"m here!
.sunni> 40 miles. i go that far to get to the store and back!!
.sunni> (((leigh)))
.Dianne> Hi Leigh!
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Leigh!
NITEFALCON> man sunni, you are out in the boonies :)
.Dinko Tilov> It's about 8 million.
.sunni> ysm!! i am and loving it!!!
CJFOSTER1> My husband travels that far to work every day, and I use to.
.sunni> 8 million? we have cities with more people than that!!!
NITEFALCON> dresden (where I am currently) is about 500,000
.Leigh> Hi Dinko, long time no see!
.Dinko Tilov> It'a beautiful city, Dresden, I've been told...
.sunni> oh right, leigh. so stand up and walk into the other room. sheesh.
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Leigh, my friend, I'm so glad I can finally talk to you! :)
.sunni> hahahahahaha
.Leigh> LOL actualy we are about 3 feet away from each other! I broght down my laptop!
NITEFALCON> I love it here. It is a gorgeous city.
.sunni> hahahahahaha - ok - so lift up your head!!!
NITEFALCON> geeze, everyone thinks they are a comedian tonight.
.Leigh> You guys don't know what you are missing!!!! I have got the greatest house guest a Clayer could want!
.Dinko Tilov> But we're not talking to each other. No talking - only typing
.sunni> nite - you need to take more pictures around dresden!! are there any of the old buildings left after the ww2 bombing?
.sunni> dinko - that's so fun to have someone to surf with sitting right next to you!
.Dinko Tilov> And I'm having the greatest vacation with Leigh and with Stephen!
.sunni> a nice break from all your schoolwork, huh? dinko - what did you learn last semester?
CJFOSTER1> I lived in Germany for awhile when I was a little girl. I loved it!! I remember it as so pretty and green.
NITEFALCON> sunni, I have taken TONS of pictures. I just haven't gotten them scanned in. need to do that.
.Leigh> He doesn't even mind being chained to the kitchen table and forced to make DINKOS!
.sunni> :D
NITEFALCON> most building were rebuilt (but you would never know to look at them)
.sunni> well - nite - time to get busy.....
.Dinko Tilov> Well, I can tell you what I studied, but it's hard to tell what I learned. :)
.sunni> oh!! did they rebuild them in the decorative style?
.sunni> dinko - that'll do!!
.Dinko Tilov> I took physics, math, humanities - ancient greece
NITEFALCON> now there is a did you come up with ancient greece?
.sunni> oh!! physics and ancient greece!! math - it's ok.
NITEFALCON> sunni....the altstadt was flattened from the war. They rebuilt it exactly like it was stone by stone.
.sunni> dinko - if you're not strong in math, i recommend you take all your math requirements back to back.
.sunni> nite - that's so good to hear. i thought dresden was lost. it was a jewel.
.Dinko Tilov> But now it's all over. .. I'm chained to the kitchen table and claying. Thank God I have a pillow at least... :) Ahhh.. academia, where are you... :)
.Dinko Tilov> Sunni, math is OK, it's physics that bothers me... :)
.sunni> *grin* just a couple weeks away - that's where it is!!
.Leigh> He'll pay for that one, No breakfast for him!
.sunni> isn't physics pretty much just advanced math?
.Leigh> And we have fresh bread and water!
NITEFALCON> there is a lot more to physics than math.
.Dinko Tilov> And amcient greece is a requirement..
NITEFALCON> a requirement for what?
.sunni> seems to me you could apply what you learn about ancient greece to clay. great food for figurine ideas.]
.Dinko Tilov> That's precisely why I find it hard - I was taking only intro to calculus, but by end of semester things were making more sense ...
.Dianne> I bet Dinko has been having a blast with you and Stephen.
.sunni> so if you didn't have the math background, why'd they start you right into physics? or did you pick that?
NITEFALCON> what is it you are majoring in exactly?
.sunni> dianne - who wouldn't. i'd love to spend a week with the ross's!!
.Dianne> Has he gotten Stephen making crazy critters and folksies yet?
.Leigh> We've been having the blast with DINKO!
.Dinko Tilov> Ancient Greece is pretty interesting. It's omething the college thought everyone should go through. We're taking Rome next semester.
CJFOSTER1> I didn't see anything saying where we could see your work. Did I miss it?
.Leigh> Stephen still isn't into making them, but he loves to watch Dinko make them!
.sunni> you'll love studying rome. fascinating civilization!
.Dinko Tilov> I picked Physics myself, because there's another requirement - any kind of science - 2 semesters. Well, physics seemed fundamental, and fundamental it is... :)
.Dianne> How about you, L? Have you been making folksies??
.sunni> connie - it's on the webpage: - then just click on dinkos
NITEFALCON> which school are you at?
.sunni> ah!! ok, dinko!!
CJFOSTER1> OK. I'm going out for a minute to look at them.
.sunni> ok connie.
.Dinko Tilov> I really love how we can sit here with Leigh and clay together! ANd talk!
.sunni> hi linda!! hi kimba!!
.caneguru> Hi folx!
.Dinko Tilov> I go to Reed College.
.caneguru> Dinko, where's Reed?
.Dinko Tilov> Hi caneguru!
.caneguru> Hello DInko
.Kimba> Hi all! :-)
.sunni> i think it's great, dinko, you have the opportunity!! i don't have anyone to clay with either.
.Dinko Tilov> It's in Oregon.
.caneguru> Is it in Portland or other part of OR?
.sunni> close to portland, right?
.Dinko Tilov> CAneguru, thanks for the horns you sent me! I ued them on the harvest ball!
.caneguru> cool!
.Dinko Tilov> It's pretty much in portland. The brochures say "suburban campus".:)
.sunni> oh!! you got some p'orns!! and you went to a harvest festival? how did they like them?
CJFOSTER1> I couldn't find it.
.sunni> hang on, connie and i'll get you the direct link.
.Dinko Tilov> Oh, they fitted so well people thought they were natural! :)
.caneguru> So how many creatures have you made since you've been in New Jersey
.caneguru> ?
.caneguru> That's the plan, Dinko!
.caneguru> They are supposed to look VERY natural.
.Dinko Tilov> Yeah there was a party in Reed.
.Dinko Tilov> Ah... well. let's see how many.... 1....2....3... :)
.sunni> connie - go here:
.Dinko Tilov> I don't know, but quite a few.
.caneguru> Dinko, I'd like to have a picture of you wearing horns for my photopoint album, if that's possible.
.caneguru> It sounds as if you made a lot of creatures!
.sunni> yeah - dinko, did you take your p'orns with you to joisey? have leigh snap a pic of you!!!
.Leigh> he's made a couple dozen I think!!! Even made some faces as beads for the 2000 bead project!
.caneguru> Oh man! As beads??
.caneguru> Hi Kathy!
.sunni> oh cool!!! crafty'll like that!!
.Dinko Tilov> Yes Linda, I'll send you some!
.Kathy> hello all
.sunni> hi kathy!
.caneguru> fantastic, Dinko. Thanks!
.Kimba> Hi Kathy!
.Kathy> glad to see yousunni i was asking about youearlier
.caneguru> Hi Barb!
.sunni> waterbaby!! (((hug)))
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Kathy! Hi KImba!
H2O_BABY> Hi! and a special hi to Dinko!
.Kimba> Hi Barb!
.sunni> here i am kat!! didja need something?
.Kathy> hi dinko -- ahh talking to a celebrity
.Kimba> Hi Dinko!
.Kathy> nope sunni just hadnt seen you lately and was worried sometihng might be wrong
.caneguru> Dinko do you know that your birds are part of the motto of Claylandia?
H2O_BABY> Dinko, I am the one who has taught your critter lessons to violent kids
.sunni> ah!! thank you! ((hug)) love you too!! i've been busy claying trying to get all my dragons ready for the year of the dragon swap.
.Kathy> ohhhhhhhhhh I see busy busy
.Dinko Tilov> Oh wow! I'm so glad that lesson worked!
.sunni> hey barb - how did that go, anyway?
.caneguru> Its a great lesson!
.sunni> yes, it is!!
H2O_BABY> yes it was difficult figuring out what to do because they cannot have knives - or metal...
.Kathy> i have a dinko critter of my own design staring at me as we speak LOL
.sunni> i have it on my beginner's list of links.
H2O_BABY> so the birds with teeth were perfect
.Dinko Tilov> How did the kids respond water baby?
.sunni> and how did you cut the mouths? spoon?
H2O_BABY> the kids loved it - they put all sorts of pierces and wierd hair on theirs
.Kathy> lol
.caneguru> Do you have pictures of what they made?
H2O_BABY> they made mean ones, silly ones, etc, with lots of expression
.Kimba> LOL!!!
.sunni> goddess - i'd love to see their work!!
.Dinko Tilov> Tell him to behave, kathy!
.caneguru> me too sunni
.Kathy> he is dinko LOL
H2O_BABY> cameras are not allowed, the kids records are sealed
.Dinko Tilov> Yeah, what did they use?
.caneguru> can't take pics of the finished product without the kids? Oh well.
H2O_BABY> we used plastic fork tines to cut holes
H2O_BABY> I tried to get them to take a pic, but they never did
.sunni> excellent.
.sunni> oh well. maybe you can build more dinkos with them again, sometime!
.caneguru> That is so cool to hear about polymerclay being used as a therapeutic tool!
H2O_BABY> they have a whole minagerie here now, and continued on to make all sorts of dinko-like critters
CJFOSTER1> that sounds great!
H2O_BABY> mice, etc...
.Dianne> I made boids with teeth with my students too.
.sunni> oh great!!
.Dianne> The kids loved them!
.sunni> didja dianne? didja get pix?
.caneguru> How's it feel to have a technique with your name attached to it, Dinko?
H2O_BABY> kids and adults love them!
.Dianne> I forgot to take my camera...dumb me.
.sunni> they're so comical. you can't help smiling!
H2O_BABY> Dinko, where are you now???
.caneguru> Like with Ria's dragons. They make me smile, too.
.Dianne> Mice sound like fun...only my kids would want to make rats.
.Kathy> oh yes linda her dragons are wonderful
.Dinko Tilov> Well. Leigh, Stephen and I have been working on another lesson here... :)
.caneguru> Oh????
.sunni> only difference between the two, dianne, is size....
H2O_BABY> oh??? any surprises?
.caneguru> always surprises at PCC
.Dianne> well, and teeth and sneers...heehee
.Leigh> Barbara, Dinko is in my kitchen right now!
.Kathy> lol
H2O_BABY> ooh Hi you are in New Jersey!
.Dinko Tilov> h20 baby, I'm in Leigh's kitchen and I'm using Stephen's pc...
.caneguru> boids from joisey
H2O_BABY> all de boids gonna end up wid cement overshoes...
.Leigh> We're calling the dinkos he's made here, the Joisey Dinkos!!!
.Kathy> and where is Leigh?
.Leigh> sitting next to him on my laptop!
.Kathy> lol
.Kimba> On her computer
.Dinko Tilov> Yeah I'm having a blast with Leigh and her family!
.caneguru> Sounds like you've been adopted right into the family
.sunni> what a fabulous xmas present!!
.Kathy> too funny computers next to each other - sounds like fun
H2O_BABY> Dinko, you sound 'merican
.sunni> he's catching on the lingo right quick, isn't he barb?
.Dinko Tilov> It's so much fun to be here !
.Leigh> I don't want to let him leave!!!
.Dinko Tilov> In what way h20baby?
.caneguru> When's school start up again?
.sunni> dinko - looks like you've been officially adopted.
NITEFALCON> he can always come back later :)
H2O_BABY> yes all the bad words too no doubt (as Leigh cusses when her pasta machine breaks down)
.sunni> brb - time to drain the cheewawas.
NITEFALCON> the cus words are usually the first thing people learn
H2O_BABY> you said "blast" which is pretty much colloquial language, Dinko
.Leigh> HIs English is excelent, and he even catches most of my sarcasm!!!
.Dinko Tilov> Leigh has not used a single one of "these" words before me! :)
H2O_BABY> Leigh was very quiet when I met her...
.Leigh> Well, I did use one today!
.caneguru> Dinko, is your last name pronounced TEElov or TIElov?
.Dinko Tilov> Me inglich no goood!
.caneguru> lOL
NITEFALCON> i don't know how it is in Bulgaria Dinko, but here in germany there are people that know exactly 4 words in english and they are all cus words.
.caneguru> That's the way it was in Baltimore too. LOL!
.Dinko Tilov> Teelov is closer, Linda.
> .caneguru hopes nobody here is from Baltimore
.Leigh> tealov might be even closer
.caneguru> That's what I thought, Dinko. Thanks.
H2O_BABY> how long are you staying in the US?
H2O_BABY> T-Love
.Leigh> as long as I can keep him here!!!
H2O_BABY> I think that should be Dinko's new screenname
.Dinko Tilov> Wow h20baby! I never thought of that! :)
.Leigh> that's really a kewl way to say it Barbara
.Kimba> Umm, does that include the use of chains, Leigh? ;-) > .caneguru thinks Leigh has procured a Dinko sized bottle of ZapaGap to keep him in NJ

H2O_BABY> Valentines day is just around the corner, sigh...
.caneguru> Wrong group Kimba! LOL
NITEFALCON> is your new hubby already back in oz?
.caneguru> Hi Jenny
.Dinko Tilov> Well, Bulgarians too learn first the obscene stuff. After all why learn a foreign language if you're not going to be able to insult people. :)
H2O_BABY> hi jenny!
.Dinko Tilov> ust kidding.
.Kathy> well gotta go take care of the dog - may be back
.caneguru> Absolutely Dinko.
.caneguru> Best to Bettygirl
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Jenny!
.Kathy> - signed off -
.JENNY P> Hi everyone
CJFOSTER1> gotta step away
H2O_BABY> if we can't take a little insult, we are not worth talking to anyway
.Kimba> Hi Jenny!
.Leigh> Hi Jenny
.caneguru> We've got enough flexclay in our systems that we can take most anything
H2O_BABY> Kin, Sunni, Cane G, I didn't say hi to you
.caneguru> You did now! Hi!
.sunni> hi jenny!!!
.Dinko Tilov> :)
.Kimba> 'sokay, we knew you thought it! ;-)
.JENNY P> so what are you all talking about tonight
.caneguru> What do they think of your critters at school?
H2O_BABY> Dinko, do you realize you are surrounded by exotic, foreign women?
.Leigh> We're talking about DINKO nad his Critters
.sunni> we're just generally chatting with dinko!
.caneguru> critters/characters/boids.. I call them all critters, ok?
NITEFALCON> when you put it that way H20 it sounds a bit obscene :)
.caneguru> if the shoe fits, nite
.Leigh> Actually sounds like fun!
H2O_BABY> I thought it sounded - ummmmmmmm - interesting, NF
.caneguru> hey Leigh! Is he blushing?
.Leigh> He is one cutie pie!!!!
.Dinko Tilov> Well, they haven't all seen my stuff yet at school...
.Leigh> He is now!
.Dinko Tilov> He is, Linda, :)
H2O_BABY> are you in school, T-Love?
.Dinko Tilov> Yes I am in Reed College, Portland, Oregon. :)
H2O_BABY> Oh, I have heard of Reed - they have a nuc reactor out there...
NITEFALCON> I'll be back in a few minutes I have to reboot my computer. Its misbehaving.
NITEFALCON> - signed off -
H2O_BABY> what are you studying???
.caneguru> I've seen that nuke, I think....
.Dinko Tilov> Oh yeah and the nuke is run by students, beware! :)
.Leigh> Great something else I have to worry about when he is away from home!
.sunni> *shiver*
H2O_BABY> it is only a small meltdown, Leigh...
.Leigh> LOL
.caneguru> And think of all the glow clay he'd get
.sunni> sure!! and to light up his work, he'd only hafta smile!!
.caneguru> sorry
.Leigh> I'll buy him Glow clay if he wants it!!
.Dinko Tilov> h20baby, physics, math and hum so far.
.Dinko Tilov> LOL!
.caneguru> hum? humanities?
H2O_BABY> I am a physicist, T-Love
.Dinko Tilov> Oh yeah, I'll have some of my freshman buddies "charge" some clay for me!!!
.Leigh> Just don't ask DINKO about Broccolli
.caneguru> there's an invitation if I ever heard one
H2O_BABY> now we shall have to, Leigh
.Leigh> LOL
.Dinko Tilov> Broccoli - amore mio! :)
.sunni> oh!! how bright and electrifying that clay would be, t-luv!!
CJFOSTER1> They put some precious gems in nuclear reactors to intensify the color. Wonder what it would do to clay.
.caneguru> Tell us about the broccoli Dinko
H2O_BABY> gawwwwwd, the Italians have got him...
.sunni> hahahaha
.caneguru> (Is that something like Tell me about the rabbits, George?)
.Dinko Tilov> Broccoli is the real danger, not the nuke, I tellya! :)
.caneguru> WB Kathy
.Kathy> k im back
.caneguru> WB Nite
H2O_BABY> blue topaz are not natural, color is induced by high levels of radiation
.caneguru> How's betty-girl?
.sunni> wb kathy, nite.
.caneguru> Many stones are irradiated
.Kathy> she is sick linda
.Kimba> WB Nite!
.caneguru> Oh no! What's wrong?
.Kathy> nite sunni
CJFOSTER1> Yes, and I also believe they do it with saphires.
.Kimba> WB Kathy!
.Kathy> she has a mental illness believe it or not
.sunni> ok, t-luv - why is broccoli more dangerous than nukes?
.caneguru> and tanzanite and lots of stuff
NITEFALCON> hi again. I had to give my computer a couple of wacks
.caneguru> mental ilness?
.Leigh> I think it would b3e more dangerous if I served it to him!
.caneguru> Like false pregnancy or something? (My background is canine science)
.Kathy> yes called psychogenic polydipsia - fancy words for self induced excessive water drinking
NITEFALCON> how did we get talking about stones all of the sudden? *ears perked up*
.sunni> howso leigh? you guys are taking teasing lessons from ria.
.caneguru> drinks too much h20
.Kathy> yes
.caneguru> I've heard of that
.Kathy> will drink any and all you give her
.sunni> self induced, kat?
.Kathy> doc said she will kill herself if i dont regulate her water
.Dinko Tilov> Because, sunni, it's more lethal than radiation. It tastes so "good" you just wish for some intensive X-raying!
H2O_BABY> isn't that a symptom of rabies?
.Kathy> yes sunni no physical reason for it
.Leigh> We've just been teasing him at every meal that there is brocolli in it since ti's the only food he doesn't like
.caneguru> Nite, we got on that because we were talking about radiation
.Dinko Tilov> To end the suffering
.Kathy> lol no h20
.sunni> ahhhhhhhh. i see!! ;)
NITEFALCON> radiation, stones, excessive water drinking and ....brocolli. now I am really lost
.caneguru> I think lima beans are worse than the broccoli. Evil!
.Kathy> she is only allowed 2 cups a day and she has a hard time with that sometimes
H2O_BABY> broccoli ends suffering? am I lost or what???
.Leigh> I'm with you LInda
.sunni> slimy okra is worse.
.caneguru> that's pretty bad too, Sunni
H2O_BABY> is she a dog or ware we talking about a human loved one?
.Kimba> Yes, lima beans are the WORST!!!
CJFOSTER1> lima beans and homony win my vote for the worst.
.Kathy> okra should only bea eaten fried - not slimythat way
.Leigh> String beans do me in! I love brocoli
.sunni> that's rough, kathy!!
.Kathy> i love limas
.Leigh> no matter how you spell it!
H2O_BABY> brussel sprouts
H2O_BABY> lima
.caneguru> I'm sorry to hear about Betty, Kathy. Hope you can get a handle on it
.Kathy> yes it is sunni especially when she sits here and cries
H2O_BABY> kidney beans
.caneguru> sorry to hear, that is
CJFOSTER1> I agree about the Okra except in some soups.
.sunni> kathy - i can boil okra without sliming it!!
.Dinko Tilov> Viva radiation! Stop Broccoli!
H2O_BABY> I love broccoli
.caneguru> There is a way to make good brussel sprouts, but most people don't believe it.
.Dinko Tilov> :)
.sunni> hear hear, t-luv!!
.Kathy> wouildnt know how youdo that sunni and im fromthe deep south
CJFOSTER1> I love broccoli too!
.sunni> oh, linda?
.Kimba> kidney beans are great in chili!
H2O_BABY> yes, you boil the sprouts, then add butter & salt, then dump them in the garbage can
.Leigh> I adore brussel sprouts, or little lettuce balls, what I Used to call them!
.Kathy> like broccoli and sprouts and asparagus
.caneguru> LOL Barb!
NITEFALCON> in germany they are called "rosen kohl" rose cabbages
.caneguru> DH hates asparagus
CJFOSTER1> Kidney beans are great in three bean salad.
.Kathy> and chili
H2O_BABY> ewww
.sunni> i like brussel sprouts. and will go nuts for asparagus.
NITEFALCON> - signed off -
.caneguru> Dinko, you'd better get used to the idea that we always get around to talking about food here
H2O_BABY> real chili has no beans
CJFOSTER1> I like brussel sprouts too.
.Leigh> Kidney beans sounds like something you need to be removed by a surgeon!
H2O_BABY> bye NF
NITEFALCON> wait I am here and I just signed off
.caneguru> Yay Connie!
NITEFALCON> but I am here
.caneguru> it was her doppelganger
NITEFALCON> hahahaha
H2O_BABY> hey - I have a DH too now!!!
.sunni> your ghost left nite. no biggie.
.sunni> yes you do, barb!!!
.caneguru> how can you be two places at once when you're nowhere at all????
.caneguru> Isn't that a weird feeling Barb?
NITEFALCON> split personality?
H2O_BABY> who is Ms.?
.sunni> hi poly!!
.Dinko Tilov> IHi MSpolyclay!
.Kimba> I kNEW you were multiple after all NF!!!
.caneguru> Hi Mspolyclay! Have we met?
H2O_BABY> I missed a lot of new people by being away so much
.sunni> i've forgotten your given name, poly....
.caneguru> roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a multiple and so am I
.Kathy> lol
.sunni> hahahaha
H2O_BABY> speaking of mental illness...
MSPOLYCLAY> I'm new to this my name is Marilyn
.Kimba> Hi Poly
CJFOSTER1> I'm new and we are starting a chat for beginners.
.Kathy> hi marilyn
.Leigh> Hi Marilyn!
H2O_BABY> hi Marilyn
.caneguru> Hey Kimba! Which Fantasia segment?????
.sunni> welcome marilyn!
.caneguru> Hi marilyn
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Marilyn!
MSPOLYCLAY> so what has anyone been doing in polymer clay lately
NITEFALCON> working on the january challenge
.Dinko Tilov> Not much really...
H2O_BABY> nuttin, after the wedding stuff it has been put away
.Kimba> For you? The pink flamingo with the yo-yo, of course! ;-D
.sunni> ha
.Leigh> Dinko has been claying his little hands off lately!
.caneguru> Is it the Saint Saens?
CJFOSTER1> I am just playing because I have just started.
.caneguru> Thought so. LOL
CJFOSTER1> I burned about half a batch yesterday.
.Kathy> you need to look at the show and tell on the message boards - some good stuff there ms
.sunni> burned, connie? that's a good lesson!!!
.caneguru> I burned a batch once. I was most definitely NOT happy
.sunni> have you been to the polymerclay central message boards marilyn?
.Kimba> Wasn't it the Carnival of Animals? I'll have to double check that
.caneguru> yes. That's the Saint Saiens
.caneguru> Saens
CJFOSTER1> I can't figure out why some burned and some didn't.
MSPOLYCLAY> I really wanted to learn from Diane Dunville how she makes lamps but she isnT giving any workshops this year
CJFOSTER1> Some of it was the same clay, just thinner.
.sunni> there are hot spots in ovens, connie.
H2O_BABY> perhaps you need a thermometor
.caneguru> I saw her stuff (Dunville) at Ravensdale. It's awesome!
.Leigh> Dinko has been thrilled with being able to bake his critters and not have to watch them the entire time because of the oven
.Kathy> CJ sometimes that will happen because of the pan you are baking on -ive had the same thing happen a couple of ties
H2O_BABY> Leigh said something (I think) about using tile to bake on - heats more evenly
.Dinko Tilov> Oh I've done that quite often in the past. But now that I bake in Leigh's oven I'm so much more sure that what goes in the oven will go out that it's unbelieveble.
.Kimba> Somehow, you just remind me of that happy go lucky flamingo ;-)
CJFOSTER1> aYes, that is what someone else said. I am going to pick up a thermometer tomorrow to test it.
.caneguru> I keep a tile in the back of the oven as a heat sink
H2O_BABY> plus use paper under your pieces, don't touch them to metal
.caneguru> Never thought of myself that way, but I'll go with it Kimba. Thanks!
.Leigh> YES, place a layer of ceramic tiles on the bo9ttom of your oven to help keep the heat more evenly distributed
.sunni> so t-luv - you've learned how ovens work? will that improve your cooking back in the old country?
CJFOSTER1> heat sink????
.caneguru> HAHAHAHA Sunni
NITEFALCON> no one will probably believe me but I cannot find an oven thermometer anywhere in dresden
MSPOLYCLAY> have any of you tried to make lamps?
NITEFALCON> my BF thinks I am nuts for even looking.
.caneguru> How strange, Nite
.Dinko Tilov> Well, Sunni, I guess so, if I get a new oven there. :)
CJFOSTER1> You could probably find one on the internet.
.Leigh> I can send you one NF! email me and we
.Leigh> 'll make arrangements
.sunni> so trade someone something for a thermometer, nite!! or pick one up back home.
NITEFALCON> my BFs logic (true german logic) is that ovens have a thermometer already, why do you need an extra one.
.Dinko Tilov> I believe you NF, you can't find one in Sofia too.
CJFOSTER1> I'd offer to send you one, but it would probably be farenheit.
MSPOLYCLAY> I bought a convection oven on the internet and it works great
.sunni> marilyn - are you thinking of building a lamp from scratch or just covering one?
.caneguru> What about a scientific supply house, Nite?
MSPOLYCLAY> I want to free form a lamp
NITEFALCON> its ok. I could have bought one when I was in the states. haven't burnt anything yet and nothing has fallen apart so I will assume its the same.
.sunni> connie - nite's american. fahrenheidt would be ok!!
.Kathy> I saw someone on CD do a lamp shade - was pretty cool
CJFOSTER1> Does the convection oven work on clay?? My oven can be used either regular or convection.
.caneguru> Wasn't there a lesson in Jewelry Crafts of Dianne Dunville's lamps?
.sunni> you would need to build one around an armature, marilyn.
.Kathy> not sure
.caneguru> I use a convection oven Connie
NITEFALCON> besides calculators can fix those pesky little celcius/farenheit problems
.sunni> yes, connie. Convections are usable!
CJFOSTER1> Do you use the convection for the same amount of ti;me?
H2O_BABY> Has anyone here had an article in JC?
MSPOLYCLAY> did they tell whether the lamp shade had wire or glass armature?
.Leigh> my digital thermometer does both F nad C, has a switch on the back of it to change it
.caneguru> Convection ovens are preferrred by many artists
.caneguru> I believe she uses wireform
.Kathy> the lamp i saw was shade only and was metal frame
.caneguru> You have!
MSPOLYCLAY> the convection oven works great for clay. The same time and temperature just much more even heat
.Leigh> I hven't had an article in JC, but I have in Lapidary Journal, does that count!
.caneguru> Sure does, Leigh
H2O_BABY> I know but I have not gotten my jewelry back from them - it is over 6 mos
.caneguru> Neither has Kellie :(
CJFOSTER1> Do you use the same temmpreture for convection?
.Leigh> Oh no, that seems awful long
H2O_BABY> I think Kellie is having a probolem with that too
NITEFALCON> you had an article in LJ, when?!?
.sunni> !!! no foolin? !!! did you give them a self addressed box?
H2O_BABY> ooh which LJ, Leigh
.Leigh> I think it was 97 and 98
CJFOSTER1> I promise I can spell. I just can't type on my lap top.
.sunni> speaking of kellie....
.caneguru> Kellie! Were your ears just burning?
.Kimba> Hi Kellie!
.Kathy> oh no kellie is here - no typing allowed kellie - LOL .kellieAK> no, were ya talking about me again?
NITEFALCON> before my time (subscription wise anyway)
.Leigh> spelling doesn't count around here, honest, or I'd be in big trouble
H2O_BABY> hi Kellie, I just mentioned you!
.kellieAK> hey barb
.caneguru> we were talking about how JCMag hasn't returned your necklace
H2O_BABY> how the heck are you?
.Kimba> We nmention Kellie and she appears! MAgic! :-)
.caneguru> We speak good Typonese here
.sunni> kellie - we were wondering if you'd gotten your jewelry back yet.
.kellieAK> hahah! I need to email them
H2O_BABY> I haven't gotten mine back and they don't answer me
MSPOLYCLAY> I formed clay over a glass vase that I covered with paper.
NITEFALCON> well that is just suckky
.kellieAK> nope not yet. shoot, I haven't even spoken to them since they told me they didn't know where the necklace was back in oct
.caneguru> Did it hold up?
.sunni> how'd it turn out, marilyn
H2O_BABY> did you leave it on the vase?
.kellieAK> ((((((LEIGH))))))
CJFOSTER1> Why the paper???
.sunni> kellie - didn'tknow where it was? how is that possible?
H2O_BABY> they must have lost mine too...
.kellieAK> good question sunni. they don't seem very organized over there
.sunni> don't think i'll consider writing for jc after all.
.caneguru> JCmag seems to be very disorganized administratively
.caneguru> just photo your own stuff Sunni
NITEFALCON> i hope you charge them a WHOLE!!!! lot of money for it if they lost it!
.caneguru> but not digital
H2O_BABY> just send them pics of your work, don't send the work itself
.kellieAK> well, write for them, just odn't send them your item,
CJFOSTER1> Sounds like my house!!!
.sunni> thx, linda. i'll remember that.
.caneguru> You remember my problems with digital pics and them... phooey
.kellieAK> is dinko here?
H2O_BABY> they only have a few people working there I think - how can they misplace things
.sunni> connie - marilyn is trying to make a free form lamp.
.kellieAK> I think it got misplaced around someones neck!
.sunni> no filing system, barb.
.caneguru> Dinko, meet Kellie from Anchorage
H2O_BABY> yes
.kellieAK> HI
MSPOLYCLAY> then I removed the vase and I have a form to work with. It is tall and slender and flares out at the top.
H2O_BABY> Kellie, we have dubbed Dinko "T-Love"
.kellieAK> t-love? and why may I ask?
.sunni> so marilyn, how strong is this all clay form?
H2O_BABY> Marylin, did you glue it back together with TLS?
.caneguru> It is the way his last name is prounounced more or less, Kellie
.kellieAK> ah IC
CJFOSTER1> I don't understand how you could get the vase out without breaking it.
.kellieAK> I'm just gonna lurk here okay???
.caneguru> and both he and Leigh are being awful quiet....
.caneguru> Yes Kellie, rest those wrists!!!
.sunni> good girl, kellie. ((hug))
.kellieAK> thanks
.Kimba> Less typing Kellie!
.Dinko Tilov> Nice to meet you Kellie!
.caneguru> (((((((((KELLIE)))))))))))))
.kellieAK> *waving at dinko*
.Dinko Tilov> Sorry I didn't pay attention for a second...
.kellieAK> that is okay! it is a busy chat
> .Kimba gives Kellie a warning glance
> .caneguru thinks dinko better sign in to claylandia soon!
.Kathy> LOL
H2O_BABY> oh no, Dinko, they are being bad now
MSPOLYCLAY> the form is strong enough to stand alone
.Dinko Tilov> Where do i sign in as a volunteer!!! for claylandia! :)
H2O_BABY> it sounds like a light bulb vessel form - do you add more clay afterwards
.caneguru> Leigh will show you the folder.
MSPOLYCLAY> I plan to add another layer using liquid sculpey
.caneguru> You know that you're in our National Motto, dont you?
CJFOSTER1> I haven't gotten all the way through it.
.Leigh> Kellie, I"m so glad to see you, please take care of your hands, we need you and worry about you!
.sunni> that's an excellent idea, marilyn!
H2O_BABY> what happened to Kellie???
.Dinko Tilov> I do I do. I'm very flattered to be there! Thanks!
.JENNY P> - signed off -
NITEFALCON> carpul tunnel
H2O_BABY> ooh
.sunni> kellie has severe carpal tunnel
.kellieAK> yep
.caneguru> boy oh boy, Kellie's wrists, my back.. who's playing the flute and holding the flag?
H2O_BABY> kellie, perhaps you need to get voice recognition SW
.Kimba> Jack?
.kellieAK> I told rhett the same, but he says my puter can't handle it
CJFOSTER1> I'm not even going to start talking about my problems. I'll sound like the old lady I am getting to be.
.caneguru> Tell him to get you a better computer
.sunni> time for a new puter, kellie.
H2O_BABY> Thank you and the others who contributed to the cake topper
.Kimba> So tell him HE gets to be your voice recognition system! ;-)
H2O_BABY> Kel, I almost didn't have room for those HUGE roses!
.sunni> connie - let's just say getting old ain't fer sissies. that should cover it all....
.caneguru> the topper is BEAUTIFUL!
.sunni> yes - the topper IS beautiful.
H2O_BABY> a few flowers fell out, the restaurant owner just stuck them back in,...
H2O_BABY> we had so much fun making it
CJFOSTER1> Hey, how do you make suggestions for competitions?
.caneguru> competitions?
.caneguru> brb... gotta feed dancerdog
CJFOSTER1> those monthly competitions.
H2O_BABY> tell Leigh?
.kellieAK> sorry, ordering pizza
.sunni> you just click on REPLY under anyone's name and then write your suggestion in the new page that gins up. Click post and you're on your way.
.Leigh> Tell me what???? I missed something?
H2O_BABY> we had a competition string on the message board a while back
NITEFALCON> its still there!
.Leigh> Oh you mean the monthly contest??? that is still there, I don't think it has been finalized yet
H2O_BABY> there were many good competition ideas there
NITEFALCON> i will leave it there for about a week yet and then we will vote
.sunni> didja get that connie?
CJFOSTER1> I have trouble finding some things. I'll look for it.
CJFOSTER1> think so, if I can find it.
.caneguru> bak
.sunni> wb linda.
.caneguru> thx
.caneguru> wb jenny
.Leigh> When iin doubt, leave a message asking for help finding a thread, there are many who will find it and help you get there! This place is filled with very helpful peopel!
H2O_BABY> hi jenny
.Kimba> WB Jenny!
H2O_BABY> sunni, what have you been up to lately???
.sunni> wb jenny!!
.JENNY P> I had an Oops moment!
.caneguru> most of my moments are oops moments. LOL
.Dinko Tilov> wb jenny!
.caneguru> except for the D'oh! moments
.sunni> moving!!! after almost 2 mo without clay, i'm making dragons, barb!
.sunni> i usually suffer from alzheimer's moments.
.caneguru> CRS moments
.sunni> ;)
.JENNY P> If anyone is interested I uploaded a new clown to my photopoint site today
.caneguru> Cool, Jenny
.Kathy> well ladies and gentleman I must go for now - nice chatting with allof you
H2O_BABY> jenny, did you do the bottle clown?
.caneguru> nice to see you Kathy. Take care!
.sunni> yeah!! i just got to your message and haven't opened it yet cuz it was time to chat!!
.kellieAK> by kathy
H2O_BABY> bye Kathy
.sunni> g'nite kathy!!
CJFOSTER1> My husband swears I have alzheimers. I told him if I do, I've had it since birth.
.Kimba> Bye Kathy!
.Kathy> nite all
.Kathy> - signed off -
.sunni> connie - i resemble that remark.
MSPOLYCLAY> what do you do when you come to the end of the page? i don't have any more space to write or read messages
.caneguru> It's just hte plasticizer in the brain Connie. Nothing to worry about
CJFOSTER1> That clown was nice.
CJFOSTER1> I didn't know you could have an end to the page.
H2O_BABY> yes, it was a nice one
.sunni> what browser are you using, marilyn? and are you talking about the chat page or the message board?
.JENNY P> Nope I didn't oh wait, are you thinking he is juggling bottles?
MSPOLYCLAY> chat page
.sunni> ah. it scrolls all by itself, marily. just keep typing.
H2O_BABY> no
.sunni> marily=marilyn
.JENNY P> Nope I haven't done a bottle clown then, all mine have wire armatured bodies
.Dinko Tilov> Leigh just broke her computer and asks Sunni to please take the MOD...\
H2O_BABY> I was trying to place you (by your clowns)
.caneguru> broke her computer?? Bad girl. She should treat it nicely
.JENNY P> H2O I also make fairies, and quilt canes
H2O_BABY> oh... hmmm I shall have to catch up
.caneguru> brb.. dh just walked in... I'll be back
.sunni> now t-luv - how'd she do that? she's not supposed to break her computer!!
CJFOSTER1> I haven't started with anything in particular yet. I am still experimenting.
.JENNY P> H2O here is the link to my photopoint page
H2O_BABY> CJ I keep meandering, except for etchings...
.Dinko Tilov> I don't know, something went wrong, she'll be back in a sec, sunni...
.sunni> jee gang - this is a scream. this is a guest chat with dinko and he's sitting quietly watching us!! LOL
.caneguru> oh he brought some dinner (tacos) so I'll go eat and just log for a while....
.sunni> ok linda!
.JENNY P> I don't visit the PCC message boards anymore,I just don't have the time
.Dinko Tilov> She says that the "stupid computer overloaded and froze..."
.sunni> ahhhhhh! i see. too much levity!!
H2O_BABY> her hot little hands must have melted the kybd
NITEFALCON> windows, gotta love it!
.Dinko Tilov> LOL!
.caneguru> actually gonna log off and log on the laptop in the other room and watch... see you shortly
.caneguru> - signed off -
.Dinko Tilov> No the keyboard seems qute alright!
H2O_BABY> Jenny, I saved your page, I am AOL and the chat goes kaput if I open a page
.JENNY P> well you will have to let me know what you think then
.Kimba> You know, I don't think he has told us about the new lesson yet....
NITEFALCON> h20 I have that same problem with netscape, if I have certain pages open and then open the PCC page, everything goes BOOM!
.sunni> no he hasn't. t-luv - can you spill the beans about your new lesson?
NITEFALCON> what new lesson
.Dinko Tilov> Who? What lesson?
MSPOLYCLAY> - signed off -
H2O_BABY> oh yeah, Leigh leaves and you grill T-love
.Dinko Tilov> :)
.sunni> brat.
.Kimba> The one he and Leigh and Stephen are working on...
.sunni> you betcha!!
.Dinko Tilov> Well it's a little longer than the bird lesson, more pictures...
.Dinko Tilov> It will be again sort of detailed, for kids but not only...
H2O_BABY> but the topic is??????
.Dinko Tilov> Dinosaur.
H2O_BABY> or by longer, do you mean SNAKES
H2O_BABY> ooh
.Dinko Tilov> Or something like that. :)
.sunni> oh dinosaurs!!! how wonderful!!
.Kimba> COOL!!!!!!!
.sunni> i do like the greyhound you cobbled up.
.Dinko Tilov> Snakes, no no, no snakes this time. I meant there are a lot more stages, because it's a bigger animal after all. There some work on the text and some picture editing to do, but..
CJFOSTER1> I've been doing jewelry for my daughter s and trying to gigue out what I could do for my son.
.Dinko Tilov> Thanx sunni. It started as a horse. I actually wanted to make a horse...
H2O_BABY> Boys like BUGS
.Dinko Tilov> ...but soon I guess we'll be ready.
.sunni> an interesting horse!! LOL
H2O_BABY> how old is your son?
.sunni> barb - girls like bugs, too.
CJFOSTER1> Not my son. But he would like a dinosaur.
.Leigh> - signed off -
.JENNY P> and snakes, there is a snake on ebay right now by Jon anderson that is fabulous, take a peek it might give you some ideas
.caneguru> bak but lurking while i eat
.sunni> connie - have your son take the birds with teeth tutorial
H2O_BABY> girls like everything, sunni, boys are told "not to"
.sunni> k linda!
.sunni> what a shame, barb.
CJFOSTER1> Oh, he couldn't do it. But I want to do something for him.
.Dinko Tilov> Sunni, I wanted to make the horse that I made later on for the knight that is on the page, but it just turned into a dog - what could I do?!
.Kimba> WB Linda - you missed it!
.sunni> go with the clay, dinko!! it knows what it wants to be!!
H2O_BABY> when my nephew was 7 he loved kewl necklaces on leather straps - manly jewelry
.caneguru> missed what
.Dinko Tilov> Boys like ugly critters - goblins monsters etc. :)
.sunni> jenny - i love your clowns!! claude is fab!!
H2O_BABY> yes, why are we guessing when we have a boy right here???
CJFOSTER1> I am not sure how to make a necklace he would like.
.Dinko Tilov> That's how I feel about it sunni. When you're in the clay's hands there's nothing you can do :).
.Leigh> FInally!
.sunni> yeah!! scarey stuff, dinko!!
NITEFALCON> wb leigh
.JENNY P> Thanks! He was one of my favorites too!
.caneguru> missed what????
.sunni> how old is your boy, connie?
.sunni> wb leigh.
CJFOSTER1> He likes trains, police cars, fire trucks.....but I can't figure out how to do those.
.Kimba> Dinko told us about the new lesson
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Leigh!
.Leigh> Hi Dinko~!!!
.Dinko Tilov> I told them everything Leigh....
CJFOSTER1> I have three, but the one I am talking about is almost 9.
.Leigh> Yes, it is so cute!!!
.caneguru> crap i missed it
.Kimba> WB Leigh!
.Leigh> Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You told them EVERYTHING?????
.sunni> so make him a fireman's hat to hang of a chain. or an fireman's axe. or a piston.
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Leigh! Why didn't you join in from the very beginning of the chat!
.kellieAK> LOL
.sunni> well - not EVERYthing...
.Kimba> LOL!!
.Leigh> You know Dinko, I can lean over with my marble rolling pin and smack you one upside the head!!!!
.JENNY P> connie there was a lesson in an old polyinformer by sue heaser on making a clay car, you could adapt that into trucks or trains
.Dinko Tilov> OUCH! OUCH! :)
CJFOSTER1> That's an idea. I just haven't been around enoguh to get my ideas working. I am still strugling with making something besides a basic piece of jewlery for the girls.
.sunni> see? always bully the boys when mom's away....
H2O_BABY> boys like making things too - faces, bottles of hope
.Leigh> Serves you right! Next I'll get out my "KEEP STEPHEN AWAKE" water pistol!
NITEFALCON> i am going to call the napcd soon (national assoc, prevention of cruelties to dinkos)
H2O_BABY> put something good in the pistol...
CJFOSTER1> He couldn't do it.
.caneguru> hey how are yhe dogs????
.Dinko Tilov> I'm awake though!!!
.sunni> make him a set of railroad tracks for a bracelet, connie.
.Leigh> I'll shoot them too, Nite!
CJFOSTER1> He has some learning problems (he had FAS) he couldn't do it.
H2O_BABY> how about button covers?
.Leigh> are you talking to me Linda?
H2O_BABY> with kewl designs
.caneguru> yes
CJFOSTER1> He can't button and unbutton.
.Leigh> they are fantastic!!! And they love the snow!!!!! The official names are now Boober and Beepers
.JENNY P> hmmm I am thinking you could use an empty toilet paper roll as an armature for a train,
.caneguru> lol
.sunni> barb - why are you shouting?
H2O_BABY> oops
CJFOSTER1> He likes checkers. I could do something with that.
.Dinko Tilov> Checkers and chess are the best!
H2O_BABY> dinko bird checker set
.Leigh> The checker set is kewl! You can make a cane and just cut slices for the chips! I had someone use my dragon cane for a checkers set
.sunni> i'd love to see a dinko chess set.
CJFOSTER1> The only thing is when he gets angry he throws things so the pieces would have to be unbreakable.
.Leigh> 'wait till you see the DINKO Chess set!
.Leigh> The set is done, we have to make the chess board
.sunni> ah - connie, i would use the superflex then. it's more rubbery.
.Kimba> Connie - I saw a great checker set that had animals - 3D ones, for teh pieces instead of flat discs
H2O_BABY> oh, if the pieces break you can make new ones
.sunni> cool!!! i can hardly wait leigh/dinko!!
.Leigh> mix super flex with premo so you don't get too frustrated, super flex is like sticky bubble gum otherwise
.Dinko Tilov> Oh, I used super flex for the first time a few days ago I can't believe how flexuible that stuff is!
.sunni> leigh, that's good to know. i just bought a whole set of it.
.Leigh> and keep it COld
.caneguru> I'm back
.sunni> hi
CJFOSTER1> I was thinking police cars against fire trucks, or something like that. Not sure how you would crown them though.
.Leigh> i'm front'
.caneguru> I'm sideways
.Dinko Tilov> hi caneguru
.caneguru> and upside down
.sunni> i'm tops
.caneguru> she's the tops, she's tower of Pisa....
.JENNY P> well the DH is begging for some attention, I really must go. it has been nice
.sunni> pieca what? clay?
H2O_BABY> falling down?
H2O_BABY> nice to meet you Jenny
CJFOSTER1> They would have to be stackaable.
.sunni> great seeing you, jen!! give him hug for me!
.Kimba> bye JennY!
.caneguru> bye jenny
.JENNY P> Blessed dreams everyone
H2O_BABY> my new dh has just retired, perhaps I should join him???
.sunni> ;D
.JENNY P> - signed off -
.Dinko Tilov> bye jenny, thanks for stopping in!
.sunni> barb - i would. just to extend the honeymoon....
.Leigh> It was fun everyone!!! thanks for coming to visit
H2O_BABY> for a week or so, we will have made it a month!
H2O_BABY> ciao, nice to see everyone,
.sunni> g'nite barb ((hug))
H2O_BABY> nice to meet you T-love, in the cyberflesh
.caneguru> bye barb
H2O_BABY> - signed off -
.Kimba> bye Barb
NITEFALCON> its a little like the waltons
.caneguru> nite johnboy
.Dinko Tilov> Thanks guys for chatting tonight! That was fun!
.sunni> g'nite john boy, maryellen
NITEFALCON> night jimbob
.caneguru> are we ending?
NITEFALCON> i have no idea?
.sunni> you didn't get to talk much, dinko. wanna stick around awhile longer?
CJFOSTER1> Guess, i'll slip out.
.Dinko Tilov> Good night everyone! Nice to meet you too h20baby!
.Leigh> Dinko has to get back to work, Or I'll have to beat his little behind!
.sunni> gnite connie!!
.Kimba> Yes it was! :-)
.caneguru> Everybody stop in Claylandia and toast to Jeanie!
.kellieAK> LOL
.Dinko Tilov> Yeah, I'm here, I'd love to!
CJFOSTER1> - signed off -
.kellieAK> toast to jeanie?
.Kimba> AW Leigh :-(
.sunni> ok!! we can do that! why?
.caneguru> She had scary medical test... it was negative!
.sunni> ah. we can do that.
.kellieAK> oh, good news. that is great to hear
.sunni> hi byrd!!
.byrd> hello
.caneguru> Hi byrd
.kellieAK> hi byrd
.byrd> elissa is on her way
.Kimba> Hi Byrd!!!
.byrd> we mis-read the time
.sunni> cool!! dinko is here with us, still!
.byrd> we thought the chat was at 11:pm
.byrd> see?
.sunni> welcome elissa.
.byrd> hi stranger
.caneguru> HI elissa!
.Dinko Tilov> Hi byrd.
.Kimba> Hi Elissa!
.Dinko Tilov> hi elissa
.byrd> hello dinko. i've admired your work for some time now
.caneguru> Dinko, have you seen elissa's polymer hearts?
.Leigh> Hi Elissa!
.kellieAK> hi elissa
.Dinko Tilov> thanks byrd. I'm glad you like mu stuff.
.Leigh> Fancy meeting you here Byrd!
.byrd> hello leigh. good to see you
.Dianne> I am off to bed..have to get up early in the morning. Great lurking here tonight! Nice "seeing" you again, Dinko!
.Kimba> Hey we now have a Dinko and a Byrd here!!!! ;-)
.caneguru> Bye Dianne. Stop by Claylandia when you can!
.sunni> dianne ((hug)) thx for dropping in!!
.Kimba> Bye Dianne
.sunni> and byrd does have teeth!!
.byrd> dinko, is it true you don't like to spend more then 45 min on one piece you are working on?
.Dianne> - signed off -
.Dinko Tilov> yeah, we just need some teeth - birds with teeth, you know.. :)
.byrd> hehehehe
.sunni> ;)
.Dinko Tilov> Bye dianne, nice to talk to you!
.byrd> sunni, moi?
.Kimba> Well, with Elissa we have birds with hearts!
.byrd> (at least they are paid for)
.sunni> yesm - play on techniques. dinko has a tute out "birds with teeth"
.Leigh> He does make them quite fast, but I have seen him spending a nice amount of time on some special figures
.caneguru> ooh a composite! Birds with teeth, hearts, horns....
ELISSAHEART> I finally found the typing box!
.byrd> LOL
NITEFALCON> good for you!
.sunni> hahahaha!!
.sunni> elissa - you're a hoot.
.Kimba> LOL!
.byrd> dinko what brand clay do you use most?
.Leigh> Leigh's Clay!
.Dinko Tilov> Yeah, like someone said on TV the other day "provided there's enough time we can do anything" . :)
ELISSAHEART> Nice to meet you, Dinko!
.Kimba> Umm, isn't that birds with p'orns?
.caneguru> porny birds
.byrd> ????
.Dinko Tilov> I use all kinds, but super sculpey is my favourite. And premo too.
.sunni> and since you just experimented with superflex, what did you like about it?
.Dinko Tilov> My pleasure ellisaheart!
.Dinko Tilov> It doesn't break that much , so you can afford longer tails and hair and fingernails. :)
.Leigh> and they work well for teh critters too!
.Kimba> Byrd - Linda makes horns from clay thet look very real, and she calls them p'orns
.sunni> really? do you think you'll use the superflex more?
.caneguru> for polymer horns = p'orns
.caneguru> The ornament that Leigh has is a p'ornament
.Dinko Tilov> I think so sunni, especially for the tiny thin parts.
.Leigh> and it's right smack dab in the middle of my tree right out in front, Linda!
.caneguru> LOL! I only made two. You have one and Marie has the other.
.Kimba> Did Leigh get Phil or Gree?
.caneguru> Not sure
.Dinko Tilov> But I have to experiment some more with it sunni...
.sunni> keep us updated. i just bought some and i'm quite fascinated with its resilient quality.
.Dinko Tilov> Isn't it cool! I was totally amazed when I saw some strings that Leigh had made with it!
.sunni> what caught my attention about it is the ability to crochet with it.
.caneguru> Lin!88MHaunani uses flex clay as loops for button closures on necklaces
.Leigh> You just need to find the right mix for what you ar eusing it for, I use it for the leaves, and some of them turn out great, some needed a little more stabiity, they softned up too much
.caneguru> lindly that is
.byrd> cane, what a great idea
.sunni> oh!! is that what you made the leaves out of for the swappers, leigh?
.Leigh> I is very very good and very strong, just can be frustratng because of the sticky
.caneguru> Leigh, your leaves at R'dale? Were they flexclay?
ELISSAHEART> I have a question. Does anyone know if superflex will adhere to the regular clay?
.Leigh> The leaves that were in the RAVE piece were part flexclay, and the long leaves that were in there are wilting like real leaves would, but I didn't want that to happen!
.Leigh> Yes it does
.caneguru> Thx Leigh
.Dinko Tilov> It totally does Ellissa from what I've seen and done.
.sunni> can you mix superflex with the other clays?
ELISSAHEART> That's exciting!
.caneguru> Yes you can Sunni
.sunni> hmmm.
.caneguru> It's not quite as gummy as the old Super Elasticlay
.Leigh> Yes, but the best mix is with premo, since it is more the same quality and premo has flexibility too
.sunni> *reaches for idea book again*
.sunni> thanx leigh. that's good to know.
.Leigh> Does anyone know what the main use for Elasticlay is???
.Kimba> UHOH!! I think sunni is slipping into mad scientist mode again!!! ;-)
.sunni> nope. not a clue here.
.caneguru> Karen Murphy uses it for making molds
.sunni> uh yup, kimba.
.Kimba> Making molds?.
.caneguru> tell us Leigh!
.sunni> that makes sense. with the flexibility, you should be able to remove the clay being molded easier.
.sunni> do you know leigh?
ELISSAHEART> Excellent idea! Are they as durable as any other oc mold?
.Leigh> Yes, it is very good for makng molds!!! but I don't think that's the main use!!! But then again, I'm not sure, but I've gotten it froj two companies that they sell the most elasticlay to people
.Leigh> making something unuusal
.Dinko Tilov> WHat is it Leigh?
.caneguru> unusual? Is it someting you can mention in polite company?
.sunni> unusual? rings?
.sunni> ah - think dirty?
.Kimba> OH YES!!! I remember your mentioning those!!!!
.Leigh> And once I tell you, you will never look at another package of Elasticaly the same again!
.caneguru> ???
.sunni> life is good!!
.Leigh> Let s jjust say sex toys
ELISSAHEART> alright already! We give up!
.caneguru> That's what I thought. LOL.
.sunni> yup. think dirty.
.caneguru> Great minds run in the same gutter
NITEFALCON> i need to get some sleep guys....i amspacing out here.
.sunni> *big grin*
.Leigh> Hey, it's me, might aswell think dirty!
.sunni> g'nite nite!! pleasant dreams!!
.caneguru> Night Nite
NITEFALCON> catcha later and don't dwell to deep on the elasticalay
.caneguru> have technicolour dreams
NITEFALCON> believe me they are :)
NITEFALCON> - signed off -
.Dinko Tilov> g'nite
.byrd> boy, folksleave here quick
.kellieAK> and my pizza just arrived, so i'm gonna go sit with the hubby and PIG out! hehe
.sunni> ok kellie!! eat hardy!!
.caneguru> Oink!
.Leigh> Nite Kellie, take care
.Kimba> Bye Kellie! Enjoy!
.caneguru> Bye Kellie sweetie
.kellieAK> have fun you all. ((((((everyone)))))))
.Dinko Tilov> By kellie enjoy the pizza!
.byrd> bye kellie
> .caneguru just took a percocet...
.kellieAK> nice to meet you dinko!
.Kimba> I miss pizza! :-(
.caneguru> I'll hang out as long as my brain lets me
ELISSAHEART> Good night, Kellie!
.kellieAK> leigh, take care of yourself!
.kellieAK> oh, kimba, I am sure it is just a horrible pizza...LOL
.kellieAK> - signed off -
.caneguru> broccoli pizza
.Leigh> why do you miss pizza, kimba?
.caneguru> Kimba can't eat gluten
.Dinko Tilov> what kind of pizza??
.Leigh> Oh No, no pizza! That's torture
.Dinko Tilov> NOOOOOO!!!
.Kimba> I can't eat it... Can't eat anything with wheat, rye barley or aots in any form in it :-(
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Gaiazeus!~
.sunni> welcome celeste!!
.byrd> but, she CAN eat choclat
GAIAZEUS> evening dinko
.byrd> hi gaia
GAIAZEUS> hey sunni
.Kimba> No cake, no donughts, no bread....
.caneguru> hi celeste
.Dinko Tilov> how are you tonight gaiazeus?
GAIAZEUS> howdy linda & byrd (and leigh and kimba et all)
.Kimba> Hi Gaia!
ELISSAHEART> What CAN you eat?
.caneguru> Kimba, we have some very special eats for you in Claylandia!
GAIAZEUS> feeling fine
GAIAZEUS> and you? loving the pizza in the states dinko?
.caneguru> you can't get good pizza on the west coast
.Kimba> Fruits, veggies, meats, potatoes and rice...
.Dinko Tilov> yeah, all but the broccoli pizza. :)
.caneguru> Enjoy it while you can, Dinko, while you're in NJ
ELISSAHEART> You and george Bush Sr!
.Kimba> Thank you Linda! :-)
GAIAZEUS> oh yes, i was missing the great pizza of nyc this week!
.Dinko Tilov> I will caneguru!
.Dinko Tilov> What about Bush?
GAIAZEUS> yikes...i wouldn't put dinko and george in the same sentence
ELISSAHEART> Dinko, I know I joined you late, co maybe you have already been asked this question, but do you make your own shaping tools?
GAIAZEUS> the old bush hates broccoli...was a slow news day once years ago
ELISSAHEART> Bush Sr. hates broccoli!
ELISSAHEART> The broccoli farmers were up in arms!
.Kimba> Dinko - Bush Sr got into real trouble years ago when he stated he hated brocolo
GAIAZEUS> anyone else have a spin on that?
.caneguru> Did I post the Curious George link at PCC?
GAIAZEUS> haven't seen it...i'm intrigues though...
GAIAZEUS> intrigued that is
.caneguru> I'll find it and post it later
GAIAZEUS> thanks
.Kimba> yes you did, Linda
.caneguru> OH. Thanks Kimba!
.sunni> dinko - a cuticle pusher?
.Dinko Tilov> Bush Sr. sounds like a man of principle to me. I admire his position towards brocoli!
GAIAZEUS> kimba - do you remember the subject title?
.Leigh> He accomplishes miracles with a very limited number of tools, none of which are specific to polyner clay, until i sent him the clay shaper!
.Kimba> not off hand, sorry :-(
GAIAZEUS> thanks...i'll search
.Dinko Tilov> Yeah, Sunni, a cuticle pusher (after a quick consultation with Leigh of course :))
.Kimba> I think it had George in the title though....
.sunni> thought so. you "sent" out a mental image and that's what i caught.
ELISSAHEART> Did the clay shaper make a noticable difference?
.sunni> yeah - how do you like your clayshaper?
.byrd> i love my clayshapers!
.Leigh> From what i understand it just made his work easier!
.Leigh> HI miki!
.caneguru> Miki!!! ((((((((HUGS!))))))))))))
.miki> Hellooooooooo
ELISSAHEART> Is a clayshaper just one tool ar a set of tools?
.sunni> hi miki!!!
.Leigh> Well, I only sent him one!
.Kimba> Hi Miki!! It's about time you got here! ;-)
.Leigh> But you can get them in sets
.miki> yeeehaaaa class let out early so i got ot pop in for a few
.caneguru> How are you feeling, Miki?
.sunni> both elissa. there's a range of clayshapers.
.miki> how is everyone?
.Dinko Tilov> The clayshaper made it easier to make the links, when you attach an arm to a body for instance, to smoothen the transition. You can do it with a rigid tool of course, but the rubber end of the pointer is really good for that!
.caneguru> Joan!
.sunni> hi joan!!
.miki> hey joan!!!
.Kimba> Hi Joan!
.sunni> elissa - saying clayshaper is like saying paintbrush.
.Leigh> Hi joan!!
.byrd> hello loan
.caneguru> Norm! Ooops sorry wrong place
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Joan!
.Joan> I look at the post wrong wwas thinking 11 not 9 sheesh!
.miki> sorry to interrupt Dinko
.Dinko Tilov> Hi miki!
.byrd> i gota go,folks
ELISSAHEART> thanks, Sunni.
.Joan> Hi all!! so continue on!!
.byrd> nice meeting you dinko
.sunni> dinko - when you blend with the clayshaper, does it pull the clay or press the clay together?
GAIAZEUS> (linda - tried that address got a http 404 msg)
.Dinko Tilov> Oh no you're not interrupting anything mii...
.sunni> byrd - you leaving?
.byrd> - signed off -
.caneguru> I just opened it here... It worked
.sunni> bye.....
.Kimba> Bye byrd!
.miki> good.....please go ahead....i wish i hadn't missed most of this
GAIAZEUS> (i'll try again)
.Dinko Tilov> It's more like a smoother with which the "joint" between two pieces of clay can be made less visible when needed.
.sunni> ok - gotcha. thx, dinko.
.miki> has the question of pc clothes already been discussed?
.Dinko Tilov> You're welcome, it's not much of a tip really.. :)
.sunni> no miki. which question is that?
.sunni> yes it was, really, dinko.
ELISSAHEART> Another question. Before yoiu start, do you have a mental image of what you want, or do you just create as you go?
.Dinko Tilov> PC clothes?
.caneguru> I'm gonna take a break for a while. Thanks for the chat folx!
.miki> lol...well like how do ya do it?
.sunni> gnite linda!!
.caneguru> nitey nite!
ELISSAHEART> Bye, linda!
.Joan> Night Linda!!!
GAIAZEUS> see ya linda thanks again
.miki> sorry i missed you linda
.Leigh> nite lineq
.Leigh> linda too
.caneguru> laters!
.miki> Dinko...are all your creatures nekkid?
.caneguru> lineq... I like it.
.caneguru> - signed off -
ELISSAHEART> Hey, guys! We're bombarding him!
.Leigh> Miki????? That's a personal question!!!
.Dinko Tilov> Sometimes I set out to make something - like a military guy. Then I intentionally try to make something like that, but I have no specific image with all the particulars. I just start the critter and see how it goes.
.sunni> brb - gotta drain the chees again!!
.miki> LOL...weeelll Leigh......hubba hubba
.Dinko Tilov> No, come of them wear bikini. :)
.miki> woooohooo
.Joan> LOL!!! Oh la la!!!
.Dinko Tilov> I guess most of the time the ideas come while claying not beforehand.
.Leigh> I can tell you, I get to see them nekkid, but he alsways puts clothes on them to bake them
ELISSAHEART> You mean underwear?
.miki> well i can't seem to make the clothes and it's very frustrating
.Joan> I would think the clothes would be easier then the sculpture
.Leigh> maybe we could do a lesson on a simple figure bnad how to put clothes on them!
GAIAZEUS> sounds like the wild woman swap from the egroups list - you didn't participate did you dinko? (we haven't gotten them back yet)
.Leigh> what do you think DInko?
ELISSAHEART> Greaqt idea, Leigh!
.sunni> bk
.miki> Leigh that would be awesome
.Dinko Tilov> Well, the clothes I make are really only a shhet of clay wrapped around the critter most of the time, with just little hints that it's an item of clothing (like sleeves, or collars) :)
.miki> Joan the sculptures are easier for me than the clothes
.sunni> oh leigh - if you could get dinko to do a figure + clothes tute, that would send me into ecstasy.
.Joan> I have not tried either so I really can't say!
GAIAZEUS> dinko - it sounds like this is all very intuitive toyou - but not to some of us :)
.Dinko Tilov> Miki, I can do that. Leigh and I will do that!
.sunni> oh goody!!! *smack* thank you!!
.miki> alright Dinko^5 thanks and a big ole hug ((((((Dinko))))))
.Joan> Oh great!!!
ELISSAHEART> Can't wait! I have four old ladies who are waiting for bodies as we speak!
.sunni> ???? bodies?
.miki> LOL....they can have mine Elissa
.sunni> and mine!
.Joan> Ellisa that sounds really bad!!! ROFLOL!!!
GAIAZEUS> cute miki -
ELISSAHEART> thanks for the offer, Miki, but you still need yours!
.Dinko Tilov> GAizeus, It is indeed intuitive mostly, so I apoplgize if I sometimes don't explain myself very clearly taking some things for self explanatory and all. ..
ELISSAHEART> (Look at my "bevy of Beauties")
.miki> my seat!!
GAIAZEUS> no apology necessary - it's fun to have such a humble artist here in our midst
.sunni> ah - ok elissa. haven't been to the board yet today.
ELISSAHEART> It's in my Photopoint album, Sunni.
.sunni> ok = i'll ck it out later.
ELISSAHEART> Dinko, has anyone ever suggested you do a video?
.Leigh> His Agent is working on it!!
.Dinko Tilov> Leigh and I have talked about it a couple of times Elissa.
.miki> bak...and that's a great idea Elissa
.Joan> Oh good for you Leigh!!!
ELISSAHEART> Who's his agent?
.Leigh> :)
.Dinko Tilov> Leigh is my agent!
.Kimba> I think it is a great idea too! I would buy one! :-)
.Dinko Tilov> :)
ELISSAHEART> I figured! 8D
.miki> I can't imagine how great it would be to be so talented as to need an agent :o)
.Joan> Mind boggeling ain't Miki!!!
.Leigh> I think if he did a video it would appeal to a very wide number of people, from children to adults!!! He is fascinating to watch nad very personable!!!
.miki> and what a great agent to have
.sunni> i know i'd buy one. provided it isn't $40. *sigh*
.miki> me too sunni
ELISSAHEART> I believe you're right, Leigh!
.Dinko Tilov> No, it will be 75 at least :)
.Leigh> And I think it's worth it to see how many more fellas we can get to come out of the closet and admit they want to play with clay!
.Dinko Tilov> Just kidding. :)
.sunni> brat.
.Joan> Hey Jeanie!!
.sunni> hi sweet!
.Kimba> Hi Jeanie!
.Leigh> If we can't get someone to make them, then Dinko and I will make them next Christmas and sell them ourselves!
.miki> $75.00???? 0-<-< <---- thats me in a dead faint
.Dinko Tilov> Hi Jeanie!
.miki> hiya jeanie
.Joan> Oh it that what that is Miki? HEHEHE
ELISSAHEART> I 'm placing my order now, then!
.sunni> we definitely need more menfolk in mainstreem claying.
.Sweetsmile2(jean> hi all
.Sweetsmile2(jean> sorry i m late
.miki> ok ok so it's more 0.sunni> better late than never, jean!
.Joan> Leigh have you tried a local commerical making firm?
.sunni> bltn?
.sunni> oh.
.sunni> duh
.Joan> That's better Miki!
.miki> LOL
.sunni> 0<8< i would think....
.Sweetsmile2(jean> 0---
.miki> or 0<8O<
.Dinko Tilov> :)
.Leigh> Well, I'm working on talking with Abba productions, but i also have a feeling that Stephen and I could do this ourselves!!! I think it has a lot of potential, and now that we have to find some way to
.Leigh> make a few dollars, since they turned off the delphi money, its worth looking into!
ELISSAHEART> Now you've lost me.
.Leigh> Anyone want to learn all my translucent secrets???
.sunni> ok leigh. if you and stephen can produce this yourselves, it'll be an excellent start on getting you guys ready for university classes.
.miki> somebody give Elissa a map
.Joan> I think you and Stehpen could do it!! you just need a video cam
.Sweetsmile2(jean> Yes elissa
.Kimba> Of course we do, LeigH!!!!!
.sunni> silly girl. of COURSE we want your translucent secrets!!! and you could make a tape on that, too!
.miki> youbetcha we do Leigh!!
ELISSAHEART> I'm groveling!
.Kimba> She had better do that!!!!!
KJ2K> Hi everyone
.sunni> welcome 2k!
.miki> hiya karrie
.Leigh> See, it's just a matter of getting the cam corder, and we actually have one alredy, it's just old!!!
.Kimba> Hi!
.Sweetsmile2(jean> hi Karrie
.Joan> So as long as it taped clear it should be fine!
.miki> one
.Joan> Miki great idea!!
.sunni> yes - rent one that has fade in and fade out - has titling capability.
.Leigh> I'm expecting an inheritance from an uncle who passed away, maybe with that we can start some kind of video business, as long as you can see the work and learn the technique, its worth it! not only
.Leigh> that, we might =not have to charge as much eaither!!!
KJ2K> Joan, thanks for the post about the Carol Duvall show. I had never watched it before
.sunni> i keep sleeping thru CD shows. they only show in the morning here.
.Joan> No karrie, boy you missed alot!
.Leigh> And I have a bunch of friends I can have come over and make tapes1 It would be fun!
KJ2K> I kept thinking it was at 2:30, and it's at 2:00 here.
.Joan> brb
.miki> yea Leigh and a real treat for the rest of us
.Leigh> Well, guys, Dinkoo and I have a date with a hot pasta machine!
KJ2K> I'm just coming in, what are you going to use the camera for, Leigh?
.Dinko Tilov> Oh, you should see this pasta machine!!
.Leigh> I'd like to start making videos to help people learn about clay1 but make them inexpensive
.sunni> hey - ditto here. i still have a bunch of dragons to crank out.
.miki> Leigh is a show off
.miki> ththththpppppppppp
ELISSAHEART> Bless your heart!
KJ2K> Thats a great idea, Leigh!
.Leigh> You taught me how, Miki!
.Sweetsmile2(jean> that sounds good to me , i came late too
.Leigh> There will hopefully be a log of the chat nad Stephen will put it up asap1
.miki> moi???
KJ2K> It's always better when you can actually see how something is done
.miki> oh cool
.sunni> yes leigh - i can edit my end of the chat and you can paste it to yours. i think i came in only 10min after y'all begin.
.Sweetsmile2(jean> would wer rent or lend these tapes?
.miki> i gotta run too....dh needs to retrieve info from his class
.Leigh> But for now, Dinko and I are going to say goodnight! And thanks for making him feel at home here!
.Leigh> They would be to buy!
.miki> Dinko...thanks for the chat tonight!!!
KJ2K> Goodnight, Leigh and Dinko
.miki> you too Leigh
.miki> bye for now
ELISSAHEART> thank you Dinko, stephen, and Leigh!
.Sweetsmile2(jean> goodnight
.sunni> yes dinko!! thank you for gracing us with your presence!!
.Kimba> Bye Dinko! Bye Leigh! Bye Miki!
.Dinko Tilov> Thanks everyone for coming to the chat! It was a pleasure to talk to you!
.Leigh> See you on the boards!!!!
.sunni> stephen, leigh ((hug))
.Leigh> - signed off -

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