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PCC Chats With
Donna Kato
Special Guest - Bob Augur

Special Thanks to Ronica and Sunni Bergeron for the Transcript

Click Here to Download a ZIPfile of this Chat

March 20, 2002:

DONNAKATO: Hi, I made it!
SUNNISAN: good deal!!
DONNAKATO: why is this so hard for me? Helpppp
KELLIEAK: it's not you Donna, it is delphi
SUNNISAN: grin it's the delphi gremlins. Sorry!
SUNNISAN: so! How was the retreat, donna?
DONNAKATO: it was great!
SUNNISAN: tell us about it!!
DONNAKATO: had a wonderful time, saw old friends and leigh ross's beads…gasp
JWISECRAFT: I wish I would have remembered about the retreat. I would have went.
DONNAKATO: julie girl - it's a must
KELLIEAK: yes, leigh's beads are amazing
BEANSTRESS: yes they are
RONICA447: I'd love to attend one someday too!
DONNAKATO: getting very big now so join up today!
DONNAKATO: we were in the gymnasium, playing with clay day and night - heaven
DONNAKATO: we're supposed to have a mystery guest, I hope he makes it!

WISECRAFT: He. Hmmmmmmm
CANEGURU: He Hmmmmmmmm
CANEGURU: give us an initial
KELLIEAK: we have been trying to figure out who the guest was Donna
DONNAKATO: oh, the guest initials are rva
ALANJAMESV: well done
KELLIEAK: okay, Emily wins!
JWISECRAFT: Yes you do!
WWYTCH: Donna…have you learned anything new about your clay? Like strengths or weaknesses?
DONNAKATO: so far, I love it!
DONNAKATO: you know me, I've worked with just about everything, except modello and formello
LAURA916: We only go to see your new clay on Carol's HIA special for 2 minutes. Do you know if there's a longer demo scheduled?
DONNAKATO: you know, they shot for about an hour, then the editors cut it to pieces! it didn't even make sense to me!
JWISECRAFT: Keely said you did great on the carol duval show!
DONNAKATO: oh thanks, keely, I think I looked awful tired
JWISECRAFT: Not to her
DONNAKATO: might have been the martinis the night before!
LAURA916: I sat through the whole thing waiting for you and then whoosh….you were gone!
DONNAKATO: I know! Editors do things like that, oh well
MARCELLAB2: it would be great to have a Donna tape compiled of all your best shows with
Carol :D
DONNAKATO: a compiliation tape would be a hoot!
CANEGURU: The best of? Good idea..and have them put it on a channel that plays in Seattle I wanna see the outtakes, tho
KELLIEAK: the out takes are always the best
RDRANSOM: I bet the out takes would be great!
CANEGURU: I'm sure Donna outtakes would be wonderful J
DONNAKATO: haha, I don't think I have any outtakes…
CANEGURU: sure sure
MARCELLAB2: too funny
DONNAKATO: no really, I don't think I've ever reshot anything, really!
KELLIEAK: donna, you do seem very comfortable in front of the camera
DONNAKATO: you know, it's like anything else, do it enough and you just get used to it
LJCSWARTZ: Donna what is exciting to you right now about clay??
DONNAKATO: you mean, in general?
LJCSWARTZ: sure… there seems to be something special each day.
DONNAKATO: the last year was spent in formulations, etc, I didn't really work on too much exciting stuff maybe now I can start again
RDRANSOM: I have made several things (pens, container, canes) with your clay and I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for making it!
TOMMIEJ: I just finished my second sculpture done in it
DONNAKATO: thank you thank you thank you!
CANEGURU: Any idea when batch two will be ready to ship?
DONNAKATO: Vernon is supposed to get clay end of this week
MYSHANTI: Oh good I can't wait to get my order
DONNAKATO: Robert has already cut mixing time in half, he's such a smarty, so we should be up and running in short order
RDRANSOM: I think I'm going to need to order another sample set!
CLOKITTY: donna, when you make a sculpture and it's thicker than the normal 1/4" does the same temp for baking apply but just extend the time in the oven?
DONNAKATO: that's what I'd recommend -- you know, prolonged baking makes it stronger, too without changing the color
TOMMIEJ: I baked this sculpt at 270 forgot to turn the oven off and went to bed… got it out the next morning and it was fine… you couldn't chip it with a pickaxe
JADETURTLE: oh wow Tommie.. so how many hours was it in the oven?
DONNAKATO: whoopee, Tommie! I like that
TOMMIEJ: it was in the oven….. 7 hours
DONNAKATO: any problems, guys?
RDRANSOM: The only problem I had was that it was so pretty I was afraid to use - but I got over it! J
WWYTCH: I'm hoping the big blocks come soon, I need some for my business card couches! that is my problem here!
DONNAKATO: what do you think of the colors?
FIMOMEELMO: I like the colors.. they are so clear and vivid
BEANSTRESS: the colors are very nice
RDRANSOM: the colors are beautiful - so clear
MOUSE_378: I sat looking at mine for about an hour, just admiring the colours
RDRANSOM: Mouse, me too!
DONNAKATO: I like them, but I think ecru (Julie!) might be needed, what do you think?
JADETURTLE: I really wanna try the translucent!
RDRANSOM: ecru would be good
JWISECRAFT: hehehe Ok everyone, Donna needs to know we need ecru!!! Tell her
JADETURTLE: chants..ecru ecru
WYOMINGGAL: we need ecru
BEANSTRESS: we need ecru
DONNAKATO: ok guys, I get the pic ecruuuuuu
ALANJAMESV: any idea about Europe supply dates?
DONNAKATO: Europe is something we're working - actually Robert is working on that
ALANJAMESV: good friends Helen Cox and hubby Stephen are hopefully going to get it soon
FIMOMEELMO: what about Canada?
DONNAKATO: oh Canada, lalalalala. Hopefully soon
SPORTYI883: YAY! Canada! I can't wait J
MOUSE_378: I hope Canada soon too! I don't like duty!
SPORTI883: Or heavy shipping costs! J
CLOKITTY: I take it that with a sculpture the main thing to work about is getting a bubble in the middle
DONNAKATO: yes, clokitty, air pockets are not a good thing in the middle of sculpture I usually form my armature of foil etc, cram clay into cavities and bake then cover with more clay
SPORTI883: I loved your sculptures I saw like the lady in the tuxedo
WWYTCH: Donna…I was going to try your swirl pendant in the latest Lapidary do you think your new colors would work…say the blue, yellow & red…or would you suggest mixing to get a similar effect of the cane?
DONNAKATO: I'd try the turquoise, yellow and magenta!
WWYTCH: Thanks, Donna…will do….
JADETURTLE: lapidary journal….hmm..wonder if we get that here in aus?
LAURA916: You mentioned previously that JoAnn's might carry the clay. Any news on that?
DONNAKATO: thanks! Joann's does want the clay, just have to get it through channels! how do I get the red banner to stop flashing?
KELLIEAK: pull your screen down Donna!
BLYNMOON: move your chat box down below the tool bar that is what I did!
DONNAKATO: how do I do that?
KELLIEAK: grab it at the top and pull it down until you can't see the ad!
DONNAKATO: oh, thanks a bunch, I was going into some sort of trance
BLYNMOON: it has a strobe effect
WWYTCH: You will send us clay….you will send us clay….
MLKSTAMPER: lol count me in on that trance for clay! J
ALANJAMESV: remember Europe
DONNAKATO: I love Europe, I could never forget Europe.
DONNAKATO: soon, I hope we're worldwide!
MARCELLAB2: Donna, will you be doing any classes at Embellishment in Portland, Oregon?
DONNAKATO: I didn't submit a proposal, Marcella I was so busy and didn't really know when the clay would be ready so I set it and b87b aside that’s b&b [Bead & Button magazine]
MARCELLAB2: well poo! Lol okay, thanks Donna
CANEGURU: didja get your R'dale proposal in?
DONNAKATO: I will try and get rdale done but I don't like submitting proposals so far in advance. by the time I teach, I want to teach something else
CANEGURU: them's the breaks, donna if you can, it would be great
BEANSTRESS: you're still going to be at ACCI right?
DONNAKATO: yes, I'll definitely be at acci, anita, you?
JWISECRAFT: Oh good, we'll get to see Bean again!
DONNAKATO: I'll try, but it's real hard for we prebiops (sp)
BEANSTRESS: Hurrah!!!!
DONNAKATO: the bean is just a cute as her bugs
BEANSTRESS: thanks donna… that is just too sweet… I'm as red as a beet
SPORTI883: Donna the pendants you make that are elongated, pointy on each end and with a ridge in the middle, do you shape them by hand? I really like the shape
DONNAKATO: about the pendant shape, I used to do them all by hand but now, I have a mold I use. I'd recommend belicold two part molding compound for that
CANEGURU: Yessss! Belicold is the best!
DONNAKATO: it's flexible and you just spread the mold to remove the clay
SPORTI883: Belicold? Where can we find that?
CLOKITTY: where can you get this belicold?
DONNAKATO: rio sells it, but there are other places
SPORTI883: thanks!
JWISECRAFT: Oh good now I know what to do with the container of belicold I have sitting here
DONNAKATO: pat Walton from art clay suspects you could use dental stuff, too. she's going to investigate, as it's much cheaper
CANEGURU: alginate?
CANEGURU: the dental stuff. Is it called alginate?
FIMOMEELMO: the stuff they make impressions out of?
DONNAKATO: I don't know what it's called it might be alginate, I'll ask pat
8OSPADES: Alginate is a mold material used by dentists Alginate is, its made from seaweed
DONNAKATO: no, the dental impression stuff isn't as flexible
LGILCH002: I am going to ask my sister about that now
JWISECRAFT: that icky stuff they fill your mouth with when you have braces!!!
SPORTI883: I have some RTV mold compound from Rio, I might try making a mold from that and see if it works
DONNAKATO: is rtv rubbery?
DRELISE: wasn't someone making molds out of the stuff they make hearing aid molds from?
CANEGURU: rtv just means room temperature vulcanized. Belicold is a RTV silicone material
SPORTI883: Yes, the RTV is rubbery from what I understand
CANEGURU: worth trying. I had a belicold type material from another source and Belicold (brand name) is better
SPORTI883: Thanks! I'll give it a go
CODYSMOM42: Microsinic mega-sil is great for molds. Used to make ear impressions
DRELISE: Yes CodysMom.. that's it… supposed to be really flexible
CODYSMOM42: Yes, it is.
CANEGURU: post your results, Sporti J
SPORTI833: I sure will Caneguru J
BEANSTRESS: is Belicold a 1 or 2 part molding material?
CANEGURU: 2 part
JWISECRAFT: 2 part Bean
80SPADES: Donna this is Bob Augur
DONNAKATO: oh, hi Roberto! We've been waiting for you!
8OSPADES: Had a hang up with reg
SPORTI883: So Caneguru, could I use what I have do you think? I bought it to cast pewter in but haven't used it yet
DONNAKATO: bob, what's reg?
BEANSTRESS: welcome bob
SUNNISAN: folks - let's get back to donna kato, please!! so donna!! How did your clay go over at the retreat?
DONNAKATO: the clay was a hit! Had enough to give small samples to everyone some people dived right in , others lined up the blocks on their table
SUNNISAN: that's wonderful!!! I'll bet you got lots of oohs and ahhhs.
8OSPADES: If you guys have any questions about the making of the Kato Polyclay, I'm here to answer your questions
SUNNISAN: donna!! Is 8ospades your surprise guest?
MARCELLAB2: way cool!
DONNAKATO: yes! Robert is the mystery surprise guest so if you have any questions about the making of katopoly clay, he's the man!
SUNNISAN: most cool!!! The man with the plan! Welcome Robert!
RONICA447: Welcome Robert!!
LAURA916: Robert, from somebody who absolutely hates Fimo, bless you!!!!
JWISECRAFT: Robert, thank you for making a clay that isn't sticky!
SUNNISAN: yes!! Definitely thank you for that!! And one that doesn't smash when cut in a cane!!
8OSPADES: your welcome
SUNNISAN: how long does it take to make a batch of clay?
8OSPADES: It take about 1 hr
DAVESNYDER14: 1 hour doesn't seem that long..
CODYSMOM42: How much do you make at a time?
SUNNISAN: how much is a batch of clay?
VIVIDVES: How many lbs in one batch?
8OSPADES: We make 600 lb
SPORTI883: Wow!
BLYNMOON: is it time to chant for ecru clay again?
DONNAKATO: now's the time
JWISECRAFT: Oh yes!!! Ecru
WYOMINGGAL: we want ecru
VIVIDVES: ecru!! Ecru!!
SUNNISAN: ecru - ecru - ecru
MARCELLAB2: Ecru Ecru Ecru
JWISECRAFT: Purty please!!!
IMMOLDER: e.c.r.u.
8OSPADES: You mean off white opaque
RONICA447: ecru - ecru - ecru
CAROLYNHE99: Will Kato Polyclay be available in Canada?
SUNNISAN: yes! Beige offwhite
TOMMIEJ: ecru or not to ecru as long as you make black and white so I can make grey
JWISECRAFT: a Barbie flesh tone color
BEANSTRESS: great description
8OSPADES: are all babies the same color flesh
SPORTI883: only on sonograms lol!
8OSPADES: barbies I mean
WYOMINGGAL: OK the color of new ivory
SUNNISAN: pretty much
JWISECRAFT: Donna did you see if you had any ecru laying around the house?
DONNAKATO: I mixed some, j!
JWISECRAFT: can you send Robert some?
DONNAKATO: want the recipe?
JWISECRAFT: Yes please!!!
DONNAKATO: it's 1 part brown, 1 part yellow, 4 parts white, 15 parts beige I'm still working on it, maybe I can make an easier recipe
MA429: Robert, how do you eliminate the air bubbles?
8OSPADES: We vacume extrude it
IMMOLDER: Do you know what brand extruder machine you are using?
IMMOLDER: I was curious
IMMOLDER: for real?
CODYSMOM42: Robert, I read that you're the one in charge of developing a TRULY transparent clay for Donna's line?
SUNNISAN: how's that coming?
WYOMINGGAL: we hope, we hope
BEANSTRESS: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A real transparent
8OSPADES: It's relatively transparent
SUNNISAN: that's a good start!
JADETURTLE: drools like homer…transparent
MARCELLAB2: we're simple people, just wanna see through our clay lol
CODYSMOM42: More transparent than premo?
SPORTI883: I would even be happy with one that wasn't truly transparent but that you didn't have to sand into such a thin layer to achieve the look
8OSPADES: about the same as premo but much tougher and not yellow
IMMOLDER: I want to read fine print thru it
8OSPADES: the thing to do is to stretch the clay out to parchment thickness
SUNNISAN: that thick! wow!
CANEGURU: any plans for GITD clay?
DONNAKATO: wat's gitd clay?
SUNNISAN: i would be happy with that
CANEGURU: glow in the dark?
SUNNISAN: gitd - glow in the dark
JWISECRAFT: Glow in the dark, the other color I've asked about
DONNAKATO: that's down the road, keeds
BEANSTRESS: why is it difficult to get a true transparent in polymer clay bob?
8OSPADES: You need a thixatropic additive to give the clay body
JADETURTLE: thix a wha?.. lol
8OSPADES: it add a translucency to the clay
BLYNMOON: and that is not transparent?
CANEGURU: I looked up that word and couldn't find a definition
MA429: Robert…how about plaquing in the transparent clay. Is it less, some, none?
DONNAKATO: none, no plaques
JWISECRAFT: which is wonderful
JADETURTLE: plaquing..what a pain in the patoot
MARCELLAB2: that's fantastic!
MA429: Excellent!
8OSPADES: Since the clay has no air…
SUNNISAN: there is no plaquing
8OSPADES: Getting rid of the air reduces plaquing to zero and you can stretch it vey thin
CANEGURU: but doesn't air get incorporated when you condition it?
8OSPADES: yes Kato clay requires little or no conditioning
JWISECRAFT: My poor hands can't take that kind of conditioning any more
SPORTI883: I tried conditioning another brand of clay today, the most I had ever tried at once and it was no fun
TOMMIEJ: the only time I condition any clay is to mix colors or if I get some hard clay. for skin on my Frankenstein monster… I rolled kato clay out to #9 on my pasta machine without using wax paper
WWYTCH: Wow…no stickiness there, Tommie.
DONNAKATO: yippee, toms, that's very good
WYOMINGGAL: and it didn't stick, TJ?
JWISECRAFT: which is a godsend
RDRANSON: it is awesome!!
TOMMIEJ: didn't stick
BEANSTRESS: Tommie.. if you let it sit for a minute or 2 and roll it out on an ampiata.. it gets even thinner
8OSPADES: if you cut a slice that will go through your machine and then reduce without folding… you will get a perfectly uniform piece
JADETURTLE: ampiata?
BEANSTRESS: the mini pasta machine
MA429: Donna…will you have a transparent series coming out in colors?
DONNAKATO: probably not, but can't rule anything out entirely
MA429: Donna.. perhaps we would be able to mix our own transparents?
DONNAKATO: yes, absolutely, you can mix your own
CODYSMOM42: What's the lead time to receive an order these days? I heard the word "back ordered" mentioned.
8OSPADES: We have shipped the last of the clay today
DONNAKATO: Vernon is expecting to ship the majority of master sample packs early next week
BLYNMOON: gulp the last?
SUNNISAN: ladies and gentlemen let's cut the side conversations and comments please and focus on our guests.
8OSPADES: some of it went to the testers and what was left went to prairie the next production run will be released mid april
DONNAKATO: beta testers have been receiving their clay - got some email today, j.
JWISECRAFT: thanks Donna
IMMOLDER: how do you sign up to beta test?
DONNAKATO: contact me and I'll put you on the list!
WWYTCH: Donna…how long will you be doing the beta testing?
8OSPADES: beta test was finish last year
DONNAKATO: who knows, new products might need testing
RDRANSOM: I'll beta test any new product you come up with!
ALANJAMESV: how do we contact you to be considered for testing?
JWISECRAFT: Robert will you be at ACCI?
8OSPADES: yes I will be at ACCI
JWISECRAFT: Great then I get to meet you there
DONNAKATO: Robert is a party animal, kids
8OSPADES: Any singles out there
JWISECRAFT: Robert, this is Julie Wise
CJFOSTER1: What is ACCI, and can anyone go, and where is it?
DONNAKATO: ACCI is the second largest trade show (crafts) in the country always in Chicago, end of July
DANCING_BILB: are you considering making some pearl colours?
DONNAKATO: we have pearl and three metallics gold silver copper
SUNNISAN: so your pearls, are they red green, blue and white?
DONNAKATO: no, but you can make your own by mixing into pearl
JADETURTLE: I always make my own pearl colors anyway…much more fun
SPORTI883: I know with the premo, the gold has the most amount of mica, are yours equal or are there certain colours that shift more than others?
DONNAKATO: our metallics have a very heavy mica load, so they're more metallic
JADETURTLE: oh cool!
CODYSMOM42: How is the strength with the added mica?
DONNAKATO: very strong! You even get shift with dark coppery black color
JADETURTLE: so.. even if you add a lot of opaque color to a pearl you get a shift?
DONNAKATO: yes, I've been making very dark (add black) coppery shades and they're lovely
JADETURTLE: that’s great..cant wait to try it
DAVESNYDER14: Is there an expected shelf life with Kato polyclay?
8OSPADES: I am designing an experiment to test polyclays for long term stability. The results should be available in a month
ALANJAMESV: stability cured or shelflife?
8OSPADES: the stability should be a time line related to temperature and time
SUNNISAN: will the results be on the vanAken website?
IMMOLDER: is there a website where we can see results, look at the clay, etc….?
8OSPADES: The Kato site is developing. That's where you will find new info:
IMMOLDER: thank you donna
SUNNISAN: Robert / Donna when do you expect more information to start filtering into the new website?
DONNAKATO: we're going to get working on the site as soon as we can we're getting broadband soon and Vernon is going to set up a webcam over my workspace!
CANEGURU: cool, donna
VIVIDES: cool!
CODYSMOM42: That's exciting!
DANCING_BILB: will you do webcam live 24 x 7???? Wonder woman
SUNNISAN: yay donna!! Online demos!! Wink
FIMOMEELMO: so we can watch you, just like big brother?
DONNAKATO: yup, whenever I'm there, the cam will be on
WYOMINGGAL: First send out the clay
CANEGURU: donnacam
IMMOLDER: are you going to have online classes via the web cam? Please, please
DONNAKATO: you can all see my mistakes, my messy space, my cats, etc and maybe vernon, too
BEANSTRESS: smile… you're on katokamera
IMMOLDER: fuzzy clay, lol
DONNAKATO: inclusions, we call them
ALANJAMESV: we know that one
DONNAKATO: I got lots
BLYNMOON: cats love to clay
DONNAKATO: cats love to dance in clay
STEFANIE711: Donna, do you have hairy clay? J
IMMOLDER: mine just likes the wrapper
ALANJAMESV: and eat sculpts
WWYTCH: kittyclusions
SUNNISAN: hair- included free of charge
CANEGURU: somebody needs to invent a de-hairifier for clay
MARCELLAB2: it's called a clipper! Lol
IMMOLDER: de-hairifier, lol that’s funny
CLOKITTY: speaking of furry clay - does it really matter, I get lots from my kitty
CJFOSTER1: Dogs love to chew clay too. Luckily they don't eat it!
IMMOLDER: here, kitty, kitty, kitty
DONNAKATO: canes don't like cat fur
ALANJAMESV: English ones do
WYOMINGGAL: Can we have a choice of fur colors?
CLOKITTY: not me, the 4 legged one in my house
8OSPADES: Right now we are concentrating on getting the existing line out
SUNNISAN: robert - will you be doing a batch of clay once a month?
8OSPADES: We are doing 6 or 7 every day now
CJFOSTER: Sounds like it won't be long before you will be expanding the production end.
8OSPADES: We won't be shipping until mid april after that hopefully you can have as much as you want
RDRANSOM: I'm going to have to be stingy with what I have left!
IMMOLDER: by the looks of things 8ospades, ya'll better get a fast horse to deliver, gonna be a big demand me thinks
BEANSTRESS: bob.. where is all this taking place?
8OSPADES: 40 miles east of LA
BLYNMOON: were you surprised at the demand for the clay?
CANEGURU: I'm confused. I thought some were going out last week?
WYOMINGGAL: I think that was the clay they've already made
DONNAKATO: the last of the original production run is being shipped and that's what will go out next week
8OSPADES: I suggest you tell your local stores that you want it
SUNNISAN: who should they contact to stock the clay, Robert?
8OSPADES: They will be able to get it from a wholesale distributor that calls on their store
CODYSMOM42: Hobby Lobby 8th street…here I come
TOMMIEJ: I think with hobby lobby…you have to contact their home office…
JWISECRAFT: Hobby Lobby corporate is a pain to deal with
WWYTCH: would they sell to the small, independent craft store?
8OSPADES: We will also sell to stores
IMMOLDER: how would I get my bosses shop on the mailing list?
DONNAKATO: your boss can contact Robert directly if they want clay
CJFOSTER: I've already talked to the manager of the local JoAnn's store. He said if he gets it I can do demos.
CODYSMOM42: The store where I sell in Woodland Park has asked me to demo when I can get my hands on some, also.
DONNAKATO: yippee, demos!
JWISECRAFT: I'm game to demo any where. Hint hint
IMMOLDER: donna, could I have Roberts email?
DANCING_BILB: Donna any chance of getting any demos in Chicago on webcam?
DONNAKATO: yes, the webcam stuff should come up from the katopolyclay site I think it's going to be a permanent fixture - webcam, that is
LALG: What if you feel like claying in your jimmies? With a web cam?
DONNAKATO: I'll do it, I have nice jimmies
CANEGURU: there ya go, Donna J
LAURA916: Wear bunny slippers, you'll look cute!
DONNAKATO: hmmmm….only if they come to my house
IMMOLDER: are you going to have guest artists on the webcam?
SUNNISAN: so Robert - if vanAken also sells to stores, who do they contact there?
8OSPADES: Suzanne 909-980-2001
DONNAKATO: berto, what contact info do you want to give?
8OSPADES: the above is fine
RDRANSOM: ya know we are probably going to call it KatoClay
TOMMIEJ: everyone already calls it Katoclay
TOMMIEJ: laugh
JWISECRAFT: hehehe should be KatoKlay
JWISECRAFT: Factory tours?
8OSPADES: factory tours? Sure
JWISECRAFT: Great, I'm gonna be cali in sept or oct
RDRANSOME: Hey lets take a field trip to California to have a tour!!
8OSPADES: your welcome
BLYNMOON: Donna, can I ask how to do a lopsided skinner bullseye…if you know?
DONNAKATO: what's a lopsided skinner?
BLYNMOON: I mean a bullseye with the center off to the side
DONNAKATO: I haven't made them, but I imagine, you'd make a blend, start rolling, then fold back on the wide side several times

cut a wedge out of a side and then close the edges.
BLYNMOON: Thank you
WWYTCH: Robert…where is the manufacturing plant?
8OSPADES: 40 miles e of LA nearest airport is Ontario
WWYTCH: hmmmmm….short roadtrip for me!
LAURA916: I live in Las Vegas.. I think you live near my brother in West Covina?
8OSPADES: close
RDRANSOM: LONG trip from Dallas!!
DANCING_BILB: longer from Sidney
8OSPADES: about 4 hours
IMMOLDER: try North Carolina
LAURA916: Can he come and pick up my clay???? LOL
8OSPADES: about 12 hours
8OSPADES: about 5 hours
TOMMIEJ: Not so much a question but I wanted to thank Donna and Robert for including more sculptors and sculptural issues in the beta testing phase of this clay… I have felt like our contingency was left out of a lot of other clays
DONNAKATO: you're welcome, toms. I am an aspiring sculptor myself!
SUNNISAN: aspiring donna? Your horses are great
DONNAKATO: thanks for your kind words
8OSPADES: We are working on a sculptors formula now
CANEGURU: how would that be different?
SUNNISAN: oh? Perk what would make the formula different?
8OSPADES: A slightly different feel and 3 hardnesses
JWISECRAFT: Don't forget about the beta testers for that verson
TOMMIEJ: well my dragon and frankensteins monsters have done well using the regular formula
WWYTCH: Tommie….it may have been because the sculpting uses haven't been as well known in the PCC area, like they have been in earthen clay.
IMMOLDER: me, me, pick me to beta
SUNNISAN: will the blending of seams still be like the regular katoclay?
8OSPADES: We would give it a more earthy feel
LALG: I'd like something a little more firmer for faces.
8OSPADES: we would make it in soft med and hard
TOMMIEJ: the beauty of leaching though is you can have your clay as firm as you like
DONNAKATO: you can still leach, toms, you'd just be beginning at a closer point
WWYTCH: and is there such a thing as too much leaching? Like forgetting it's under your craft table for 2 weeks?
TOMMIEJ: grin well two weeks might be a bit much
SUNNISAN: that sounds great. are you projecting the sculpt clay in about a year?
8OSPADES: hopefully less
EDENHOUND: what about plaquing (sp?)
8OSPADES: no plaquing here
SUNNISAN: what colors will the sculpt clay come in?
DANCING_BILB: would the colour range be the same?
DONNAKATO: good questions, that's one for toms
8OSPADES: The colors would be limited to grey and maybe flesh
8OSPADES: unless there is demand for more colors
SUNNISAN: grey? Why did ya'll choose grey?
JWISECRAFT: We're a color loving bunch
DONNAKATO: gray is a very traditional color used by sculptors. Easier to read fine details
DONNAKATO: particularly among the garage kit bunch
JWISECRAFT: Good thinking
TOMMIEJ: donna is right…. I sculpt in monochrome for that reason…. Then paint
LAURA916: What paint do you recommend over baked Katoclay?
TOMMIEJ: good quality acrylics or one of the heat set paints
DONNAKATO: yes, toms I've been using my old acrylics, golden, liqitex etc
SUNNISAN: ah! I see!
WYOMINGGAL: sounds like they hit all the dark colors at once
8OSPADES: The first sculptors color would be a dark grey green brown It is the easiest color to see form
DANCING_BILB: will the cured clay be a different hardness or just the initial unbaked clay?
SUNNISAN: good question bilby! Will the sculpt clay be as flexible as the regular?
8OSPADES: I don't know if it would be as flexible It might be more rigid
SUNNISAN: I'm thinking of small fingers on figurines and breakage
DONNAKATO: for molding and reproduction, less flexibility would probably be better
SUNNISAN: I think I would like it to be more rigid.
8OSPADES: that's what I think
SUNNISAN: with the current strength and harder finish, it would be pretty unbeatable.
8OSPADES: it should carve and drill and sand beautifully what do you think
JWISECRAFT: I'm liking it already
SUNNISAN: I like the idea right well!!!!
WYOMINGGAL: Yes, a good carving clay!
JWISECRAFT: I'd like something I can through on a wheel without using ky
SUNNISAN: and if you make one of the sculpt clays tan or flesh, we can mix it with the regular clay to get color if we don't want to paint.
8OSPADES: The color would look like patina bronze
LALG: sounds wonderful
DONNAKATO: the vacuum extrusion has made the clay smoother than the others, I think to begin with
DRELISE: Donna does that mean less sanding?
DONNAKATO: I find that I have to sand less, I use 400 grit only, then polish
8OSPADES: If the sculptors like it, it should evolve into a range of flesh colors
SUNNISAN: no foolin? Wow
DRELISE: wow, that's awesome!!
SUNNISAN: c'mon garage kitters!! I hope they like it!! I'm assuming you have some in beta testing!!
DONNAKATO: no testing yet
TOMMIEJ: I am hopefully going to be talking to a lot of the garage kit folks at Wonderfest
IMMOLDER: Will you provide charts for us with recipes for getting different flesh colors?
8OSPADES: yes we will provide charts
8OSPADES: That's in the works now
IMMOLDER: yippee
SUNNISAN: will those also be on the katoklay website?
DONNAKATO: color mix info will be up on katopolyclay site
WWYTCH: The color/mixing chart would be wonderful for those of us with no art background….or are color challenged….sigh….
IMMOLDER: color challenged, yup, that's me
8OSPADES: We will make color mixing with this clay exceedingling simple
DONNAKATO: the easiest way to experiement with color mixes is to roll your colors out into sheets of the same thickness. select a small cutter and cut out pieces. mix them together and when you get the color you like, count the holes to determine proportion
WWYTCH: Excellent idea.
DONNAKATO: fun, too
JWISECRAFT: I'm just gonna be happy getting ecru
8OSPADES: The line was designed from the beginning to mix easily
WWYTCH: Thanks, Robert…. My simple hue & tone vision are grateful.
8OSPADES: But first lets get some more clay out
SUNNISAN: ok - I'll wait!! tap tap tap
8OSPADES: Lucy says hi
KELLIEAK: yyyyyyyyyyyyy
DONNAKATO: hi, lucy!
KELLIEAK: sorry, kitten here helping me
BLYNMOON: dot or spot?
8OSPADES: We all love lucy
CANEGURU: who is lucy?
WWYTCH: groan
8OSPADES: She is my pug
DONNAKATO: lucy is Roberts chubby pug
BLYNMOON: pugs are the best
DONNAKATO: lucy is
LALG: Nah - shih tzu's are best!!
JWISECRAFT: I miss my pug
DONNAKATO: noooooo, horses are
LALG: lol
CANEGURU: cooncats J (Bruno and Buster **made** me say that)
BEANTRESS: no papillons are
WYOMINGGAL: Oh, oh, animal fight!!
TOMMYJ: I am partial to timber wolves… but they really make poor apartment pets….
RDRANSOM: we are trying to keep our new 9 wk old puppy up so we can sleep tonight!!
8OSPADES: Sorry for getting you guys off track
DONNAKATO: It's so easy to do
CJFOSTER: pets and animals are like kids….if they are yours, they are the best!
SUNNISAN: mention animals and we all join in, Robert!!
CANEGURU: or food
8OSPADES: Any clay questions??
SUNNISAN: yup Once you get the back order caught up how often will you be making batches?
WYOMINGGAL: Yes, we have to have the clay to experiment first
8OSPADES: We make 4000lb every day
JWISECRAFT: You could send me a days worth of clay then I'd be happy
SUNNISAN: so you have equipment dedicated just to the katoclay?
CANEGURU: Are you making it in the same facility as the Claytoons clay?
8OSPADES: yes same place
CANEGURU: I use that clay too J
SUNNISAN: so you can switch between claytoon and kato clays in one day using the same equipment?
8OSPADES: Right now we are making Kato. in two weeks we will make the plastalina
8OSPADES: Today we had to take a break for a special order of explosive simulants
SUNNISAN: that's quite a contrast in material, Robert!!
8OSPADES: you bet were at war
WYOMINGGAL: As long as they don't think our clay is explosive when we try to take it through an airport
TOMMIEJ: oh it happens
KELLIEAK: yes it does
8OSPADES: the density of polyclay is too low to create problems at the airport
SUNNISAN: that's good to know!
KELLIEAK: the people working security should be told that Robert
JWISECRAFT: tell that to the airport people
TOMMIEJ: yeah the visual inspections can sure detect density
BEANSTRESS: someone wrote about a security person throwing a piece of polymer against a wall
SUNNISAN: what a fool bean.. what if it had been an explosive!!
8OSPADES: They must be idiots
BEANSTRESS: I was agape when I read that….
KELLIEAK: that was sally in saudi
BEANSTRESS: what if it was silly putty…. Someone could have gotten hurt
NITEFALCON: I have taken clay internationally, I just don't take it in carryon even before 911
LORIEOFO: I've taken it in carry on since 911. I'm even working on making wooden tools so I can work on the flight.
LORIEOFO: Donna, somewhere I read about your clay being "repositional with heat" can you explain that. I'm concerned about it holding its shape in the sun.
DONNAKATO: lori, all the clays, if thin enough will soften somewhat
KELLIEAK: Donna, Lori has done some amazing faeries with your clay
DONNAKATO: lori, I'd love to see your fairies!
LORIEOFO: my website is sculpturefromthe I love your clay but I've used most of what I bought so I'll be ordering more soon.
DONNAKATO: when I reshape the clay is pretty much right out of the oven I'll put a thicker piece in a window and find out if it misshapes. Haven't had the problem yet, but I'll experiment some more
SUNNISAN: donna - when you talk about repositioning, you're not saying remove and replace then, just rebending?
DONNAKATO: yes, sunni, you can rebend and the clay won't break
LORIEOFO: So if it sags due to improper propping in the baking you can fix it?
CJFOSTER: If you can reshape it warm, can you rub it with something while warm so you don't have to sand?
DONNAKATO: rubbing when warm mattes the finish
LORIEOFO: I made a hat out of polymer clay last year and this year I'd like to do it out of Kato clay. I think it will work much better because its stronger and more flexible so it shouldn't damage in baggage handling.
DONNAKATO: yes, lori, it is stronger and more flexible
LORIEOFO: At my guild meeting last night we tested it to see what exactly it took to break a butterfly wing cane slice…. You have to really try to break it!!
DONNAKATO: yup, it takes some work to break the stuff
RDRANSOM: I'm afraid to bend mine too much!! I would be so upset if it broke!!
WYOMINGGAL: how about if you drop something?
SUNNISAN: Like a figurine?
LAURA916: When I use Scupley (my own fault) to make a pendant, I think I propped it up well to bake and it still sags. How long do you suggest baking your clay?
DONNAKATO: haven't dropped anything like a figurine, so I can't say
8OSPADES: This is not your mothers clay
SUNNISAN: you can say that again Robert!!
RDRANSOM: My kids were so impressed that we had a REAL LIVE Donna Kato piece -
DONNAKATO: katopolyclay will sag so I'd suggest bracing pieces well if walls are thin
LORIEOFO: LOL don't worry about breaking it by accident. I think you'd have to try pretty hard to break it. We bent a thin sliced piece in half and it didn't even look like breaking until I pinched really hard at the crease!
SUNNISAN: that means no broken fingers, lorio! or hair! or mermaid fins
RDRANSOM: it IS amazing!
DONNAKATO: and that was a cane slice!
DONNAKATO: strong strong strong
JWISECRAFT: No more broken wise women mermaid fins
LORIEOFO: That's right! My sculptures will be changing!
DAVESNYDER14: Very cool.. Can't wait to get some..
TOMMIEJ: the strength was certainly one thing I really noticed - my dragon actually fell over in the oven and needed only minor repairs
DONNAKATO: Linda Strueble made a fairy at the retreat, it fell over (she wasn't able to sobo the wire internally) and all she had to do was bend and hold her erect. No breakage.
SUNNISAN: most cool donna!! That's good to know!!
DRELISE: oh yay! That means I can go back to hair on my faces! Lol
SUNNISAN: what I'm interested in is the colorfastness I need a yellow that won't darken during baking
DONNAKATO: the colors shift no more than 1/2 shade - it is virtually true color
8OSPADES: Tell your local stores. "We want Kato Polyclay"
SUNNISAN: no problem there Robert!!!!
8OSPADES: It's up to you guys. If you demand it, they will get it
BEANSTRESS: yes sunni.. like how it will hold up as a garden poke in the yard
SUNNISAN: good question bean!! Have you guys exposed the clay to sun and weather after baking?
DAVESNYDER14: I was wondering that myself..for out door ornaments or snow globes?
SUNNISAN: sculpey fades in direct sunlight
DONNAKATO: no exposure to the elements - I never have recommended outdoor use of any clay - that's just me
RDRANDSOM: yeah, what about pieces that will be in water?
DONNAKATO: haven't done that, either, when you try (hint, hint) let me know!
8OSPADES: Have you had problems with polymer clays that have been cured being affected by water?
DONNAKATO: how do the others work in h2o?
KELLIEAK: they get cloudy
DONNAKATO: the pieces get cloudy?
8OSPADES: We will check into it
SUNNISAN: the others need the sealant
WYOMINGGAL: You have to cover them with the marine varethane to keep the colors bright
KELLIEAK: like a milky cloud
SUNNISAN: yes - they develop a white patina
LORIEOFO: I tested a mermaid in water (Super Sculpey) and it cracked and turned white. Ruined a really nice piece but the fish loved it!
DONNAKATO: I know that some years back I saw a fountain of polymer clay and the h20 got bubbly
SUNNISAN: interesting - and the clay didn't turn white? I've found when you remove the clay from water, the patina will go away
DONNAKATO: no, the clay seemed alright, the water got bubbly
DAVESNYDER14: Bubbly like foamy Donna?
KELLIEAK: that is interesting
DONNAKATO: yes, foamy
DAVESNYDER14: That will happen with any kind of turbulence depending on the water.. We use a product called anifoam in our fountains..
SUNNISAN: donna - dave makes fountains with traditional clays
DONNAKATO: oh, that's neat, dave. Can you buy antifoam in craft stores?
SUNNISAN: or garden centers I would think, donna!
DAVESNYDER14: Your local pool or spa supply place would have it.. too..
DONNAKATO: okay, that's good to know - do you put that in snowglobes, too?
DAVESNYDER14: hmmmm.. not sure.. I think they use glycerine maybe in the globes…?
DEEDOW: Dave is right! It's glycerine. I read about it last month
DONNAKATO: okay, thanks
NITEFALCON: When I was in Germany I actually saw something from FIMO that was snow globe solution don't have a clue what was in it
SUNNISAN: one of our members used marine grade flecto on some and tossed it into her birdbath for a year in the sun and rain. that worked just fine. I think she used premo clay
KELLIEAK: ya, sunni, miki said it took forever for the stuff to dry
DONNAKATO: must have some uv protection in there
SUNNISAN: ah! Thx kellie - I didn't know that part!
KELLIEAK: like days, if I remember correctly
DONNAKATO: they're doing a very good job
LORIEOFO: How about glow-in-the-dark? I LOVE glow-in-the-dark!
SUNNISAN: I think you'll still hafta use marine grade water based varithane for clay left in water
JWISECRAFT: Lorie, I've been asking about gitd clay too.
LORIEOFO: I use a lot of it. I love doing a cane that looks like something else with the lights out. And GITD fairies!
JWISECRAFT: I need gitd for my witch, Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstein, and Dracula canes But first I need ecru for my razberi kidz!!!!
JWISECRAFT: Donna, Keely says good night
DONNAKATO: goodnight, birthday girl!!
BEANSTRESS: good nite all!!!! Thanks for the chat…. Donna and Robert.. thank you for all your.. well for everything
DONNAKATO: goodnight, anita! Can't wait to see you at the show!
BEANSTRESS: hugs to all!!!!
8OSPADES: Goodnight Bean. I will be leaving soon too. Any more questions for me?
JWISECRAFT: Just keep it coming Robert!!
SUNNISAN: we are actually at the end of our time slot Robert. Thank you SO much for coming tonite!!
SUNNISAN: what a treat to have you here!!
WYOMINGGAL: Yes, keep the clay coming
DANCING_BILB: don’t forget Oz
8OSPADES: your welcome see you guys at ACCI
MARCELLAB2: Thanks Robert J
DEEDOW: Sorry if this question was asked already. I need to know about re-baking. I added some flowers to a Granitex lid and the lid turned darker than the base.
DONNAKATO: I'll jump in on deedow…the color won't change with rebaking!
DEEDOW: Thanks! That's great!!
DRELISE: Thanks for answering our questions Robert!
DONNAKATO: gnite Roberto and Lucy
8OSPADES: One more thing
SUNNISAN: yes???? perk
8OSPADES: If you want your store to carry Kato Clay Demand it
MARCELLAB2: as if we're not already lol
SUNNISAN: we can do that!!!
DRELISE: don't worry, we will!!
DONNAKATO: good advice, be assertive!
DEEDOW: I'm making picket signs right now
DRELISE: LOL deedow, I'm with ya!
8OSPADES: Thanks again for your support
NITEFALCON: Sounds like a plan
SUNNISAN: thank YOU for a great product!
8OSPADES: Have a great time with your art
SUNNISAN: we will!! That's a promise
8OSPADES: goodnight and hope to chat again
DAVESNYDER14: thank you Robert..
SUNNISAN: you're welcome here anytime.
JWISECRAFT: Thank you Robert, see you at ACCI
8OSPADES: zzzzzzzzzzz
WYOMINGGAL: nite Robert
LGILCH002: Donna did Lynda say what she mixed to get the flesh tone on your fairy?
DONNAKATO: Lynda is going to send me some recipes for mixes soon and I'll pass them along I know she mixed some blue into the beige
8OSPADES: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
TOMMIEJ: I mixed a lot of blue paint into my flesh paint for Frankenstein
NITEFALCON: what is acci
DONNAKATO: acci is the second biggest craft trade show in the country.
DONNAKATO: Every year it's in Chicago late July
JWISECRAFT: Association of creative crafts industry
SUNNISAN: Donna - I would like to thank you so much for coming again, AND bringing Robert! What a treat!!
DONNAKATO: you're welcome, kids, Robert is a genius!!!
WYOMINGGAL: Yes, a very big treat!!
JWISECRAFT: Nice guy, Donna
JWISECRAFT: I'm looking forward to meeting him
WYOMINGGAL: Now tell Vernon to get that clay shipped
DONNAKATO: Okay, I'll crack the whip over (or on) Vernon
LGILCH002: I worked with my metallic pieces from retreat and they are BEAUTIFUL shifts
DONNAKATO: oh goody, I've been very pleased with the metallic mixes, too
DONNAKATO: He's a very good guy, really decent, really honest
SUNNISAN: So Donna, if you'd like to stay on and field questions, I'll open the floor to general chat!
DONNAKATO: sure, I'll stay a while!
SUNNISAN: oh goody!! claps with glee
NITEFALCON: I saw the repeat of CD of the hobby trade show, where you did the nautiluses (sp?)
DONNAKATO: yes, I did a chatoyant thing. Actually a mix of buessler and voulkos do you want to know how it was done?
RONNICA447: I'd love to stay, but unfortunately can't. G'nite all, and Thanks again Donna for everything!!
SUNNISAN: Neat twist!! And yeah!! How didja do that?
SUNNISAN: Like a jellyroll?
DONNAKATO: gnite !! and you're very welcome!! Okay, I did the rolling, folding, rolling to align the mica particles. Then I rolled it up. then I trimmed the ends and cut four sides (Buesseler)
KELLIEAK: Like an ingot?
DONNAKATO: Then rolled it to smooth the corners, then twisted it, tapering one end and rolling it up, then slice your silver.
NITEFALCON: I understood how it was done from the show…I was just surprised you were using silver…when I had used silver premo, I never got such good effects. Yours seem to have more mica.
DONNAKATO: Our silver has more mica! That’s why the effect is more pronounced. Be careful, it does “bruise,” as Pier says, and then the effect is reduced.
SUNNISAN: How about reducing a little with the mica shifted jelly roll?
WYOMINGGAL: Very Carefully.
DONNAKATO: The act of rolling the square block round does reduce it slightly
SUNNISAN: So, use gentle squeezes, don’t reduce too much?
DONNAKATO: gentle, gentle and yes, don’t reduce too much. I can’t remember how Pier does her nautilus things. It took me days to figure that simple thing out.
WYOMINGGAL: Probably about the same way. It seems logical.
DONNAKATO: Wait ‘til you mix color into the pearl!
SUNNISAN: I can hardly!!
LORIEOFO: I noticed it shifts!
DAVESNYDER14: Geez, I don’t think I ordered any pearl… L
DONNAKATO: Toms, when’s your conference?
TOMMIEJ: It’s in April or May.
DONNAKATO: Email me, please.
TOMMIEJ: I don’t remember, I’ll mail you!
DONNAKATO: Okay, now I have questions for you all. What’s wrong/right with Liquid Sculpey?
SUNNISAN: Gravity!!
WYOMINGGAL: Yes, it runs.
LORIEOFO: The container!
KELLIEAK: Gravity, yes.
DONNAKATO: Too loose?
SUNNISAN: Only mercury equals TLS’ determination to obey gravity.

Too thin. There should be different thicknesses.
DONNAKATO: I thought it was really thick.
DRELISE: Absolutely yes, too loose.
KELLIEAK: You can make it thinner or thicker.
LAURA916: Mine’s like toothpaste!
DONNAKATO: Hmmmm…things have changed!
JWISECRAFT: It should stay where you put it.
LORIEOFO: How do you make it thicker?
SUNNISAN: I like it reasonably thick. You can always thin it. You can’t thicken it without leaving it sit open for days.
KELLIEAK: Add diluent - it’s thinner, leave it sitting out - it’s thicker.
LORIEOFO: The stuff that leaks all over my suitcase is the consistency of toothpaste, but the rest is very thin.
DONNAKATO: Exposure to air effects consistency then?
KELLIEAK: Yes, it does, Donna.
SUNNISAN: Yes, donna - it thickens when left uncovered.
NITEFALCON: The stuff I have is very thick, but I bought mine when you could still only get it in cans.
KELLIEAK: Mine too, it’s in a can.
DONNAKATO: How thin have you been able to get it?
KELLIEAK: Pretty dang thin.
DONNAKATO: Is it translucent enough?
KELLIEAK: No, Not translucent enough.
LORIEOFO: Tranparent would be better!!

It would be nice if it was clearer.
JWISECRAFT: Not trans enough.
SUNNISAN: But it does give interesting effects. And if baked at the higher temp (that burns clay), you can sand and buff it to a polish. If you can get a liquid that doesn’t bake at 300F….
LAURA916: I usually mix mine with Pearlex so I don’t notice.
DONNAKATO: So, ordinarily, you can’t sand and polish?
MARCELLAB2: The mica doesn’t stay bright when you add it to the TLS…it looks like the dull side of a piece of mica clay run through the pasta machine.
NITEFALCON: I did a TLS phototransfer with mine and it was very translucent, but the picture looked more like a matte print than a glossy one.
LAURA916: I just sealed it with Flecto and the shine came back.
WYOMINGGAL: It can be sanded, but it is really tough.
KELLIEAK: I think it is very hard to sand and polish.
SUNNISAN: At less than 300F it isn’t really cured completely so it stays a little rubbery, but the solid clays burn at 300F.
DONNAKATO: Okay, when applied to colored pencil, do the colors remain stable?
WYOMINGGAL: Yes. Also chalk.
DONNAKATO: The violets, pinks, magentas?
SUNNISAN: I have used TLS to do a transfer with oil pastels. The color is still good a year later.
LORIEOFO: I like to do transfers and use the TLS on the top to protect the transfer, but to get it clear enough it has to be baked high enough that some of the inks fade. So it distorts the image.
DONNAKATO: I’ve heard the odor is bad and it smokes, is that right?
WYOMINGGAL: Yes. Really stinks
MACKIMBA: Definitely!
SUNNISAN: And it’s horrible if you color it with oil paints and bake!!
DONNAKATO: Gotcha. How about images from magazines?
LORIEOFO: I’ve only used tshirt transfer w/inkjet prints.
LAURA916: Donna, was it you that made a mokume gane with Genesis paints awhile back?
DONNAKATO: Yes, I’ve used genesis in mokume gane - love it! Also Createx Airbrush paints, very cool. Girl from Michigan introduced me to Createx.
SUNNISAN: Donna - I get magazine pix to transfer ok - but not inkjet.
NITEFALCON: I tried regular inkjet, it didn’t work so well. The t-shirt inkjet works brilliantly with TLS, better than regular clay.
DONNAKATO: But, magazine images don’t work so well?
WYOMINGGAL: No, they work fine. Also, greeting paper works.
SUNNISAN: Magazine images did just fine for me with TLS.
DONNAKATO: Is laser the same as inkjet?
KKEPHART: No. Laser uses toner like photocopiers.
LAURA916: Nope, it’s not.
SUNNISAN: No, donna - inkjet is like bubble jet. The ink is dabbed onto the paper. Laser it’s burned.
KKEPHART: Inkjet is a liquid that is sprayed onto the paper.

Are you planning to produce something better?
DONNAKATO: Thinking about it. You know, always thingking about products!
KKEPHART: Would it be cost effective to produce TLS in “artist’s colors?”
LORIEOFO: psst…glow-in-the-dark…
MACKIMBA: Colors would be cool!
DONNAKATO: I see, thanks for the info, kids. Hi, Kathy! You just missed Robert.
KADEWEY: The polymeister. Rats!
DONNAKATO: I like that, The Polymeister.
KADEWEY: Can’t wait to get my stuff.
WYOMINGGAL: Several of us are waiting., Kathy.
KADEWEY: I know.
DONNAKATO: It’s coming!!!!!
KADEWEY: Know that, too.
SUNNISAN: Didn’t Robert say it’s on the road?
DONNAKATO: Yup, I think it’s on it’s way to Vernon.
LORIEOFO: Are you low on the sample pack or on the big blocks?
KADEWEY: Did you guys hire hellp to deal with the extra work?
DONNAKATO: I know, I’m sorry about it. Once we catch up some, fulfillment won’t be a problem.
DONNAKATO: Both, right now. I don’t even have black and I’m running low on white.
LORIEOFO: What about translucent?
DONNAKATO: We’ve got a few people lined up, but mostly it’s the dog man and me.
DAVESNYDER14: I can’t wait to get mine.. I order 3 big blox of translucent.. J I just love trans.
LORIEOFO: Me too. I use that mostly and then just tint it with other colors.
DONNAKATO: The translucent will come with the rest. ---idle chatter---
DONNAKATO: Well, guys, it’s been great, as usual. Thanks for having me and being so great to Robert!
KADEWEY: thanks, Donna.
DRELISE: Thanks so much Donna!!
STARGAZERCA: Thanks for being here!!! J
SUNNISAN: Thank you again, Donna!
WYOMINGGAL: thank you for bringing him, Donna, and thanks for coming!
LAURA916: Thanks so much for the clay!!!!!!!!!
DAVESNYDER14: Thanx for stoppin by Donna..
JWISECRAFT: Night Donna.
DONNAKATO: Gnight good people!

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