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Elissa Powell

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December 16, 2000:
We're Talking Techniques!

.Dianne> We are now logging this chat! ;)
.miki> cool
ELISSAHEART> Hmmm... I always try to find ways to make colors that don't go together work. I love a good challenge!
.Dianne> Do you have certain color combos that you use frequently?
ELISSAHEART> The main problem I see in a lot of people's work is a lack of contrasts.
ELISSAHEART> I really love the cool colors lately. I like to insert a surprise flash of red or yellow.
ELISSAHEART> It's like adding pepper to a bland bowl or soup!
ELISSAHEART> Am i making sense?
MATILDA_BET> Elissa the gold or silver rings at top of the hearts.....are they just jump rings ?
ELISSAHEART> No. those are screw eyes. I've been using sterling silver ones from Rio Grande.
MATILDA_BET> Ohhhhhhhh okay makes sense
ELISSAHEART> I have them pictured on my Photopoint page. Look at my page entitled,"Findings I use."
.miki> i have avoided using black as my first color...but i really want you think this is a bad idea?
.Dianne> I can't tell you how much mud clay I have made. :)
ELISSAHEART> I should ask, are we talking about any technique in particular?
ELISSAHEART> I have different ways of making hearts.
.Dianne> In terms of color, I don't think we are talking about a specific technique...would you like to discuss one in particular??
MATILDA_BET> I've thought of doing that too miki
ELISSAHEART> Black as the opaque layer? It could work, as long as you remember that old contrast rule!
ELISSAHEART> My techniques are so different that sometimes you need to specify!
.miki> the black I have is Premo and it's very soft.....thats why I have avoided it
.Dianne> Miki, were you thinking of the chrys'mum cane??
.miki> i am talking strictly your elissa cane
.miki> yes Dianne....we have dubbed it the elissa
MATILDA_BET> miki try the fimo soft anthracite black - it sort of sparkles
ELISSAHEART> If you're talking about the chrys. Cane, Miki, then black is ok, as long as you lay it on a light background.
.Dianne> What colors might you use, E?
.miki> so it's ok to use the black ....say next to the yellow?
ELISSAHEART> That's fine, Miki.
.miki> i have painted for many many years and while color is color....sometimes the clay allows me to break rules
ELISSAHEART> I've been really hot for the pastels over an intense colored background, such as fuchsia or teal.
.miki> that didn't make much sense *eyeroll*
MATILDA_BET> i love that fuschia color
ELISSAHEART> I understood you, Miki!
.miki> know what that says about you?
.miki> your as nutz as me....LOL
ELISSAHEART> I love the new Premo pearl, too. I like mixing it with intense colors.
MATILDA_BET> Ohhhhhhhh me too!!!!!!!!!
.miki> oh me too....i love mixing my own pearl colors
.Dianne> Are you mixing Premo Pearl with opaque colors?
MATILDA_BET> yes i do all the time Dianne
.miki> me too
ELISSAHEART> Yes! I always look for ways to incorporate my own individual touch. like changing a hue or intensity of a color. I seldom use colors straight from the package.
.Dianne> I love to mix my own colors too.
ELISSAHEART> Especially pearl!
.Dianne> Elissa mentioned earlier tonight that she is 'into
.Dianne> whoops.
.Dianne> That she is 'into' a new technique. Will you share a bit with us, E?
.miki> oh yes please!
MATILDA_BET> I used some of the Fimo metallics in my last Elissa cane....
MATILDA_BET> I love those colors
ELISSAHEART> I have a mosaic cane done with translucents. I'm still overlapping cane slices, but now I'm making new colors when the colors overlap
.miki> sounds wonderful....can you tell us how you make the cane?
ELISSAHEART> I have an example of one on my photopoint main heart page. It's the very last photo. A mosaic heart.
MATILDA_BET> will have to look
.miki> i will go look again
ELISSAHEART> I sure wish I could show you. That would be so much easier! I start with tinted translucents in the six primary and secondary colors. Half a small brick of each.
ELISSAHEART> I cover a ball of each tint with a very thin sheet of white.
ELISSAHEART> I roll the balls into fat cylinders of the same length, then press them together to make a fat roll.
ELISSAHEART> Now I place this fat cylinder of many colors upright, and slice vertically through it.
ELISSAHEART> Onto the cut surface i put a sheet of white, then close it up.
ELISSAHEART> I slice again somewhere else. Apply the thin sheet of white, then close it up, etc.
ELISSAHEART> Oh, yes. I forgot to mention. When i close it up, sometimes I turn one of the cut pieces upside down, so that you have new ares of color against each other. are you following me so far?
.miki> i think so elissa....just one question
ELISSAHEART> I just might have to do a pictorial on this one. It may be difficult to visualize.
MATILDA_BET> I think it was pretty understandable E
.miki> when you say close up the you mean seal off the white clay so that is completely surrounds the portion of the cane you cut apart?
ELISSAHEART> No. it's a flat area. the cut surface.
.miki> oh ok....thanks
.Dianne> Do you have any hearts in Photopoint now that we can see this technique?
ELISSAHEART> Make the vertical cuts cross each other, and you will be breaking up the areas of color even further.
ELISSAHEART> I just added one. It's the very last one on my main hearts page.
MATILDA_BET> yes I can see it now .... got it
ELISSAHEART> Well? What do you have to report,?
MATILDA_BET> Oh i can see the technique in my mind and understand LOL
.Anna>'s your thumb doing?
.miki> yes Linda
.miki> better Anna...thanks
ELISSAHEART> I think I may have used too much tint in the translucent. If I had used less, then the colors underneath would have shown up better.
.Anna> Have you had a chance to try the canes I sent you?
.miki> not yet
MATILDA_BET> E there was one heart on your pages too that had very rich colors....
MATILDA_BET> do you remember how you made them ???
MATILDA_BET> Very rich jewel tones almost
ELISSAHEART> I have over a hundred hearts on thatone page. I have no idea which one you are talking about!
MATILDA_BET> I'll have to go look and ask later
.Dianne> Kathy, perhaps you can describe it more. Night Linda.
ELISSAHEART> Can you give me the number? then i could take a second and check my files.
MATILDA_BET> I dont know how Dianne, it had a very rich ruby and blue colors and more surrounded with white..... let me go look
MATILDA_BET> i'll be right back
.Dianne> Ok dokey, Kathy!
ELISSAHEART> Like a stained glass window?
.Dianne> Tell us how you do the stained glass effect. I love that.
ELISSAHEART> Basically it's the technique I have been describing, only shape it into a trianglular prism shape and turn it into a kaleidoscope cane.
.Dianne> Like the one that Kris Richards has here at PCC?
MATILDA_BET> E it is c57 and yes it looks like a stained glass window
MATILDA_BET> and i also still see that one i want to buy #94 -- love that one
ELISSAHEART> Yes, but I use six pieces, where her demo used four.
MATILDA_BET> ohhhhhhh okay though it and the last one looked similar
ELISSAHEART> Or, maybe I did use four squares in that one. Without seeing it, I can't be sure.
MATILDA_BET> After looking at it E it is similar to the technique you just described
ELISSAHEART> I'll take your orders after the chat, ladies! lol
ELISSAHEART> I'd go look at it now, but I'm afraid I'd lose y'all. I'd better not.
MATILDA_BET> No you dont have to Elissa i think you just described how to do it
.Dianne> Elissa, have you used inclusions in any of your work? Like, glitter, embossing powder??
ELISSAHEART> I've used micro glitter. I love it!
.Dianne> Yippee!
MATILDA_BET> ohhhhhh me too
ELISSAHEART> I can't remember the brand, but it doesn't get dingy looking when you use a lot of glitter, like some glitters do.
.miki> would it be glintz?
ELISSAHEART> You like it too, Dianne?
MATILDA_BET> I have several glitters that come in very small vials - they are great
.Dianne> Ok, now a brief plug...I have Jones Tones microglitters available.
.Anna> tell us about those, Dianne
ELISSAHEART> Could be. i could go look for it. It was in the fabric paint section at Michael's.
.Dianne> It is the best brand that I have found.
.miki> yes thats it
MATILDA_BET> that is where i got mine E
.miki> cool Dianne
.Anna> they don't melt or turn funny colors when you bake?
.Dianne> I looked at five different brands before picking these up.
MATILDA_BET> I have used bigger glitters that sort of pop through the clay when baked.....
ELISSAHEART> They sparkle like stars through the translucent. I love that effect!
MATILDA_BET> very cool effect
.Dianne> I carry over 20 colors of them now.
.Anna> cool, I'll have to check them out
.Dianne> I have chunky glitters too, but I like those for surface embellishing.
.Dianne> Here is a tip for you...
MATILDA_BET> and i love snow ..... sort of gunky white stuff that looks like snowballs
.Dianne> Try a mix of microglitter and mica powder. Very cool combo.
.Anna> is there any way to use glitters and powders without having to put a finish on? I don't like the feel of future sometimes
ELISSAHEART> It's funny, but I have almost all the colors of perl-ex, but seldom use them. I sand everything,
MATILDA_BET> glitter can just be mixed into clay Anna
.Dianne> I mix translucent with that combo and you will get a mica shift effect from it too.
.Anna> oooh, I'll try that Dianne, love that mica shift!
.miki> gee i love learning from you guys!
ELISSAHEART> l have to try that!
.Dianne> Hey, Elissa and Anna, do try mixing the pearl ex into the translucent. It is very pretty.
ELISSAHEART> I like learning from you, too, Miki!
MATILDA_BET> Yes it is Dianne - have done that lots
.Anna> i will
ELISSAHEART> I've thought of doing that. Is it time-consuming or messy?
ELISSAHEART> o you use the pasta machine?
.Dianne> Elissa, are you making any more of your twisty pendants??
MATILDA_BET> mixing the pearl ex E???
.Dianne> A bit messy, but there is a way to keep it from being too messy.
ELISSAHEART> Oh, Miki! We all have something we can learn from each other
.miki> the pearl x won't keep the clay from sticking to itself?
.miki> well if ya wanna learn to carve eggs then i'm your
MATILDA_BET> I just brush the pearl ex on with a small paint brush then roll it through the pasta machine
.Dianne> Miki, that can be a problem if you are trying to do a, say, mokume gane with mica powder between it.
.miki> yes i found that out the hard way Dianne
MATILDA_BET> yes me too
.Dianne> When I am making mica clay, I mix it by hand.
ELISSAHEART> My Chrysalis beads.... I have made a few more, but that first one was the best one. You know there were three winners in my "Whatchamacallit" contest. I hade to make more to give to the other two winners. I haven't been satisfied with any
.miki> another good tip
.Dianne> And, you really do not need very much powder to color the translucent.
MATILDA_BET> no not much at all
ELISSAHEART> I'd like to learn to carve eggs!
.Dianne> Elissa, how long have you been making hearts now?
.miki> are you saying use the pearl x to tint and no color clay?
.Anna> me too, Elissa!
.Dianne> Miki, yes.
MATILDA_BET> yes miki i use the pearl ex to tint the translucent clay sometimes
.miki> oh cool....haven't tried that yet
.miki> Elissa i can teach you
ELISSAHEART> About three years.
MATILDA_BET> see you do have something to teach miki
.Dianne> I am going to turn the questions for just a bit, Elissa, hope you don't mind.
ELISSAHEART> You would not believe what my first efforts looked like. Yecch! And i thought they were good!
.miki> lol...yea i reckon so kathy
.Dianne> But, since you mentioned that you would like to learn to carve..
.Dianne> eggs, I would like to ask Miki...
ELISSAHEART> Not at all.
.Dianne> What do you use to carve eggs. Could you give us a bit of info??
.miki> sure...i love talking eggs
.miki> sure....i use a modified dentist drill with a very good vacumn system due to the health hazards of the shell dust
MATILDA_BET> must call for a very light touch
.miki> you can also use a paragraver......but not a dremel....the dremel causes too much vibration and will ruin your delicate work
.miki> Kathy it depends on what kind of egg shell your carving....ostrich is pretty dense and not so very fragile
.Anna> Miki, you must have incredible patience to do that carving
MATILDA_BET> but where do you get ostrich eggs?
.miki> i do have lots of patience
.miki> i order them from an ostrich farm...they come clean and ready to go
.miki> they have an online site
ELISSAHEART> how long does it take to carve an egg?
MATILDA_BET> you're kidding geesh can get anything online LOL
.miki> the very intricate ones take upward of 20 hours
.Anna> Wow!!
.miki> lol...yup Kathy
MATILDA_BET> no instant gratification there
.miki> clay is much
.Dianne> Now what I wonder is if Elissa could make a heart and then carve it similar to the way you carve the eggs? Course the heart would be solid.
MATILDA_BET> and probably much more forgiving
ELISSAHEART> I don't think I would have the patience, even if I could see well enough!
.miki> you can however cover a hens egg with clay and carve it with a dremel
MATILDA_BET> me either E and i can see fine
.Dianne> Yes, that would be a concern.
.miki> i am working on covering cornstarch peanuts and then carving the clay
.Dianne> oh, dear, Miki, I can just see dozens of eggs all over the floor here. :)
.Anna> Dianne, I have seen pics of polymer turned on a lathe
ELISSAHEART> I use a jeweler's loupe when i need to see up close, but i can't work for long periods with it.
MATILDA_BET> hmmmmmmm making what miki?
.miki> breakage rate even after many years is about 40%
.Dianne> Now, Anna, you are bringing up my newest interest.
.Anna> miki...have you had any luck controlling the shape of the peanuts???
.miki> some's hard to control
.Anna> Dianne..I spend way too much time hanging around Woodcraft
ELISSAHEART> That must be heartbreaking! have you ever been able to salvage a broken egg?
.Dianne> Elissa, have you tried making hearts with the cornstarch peanuts.
.miki> i found using a spritz bottle of water helps
.Anna> any hints, Miki? I'm totally frustrated with them
ELISSAHEART> No. i think they would be too lumpy!
.KathyG> Hi everyone
.miki> yes Elissa....just change the design ....kinna like covering a heart mistake with a
ELISSAHEART> I would like to lear to make hollow hearts, though.
ELISSAHEART> Like Ai ping's box pins.
.miki> start by spritzing from a distance first....the only way i have found to control the water on the peanuts
.miki> once you get the shape you want then you MUST let it dry out thoroughly
.KathyG> Sometimes I get too generous with the water and I end up melting them!
.Dianne> Do you cover them then with foil?
.miki> i have done that all too often Kathy
.Anna> Elissa, I've heard that Pier gives a class on using air as an armature..I'd love to take that
.miki> no Dianne....cuz i want the peanuts to melt when i get the clay on
MATILDA_BET> air as an armature ? LOL okay..............
.Dianne> You can not pull the foil out?
.Anna> Miki, I was thinking maybe I could stick a bunch together in the general shape, let it dry and then carve it to a finer shape?
ELISSAHEART> I'd love a class from Pier!
.miki> it will work Anna but you must go slow
.KathyG> Basically the ones we made with her were pillow shaped of very thin clay and then we crimped the edges and blew air into them
MATILDA_BET> how does it come out of the egg miki?
.Dianne> An aside here: Donna Kato has that air as armature idea on one of her vids and , I believe, in her book.
.Dianne> A pinch pot.
.Anna> Elissa...I took a workshop from Pier this summer for a whole week!!AWESOME!!!
.Dianne> Anna, you are a lucky duck!!
.miki> Dianne i haven't had any luck pulling the foil out....might work if you were doing something larger than what i was doing
.Anna> cool, Kathy
ELISSAHEART> That's just what I was going to say!
.miki> Kathy, i didn't understand your question
.Dianne> Miki, does the clay mess up the peanuts??
MATILDA_BET> miki when the peanuts melt how do they come out of the egg
.KathyG> I wasn't asking anything. I took a class with Pier at Arrowmont
MATILDA_BET> Kathy G im also Kathy
.miki> i haven't noticed that the clay affects the peanuts if they are dry enough
.KathyG> and Kat
.miki> oh....i haven't used the peanuts inside an WOULD be tricky
MATILDA_BET> okay i was confused LOL nothing new for me
.Anna> Miki...I used those peanuts on the "strange ball" orns I posted the other day
.miki> after the holidays i will get back to experimenting again
.miki> that was cool Anna
.Anna> thanks, Miki...but more primitive than I wanted
.miki> sheesh i am sorry folks.....i didn't mean to turn the chat to eggs
.miki> well practice will hone that Anna
ELISSAHEART> You didn't - Dianne did!
.Dianne> Actually, Miki, I did that!!
.KathyG> Well, having seen some of your beauties, we like to talk eggs
.Dianne> Ok, back on track here. But thank you , Miki!
ELISSAHEART> (and I thakn you!)
.Anna> Elissa, have you used glitters or foils in your mum canes?
.miki> even after years of carving i am still fascinated with it
.Dianne> Thanks, Anna! You got us back on track now!
ELISSAHEART> I have used both. And they work great!
.Dianne> Elissa, I want to share Geo's cane idea with all of you.
.Anna> I used some bits of foil, was thinking maybe sheets would have been better
.Anna> share it , Dianne!
.Dianne> I think you may like to try it with your hearts and it hits on what Anna is talking about.
ELISSAHEART> One problem, though. I love the anthracite, but it contains a very rough glitter. sometimes when I'm buffing, some loose pieces of glitter will mar the surface of the heart.
.Dianne> THis is a very simple technique cane. I think it is good to differentiate...
.Dianne> between canes that are actually objects or millefiori and canes...
.Dianne> that are more technique-oriented, like Elissa's chrys. Cane
.Anna> explain, please, dianne
ELISSAHEART> I'm all ears@!
.Dianne> Geo's is a technique. She conditions a block of translucent clay.
.Dianne> and then shapes it into a square cane.
.Dianne> Then, here is the fun part, she slices it on an angle. ANd, this is in a random manner.
.Dianne> She splits the cane where she sliced it, and lays one side of the slice down onto a magic leaf sheet.
.Dianne> After that, she puts the two slices sides back together, the magic leaf is between them.
.Dianne> Then continues making slices, filling with magic leaf in random cuts. Both vertical, horizontal, diagonal.
.miki> oooo that does sound cool!
.Dianne> After getting a look that she likes, she will reduce the cane, slice and use the slices.
.Anna> that would be really cool with a wavy blade
.Dianne> Seee!! Anna already has a neat variation! I love that! One idea brings on another.
ELISSAHEART> Now you're talking!
.Anna> Pier told us that the magic leaf would discolor in your work over time...have you heard this? She said real gold leaf and the silver are okay
ELISSAHEART> And she lays it over a pattern or a solid color?
.Dianne> I hadn't heard that about magic leaf....even after you cure the clay??
ELISSAHEART> The gold has tarnished on some of my pieces.
.Dianne> And, E, she lays it over Tranluscent.
.KathyG> They are OK as long as you don't touch it with your bare hands and you seal it
ELISSAHEART> It looks very dull and muddy.
.Dianne> I have made this cane and haven't noticed discoloration.
.Anna> Dianne, one of my very first Canes" was a marbled effect with random slices filled in with black, this was with opaque caly, though
.KathyG> I have a couple of gold leafing books and they said not to touch it. That is the one time I force myself to wear gloves
ELISSAHEART> I'm going to have to try that cane! CLAYFREAK> opaque clay? Anna?
ELISSAHEART> Wearing gloves!
.Dianne> I thought that I might try this cane with microglitters inbetween. :>D
.Anna> Kathy, how would you seal it if it is inside the cane?
ELISSAHEART> Hmmm. Might work beautifully!
.KathyG> You just have to seal the outside so there is no place for air to get in
.Anna> clayfreak... you know, regular colors not translucent
.Dianne> Worth a try!
ELISSAHEART> How about a thin coat of tls to help adhere it?
.KathyG> You know, expensive stuff like Future
.Dianne> Sure!
.KathyG> or TLS
.Anna> but I don't like the feel fo Future...
.KathyG> Have you put it on hot clay?
ELISSAHEART> You too anna? I dislike it!
.Dianne> Anna, how about Varathene?
.Anna> Sorry, I just love the feel of a well sanded piece of
.Dianne> And, perhaps, E., you would share your dipping method?? heehee.
.Anna> dipping???
ELISSAHEART> I think i may have made a few enemies a couple of weeks ago over on egroups with that buffing and varathene argument!
.KathyG> I do too Anna but I have to cover my mokume gane and so I use Future on hot clay. Not as shiney and slick feeling
.Dianne> naw.
.Anna> thaks, Kathy, I may just have to try it
.Dianne> I love both Future and Varathene AND love sanding and buffing.
.Dianne> But, I want to share a concern with you.
.Anna> you're just a well rounded woman, Dianne
ELISSAHEART> I hate to have to say this, but i'm doing a tutorial for Polyzine on that very subject. it will be in the next issue. I can give you a little info, though.
.Dianne> I have found that pendants that I sanded and buffed....hahhahahah, that is for sure , Anna.
.miki> bak
.Dianne> Just want to say that pendants that I sanded and buffed to high gloss, have dulled with wear.
.KathyG> No, there are enough of us to have many opinions. I love that look and feel of sanded and buffed polymer but sometimes I have to compromise
.Dianne> So, now I am adding varathene to them...then buffing after hardening by heating the pendants after they have been sanding and finished.
.Anna> Really?? I don't have much experience with that. I have a waitress friend who has used one of my pens so much that it has gotten shinier over time
ELISSAHEART> Dianne, you and i are coming from the same place!
.Dianne> Personally, it is a pain. but at least they don't get dull.
.miki> the heating doesn't melt the verathane?
.KathyG> No you can put Future back in and bake also
.Dianne> NOpe, heating to , say, 250 or putting it on while objects are hot is fine.
.Dianne> Both.
.Dianne> Kat, I love the future, but Zig and others are saying that it isn't holding up over time.
ELISSAHEART> Want to hear my argument?
.Dianne> YUP!! Shoot.
.KathyG> Just don't go over 250 and if that sounds like I had that experience, you would be right. I wasn't paying attention
.Anna> I do, Elissa
.KathyG> Yes, Elissa
ELISSAHEART> I wouldn't expect future to hold up indefinitely. After all, when you use it on your floor, you have to strip the floor after about six months.
MATILDA_BET> yes but you walk all over your floor
ELISSAHEART> I have had this big issue with permanence. I think a lot of artists don't think about that.
ELISSAHEART> I would like to think that my pieces will still be around ten, twenty years from now.
ELISSAHEART> Well, jewelry gets bumped around a lot, too!
MATILDA_BET> yes it does
.miki> i covered a piece of clay with Flecto marine verathange about 6 months ago and tossed it in the bird far so good
ELISSAHEART> Varathane is a permanent covering that bonds with the clay. It never scratches or scuffs. It protects the piece, and gives it a polished rock appearance.
.miki> the down side is that it takes about 3 days for the marine varathane to completely dry
ELISSAHEART> you use semi-precious metals with the jewelry, you should think of it lasting a very long time.
.miki> so far Dianne
ELISSAHEART> No, Miki! It takes two hours!
.miki> it's very humid here....that may be the difference
.Dianne> Elissa, I think Miki means the Marine variety, do you too?
.Dianne> OR do you mean Diamond Elite?
.miki> yes i meant the marine stuff
ELISSAHEART> there are mny different kinds of varathane. Are you sure you are using the right one?
.miki> i bought it by accident
ELISSAHEART> Oh. I have never used the marine. why would you need to use that?
.miki> i thought i was getting the diamond elite....but discovered when i got home it was marine Flecto
.miki> so i decided to experiment and see what happened
ELISSAHEART> Oh. Well, I'd try to get rid of it. It shouldn't be used with pc.
.KathyG> How is everyone putting the Flecto on, brush, etc?
.Dianne> I dip mine.
ELISSAHEART> I've heard that diamond wood finish, as it now is called, is the only varathane to use with pc.
ELISSAHEART> I dip mine, too, unless there are elements that I don't want a glaze on, namely frogs
.miki> i will let you know what happens after it has sat in the birdbath for a year
ELISSAHEART> that will be interesting. I'd like to hear, Miki.
.Dianne> How do you dip?
.Dianne> Elissa, you.
ELISSAHEART> Did I get bumped?
.Dianne> I bet you did.
MATILDA_BET> LOL you mean you werent here
.miki> no elissa
.Dianne> I wondered why you were so quiet.
ELISSAHEART> Well. Glad to be back!
ELISSAHEART> Where did i leave off?
.Dianne> Elissa, will you explain a bit about how you dip your hearts. ..or do you want to save it until your article comes out.
ELISSAHEART> You mean you got none of that? I spent the last five minutes explaining it!
.Dianne> Oh, dear. We didn't get any of it.
.Dianne> and, we waited here so patiently too. :)
.miki> poor elissa
ELISSAHEART> Well, I don't mind telling it again, but it's gettinglate., Is it ok if we run a little over?
.annie> I have a question, for anyone......I'm futuring my hearts as we speak.....
.Dianne> go for it, Elissa.
.annie> I did one side........can i turn them over, future them & the other side won't get messed up?
MATILDA_BET> well people i have to go for tonight - 1 a.m. here - nite
ELISSAHEART> For the pendants, I open a paper clip, and hook them on. I dip it into the varathane, and suspend them on a wire rack shelf extender.
ELISSAHEART> As the varathane drips off, I go to each heart and like a good mama wipe their little bottoms, so that there will be no dried-on half-drips.
.miki> lol....your a good mama elissa
.annie> you cure your finish in the oven?
.KathyG> That is part of the reason I don't like to dip, those darn drips at the bottom of things and if you don't get them wiped off soon enough, it mars the finish
.Dianne> Kat, I have a problem with brushing though.
.miki> thats why i started applying it with a paper towel....i think dianne told me that
ELISSAHEART> No. Air works fine. I do want to do some experimenting, though. I wonder if you can glue something on to a finished piece using tls on top of the varathane. Do you know, dianne?
.Dianne> Elissa, the tls on top of varathene will work, but I would still...
.Dianne> I think!!
.miki> can apply tls over future as well?
ELISSAHEART> Didn't work.
.KathyG> Cleaning!!!! Shame
.Dianne> Miki, yes, you should be able too.
.Dianne> Hey, I want Kat's thoughts on that.
.miki> ooooo wide....time for jello mouth scrub
.sunni> wash your mouth out, kathy!!! i've been industrial engineering.
.KathyG> Didn't Leigh's fall teach you anything Sunni!!?
ELISSAHEART> that works!
.KathyG> I glue before I put the finish on.
.miki> lol....that will work elissa
.sunni> seems to me, never having tried it, the tls would stick to varathane.
.KathyG> and I like to cover pin backs with clay after I glue
.miki> but kat...can you do it after?
.Dianne> I think so too, Sunni.. I vote that Miki gives it a try and lets us know. :)
.KathyG> Yes
.sunni> i'm with you, dianne. see? kat said yes.
ELISSAHEART> I second it!
.miki> lol...sure sure make me the scape goat
.Dianne> I would like to thank all of you for coming to my first chat is a long time. Thank you especially Elissa for being my first guest.

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