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Marie & Howard Segal
with Syndee Holt

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November 13, 2000:

(Logging at 13-NOV-2000 21:22)

.Jenn> I know... a raft made of bubble wrap?
.Bean> a TLS bubble
.Jenn> you think helium freaks out the cats, try doing Kmart closing announcements on helium!
.kellieAK> but of course
.caneguru> Is marie having a hard time getting in the room?
.Leigh> Kellie, are you logging this?
.kellieAK> yes, I am leigh
.Stephen> I'm logging
.Leigh> Good Girl
.kellieAK> we don't want to miss any of this silliness
.caneguru> Yikes. Got to watch the comments...
HOWARDSEGAL> yes she is
.caneguru> I'm never silly.
.kellieAK> no, just carla, bean
WWYTCH> oh, way!!
.Leigh> Hey Howard, do you have your horns on???
.JanV> this is silliness?? I thought it was the usual for PC'ers!
.Jenn> er - define silly...
.Bean> lol!!!!
.caneguru> Yeah, there are several horned folks in this room
.JanV> opps
.kellieAK> you got me there jan, that is correct, it is usual for us
.JanV> oops I mean!
WWYTCH> hey, I resemble that remark! I always maintain the highest standards of decorum!
.kellieAK> that was my mom, hopefully she will be back
.JanV> I know at least two of them Cane!!
WWYTCH> nyuk, nyuk....
.Leigh> I try to stay on the High side of the sewer, whenever possible
.RubberMouse> I am still here just telling others
HOWARDSEGAL> hold on i gotta see why she can't get in
.kellieAK> good mouse
.kellieAK> thanks howard
.Jenn> <~~ has horns, but not PC ones...
.kellieAK> geez
.kellieAK> I just put mine on linda
.caneguru> Great minds run in the same gutter, I always say.
.kellieAK> I feel much better now
.caneguru> Wonder why the chatroom is so problematic lately????
.kellieAK> sunspots?
.Jenn> nothing wrong with being in the gutter, just as long as you're there with friends
.caneguru> You spotted Sunni?
.Bean> hand recounts
.caneguru> I'd be lonely anywhere else
WWYTCH> Where has Sunni been, btw?!
.RubberMouse> does anyone know if regular modeling clay can be baked?
.Leigh> they are moving so she is afk
.kellieAK> sunni has been moving hopefuly back soon
.kellieAK> hello kate
.Bean> what do you mean by "regular modeling" clay
WWYTCH> ahhh, I remember her saying she would be offline for awhile. Senior moment, here.
KATEAND32> Hi Kellie, better late than never?
.kellieAK> well, marie hasn't made it in the room yet
HOWARDSEGAL> still helping her
.RubberMouse> The stuff for kids come in a cane shape pot not polymer, mostely for kids
.Bean> do you need the link again howard?
.JanV> yes, but what are you helping her to do Howard? :-)
.kellieAK> mouse, I think that stuff is sposed to air dry?
.Jenn> it took a while for the chat to come up, but not too long..
.Jenn> regular modeling clay isn't supposed to dry at all...
.RubberMouse> it says it never drys, so it can be modeled and re modled
.caneguru> I wouldn't try to bake it. Might be toxic
.RubberMouse> oh I see, I am really new to this
.Bean> i don't think those can be baked
.kellieAK> yeah, me either then
.Leigh> I think they melt when baked
.Jenn> a friend of mine used to use modeling clay to make sculptures, then mold them in plaster...
.caneguru> Howard, is Marie in the same room as you?
.Bean> howard.. if marie can't make it in.. maybe you two can share your screen
.caneguru> My thoughts...
.kellieAK> yeah huh
.caneguru> Ah heck. Just all of you come on over to my house and we'll chat without the computer. I have lots of milanos.
.caneguru> And jello
.Bean> too bad you can't hook up 2 keyboards to 1 computer
.kellieAK> wildchild, did you have a hard time getting in?
.caneguru> Are you among us?
.Bean> the chat eater
.kellieAK> oh, well no wonder he wasn't responding to us
.kellieAK> howard, is marie in the room with you?
.** .Gullgrl just joined "Polymer Clay Central" (15 members now) **
.kellieAK> marie??? is that you?
.Gullgrl> Finally
.Stephen> There's Marie
.Bean> theres' marie.... hello marie
.caneguru> Marie!!!
.Cathy(Bluechile)> yeah!!!
.RubberMouse> poor Howard
.kellieAK> WELCOME sorry delphi is being such a pain
.caneguru> And Howard!
.Leigh> Yeah!!!!
.Gullgrl> Hi you guy!!!!! God i hate computers!1
.RubberMouse> Hi Marie...
.Bean> yippeee the gang's all here
.Stephen> lol
.caneguru> Do I hear a Halle LU ja?
.kellieAK> well, we are glad you are both here. now tie them down someone!
HOWARDSEGAL> that's for sure
WWYTCH> amen!
.caneguru> They might like that
.Leigh> You've been hearing them all day, Linda!
.Jenn> lol, kellie
WWYTCH> hehe
.kellieAK> well, we have to do it I think
.Bean> anchors tied captain!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> couldn't get in using aol 6.0
.Stephen> AOL and Delphi do NOT mix
.Leigh> NO Aol doesn't like Delphi
HOWARDSEGAL> i guess not
.Gullgrl> how is everyone?
.RubberMouse> Welcome! Welcome!
.Bean> i'm on AOL and have NO trouble.. I'm still on the 4.o
.Leigh> Glad to see your smiling face Marie!
.RubberMouse> great...
.Gullgrl> Me too you
.kellieAK> marie, so glad you could make it
.Cathy(Bluechile)> great , now that you're here!
.Jenn> hmmm.. that's interesting, I'm on 6.0
.Leigh> Glad to see Howard too!
.Gullgrl> Mee too don't you love it when you invite someone and they don't even show up
.caneguru> }}}}}}}}}Marie & Howard((((((((((
HOWARDSEGAL> oh yeah....
.Bean> what's new with you 2?
.caneguru> Really. SOME people!!! LOL
.Gullgrl> sos
.kellieAK> oh, marie, we could see you on delphi, we knew you couldn't get in
.Leigh> Besides the four NEW COLORS?
WWYTCH> can be forgiven for your tardiness should we discover you brought appetizers.
.Gullgrl> What did you guys do????? lock the door
.Bean> those are wonderful!!!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> glad you like them
.caneguru> We had to sacrifice a virgin. Finding one took a lot of time
.Gullgrl> I love the new colors too!!
.JanV> lol
.kellieAK> yes, I love the new colors, especially like the ochre
.Gullgrl> Heehee
.Leigh> A LOT of time!!!!
.Bean> now marie... would we lock the doors on you and Howie?
.caneguru> Darn it. I don't have the ochre yet. But then again, I can't work clay at the moment..
.Gullgrl> Are there any left???
.kellieAK> no, but we would lock them in
.Gullgrl> Why not linda
.Bean> oh ochre..the baby of my favorites
.Leigh> We are down to toddlers!
.kellieAK> hehehe
HOWARDSEGAL> no baby poop please thank you very much
.caneguru> Injured back, Marie. I'll live, but on the sidelines for a while.
.Leigh> with an easy chair, a laptop and percodin
.Gullgrl> I'm s0oooooooo sorry ihate the back thing
.kellieAK> Marie, tell us what you have been up to lately
.kellieAK> please
.caneguru> Easy chair, laptop, percodan, remote control. What more could a girl want?
.caneguru> Yes, Marie. What's new?
.JanV> a slave to rub her feet?
.kellieAK> virgins for the delphi gods linda
.Bean> depends?
.Gullgrl> Some ole stuff really just trying to organize and clean up
.caneguru> He'll be home soon, Jan.
.kellieAK> have you been teaching lately?
.JanV> hehehehehe does he know what he's in for?
.caneguru> Creating anything new and exciting these days?
.Gullgrl> i taught a class in san jose
.RubberMouse> I just started with clay Marie, I just bought the book by syndee Holt she credit you often
.Gullgrl> blushing
.kellieAK> what kind of class was it marie?
WWYTCH> SAN JOSE????!!!! oh, no...I could have gone. :-(
.Gullgrl> translucents and Liquid sculpey
.Leigh> Do you know the way?
.Gullgrl> for the south bay guild
WWYTCH> okay, now I know I'm gonna commit hari-kari.....
.kellieAK> oh, that sounds like a great class!
HOWARDSEGAL> don't do that
.Jenn> *sniffle* sounds like a good class,,too bad I'm on the east coast
WWYTCH> oh, hit a girl when she's down, Leigh...*sob*
.Leigh> anything Marie teaches is a great class
.kellieAK> not in here at least carla, I would have to clean up after you
.caneguru> No hari kari. We need a virgin, not a blood sacrifice
.Gullgrl> Thank you rubber mouse I hope you have fun with polymer
.Gullgrl> We had a great time
.caneguru> Was it a one day class?
WWYTCH> Marie...any more classes planned in this general area? (Calif)
HOWARDSEGAL> next time you'll attend the class
.Leigh> Even without me, Marie???
.Gullgrl> Yes even with out you leigh but in a different way.
.Bean> we'll have to get her out to the midwest and east Leigh
.kellieAK> uh, a class in alaska would be great
.caneguru> and north. :) :)
.JanV> second that one Bean!!
.Gullgrl> When after the wet winter you and I are going to have
.Leigh> She comes to the East!!!
.Cathy(Bluechile)> ...and New Mexico
.Leigh> I followed her around all last year!
.Jenn> Leigh - would that make you a clayhead?
.Gullgrl> I don't know when I have more classes in ca
.Gullgrl> Iam always ready though
.Leigh> Hopelessleigh!
.kellieAK> where are the next classes scheduled?
.RubberMouse> Where are you from Marie?
.Bean> we may have a wet winter this year maire... you can make snow angels
.Gullgrl> hehe
.Jenn> =)
KATEAND32> A clay groupie
WWYTCH> just my luck.....there isn't even a guild in my immediate area.
.Leigh> Then you have to start one!
.Gullgrl> We kind of followed each other didn't we?
.caneguru> Start a guild!
.kellieAK> closest to me is seattle
.Jenn> closest guild to me is NYC...
.Leigh> Yes, sorta! At times I pulled you with me!
.JanV> we're trying to Linda!!
.Gullgrl> where are you wwytch
.Jenn> which really isn't all that far.
WWYTCH> oh, right...I can barely start my car in the morning and you want me to start a guild?
HOWARDSEGAL> - signed off -
.kellieAK> oops
.Leigh> LOL
.Jenn> definitely not when compared with Kellie
.RubberMouse> poor howard
WWYTCH> Marie...I'm on the Central Coast...San Luis Obispo area.
.Gullgrl> LOL!!!!!!! I know what you mean hehe
.RubberMouse> keeps getting booted
.RubberMouse> where are you located Marie
.Leigh> Throw in another virgin
.Gullgrl> i love Obispo and sycamore springs
WWYTCH> we weren't talking to him enough, perhaps?
.kellieAK> at least I have tom p here in town with me, that is like a guild
.Gullgrl> san diego-------escondido
.Jenn> darn, I knew I should have kept that virgin handy
.Gullgrl> We can't stay on line he crashed
WWYTCH> We now have mineral springs in Paso Robles!!! (shameless attempt at bribery)
.Bean> start out with a group and have clay days once a month and go from there. that's what we're doing in Dayton ohio..right jan?
.RubberMouse> that means hidden
.kellieAK> you have to go marie?
.Gullgrl> REALLY????????????????????
.Gullgrl> I am bribed
.JanV> yep now branching out to a library!!
.caneguru> Me too. Hot springs would help the back right now!
WWYTCH>'s becoming quite the tourist area.
.Bean> go a step at atime
.Gullgrl> No howard and i are just having alot of trouble is all
WWYTCH> Bean...that's a good idea! I just need to find other people who clay. I only started myself....
.kellieAK> okay, PHEW!
WWYTCH> Linda...come on down here, girl!
.RubberMouse> my daughter want to wear shorts to school tomorrow
.caneguru> Is it warm in CA?
.Bean> go to the central's message board and let people knwo you're ther
.Gullgrl> Oy my it is sooooo cold down here
.kellieAK> shorts, *snorts*
.Bean> that's how we got started
.RubberMouse> we are in WISCONSIN!
.Leigh> don't forget to fill in a classified in the Guild Guizette
.kellieAK> here it is snowing
.Gullgrl> OOOOOOOHHHHHnoooooooooo
.caneguru> It's 33 degrees here in Seattle. Thhat's cold for here.
.Jenn> hmm... think it might be a little chilly for shorts, then
WWYTCH> Linda...oh, lordy, no! It's been 19 & 20 degrees the last 2 mornings. My pipes froze up this morning. And we didn't get any water from the faucet, either~! *G*
.caneguru> I miss snow
.Gullgrl> It get down to 25- 30 here and listen to me whine
.Cathy(Bluechile)> 22 in Albuquerque...
KATEAND32> It's 33 degrees in MN and snowing
.caneguru> You have to let the water drip a little so the pipes don't freeze
.Bean> we have flurries in the forecast.. I'm ready for snow
.RubberMouse> I have a friend in Woodland, she just bought land and put up a house facing Mt St Helens
.Jenn> balmy 50's here
WWYTCH> yeah, she scolds me after I had to come to work showerless....
.Gullgrl> At least we don't have any snow San Diego would come to a schreeching halt
.JanV> we're supposed to get flurries here tomorrow.
WWYTCH> Jenn...where are you?
.caneguru> Seattle shuts down for 1/8 inch of snow. LOL
.Jenn> lol, NJ comes to a halt when it snows, I can't imagine CA!
.Gullgrl> Silly bean!!!!! you can't like snow it is too cold for these bones
.JanV> oh yes she does like snow!!!
.Gullgrl> You should see it when it rain the whole freeway piles up
.Bean> yes yes yes.. i love snow
.kellieAK> oh, I just love delphi
WWYTCH> we had snow here about 10 yrs ago. The kids loved it but there were more traffic accidents! People just didn't know how to drive in the snow.
.caneguru> Don just came home and is doing a happy dance. Lots of ebay packages for him. :)
.Gullgrl> or the rain either
WWYTCH> it never snows in Delphi.....
.kellieAK> can you see me?
.Gullgrl> LOL!!!!!!
.caneguru> Yes, Kellie
.Gullgrl> yes we see you
.Jenn> I live in NJ now, but learned to drive in upstate NY... snow isn't a problem.
.kellieAK> good.
.Bean> you just get booted off with no warning on delphi
.caneguru> Hey, it's Kellie2
.kellieAK> hey kellie2


.Leigh> Marie, is there something that you would like to discuss about Polymer Clay?
.Kellie> Hi All!!!
.kellieAK> yes, marie, lets talk about clay
.Leigh> Just curious!
WWYTCH> yes, before I have to go home!
.Gullgrl> yesssssssssss
.RubberMouse> Hi Artist
.Gullgrl> ask awa
.Gullgrl> y
.Gullgrl> before i crash
.kellieAK> are you doing anything new and exciting???
.caneguru> what's your curent favorite polymer "toy"?
.Leigh> Is the cutting edge still translucents?
.Gullgrl> Heehee I could tell you then I would have to kill you!!!!!
.Bean> lol
.kellieAK> uh oh
.Gullgrl> Yes still playing with trans
.Bean> michael says that all the time marie
WWYTCH> well, it would save me from having to fall on my sword.
.JanV> at least we'll go with smiles, marie!!
.Gullgrl> But goofing more with ls
.kellieAK> what kind of stuff are you doing with ls?
.Gullgrl> I am really not doing much too busy here
.RubberMouse> ROTFL :)
.Gullgrl> Painting and try to learn to control it
.Jenn> *sigh*... translucents. would love to be half as well with them as in my mind's eye
.kellieAK> to busy at the factory?
.Gullgrl> keep trying Jenn you will get it
.Kellie> Marie, glad I didn't miss you!!!
.Gullgrl> yes it is the season to be jolly right
.caneguru> painting?
.Bean> ho ho ho
.Gullgrl> Miss me when???
.kellieAK> yes do tell marie
.RubberMouse> I dream clay just like I did stamping when I started that
.Kellie> Tonight!!!
.Gullgrl> we get very busy starting the end of august
.Jenn> until then, I'll keep drooling over other people's creations (yes Leigh, you should blush now )
.Leigh> Oh you're hooked RubberMOuse
.Gullgrl> Working with stencils too
.kellieAK> stencils and ls?
.Jenn> stencils & tls?
.Leigh> I'm blushing for sure, Jenn
WWYTCH> regular stencils?
.Bean> dabbing LS on the stencils?
.Gullgrl> Yes if you use the metal ones they are great!!!!
.Leigh> Brass Stencils?
.Cathy(Bluechile)> that sounds interesting
.Gullgrl> it is
.caneguru> I like those brass stencils
.kellieAK> what do you color your ls with marie?
.Gullgrl> they can be rolled into the clay and paint the LS on and bake too
.Leigh> I remember the frog at Shrine MOnt, but can't find that stencil anyplace
.RubberMouse> what? Stencils and clay?
.Gullgrl> oil paint chalk
.Gullgrl> pearlex]
.Cathy(Bluechile)> chalk works?
.Gullgrl> me either leigh
.caneguru> Oil paint chalk? Like craypas?
.kellieAK> you grind up the chalk?
.Jenn> i was thinking pearlex... that could be cool.
.Bean> would the LS work better if it was thicker ?
.Leigh> IF I find it I"ll get two!
.Gullgrl> yes chalk will work you may have to add diluent to it
.Gullgrl> cool
.Bean> use stencil paint in the LS
.Gullgrl> are craypas oil; based??
.caneguru> Not sure.
.Leigh> Yes
.Jenn> i remember craypas... are they still the same?
.Gullgrl> i don't know haven't tried them will you let me know
.kellieAK> sounds great marie, you bake the stencil on the clay?
.Leigh> they don't taste the same as they did when we were little
.Gullgrl> yes
.RubberMouse> What is LS? Liquid sculpey?
.Gullgrl> yes
.kellieAK> LOL! leigh!
.caneguru> Yes,. LS is liquid sculpey. TLS is translucent liquid sculpey
.RubberMouse> does it come off stencil with ease?
.Bean> stencil paint creams are oil based too i think
.Gullgrl> ls is liquid sculpey sorry
.Jenn> lol, but they still make the same mess on your hands when you blend them, right?
.Gullgrl> Yes comes off better when hot
.Leigh> Yes, the stencil paints ar eusually oil based
.kellieAK> well, have to add this to my "to-do" list
.Gullgrl> The chalk i used I think was artist pastels
.caneguru> I'm in clay withdrawal. This is frustrating!!!
.Gullgrl> crumbles like chalk
.caneguru> Hello Carole
.Cathy(Bluechile)> those are the soft pastels w/o oil?
.Jenn> the dusty pastels?
.RubberMouse> I am lost apply ls to pc after baked? then bake again with stencil on?
.kellieAK> do you carry any of the chalks or paints marie?
.Gullgrl> keep a journal; and collect picture linda
.Bean> ooooo cool... Can make some really neat christmas cards that would last a life time
.Gullgrl> no sorry
CAROLE4700> Hi I never done this before so forgive my slowness
.kellieAK> but you do have the pearlex
.caneguru> Oh, I've been collecting ideas. Just kinda stuck in a chair for a while, Marie. I'll be ok.
.Gullgrl> also working with trans and painting ls with differnt stuff for mokumes
.kellieAK> take you time carole, we don't bite
.caneguru> Not often, anyway.
.Leigh> Unless you're Jello
.kellieAK> now that sounds interesting marie
.Gullgrl> carole i am the slowest
.Jenn> or chocolate
.RubberMouse> cane..only one problem with a laptop...
CAROLE4700> Thanks, but I haven't quite caught on so go ahead and I'll observe for a while
.caneguru> Marie, are you going to post some new stuff at some point?
.caneguru> What's that?
.RubberMouse> what if you don't have a lap?
.Gullgrl> I have some stuff on the sculpey pages
.kellieAK> hehehe
.caneguru> Err.. I generally have a lap. :)
.kellieAK> new stuff marie??? I will have to check that out
.Cathy(Bluechile)> I'll have to go look, Marie
.caneguru> I'll check that out later. Thanks.
.kellieAK> so, tell us more about the ls and mokume gane
.Gullgrl> They also have something up on mixing colors with LS
.caneguru> Good deal. :)
.Gullgrl> mokume first???
.kellieAK> okay carla! LOL!
.Gullgrl> trans rolled very flat
.caneguru> Hiya Joan..
.Gullgrl> #5-6
.Joan> Hi I know I'm late. whay did I miss?
WWYTCH> duh....see y'all....
.Jenn> lol, I saw the heading "mixing translucent colors" & just KNEW
.Joan> Hiya Linda
.kellieAK> marie is telling us about mokum done with ls
.caneguru> ok. So think sheet of trans. Then...
.Gullgrl> paint surfaces with LS mixtures let set over night so the won't be soooooo slippery
.kellieAK> okay
.Joan> Figures! Poo Husbands augh!
.Gullgrl> You can use glitters
.Gullgrl> Like gick fabric glitter
.Gullgrl> pearl ex
.RubberMouse> what comes in new colors? clay? I think I missed that part
.Gullgrl> and oil paint and chalk mixes
.Gullgrl> Clay yes
.caneguru> so you're painting the tops of the sheets and letting them rest overnight?
.Gullgrl> yes
.Gullgrl> then stack together and do the mokume thing
.kellieAK> oh, that sounds like fun
.Leigh> Awesome idea!!!
.Gullgrl> Ripple blade and soooooooo forth
.Gullgrl> ]fun too
.caneguru> Sounds easy enough. And the results are pleasing then?
.caneguru> I love my ripple blade!
.kellieAK> ripple blade??? for mokume ?
CAROLE4700> May I ask a question of Marie?
.Gullgrl> Yes I do like to use some opauques with it too
.Leigh> You sure can
.JanV> do you ever tint the translucent, marie.
.RubberMouse> where can I get a ripple blade?
.Gullgrl> like jaquard whit
.kellieAK> at the clayfactory mouse
.Gullgrl> no i don't but ycould
.RubberMouse> is there a link
.Leigh> on the start page, Mouse
.kellieAK> carol, what is your question?
CAROLE4700> I have been making canes watching you tapes Marie - they are great - after you make them do you bake them first and then slice them?
.Leigh> and on the front of the web site, we link all over to the clay factory
.Gullgrl> That is supposed to be white
.Gullgrl> no
.Gullgrl> I slice right away first to see what I have
.Gullgrl> can't stand waiting
.Gullgrl> cutting is the hardest part
.kellieAK> and apply the slices to something and then bake. do you like to cover stuff marie???
.Gullgrl> make sure you have a very thin blade
.caneguru> My blades go dull at a fast rate.
.kellieAK> marie, do you carry the blades at the factory too?
.Gullgrl> Yes I love to cover things and am trying other interesting stuff
CAROLE4700> How thick do you cut them if you are using them for inlays?
.Bean> carole, are you talking about the flower canes?
.Leigh> Does the Clay Factory sell that stuff called ELASTICLAY, Marie???
.Gullgrl> Yes blade here
.Gullgrl> Yes elaticlay too
.Gullgrl> haha
.caneguru> SculpeyFlex!
.RubberMouse> can you use ls like grout for mosaic tiles
.Gullgrl> just got it leigh
.Leigh> LOL
.Gullgrl> Yes like grout
.Gullgrl> Try cover metal parts for toilet paper
.Gullgrl> holders
.caneguru> LOLLLLLL!!!
.kellieAK> what do you use the elasticlay for marie?
.Leigh> Carole, it can be sliced very thin or it can be thick, depends on the project
.caneguru> Oh, didn't see the word holders. LOL
.Gullgrl> ask leigh she is the expert
.Bean> LOL
.RubberMouse> I covered two pens today
.kellieAK> oh, duh, I think I shouldn't
.Gullgrl> cool how did they turn out
.Leigh> Later Kellie!
.RubberMouse> it turned out too thick but pretty though
.Gullgrl> ]i use elasticlay for mold
.Gullgrl> s
.Leigh> Yes, it is VERY good for molds
.kellieAK> you can sand them down mouse
.Gullgrl> roll you clay out thinner to start
.caneguru> I can't work with elasticlay myself. It is soooooo sticky! Any tips there?
.Leigh> Mix it with your scrap clay
.Bean> it's too sticky for me too
.RubberMouse> I rolled a thin clay and wrapped pen then sliced cane and added
.RubberMouse> should my slices be thin also?
.Gullgrl> you have to knead it first then set aside for a while
.Leigh> I actually use it to make the leaves now, I mix it with premo until it's not sticky
.caneguru> Lots of scrap clay here! A/k/a polymerde. LOL
.Jenn> polymerde... I like it.
.Gullgrl> makes better molds high detai because of the way it is
.caneguru> Your leaves are amazing, Leigh. Have you seen them Marie?
.Gullgrl> yes i have some
.Bean> marie.. remember how my skin sucked up Flex... that's how elasticlay reacts
.Gullgrl> use gloves
.RubberMouse> I made a dragonfly
.kellieAK> your skin sucked up flex?
.Gullgrl> it does you should see it
.Bean> oh man... my skin leached the clay
.caneguru> Explain, pls?
.kellieAK> I don't understand, but it doens't sound good
.Bean> my hands are very dry and the dryness soaked up the polymer
.Gullgrl> 3-d dragon fly
.Bean> it was a site..
.caneguru> Any tips, Marie, as to how to roll translucent real thin without it sticking to the pasta machine roller?
.kellieAK> did it help with the dryness?
.Kellie> Marie, tell us more about what you are doing with LSS
.Gullgrl> do you use the 06??? bleached
.caneguru> I'll bet, Bean!
.caneguru> Yes Marie
.Bean> yep.. the hands looked a bit funny colored.. but as smooth as a babies butt
.Kellie> opps, ls
.Leigh> Put it in hte freezer between settings
.caneguru> That's a thought
.Gullgrl> You may need to get a ceramic tile
.Gullgrl> roll through on fattest
.Leigh> I hang it in front of the air conditioner veent between settings, I can go down to 9
.Jenn> I forgot who it was on Carol Duvall.. but they suggested stretching it by hand after putting it through the pm
.Gullgrl> the keep going down and when it get thin let it set on tile
.RubberMouse> I want to post some of my stuff, but I don't have a scanner
.Leigh> YOu can send photos to us, Mouse, we'll scan it for you!
.caneguru> So, rest it on the tile between settings?
.kellieAK> do you use the tile to cool the clay?
.Gullgrl> yes
.caneguru> Seems like if I go thinner than a 4 or 5 it wants to stick.
.kellieAK> me too
.Gullgrl> clean you machine?????
.Jenn> me 3
.caneguru> I've tried doing it between wax paper, but that's a PITA
.Bean> have to go y'all.. good to see everyone!!! great to see you ina chat MArie.. you and howard hug yourselves for me ok?
.RubberMouse> really? you would do that?
.annie> when I get to a 4 or higher setting, my sheet distorts.....maybe I need to clean it, you think that would help?
.Gullgrl> By bean love you!!!
.kellieAK> take car bean
.Leigh> Of course we would Mouse!!!!
.caneguru> My machine is pretty clean. Doesn't seem to make much difference
.kellieAK> care I mean
.Gullgrl> try parchment then
.Leigh> The address is on the start page!!! We scan for any of our members
.Gullgrl> they have siliconized stuff here
.Bean> love ya back Bud
.caneguru> Hadn't thought of parchment. It wouldn't crease as bad as waxed paper, eh?
.Leigh> Your rollers might not be even, Annie
.Gullgrl> no it all creases
.annie> Is there a way for me to check that Leigh?
.Jenn> I'd also think that parchment might not stick as much... just a theory
.Gullgrl> not the siliconized stuff doesn't stick at all
.Leigh> If you put it on the thinnest setting and try to get a sheet of paper thorugh you can see if it is uneven or not
.caneguru> I'll have to give that a try!
.caneguru> Boy when I get back to the clay there are so many things I want to do.
.RubberMouse> my thinnest setting is #1 I always get ripples
.Cathy(Bluechile)> brand name on the paper?
.annie> great ideal!!! Thanks! ?....if it IS off, is there a way to reset them? or just get another pm?
.caneguru> Yeah, on the siliconized stuff?
.Gullgrl> you only have six right Rubber????
.RubberMouse> 7
.caneguru> Hello Lara!
.kellieAK> hey lara, sit down and get comfy
.RubberMouse> it is villaware
.Leigh> I haven't been able to reset them, but sometimes if you loosen them up to clean them you can get a little bit better when you put it back together
.caneguru> I'll look for that brand.
.Gullgrl> #1 is too thin then use a #3
.RubberMouse> from Boston store
.Jenn> umm... on pm, ripples can also be caused by not turning handle quickly enough?
.annie> thank you Leigh!
.caneguru> Miki! Hello!
.caneguru> Jello all around!
.Leigh> email me if you have anymore questions about it!
.Gullgrl> or not slow enough
.RubberMouse> cheers!
.annie> I will Leigh.
MIKIZ> dang i guess I missed everything
.Gullgrl> yes
.Gullgrl> hehe
.RubberMouse> no not really everything
.RubberMouse> we got started late
.caneguru> Just the good parts
.Leigh> Marie is still here
.caneguru> Just kidding!
MIKIZ> howdy Marie
.Gullgrl> i am?????
.kellieAK> we are loggin miki
.Gullgrl> Hi miki
.Leigh> Linda thinks so!
MIKIZ> thanks kellie
MIKIZ> i always miss the good stuff
.caneguru> Is leigh picking on me again???
.RubberMouse> Hi Miki
.Kellie> So Marie, what else are you doing with LS?
MIKIZ> hiya mouse
.Leigh> Yes!
.Gullgrl> i am using it for glue
.kellieAK> it is great glue!!!
.Leigh> Explain please, Marie?
.Gullgrl> and imitating glazed terra cotta with it
.Leigh> Oh, I saw you do that, awesome!
.caneguru> Oh... glazed terra cotta. That makes sense
MIKIZ> glazed terra cotta
.annie> Good evening, Mrs.Segal. I'm sorry, I didn't know you were still here. I'm very honored to be speaking with you.
KATEAND32> Explain the gluing thing, I used it to attach a barrett to polyclay and when I wore it it popped off
.Gullgrl> I set my pin backs and cover with a sheet of clay that has ls brushed on it
.Gullgrl> doesn't work to metal
.RubberMouse> I want to make a cane, it has little spokes in it I wish I knew how
.caneguru> Marie, where do you get your jewelry findings?
.Gullgrl> hi annie sooooooooryy i am slow
.Jenn> but it strengthens a clay to clay bond, right?
.Gullgrl> from the clay factory
.Gullgrl> hehe
.caneguru> You sell findings?
.Kellie> lol
.Leigh> Oh That place?
.kellieAK> the factory has finding???
.kellieAK> I didn't know that!
.Gullgrl> I buy them where ever i can find good ones
.RubberMouse> hard to explain
MIKIZ> i hear thier good folks to do biz with...hehe
.Gullgrl> just me not howard
MIKIZ> i didn't know you carried findings either
.caneguru> LOL!
.Jenn> the clay factory? never heard of it...
.Kellie> LOL!!!!
.kellieAK> where are they listed on the website marie?
.Gullgrl> i don't think they are up there we only carry pin backs
.kellieAK> OIC, so we just ask when we order
.Gullgrl> You can get some from Rings and things spokane
.caneguru> I have a hard time finding decent pinbacks. Most of the ones from catalogs are crap
.Gullgrl> I have good ones but they cost more and only come in silver
MIKIZ> i thought maybe i had missed them....sometimes have a hard time navigating on the clay factory pages
.caneguru> oops... shoulda minced words there...
.Leigh> Indian Jewelers Supply has great ones
.RubberMouse> I will take a picture of the watch I bought and maybe someone can help me with how the cane was done to make the bead
.Gullgrl> Leigh is also a better person to get this info9 from
.Jenn> Mouse - spokes like a wheel?
.kellieAK> mouse, email me, I will help
.caneguru> Now that I hae a business license i can buy from other sources, so that should help, too
.RubberMouse> kind of but thin really thin
.RubberMouse> the spokes don
MIKIZ> Marie....whats the max temp you can bake TLS?
.RubberMouse> don't reach to outer can
.Leigh> there's a lot of great places to buy stuff, we're doing an update on the links so they should be posted soon
.Gullgrl> 350
MIKIZ> thanks
.caneguru> You're updating links? I didn't know that. LOL
.Gullgrl> looks like glass at that temp
.Leigh> Really??? won't burn till 350?
.Gullgrl> do it outside
.caneguru> Wow, that's really a high temp
MIKIZ> so you get better results baking at 350?
.annie> 350,WOW!
.Gullgrl> probably won't burn till higher leigh
.Gullgrl> You get good results at 300
.Leigh> That's the Liquid she's talking about Ladies, don't make any big mistakes here
.RubberMouse> can I bake right on a ceramic tile?
.kellieAK> but what if it is on clay?
.Gullgrl> Yeah really thanks leigh
.caneguru> I was surprised at R'dale how high folks bake their regular clay at, too. and for how long
.Gullgrl> You bake you clay
.RubberMouse> what else if my tile doesn't fit in my toaster oven?
.Gullgrl> apply and bring back up to 275 then bump for 5 min for harder finish
.kellieAK> cut your tile in half, they will do it at the hardware store for you
.caneguru> smaller tile
.Kellie> Get a smaller tile?
.caneguru> bigger oven.
.kellieAK> okay, thanks marie
.Gullgrl> pain of glass
.Leigh> Small bathroom tiles are very inexpensive
.caneguru> Yes. That's what I get.
.Leigh> Marie, what do you bake your items in?????
.caneguru> I have a ton of 'em
.caneguru> $0.19/each
.Gullgrl> cheap trays
.Gullgrl> paper and parchment on top of the tray
.RubberMouse> too expensive to tile bathroom, but just right for clay
.Leigh> NO!!!! What kind of oven!
.caneguru> Oven? You use an oven? LOL
.Gullgrl> I use a regular oven I hate toaster ovens
.Leigh> LOL
.caneguru> Do you use the same oven to cook food in or have a separate polymre oven?
.kellieAK> me too, can't stand toaster ovens
MIKIZ> i dont' like toaster ovens either....mine is too erratic
.Leigh> Do you have a special thermometer ? are you sure of the cooking temp?
.caneguru> I burned clay in a toaster oven. Not a happy thing.
.RubberMouse> what is wrong with a toaster oven?
.Gullgrl> i use a separate oven now but baked in home oven for 9 yrs
.RubberMouse> mine turned out just fine
.Leigh> the elements gett hotter to bring up the heat and they are small, so it can burn th clay
.kellieAK> I just never had any luck with mine mouse
.Gullgrl> they are not insulated very well
.Jenn> I use reg oven and toaster oven, depends on what I'm baking... I like using big oven better, cos I can bake more stuff
.caneguru> And some toaster ovens (like the one I used to use) will reset to toast temp without warning you.
.Gullgrl> they heat up over temp and come down to temp and heat up over temp again
.Kellie> I like my toaster oven for convenience, love the oven for what it will hold
.caneguru> I like my convection oven. Once it gets warmed up
.Leigh> Right, my experiments with my Convetion over varried by 75 degrees
.RubberMouse> true, true jenn,
.caneguru> I have to give my convectoin oven sufficient time to preheat.
.RubberMouse> do you have to bake things same size together?
.Leigh> I think it's important to preheat convection and toaster
.caneguru> I have the proper settings marked with ink.
.kellieAK> so, marie, how often did you clean you oven when you only had one?
.Gullgrl> this is the way I cook
.Kellie> Really, I thought that a big advandtage to a convection oven was eveness in the tmep
.RubberMouse> in otter words, can you bake a pen and beads at same time
.Leigh> LOL, me too
.caneguru> I also tent my stuff with foil....
.Gullgrl> i preheat oven to 200
MIKIZ> tenting doesn't bring up the temp too much?
.Gullgrl> for about half an hour and then turn up tp 275
.caneguru> Not that I notice
.Leigh> I put the little tiles across the bottom of my convection oven andit keeps the temp much more even
.Gullgrl> and cook for about a half an hour
.Gullgrl> shut off oven walk away
.caneguru> I think that's called a "heat sink" Leigh
MIKIZ> i had a bracelet break the other day....probably didn't bake long enough
.caneguru> Do you ice-bath your baked translucents, Marie?
.Leigh> No, I use the oven!
.Gullgrl> Yes
.RubberMouse> I covered a terracotta pot and it turned out really neat
.kellieAK> groan
.caneguru> boo
.Gullgrl> oh thats another good thing the LS is for
.Leigh> I think Marie is the discoverer of the Ice bath
.kellieAK> whats that?
.Gullgrl> if you paint the back of your clay pieces with LS they will stick to terra cotta pots
.Gullgrl> no Not me
.Leigh> Who did it then?
.kellieAK> oh, geeze that is a good tip, mouse asked me that in chat
MIKIZ> question..whats the diff between TLS and LS?
.Gullgrl> doll artist told me and then Jenny Bezine told me for the translucent
.RubberMouse> I covered with thin layer of clay but it kept lifting when I pressed a stamp into it
.Gullgrl> one is translucent and one is white]
.RubberMouse> so Ls will keep it in place?
.Gullgrl> tls is trans
.Leigh> Ah, I sculpted an alien head last week and when I baked it it had a giant crack and I said we better get the ICE and it really worked
MIKIZ> gotcha
.Gullgrl> yes you don't put alot on
.kellieAK> the ice sealed up the crack?
.Gullgrl> it really works
.Leigh> YES
.Gullgrl> slams them shut
.caneguru> Yep. Had a whole batch of horns for some reason come out of the oven cracked. Iced them down and it sealed them right up.
.Leigh> Closed it up enough that I didn't have to throw away the work
.annie> ICE??? well, who would have thunk it!
.caneguru> Cold contracts. :)
.Kellie> LS is great for miniatures too, it makes great sauces and liquids
.RubberMouse> thunk, nice word
.caneguru> Ice water
.Leigh> and does it fast
.Gullgrl> yes it does kellie
.annie> LOL!.....I'm a hick Mouse!
MIKIZ> great information.....I bow to the masters
.RubberMouse> country mouse, city mouse and Hick Mouse
.annie> I'll join ya in that bow Miki
.kellieAK> marie, I have a question
.Gullgrl> go
.kellieAK> when you only had one oven, how often did you feel you needed to clean it?
MIKIZ> lemme go first annie...someone is gonna have to help me up
.caneguru> Have a percocet, Miki.
.Gullgrl> hehe never just kidding
.annie> then we can help each other up....te-hee!
.kellieAK> so not often?
MIKIZ> thanks jello?
.Gullgrl> i wiped it out about once a week
.caneguru> Here's some red jello.
.Gullgrl> and I was doing production too
MIKIZ> mmmm thanks
.kellieAK> okay, once a week, wiped out with what?
.caneguru> dilluent
.Gullgrl> the oven cleaners are more toxic than polymer
MIKIZ> a sponge kellie....hehe
.caneguru> LOL
.kellieAK> by production you mean mass production?
.Gullgrl> paper towels
.kellieAK> comedians
.Gullgrl> do not use oven cleaner on oven
MIKIZ> LOL....sorry
.kellieAK> so just a paper towel? wow, who'd a thunk
.Gullgrl> yes masssssssssssssssssss
.caneguru> Oven cleaner is scary stuff
.Gullgrl> 6 trays at a time
.kellieAK> so, never??? just turn the oven up really high to burn stuff off???
.Kellie> A tip I have learned, use a sink aerator (the screen part) to make artist pastels in fine enough particals to mix well with LS
.Cathy(Bluechile)> did you ever use it for food or just pc?
.Gullgrl> if you want to bake in your own oven get a roasting pan and bake clay in there
MIKIZ> hey i like the sound of this....I HATE cleaning the oven
.Gullgrl> no never do that kellie
.caneguru> Great tip, Kellie
.Leigh> We never cleaned our oven when I was doing production too, although it wasn't as productive as Maries!
.caneguru> she said the C word
.Kellie> Why?
.Gullgrl> that goes up to about 550 or higher never use that self cleaner
.kellieAK> well, it's just I need to clean my oven from cooking food, that is what I mean. I understand just a paper towel for the clay residue
MIKIZ> omg....the "C" word....gettin out the up Leigh
.Leigh> I'm sorry, i was a mistake! Honest
.Kellie> Wrong mind
.Gullgrl> don't clean oven just get roasting pan
.caneguru> next thing I hear you'll be saying Future can be used on floors
.kellieAK> do what?
.Leigh> Don't you dare!
.caneguru> Ack, such blasphemy.... All these C words being bandied about. Heathens!
.kellieAK> okay. I am going to never clean an oven again. I love marie!!!
.caneguru> Marie for Prez!!!
.annie> LOL! u gals r such nutz.....I luv it!
.Gullgrl> i hate cleaning oven too
MIKIZ> <-----loves Marie too
.Leigh> why would you WANT to clean an oven???
.Jenn> Future? on floors? only when it drips
.kellieAK> oh, yes marie, we decided that you should be pres, and howard could be vice pres
.Gullgrl> fung shei says always to keep oven clean
.caneguru> He has lots of vices I hear
.RubberMouse> Kellie...Karina said to tell you good night
KATEAND32> instead of the c word... residue free
.kellieAK> I don't want to leigh!
.Gullgrl> Who ever handles the money gets to be pres
.kellieAK> give her a hug for me mouse
.Kellie> Thats treasurer,
.Leigh> lol
.Gullgrl> and pres
.RubberMouse> can anyone tell me how to color a black and white photo transferred onto clay
.RubberMouse> and which clay is best to use for this tech?
.Kellie> Just plain ole boss!!!
.Gullgrl> color with colored pencils
.caneguru> Prismacolors
.Gullgrl> or Liquid sculpey
.Gullgrl> paint in the lines
.caneguru> Experiment! :)
.annie> Mrs.Segal, where should we look for you next? On tv? A book? I'm new to PC, so retreats are out for me right now.
.caneguru> --------- Hates staying in the lines
.RubberMouse> do I bake it first then color?
.Gullgrl> bake first then color
.Gullgrl> where are you annie
.annie> Souther tip of Illinois
.Gullgrl> no TV planned
.annie> oops......southerN
.kellieAK> marie, annie says she is new, but man, she is an artist
.RubberMouse> I want to try this tomorrow after work, but there is no afterwork cuz I have a class
.Gullgrl> i will be out there in Jul;y you come see me
.RubberMouse> Hi annie
.RubberMouse> I am In Milwaukee WI
.annie> >blushin'< ah, thanx Kellie!
.Leigh> What's in July?
.RubberMouse> where Marie?
.caneguru> YEah, Marie's classes are fantastic!
.Gullgrl> in Shy town
.annie> Hiya Mouse! Be where Marie?
.annie> ?Shy town?
.caneguru> Chicago
.RubberMouse> where is shytown?
.RubberMouse> oh that's what I thought
.Gullgrl> In Chicago for ACCI
.RubberMouse> ACCI Marie?
.RubberMouse> Kewl
.Gullgrl> Yep
.caneguru> Cool! Only went to one ACCI show and it was cool!
.RubberMouse> were you there this past July?
.Gullgrl> Yes
.kellieAK> marie, will you ever come to alaska??? hahaha yea right
.Gullgrl> were you???
.annie> Oh goodness!.......Well, just a 6 hr trip! LOL! But I have time to save....& have family up there!
.Kellie> you stopping on your way there in Coloraado, Marie? lol
.RubberMouse> then I probalby saw you what booth?
.Gullgrl> i would love to go to Alaska
.RubberMouse> you were right by the Friendly Plastic?
.kellieAK> me and tom plattenburg sure wish you would
.Gullgrl> Polyforms
.Gullgrl> can I stay with you????
.kellieAK> mouse marie is a cute little redhead
.kellieAK> you would be alot more comfy at toms house
.caneguru> With horns.
.Gullgrl> ok will he have me????
.RubberMouse> I was in a scooter and didn't get a chance to get in, I did stop and see Donna Kato, she gave me her flex blade to try
.kellieAK> huh, you know it.
.Gullgrl> I don't know kellie ak you should see where i live
.RubberMouse> always so many people, I didn't want to run over any toes
MIKIZ> back
.kellieAK> oh, well, then you would really enjoy toms then! Lol
.Gullgrl> hmmmmmmm!!! wonder what that means????
.kellieAK> just that he has a nice casa
.caneguru> Ok, so your itinerary is: Chicago, Colorado, Seatte, Alaska....
.caneguru> Seattle, that is
.Gullgrl> That's ok rubber they had probably been stepped on all day
.Cathy(Bluechile)> don't forget New Mexico11
.caneguru> Albuquerque,
.Gullgrl> I would love to do that but I am on vacation from travelling
.Cathy(Bluechile)> yes!!
.Gullgrl> right now anyway
MIKIZ> and don't forget SC...although I don't think anyone know what pc is here
.caneguru> Ok. then we'll all camp out in Escondido
.kellieAK> traveling is hard
.** SYNDEEHOLT just joined "Polymer Clay Central" (14 members now) **
.Gullgrl> don't start again till end of Jan
.caneguru> Hi Syndee
.RubberMouse> Well I will be spending extra time there this year...I look forward to it
.syn> Hi Mom!!
.RubberMouse> Hello Syndee
MIKIZ> Hello Syndee
.RubberMouse> wow!
.Leigh> Hi Syndee
.Gullgrl> hi syn
.RubberMouse> two Celebs in one night
.RubberMouse> I can hardly stand it
.annie> Hi Syndee
.Gullgrl> i will see you there
.Kellie> Hi Syndee
.caneguru> (and Celebs in the making).....
.kellieAK> hey syndee, we were just talkin about you
.Gullgrl> You betcha
.syn> Hi there all! I call Marie Mom and she scared the living daylights out of me one day..didn't ya?
.caneguru> Were your ears burning??
.Gullgrl> yes
.Jenn> hi Syn - just finished watching the HGTV show...
.syn> Okay, what did I do now? Should I cry?
.caneguru> NOt at all SYndee....
.RubberMouse> Your book "Polymer clay for the first time" is terrific
.kellieAK> how did marie scare you?
.annie> Loved your piece on the show today Syndee!
.Gullgrl> i called up and said this is you mom
.RubberMouse> I have turned out some great canes (IMHO) thanks to your book
.caneguru> I don't get HGTV here. WAH!
.syn> She called me up at work and said "Hi it's Mom, I'm home!" She sounded just like my mom who has been DEAD for 10 years..
.caneguru> OMG. You must have freaked!
.Leigh> LOL
.RubberMouse> you were on HGTV today? I missed the afternoon segment
MIKIZ> Omg....that is tooo funny
.annie> yup! that's enough to spook ya! LOL
.kellieAK> LOL
.syn> Thank you, I like that bowl too. Most of my shows are on Our Place which comes on in the morning
.Gullgrl> i couldn't figure out why there was no sound on the other end
.caneguru> Except the clunk of her hitting the floor????
.annie> It's a new show, but I really like it so far. Our Place, that is.
MIKIZ> i have only just discovered Our Place...i like it
.syn> To make matters worse, my dad had just been telling me there was a ghost in his house..I didn't know what to think - too many clay fumes??
.Gullgrl> no no sound at all
.RubberMouse> on after Carol Duvall?
.syn> Yes after CD
.RubberMouse> I don't have cable anymore now I have to miss all of it
.syn> I'm gonna sic Koji on her one of these days..
.Gullgrl> No cable here either
.Gullgrl> no not Koji
.caneguru> Who's Koji?
.syn> Feel my wrath....
.RubberMouse> Syndee, can you cyber sign my book?
MIKIZ> i tape every show with pc episodes
.annie> hmmmmmmm.......maybe it was your mothers "little way" of just getting to say Hi, still watchin' over ya! :-)
.RubberMouse> I am holding it up to the screen
.syn> RubberMouse - thanks for buying this book, my sons thank you too! Now ask Marie to sign, she is a star of it.
.Leigh> You know, I had an author friend you would send out bookplates to her onlnie friends who bought her books, and she signed them! It was very nice, just a thought!
.RubberMouse> oh, I want both signatures
.Gullgrl> You come see me and syn in Chicago and we will both really sign it
.syn> Of course, if you sent me your book, I'd sign and return - no problem!!
.RubberMouse> That's a Plan!
.Leigh> I might be there this year!
.Gullgrl> That would be cool leigh!!!
.caneguru> Guys, I have to go. Gotta eat something so I can take my meds.
.Gullgrl> or are you just pulling my leg??/
.kellieAK> and syn, we really want to get you in here for your own chat very very soon
.RubberMouse> bye caneguru
.annie> Oh, definitly gonna start saving for that Chicago trip!
.syn> Oh I hope so! First we gotta do Anaheim..
.kellieAK> take care linda
.Gullgrl> Bye linda good to see you
.Leigh> No, I actually might be there! With my stamping friend
MIKIZ> take care Linda
.Leigh> but I will pull your leg if you want!
.caneguru> Nice to see y'all. Bye for now!
.Leigh> Hugs Linda
.syn> Actually, this is the first time I went to chat, when I saw Marie was here, I HAD to stop by and say hi.
.Gullgrl> Hehe
.RubberMouse> I am only about 1 1/2 hours away
.Kellie> gotta go, all see you all later
.caneguru> - signed off -
.Gullgrl> stop that
.Gullgrl> bye Kellie
MIKIZ> please come again Syndee
.Gullgrl> Good to see you too
.kellieAK> bye kellie2
MIKIZ> bye kellie...i got the reins
.kellieAK> oh, I haven't left yet miki, that ws the other one
MIKIZ> good kellie,,,,the commands won't work on this ID
.syn> I get to go see Marie this weekend for Clay Day, right Marie? Do I have it right this weekend? I showed up for meeting Last Tuesday. oops
.Leigh> We're gonna set up a Syndee chat too!!!
.kellieAK> ah sheesh
.Gullgrl> that the 19th
.RubberMouse> just remember "RubberMouse" cuz July is a long way away at this point
.syn> No problem. and July will be here before we know it!!
.kellieAK> so, do you and syndee live close by???
.kellieAK> miki, he can wait
PIGION2> hi everyone!
.annie> Me too gals! I've had a WONDERFUL time. I feel so honored to have talked with greats like Marie, Syndee, Leigh....and ALL of you GREAT ARTIST! Niters!
.Gullgrl> about a hour apart
.syn> Yep, we live at the opposite ends of San Diego county
.Leigh> Hi Pigion
.kellieAK> lucky
.Gullgrl> Bye annie
.kellieAK> bye annie,
.Leigh> Moi?????
.syn> It is like living next door to Mecca - getting to go to the Clay Factory on a regular basis - still gives me goosebumps when I walk in..
.kellieAK> I can imagine
.Gullgrl> cause there is soooooooo much dust
.syn> Shelves and shelves of Marie canes line the walls, and acres and acres of clay pieces.
.kellieAK> can folks come in and shop at the factory, or is it all online sales?
MIKIZ> i hope i can make canes when i grow up
.Gullgrl> yes you can come in
.kellieAK> you need one of maries videos miki, that is what did it for me
.Gullgrl> practice practice
.syn> Thats how most of us get our clay and supplies..
MIKIZ> that vid is on my wish list
.Gullgrl> get the one with the rose on it if you can do that you can do anything'
.kellieAK> yes, that is the one I have. I love the sunflower
.Gullgrl> thanks Kellie
PIGION2> I hope santa drops one of those vid at my house too!
.syn> But you have to send Marie a slice of any cane you make from her videos, she keeps them like treasure..
MIKIZ> does anyone know if TlS will adhere to cork?
.kellieAK> well, they are very helpfull marie. I couldn't cane at all until your video explained it to me
.Gullgrl> Probably haven't tried it let me know
.Gullgrl> Thank you kellie what a compliment
.Gullgrl> That was what I was trying to do
.syn> The cork may separate from itself before it separates from the TLS
.kellieAK> I am a visual person, so it was just what was needed!
MIKIZ> thats what i was afraid of
MIKIZ> oh well back to the drawing board
.Gullgrl> if it is a cork or cork board
.Gullgrl> ?????????
MIKIZ> it's a bottle cork
.Gullgrl> that might work then
.syn> Dip that cork and bake it. will it expand when it's heated
MIKIZ> i will give it a try....not much to lose
.syn> Darn, you might have to drink another bottle of wine for an extra cork though..
.kellieAK> miki, did you want to cover the whole cork or just the top?
MIKIZ> now wouldn't that be a shame
MIKIZ> actually just the top kellie
.kellieAK> it is worth a try miki, be sure and let us know your results
MIKIZ> i will
MIKIZ> brb
.syn> If it works for the cork, then try it on a wooden knob
MIKIZ> hmmm i was actually thinking about that Syndee
.Leigh> we need to throw it another virgin! But I think we are all out of them!
.RubberMouse> Do I have to bake like things together
.kellieAK> none around here
.Gullgrl> It will glue stuff to wood
MIKIZ> i have a jello offering ready
.RubberMouse> I can or can't bake a pen and beads for instance?
.kellieAK> what do you mean mouse?
.RubberMouse> like size of clay item
.Gullgrl> I bake lots of different stuff together
PIGION2> I bake pens and beads together all the time
.RubberMouse> if it is different thickness, doesn't matter?
.kellieAK> yes you can
.Gullgrl> But pre heat everything first
.Valerie> I hve some things I made about 10 years ago that have cracked...any ideas?
.Gullgrl> at 200
MIKIZ> i have a paper mache box i have been trying to cover looks horrid because it's edges are not even
.Gullgrl> What kind of clay are they?
.Valerie> fimo
.RubberMouse> sculpey 111
.Valerie> was that for me gullgrl?
.kellieAK> premo
.Gullgrl> They are probably not baked thouroghly
.RubberMouse> oh sorry val
.Gullgrl> Yes valerie
.kellieAK> marie, I hate to run. but my hubbie has injured his back and cannot drive Imust fetch him from work
.Valerie> ok rm
.Gullgrl> Bye Kellie
.Valerie> I think I may have overbaked the items
.RubberMouse> bye kellie
MIKIZ> bye kellie
.Gullgrl> Why valerie
.kellieAK> thank you so much for coming!!! everyone!!!
.Valerie> bye kellie
PIGION2> bye kellie
.Gullgrl> thank you kellie
.syn> No, what Marie is saying is that the outside is baked and the inside isn't, which can cause the cracking, right Marie?
.Cathy(Bluechile)> bye, kel
.kellieAK> NO< THANK YOU!
.Gullgrl> Yes
.Gullgrl> Tell me why you think you overbaked
.syn> Pre-heating helps bring inside and outside up to temp for more even baking
.Valerie> well what I had done was create scenes on the glass of small frames, left the frames in place...looked great. and baked 'em half an hour or more, they did 'feel' soft when I took 'em out.
.RubberMouse> I want to make a can with the shape of a rubberstamp in the middle. I have a stamp shaped cookie cutter, will either of you take the challenge? I will send you cutter and clay or pay for your
.RubberMouse> efforts
PIGION2> Doesn't letting things cool in the oven also help
.RubberMouse> cane sorry
.Gullgrl> what temp
.Cathy(Bluechile)> when you preheat do you mean the item or the oven?
.Gullgrl> both
.RubberMouse> I tried it and it came out too distorted
.Gullgrl> the item,and the oven
.Leigh> Mouse, email me, I think there is a lesson on the old pcc that will let you make that cane
.Cathy(Bluechile)> ok thanks.
.Valerie> the temp it said on the pack of clay. But then I put the pieces back in for another half hour 'to make sure'
.Valerie> did I blow it?
.RubberMouse> I tried that, but it didn't work for me
.Leigh> Ah, okay!
.syn> Marie's Method for Modeling Material - preheat, bake and cool.
.syn> What cane are you talking about Mouse?
.RubberMouse> out of a cookie cutter cut out
.RubberMouse> I can't seem to retain shape of Rubberstamp
.RubberMouse> it really distorts
.Gullgrl> No i don't think do can you put it back in the oven??/
.Leigh> You mean when you reduce it?
.RubberMouse> yes
.Valerie> I love this stuff, but what does everyone do with the finished products? I hate to have all this craft stuff just sitting around the house
.Leigh> Ah, need to practice Reducing
.RubberMouse> Do I need to stack more?
.Gullgrl> then pre heat to 200 and put in your pieces for a half an hour
.Gullgrl> then bake at 275 for a half an hour and the shut the oven off
.syn> Valerie- Take pictures and then give them away
.Gullgrl> Is there alot of translucent in this piece
.Leigh> No, take pictures, POST THEM ON PCC, then give them away!
.Valerie> none at all, gullgrl
MIKIZ> tell em Leigh
.Gullgrl> ok then do above shut offf the oven and let cool completely
.Leigh> This is the BEST place to put up a picture of your work, the people here will make you feel like Michaelangelo!
.RubberMouse> I guess cuz it was my first cane I tried to do this. I was thoroughly dissappointed almost gave up but glad I didn't
.syn> Of course, leigh, I forgot the good stuff, sorry! Post them on PCC
.Gullgrl> how thick is it??
.Valerie> ok, will give it a shot, thanks
.Valerie> the part that cracked, is the background, a thins sheet over the glass
.Leigh> That was a little ambitious for a first cane, Mouse
.Gullgrl> I could be tension that is causing that
.Valerie> ahh
.Leigh> YOu know I had a couple old votives crack after they froze
.Gullgrl> like being pulled apart
.Valerie> does anyone else do pictures?
.syn> i've got to go take a stray kid home, bye all!! Bye Mom!!
.Leigh> There's a show n tell topic here that is FULL of them
.Valerie> bye syn
.Gullgrl> My Mom
.Leigh> Buy Syn, come again, soon
.Valerie> where leigh?
.Valerie> I am new to this site
.Leigh> On the message board
.Valerie> hmmm
.syn> Now that I figured out how to get here I will come back..
.Leigh> Ah, then WELCOME!
.syn> - signed off -
.Leigh> You'll see a link for the message board near the chat links when you leave here, you can explore that, it's a treasure trove of info and ideas
.Gullgrl> Valerie try making your pics on a sheet of clay instead
.Valerie> I like the effect of them in the frame, and I use the frame to overlap sometimes
.RubberMouse> Well, I better go now, I have an early day tomorrow. Marie, Are you
.Valerie> night rm
.RubberMouse> also going to have a class offered at ACCIO
.RubberMouse> Night Val
.Leigh> Nite Mouse, good to see you
.RubberMouse> Night Leigh
.Gullgrl> I don't know but polyform will I just don['t know if it will be me teaching it
MIKIZ> nite mouse
.Gullgrl> Night valerie
.RubberMouse> Nite Miki/mouse
.RubberMouse> :)
MIKIZ> lol
.Valerie> gullgrl, my noah's ark has the animals coming into the ark over the frame...kinda cute
.Gullgrl> it sound daarling to me
MIKIZ> sounds sweet Valerie
.Leigh> that sounds awesome Valerie!!!! I'd love to see it
.RubberMouse> Nice chatting with you Marie...I look forward to July
.Leigh> do you have a web site?
.Gullgrl> i will see you then mouse
.RubberMouse> - signed off -
.Valerie> my web site is for those warriors against HCV and Liver Ca
MIKIZ> gee ...i am?
.Leigh> I forgot I could do that!
.Valerie> nothing for crafts on it
MIKIZ> lol...i wish i could get the problems with the chat room worked out before Friday night
.Leigh> HCV?
.Gullgrl> what's friday?
.Valerie> hepatitis C = HCV
.Leigh> Ah, okay!
MIKIZ> Friday is my regular chat....eggery chat with miki
.Gullgrl> ahhhhhhh
.Leigh> This ID should have power next time you sign on Delphi with it, Miki
MIKIZ> good...thanks Leigh
.Valerie> anyways I want to start with polymer clay fimo the best to start?
.Leigh> The new premo is better than anything now a days Valerie
.Valerie> or fimo soft, or sculpy III?
MIKIZ> depends on who you ask Valerie
MIKIZ> i much prefer Premo
.Valerie> why premo?
.Gullgrl> me too!!
.Valerie> educate me please
MIKIZ> it's easier to condition and stronger than S3
.Leigh> It's pasta machine ready witha great array of colors
.Valerie> who makes premo?
.Gullgrl> the sculpey people
.Leigh> and more constant out of the package, fimo can be very hard, and fimo soft can be very soft
.Valerie> and can I use any pasta machine, or is the atlas the best?
.Leigh> atlas is the best, but you can use anything
.Valerie> can I mix sculpy III and premo?
.Leigh> yes
.Gullgrl> yes
PIGION2> Sculpy III is too soft to cane with for me it distorts too much
.Gullgrl> you can mix all the clays
.Leigh> sorry marie, I tend to answer a bit fast! You are the guest I'll try to behave!
.Valerie> can you use the same additives with all of them?
MIKIZ> I also love the metallics in Premo
.Gullgrl> go ahead leigh
.Gullgrl> i am too slow
.Leigh> Nah, they can talk to me anytime!
.Leigh> and yes the metallics are incredible!
.Gullgrl> You cant use water as amold release with Fimo classic
.Valerie> ok, so I am going to start out with Premo
PIGION2> the metallics ar the best LOVE them
.Gullgrl> me too i did a good job on that one
.Gullgrl> pat my self on the back
.Valerie> what is the best web site to purchase them
.Gullgrl> mine
.Gullgrl> blatent plug
.Leigh> Hey, we know where our bread is buttered!
.Valerie> plugs are good, blatent even better
MIKIZ> LOL....i have an order on the way from clay factory.....I hope!!!
.Gullgrl> the best place would be the one closest to you
.Gullgrl> what order
.Gullgrl> hehe
.Leigh> you can get a link to THE CLAY FACTORY on our web site front page and start pages
MIKIZ> lol....i am waiting not so paitently
.Valerie> naw, am new to here and do not know where anything is
MIKIZ> er patiently even
.Gullgrl> i can go check if you want
.Leigh> that has a link to the clay factory right up on the left hand side
.Valerie> thanks leigh
MIKIZ> oh don't bother Marie...i am sure it will be here was shipped last tuesday
.Gullgrl> not really the computer genius has left the building
.Leigh> You are quite welcome!!! We want to keep you coming back!
.Valerie> I downloaded tons of info from your site today
.Leigh> Terrific!!! There's tons more I bet!
.Gullgrl> You can call tomorrow and we will look it up for you 1877sculpey
MIKIZ> Valerie...PCC is the best tool you will ever have for pc
MIKIZ> will do Marie...thanks
.Valerie> the rose cane is georgeous
.Gullgrl> besides you pasta machine and your blade
.Leigh> We are pretty good at answering questions too!!!
.Leigh> Thank you!!!
MIKIZ> speaking of now an ace at sharpening my blade....i many never have to another one
PIGION2> Marie when you build your canes do you let the clay rest between steps
.Gullgrl> no
.Leigh> Terrific!!!! that's awesome!!!
.Gullgrl> ask leigh I never let anything reat
PIGION2> just go for the whole thing at once
.Gullgrl> rest
.Leigh> She goes right for it!!!! Rest isn't in her vocabulary!
.Gullgrl> only as long as it takes me to make it
PIGION2> let it cool down a little to hold its shape
.Valerie> I would love to meet someone locally, I am in NY
.Gullgrl> No choke that cane
.Valerie> are there any classes here?
.Leigh> Where in NY, I'm in Joisey!
MIKIZ> there sure aren't any here in SC
.Valerie> brooklyn
.Gullgrl> There is a huge guild in new york too
.Leigh> There's a guild in Ny
PIGION2> I'm in PA thats not that far
.Valerie> in the city?
.Gullgrl> yep
.Gullgrl> manhatten
.Leigh> Info in in the Guild Gazette
.Valerie> hey, we can all meet HERE once or twice a month???
.Leigh> on the web site
.Gullgrl> that where they meet I think
.Valerie> my home??
.Leigh> Our chat rooms are always being opened!
.Valerie> start our own
.Valerie> I bake great cookies, and grind my own coffee
.Gullgrl> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!
.Valerie> and you are all welcome
.Leigh> Send me the directions!
MIKIZ> cookies and coffee????
.Gullgrl> mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
.Leigh> I'm having network problesm again, dobn't know how long I'll be online
.Gullgrl> I love coffe
.Valerie> I have dsl, works great so far
.Leigh> I have dsl too, but the network doesn't like my laptop
.Valerie> anyways, off to start claying
.Valerie> oh, how about polishing?
.Gullgrl> bye Valerie nice talking to you
MIKIZ> i have cable modem...but delphi hates me
MIKIZ> lol
.Gullgrl> what about polishing sorry
.Valerie> delphi needs sacrifices....hard to find blonde virgins
.Gullgrl> lol
.Leigh> hard to find any virgins!
.Valerie> how do you polish tight spaces?
MIKIZ> we should sacrifice Gore....he would probably say he is one
MIKIZ> oops.....did I say thaaaat?
.Leigh> LOL
.Valerie> ha,,,,try clinton
.Valerie> he would definately own to that
MIKIZ> yepper probably so
.Gullgrl> fold your paper so you make sure you have sanded the small spaces first
PIGION2> clinton would live right through it
.Gullgrl> sometimes you don't get them sanded is why they won't shine up
MIKIZ> sorry ...didn't mean to open that can of worms
.Valerie> with hillary by his side, wonder if they own iron skillets
.Leigh> I"m loosing the fight, in case I get bumped, Thank you Marie for a terrific chat
.Gullgrl> I miss you!!!!1
.Leigh> things are starting to act silly
.Gullgrl> and thanks for having me here
.Leigh> I miss you too sweetie!
.Valerie> marie, what about buffing them?
.Leigh> Michigan
.Gullgrl> it is wierd tonight
.Gullgrl> then you just hold them at a different angle to get in there
.Valerie> what buffer do you reccomend?
.Gullgrl> Remember hold tighly buff lightly
.Gullgrl> I use a bench grinder
.Leigh> I tell people to buff with butterfly kisses
MIKIZ> and wear eye protection and a mask
.Gullgrl> with flannel buffing wheels
.Valerie> seems so large foe such small items
.Leigh> I have a muslin with no stitching that I LOVE
.Gullgrl> thats good liegh good analogy
PIGION2> I use my little dremal w/ a muslin wheel It work great
.Leigh> if you can get a foot pedal on your grinder it's awesome! for tiny stuff a dremel is good
.Gullgrl> If they have stiching taake it out
.Gullgrl> leave one stich row around the hub
.Valerie> ok thanks all for the great info, and good company, the invite stands!
MIKIZ> you can modify the dremel to use two muslin wheels
.Leigh> - signed off -
.Gullgrl> Becareful who you ask to your house hehe
MIKIZ> ohoh...we lost Leigh
.Valerie> thar she goes
.Valerie> night all
.Gullgrl> bye leigh
.Valerie> - signed off -
MIKIZ> goodnight Valerie
.Gullgrl> bye valerie
PIGION2> good night Val
MIKIZ> oops too late
BEADGUYS> I have been lurking all night, and I just wanted to get a chance to say hi
MIKIZ> Marie...your a real peach for doing the chat tonight
MIKIZ> hiya Bead
.Gullgrl> hiya bead
.Gullgrl> thanks miki
MIKIZ> Bead we have regular scheduled chats every Thursday and Friday night also
MIKIZ> come join us anytime
PIGION2> great chat thanks Marie
.Gullgrl> you are welcome
MIKIZ> this is special because we have a special guest speaker
.Stephen> I have to drop off guys - thanks, Marie for a great chat.
MIKIZ> hiya Stephen
.Gullgrl> Bye steph
.Gullgrl> en
.Stephen> night all!
(Logging turned off)

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