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"Necklace Construction"

Click Here to Download a Zipfile of this Chat

ShelleyM> and we have Porro to thank for this. She thunk it up!
Irish Red> Yay Porro!
PoRRo> and desiree too.
ShelleyM> hi Syl
kellieAK> thanks porro! and des! and shelley
JENNY P> HI there, I am going to lurk and just absorb all kinds of good info
ShelleyM> and desiree of course, sorry desiree!
kellieAK> ;)
Cathy> what a great crowd!
Desiree> i made a general page of photos on necklace construction, here's the url...
annie> thanks so much Desiree!
Desiree> it's by no means complete
Cathy> b
Desiree> you're welcome, annie
SYL23514117> Great pictures on the necklace construction.
ShelleyM> oh you have a lovely lot of findings there desiree
Irish Red> That reminds me. I still haven't uploaded your new url
Desiree> thanks, syl and shelley, i hope it helps
Irish Red> My site is full and I have to split it up into two sites.
Sue2093> before we get started, I can see Desirees URL for necklace construction but can't use it. Do I need to do something to be able to access it?
ShelleyM> I've got a few things I've put up as well. I'll share later
JENNY P> LOL, des I like the cat hair one
PoRRo> 14 of us and still growing...
Irish Red> I need to find out how to use real hair in a necklace.
kellieAK> can you copy and paste it sue to another open window?
SYL23514117> Highlight it and click on CTRL C and then paste it into a new browser.
ShelleyM> if you highlight the url and copy it and then paste it onto a different page
Sue2093> Thank you!
kellieAK> real hair?
Desiree> sue, you need to copy and paste it into another browser window
PoRRo> I have three pages...
Irish Red> Yes. My roomie cut off his ponytail after growing it for 15 years.
ShelleyM> is that ok sue?
Cathy> I'm not able to cut n paste in chat :-(
PoRRo> this is a page with different cat designs
kellieAK> wow. I almost cut my hair off while in albq
Irish Red> I want to make another cat cane.
ShelleyM> are using j*va or html? that may be the problem if it's html I think
SYL23514117> Highlight it and click on CTRL C that will copy it.
Irish Red> Maybe I'll so an aby
Cathy> my copm doesn't like jaxa
Desiree> can't go wrong with an aby, red ;-)
Sue2093> Thanks all for the instructions, I think I can just about manage that!
Irish Red> Got pics Des?
Cathy> translation= my comp. doesn't like java
kellieAK> cathy, shall I email you the link quickly?
Cathy> Cool, kel!
Irish Red> No, Kellie, why don't you do it slowly?
Irish Red>
Irish Red> Emma!
ShelleyM> hi emma - you got here then!
kellieAK> hello emma
PoRRo> and emma ! Just the lady we all have been waiting
Desiree> you've ever known a cat lover without pics? please ;-)
Irish Red> Can I borrow one from Furry Fimo?
Desiree> hi emma
Desiree> sure red, help yerself
Irish Red> Yeah. I did a self portrait when I was 14 and in a class. Had to have my cat.
Irish Red> tx
ShelleyM> Desiree do you want to post that link again as we've some new folks
kellieAK> okay cathy
Irish Red>
ShelleyM> lots of links coming!
Desiree> thanks red
kellieAK> does everyone know how to log?
Irish Red> yw
Irish Red> I'm already logging
PoRRo> Ok shall we start ? Lets start with some subject. Any ideas ?
ShelleyM> me too
Irish Red> Yeah. How do you say buna?
kellieAK> me three
PoRRo> me three
Irish Red> lol
ShelleyM> oh yes, I've never used buna
PoRRo> darn, was the slower one :-)
ShelleyM> lol!
PoRRo> Ok Buna. Who knows buna ?
kellieAK> I love buna! used it for the first time recently
PoRRo> desiree ?
kellieAK> hello ginger!
Irish Red> Is it boona or byuna?
ShelleyM> what's it like? what's it made of?
Cheryl Trottier> Oh shelley you have to try it
Desiree> yes?
Ginger> Hi....can I play too?? :)
kellieAK> boona I think
ShelleyM> of course ginger!
Irish Red> Sit down and join us
Desiree> buna is rubber, commonly made into O-rings
PoRRo> shelley: can you put the chat incoming and outcoming to silent ?
Ginger> Thank U.
Desiree> buna is also available on spools in your better bead stores
Cheryl Trottier> It is a type of rubber that is heat resistant used in engines
Irish Red> Here, have a cuppa coffee *(_)
EJRALPH> HI chaps, got talked to by someone, but I am here now!!
kellieAK> I don't know how well that is working porro, we have had some problems with that function in the past
Desiree> in a pinch you can find buna in automotive parts and supply store
Ginger> MMMM, thank U.
ShelleyM> well I tried it anyway
PoRRo> I can not find it from craftstores, but I can find them from car stores here
Irish Red> How big do you need to make the bead holes to use it?
EJRALPH> good tip for a buna substitute if you want it.
ShelleyM> I hadn't thought to try car places.
kellieAK> depends on which size buna you have
PoRRo> The one I had had to have 2mm holes.
Desiree> one of the necklaces on that general page was made from a couple of o-rings i got at an auto parts store
PoRRo> in general the holes are good if they are same diameter as the buna
MJSKI> what is buna?
ShelleyM> I've heard you can use super glue on buna, any other glues work on it?
Cathy> i just bought .5 mm
Cheryl Trottier> for some I don't make holes. just indent it
Irish Red> The teal one Desi?
kellieAK> I got 1/8th inch I believe
Desiree> yes, red, the teal and gray one
EJRALPH> If you check out electronics stores, you can buy empty rubber stuff that goes over cabling. it is like buna but hollow so you can thread it, thread ON it, cut it into beads and all sorts.
Desiree> i took a close up shot on the closure
Irish Red> Do you glue on the closures or crimp?
Desiree> oh, that's on interesting idea, emma
kellieAK> very kewl idea emma
PoRRo> come to think of it, emma, that must be the kind I got from car shop
Irish Red> Hm..spacers?
MJSKI> guess I'll have to look up the answer to my question. LOL
ShelleyM> buna is a rubber cord - I think! - I think that's desiree's picy of some buna
EJRALPH> so you can thread a big bead a la buna style, but thread the cabling itself onto tiger tail or something and finish that like you would a normal necklace
Desiree> i like to use spring connectors on buna, crimping the spring ends onto the buna
Cheryl Trottier> future glue made bu super glue inc says works on oily or dirty surfaces and holds the best for me
kellieAK> does the cabling need to be on tigertail emma?
ShelleyM> desiree, you mean like you would on leather type thonging?
EJRALPH> not at all, that is just one option you get becauseit is hollow, you can also do what desiree says and use the spring clasps or fashion your own clasps with wire etc.
Desiree> yes, shelley
ShelleyM> aha!
EJRALPH> it is the best of both worlds to my mind. I also cut it into ittle bits to make spacer beads
PoRRo> also you can do a sliding knot if you glue some beads to the ends of the thing
PoRRo> and then make the knots
miki> hello everyone
ShelleyM> I also like the idea of hollow stuff too. Never tried that. How well does it hold up to the environment?
Irish Red> It should work well if it's designed for car engines
EJRALPH> well, it has to hold up to electricity going through it, so it would need to be pretty waterproof and stuff
ShelleyM> I bought some necklaces similar to buna once and after a while the rubber seemed to perish
PoRRo> any rubbers are going to loose some strength during the years if not getting enough oil. But when wearing the necklaces it should not be a proble
EJRALPH> all rubber does, especially when exposed to UV
PoRRo> m because it will get some oils from your skin
Irish Red> If it's strung on tiger tail, it won't sag in time then?
Desiree> good point, porro
Cheryl Trottier> the gskets (o rings ) are wonderful for spacers and stacking
PoRRo> tigertail will eat to many things softer than it is.
ShelleyM> what sort of drape do you get with buna? Is it very drapey, or stands more proud like tiger tail?
PoRRo> lesson learned very reacently: no tigger tail for bone made beads !

You can make your own Orings out of polymer.
kellieAK> it has more drape then tigertail
Irish Red> It ate the bone?
Cheryl Trottier> more proud the thicker it is
EJRALPH> maybe but I have never had that probelm. when using tiger tail I find the sag happens in the first few hours of it being used. I will thread a necklace quite tight, then hang up the necklace for a
EJRALPH> few hours off a door handle or something and it allworks out okay in the end!
Desiree> shelley, it depends on the buna cord thickness how springy it will be
PoRRo> really badly. Even though it is much more harder than polyclay
Irish Red> I won't use it with the hair then.
ShelleyM> I saw someone's site this week and she had buna cord glued onto polyclay. Like a surround, anyone tried this?
PoRRo> desiree: about the o- rings: what are they used for in cars ?
RJR0208> Have you tried the Soft Flex Wire? No kinks and doesn't sag at least that I have noticed.
ShelleyM> soft flex is much more drapey than tiger tail
ShelleyM> I like each for different things
Cheryl Trottier> yes that was my site I think
Desiree> i actually have no idea how o-rings are used in cars, porro! ;-)
Irish Red> Where is your site Cheryl?
PoRRo> url ?
Irish Red> O rings are used as gaskets
PoRRo> k. just thought it might help me to find them.
PoRRo> gasgets. Ok. Thanx
Desiree> i used softflex for most of my necklaces, love the stuff!
ShelleyM> how did you do that cheryl? What glue did you use?
RJR0208> O rings are used in many different applications but I know them mostly for car application.
Cheryl Trottier>
annie> where do you get softflex from desiree?
Ohio> Desiree - where do you purchase the softflex?
kellieAK> cherly, I have seen those pics of your work, lovely
EJRALPH> too expensive! I often use fishing line! ( the audience gasped in horror)
Cheryl Trottier> under the buna cord album
brigitta> hello
Irish Red> Don't you find that it stretches over time Emma?
Desiree> softflex is usually available in bead stores, along with tiger's tail, cotton, leather and silk cording
RJR0208> Not gasping in horror. Fishing line works!!!!!!!
Cheryl Trottier> the future glue works the best get from London drugs here
EJRALPH> Red, by that time I have sold the piece! who cares?!
brigitta> lot off people in the chat wow
ShelleyM> has some picys of necklaces with tiger tail and soft flex
brigitta> i think the wire from wire and wire is not so good for necklaces becouse it break to fast
EJRALPH> LOl, only kidding! yes but I will thread the necklace very tight and it seems to work fine, the sage will compensate. I have many necklaces over ten years old that are fine on the fishing line. If
EJRALPH> you knot through the beads quite far down, then you dont get so much sage anyway
kellieAK> what is sage if I may ask?
Cheryl Trottier> the reason i like not to make holes is to not distort the shape or to use curved beads
EJRALPH> lol, meant to write SAG!
Irish Red> So you just glue the cord to the beads?
kellieAK> duh! sag! okay! sorry. ;) hehe
Desiree> i like sage, personally. ;-)
ShelleyM> me too!
EJRALPH> my fault I wrote the same typo twice, could have been something cool huh!
Cheryl Trottier> anyone use liquid silver with the bead wire and memory wire?
Desiree> a very wise herb, IMHO
Cheryl Trottier> yes glue the cord to the bead, I indent the same size in the clay first
Ohio> Cheryl, what do you use liquid silver for?

Hi everyone
Sally> Do you mean the liq silver beads>?
EMUNIR> I made it in time :)
ShelleyM> I use the liquid silver (heishi?) beads on tiger tail or soft flex quite a bit, but the holes would be too small for memory wire wouldn't it?
Irish Red> I'm allergic to sage meself
ShelleyM> lol!
EJRALPH> I far prefer the look and feel of necklaces strung on waxed cotton thread now though
SYL23514117> Where can I get some memory wire?
Cheryl Trottier> see on my web site under necklaces
Irish Red> I haven't used liquid silver in years.
Irish Red> It always tarnished on me.
PoRRo> I usually use waxed chord. 1 mm black
Cheryl Trottier> I just dip it into silver cleaner when tarnished
RJR0208> If you coat the liquid silver with clear nail polish does this help with the tarnish problem?
Cheryl Trottier> you can dip clay into it no problem
Desiree> which silver cleaner do you use, cheryl?
Irish Red> I have a high acid content in my skin.
kellieAK> that is good to know
Sally> I have a necklace of liq silver, tarnex is perfect to clean it
Cheryl Trottier> quik dip
EJRALPH> all metals tend to tarnish especially silver. They all need cleaning from time to time.
Sally> and, I store it in a silver bag
PoRRo> If you look at the url I give you, you will see the first necklaces using waxed chor thingys in the bottom.
Ohio> oh.....DUH....liquid silver beads.......
PoRRo> those free extra chords I mean
Irish Red> Has anyone used telephone wire with the plastic coating still on?
Sally> all the time, red
EJRALPH> yes, but I use electrical wire, the same sort of stuff really
ShelleyM> never tried it!
brigitta> hai crafty:0)
Irish Red> Can you use the same adhesives on it?
Sally> My DH says Hi
Emma> you can bake it straight into the clay, that is sure useful!
Irish Red> wow
PoRRo> where do you get it from Emma ?
ShelleyM> do you know if you can do the same thing - that is baking it into the clay with the artistic wires?
PoRRo> Just electric wire with coating ?
Desiree> haven't used telephone wire yet, but i have used artistic and gardening wire on polymer clay
Sally> yes, you can bake the artistic wire
Emma> electronics stores, the type of stores where geeks who build robots would visit, not the type of stores that sell kettles and toasters.
Irish Red> I still can't get it to stick to Artistic Wire
PoRRo> aaah, idiot shops as we call them
PoRRo> the ones you feel you really are an idiot
Sally> that's what I use to do Linda goff's technique
Irish Red> Like Radio Shack?
ShelleyM> I've only tried gluing the artistic wire, not baking.
Desiree> red, try baking the wire and clay at 300 degrees for 30 minutes
Emma> yep! where they sell a million things that you may find n the middle of a tv set, but you dont know what they are for
Crafty Owl> I have a Linda Goff owl pin. From about 5 years ago.
Sally> red, bake with the wire in place, then lift and superglue
Irish Red> I mean, the raw clay won't stay on the wire. Am I pushing too hard or not enough?
Irish Red> I love those pins!
ShelleyM> thanks Sally, that's just the sort of thing I was thinking about - Linda's wire technique!
Ohio> The telephone wire actually adheres to the clay....make sure that the ends are (the covering) actually shinks a bit in the process.
Crafty Owl> I think it's by her, unless I'm all confused.
brigitta> must go , this talking go to fast for me dutchgirl, sorry :0)
Desiree> whe i baked the wire and clay at 300, i couldn't lift the wire from the clay
Sally> it's her signature piece, elise
JENNY P> I use telephone wire all the time, I went to the local telephone repair place and was given 2 large spools of it
kellieAK> sorry bri! I can send you the log
brigitta> go make some new project for on my forum dragon/devil wings
ShelleyM> sorry Brigitta. It's being logged, you can read it later
Irish Red> What's your url Brigitta?
ShelleyM> it's a bit fast for me too!
Crafty Owl> Oh - are we talking about the same person as Wire4Clay? She made the owl pin for me, she'd not done an owl before.
brigitta> oke thanks i read it later bye bye have fun:0)
Emma> the plastic coated wires shoudl bond with the clay quite well in a normal baking.
Sally> yes, elise, that's linda goff
Irish Red> Thanks
JENNY P> If anyone would like me to send them a bit of telephone wire let me know, the colors are red, white, and black
Crafty Owl> Oh good, if it's now something she makes a lot, it must have been a good seller for her!
Sally> I got a big bundle by mail order I think it's from pd exp
PoRRo> here is a picture of tiger tail ending I am now making to all of my necklaces
Sally> polyclay express
Ohio> Jenny - were those the only colors available?
PoRRo> not that, just a minute
EMUNIR> I'm wondering ... am I the only newbie here? I just started...
Emma> do any of you use calottes to finish your tigertail pieces?
JENNY P> yes, the only spools they would give me, I didn't question it, I just grabbed them and ran!
PoRRo> it has two crimbs on it and a glass bead in between.
Cathy> nope I'm new, too
PoRRo> I do not trust any one crimb enough
EMUNIR> glad to know I'm not the only one :)
Cathy> :-)
Desiree> red, this page doesn't have necklaces, but has a pic of an altoid with artistic wire i made
Sally> 2 crimps and a glass bead? is that really necessary porro
Ohio> I bought some from ebay....great assorted colors....but I'm about out gotta find another source
Crafty Owl> Crimps, Porro? Or, what's a crimb.
Irish Red> K. I'll check it out later. Thanks
JENNY P> I have never use it in jewelry before though, I usually use it as armature on sculpts
Emma> yes! crimps can be real naughty things, close too hard, you cut the wire, close not hard wnough and they slip over time!
Desiree> the photo titled WireButterfly3.jpg is made from artistic wire
Ohio> Jenny - me too.....but my brain is racing.....
Irish Red> I'm jamming up my browser trying to go to all these pages.
EMUNIR> what's the best source to get artistic wire - never used it
kellieAK> me too
JENNY P> but check out your local telephone repair place, they might have some to give you,
SYL23514117> I'm copying the URL's and putting them in the body of an email. I can check them later that way.
Irish Red> Add a dab of glue to the crimp
Sally> I think wilma has wire at Polyclay exp
PoRRo> I think one is not enough.
Cathy> they will be in your log, too
PoRRo> crimp, not crimb :-)
EMUNIR> I get confused between the guages though
ShelleyM> ooh thanks
Desiree> you're right, porro, one crimp is not enough
EMUNIR> now y didn't I think of that lol
EMUNIR> thanks
Sally> higher number, thinner wire
Cheryl Trottier> set up a favorite folder and go to one at a time and then save
Cathy> the clay factory has artistic wire, also
Crafty Owl> If you're in England, Polymer clay pit have wire.
Emma> thank god we use metricover here!
EMUNIR> which is the standard size - I mean the most commonly used one
EMUNIR> Nope I'm in Pakistan
Sally> it varies, emunir
PoRRo> I make necklace "bases" by stringing a lock, and closing it with the crimbs. Then cutting them to avarage size necklace. Have few always ready for quick stringing
EMUNIR> I'll have to check though I doubt I'll find it easily if at all
PoRRo> my new cats are selling like strawberies :-)
Sally> depends on what you're using it for
ShelleyM> I've been using 22 I think. I think that's about 6mm
Cathy> good, Porro!
ShelleyM> i mean .6mm
Sally> I can get some wire here in Saudi Arabia
EMUNIR> that's cool Porro I love your stuff
EMUNIR> oh ok
EMUNIR> Sally you are from SA?
Sally> American, living here
EMUNIR> Oh btw my name is Erum .... just couldn't get that id - it was already taken
Crafty Owl> How international is this chat? Must be five countrys!
EMUNIR> oh ok
Emma> five?
PoRRo> finland
ShelleyM> England
Emma> uk of course
Cheryl Trottier> canada
EMUNIR> Pakistan
Irish Red> Sandy Eggo, California
kellieAK> alaska
Sally> Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
RJR0208> Arizona
Cathy> new maxico
Crafty Owl> Someone just left from Holland, right?
annie> illinois
Irish Red> Yes
Desiree> erum, you can still use erum as your screen name type '/name' and then 'erum' and that name will show
Sally> yeah, bri
SYL23514117> New Mexico
ShelleyM> Brigitta
kellieAK> oh, yes, bri is in holland
Ginger> USA
WEBBYHOYT> Cape Coral Florida...newbie
Ohio> Is is "okay" to make necklaces that have no openings/closings? Over the head type? Would there be issues selling them?
kellieAK> syl, you are in new mexico too?
erum> ok
Desiree> santa clara, CA
erum> hey that worked cool
SYL23514117> Yup, Gallup for me.
Irish Red> I do it all the time Ohio
Cathy> syl where are you in NM
kellieAK> oh, I remember you!
Crafty Owl> I sell 'continuous' necklaces with no clasp all the time.
Emma> Ohio, they can be a very good idea, many people HATE fidling with clasps anyway
ShelleyM> we really are truly international. Pity Tantan isn't here to add Australia.
Cathy> I'm in ABQ
HANI_WOLF> Wisconsin
Cheryl Trottier> just list the length on the card
Irish Red> I recreate rennaisance beads and there are no clasps on them.
Crafty Owl> Well it is before 6am over there!
SYL23514117> Nobody is ever from Gallup but me. LOL!
RJR0208> I may move to albqq in the near future!
PoRRo> I do not like using any clasps because of the allergy problems
Ohio> Thanks....and by the name is Jan...but I couldn't get the system to let me use my name...but I am in Ohio! :)
Cheryl Trottier> who makes adjutable length necklaces
PoRRo> I use sliding knots with waxed chord
Irish Red> It's great for people with poor eyesight or arthritis
Emma> I am reading a book which features Gallup, does that count?
Cathy> cool, rjr - stay in touch
Sally> jan type /name jan
Irish Red> Ohio...type /name Jan
Crafty Owl> I use silver when I do use clasps - unless I'm making wire ones.
RJR0208> Name is Jeanette
ShelleyM> I love those sliding knots
Crafty Owl> But I also make my own ring-and-bar clasps from polyclay.
SYL23514117> Close enough Emma! LOL
PoRRo> silver is a problem to many people here too :-(
Jan> let's see.....
Cathy> works for me, emma!
Jan> Ta DAH!!!
Emma> something by the jurassic park guy!
Sally> if you'd rather use your real name, type in /name and then your name
erum> And I just tied a sliding knot lol ... there are so many ways...
PoRRo> me too. If you want to see a ring and bar clasp of mine...
Irish Red> I use stainless steel cuz there's less allergy probs.
Desiree> clasps don't always have to go in the back on the neck, really pretty clasps are made to be the center piece of the necklace and hang right in the front
Emma> found strange monsters in the dessert or something
Irish Red> Or you can put a bar through a donut.
Sally in the San> see what I mean
Cheryl Trottier> i use several larger beads with spacer beads inbetween to make adjustable
Emma> lol, stainless steel is the only metal that ever makes my ears balloon! lord help me if I ever need an operation!
Irish Red> In the chat box
Audrey> I got some gorgeous semiprecious stone clasps that are dragons and a ring, those would go beautifully in front.
Emma> niobium is a great metal for allergies
Cheryl Trottier> with a s clasp on the other side
Desiree> i love circle and bar closures
erum> sounds lovely audrey
Cheryl Trottier> Desiree can you make them out of clay?
PoRRo> also you can make a flat bead and a O from the stringing material like in these
Crafty Owl> They have hypoallergenic tools they can use if you tell them you're allergic and you do need an op, Emma.
Jan> Good ideas.....I worry about my customers being happy long term with their purchases. There are so many companies that sell findings and I want to make sure that they are quality.
Emma> yey! I will live then!
Audrey> at the Bead and Button show last weekend we saw so many wonderful things for clasps.
PoRRo> you can make o- rings and bar closures from polyclay.
Desiree> good question, cheryl. i've thought about that but i don't think clay circle and bar closures would be strong enough
Emma> Crafty, I must email you sometime and blag your suppliers list! seeing you here has reminded me!
PoRRo> I have some on that enrust.htm page
erum> I have to go searching the shops in my local area to see whats available and whats not
Irish Red> OT here...Dotty McMillan is in town showing her Kaleidoscopes. Going to go see her.
Cheryl Trottier> such as
Desiree> the bar could be, but not the circle, unless the core was made of metal
Crafty Owl> OK, emma - do, because I'll forget to just send it!
Emma> Kim, I told you about making me jealous about stuff didnt I!
Irish Red> Uh. Yeah.
Audrey> millefiori clay pieces... to die for...
Irish Red> hehehe
PoRRo> here is one o-ring and bar closure. It is lasting !
Crafty Owl> I make the circles from clay.
Sally Ann> say hi to dottie for me
ShelleyM> erum, you now have friends aroudn the world. Someone will be able to help you get what you need!
Emma> lol, I will forget to ask! dont ask how shelley made me remember this chat!
Jan> Desiree - what if you used a "rivet" for the center of the circle? Think that would do it?
Irish Red> You don't wanna hear everyone who was at our last guild meeting.
Sally Ann> spent a whole week across from her at r'dale
Emma> here she goes again!
erum> Thanks Shelley :)
Irish Red> Desiree, I'll make one and let you know how it goes.
Irish Red>
Cheryl Trottier> maybe make the circle out of 18 gauge silver and inbed twisted end into clay
ShelleyM> lol Emma, it worked then!!
Emma> I tried using rivits in clay and it was a disaster, anyone else had any luck?
Audrey> heehee... wanna learn how to peyote stitch, Red?
PoRRo> if it is big enough, you do not need that unless you are using sculpeyIII
Sally> how do you mean emma
Desiree> that could work, jan
Irish Red> I've been wondering if I could use grommets.
Emma> yes Shelley I returned with the dogs, looked at them and thought necklaces on dogs!
Irish Red> YES Audrey!
PoRRo> if the buttons hold the waching machine, they should work if not thinner
Crafty Owl> Really you don't need a metal center. Clay is fine. I've been wearing one for years.
Jan> Red....maybe that's what I mean....the leather thingys
PoRRo> here you have it !
ShelleyM> see I told you it'd work Emma. Visual association!!
Irish Red> These are brass grommets Jan
Audrey> its easy.....
Jan> Hey - I'll take your word for it Crafty and try it.....
Irish Red> I use them in bodices and always have some left over.
Emma> Sally, I am talking baout those rivets that come with the funny little thing like a staples that you use to squish them! lol clear as mud eh?
PoRRo> The clock Elise (crafty owl) was having at polydays had a wonderful lock made with this method and it was sturdy as my relationship !
Sally> You mean metal eyelets
Emma> yes
Crafty Owl> That's the one I've been wearing for years, Porro.
Sally> that's what I thought emma
Desiree> wow, i'll have to read the log on this disucssion! ;-)
PoRRo> :-) I thought so. Droolable watch !
Sally> why do you want to use them with clay
Emma> I tried them in raw clay - a total joke, thank god no-one saw me do it, and the baked clay was bad too. Might try making a hol for them to go in and see if that works
Cheryl Trottier> what about snaps like someone on polymer haven was using to attach doll limbs
Irish Red> Grommets like I mean would be what you would see in a tarp.
Emma> Sally, I only want to use them to see if it can be done! lol, they would prolly look awful anyway!
Sally> grommets = large eyelets
PoRRo> visual ? I do not get it
Sally> maybe now
PoRRo> ah, Now I see it
Sally> not
Irish Red> I have to buy them for the bodices and thought I'd try them out. No special reason.
Emma> did they work Red?
Irish Red> I don't know yet Emma.
Irish Red> They've been watching me from the shelf and haven't decided how to use them.
Sally> I made some great buttons for my last winter coat. they were shank buttons
Emma> well if they are the same things I was trying - GOOD LUCK, you're gonna need it!
Sally> the shanks were made from telephone wire
PoRRo> I have a shoe made with round hole - sides from metal made by a dear friend. Is this the kind of things you talk about ? Ment to make holes to clothes ?
Irish Red> Thanks : \
ShelleyM> ifanyone uses thread to make necklaces. What sort of knot do you tie at the end?
Cheryl Trottier> great idea sally
Irish Red> That's it porro
Crafty Owl> That's it, Porro.
Emma> yes porro
PoRRo> oh, they work just fine. I have a bag full of them. Made a book using them
Sally> I'd like to know that too shelley
Crafty Owl> I put a knot inside one of those special crimps.
Desiree> i just had a craving for grilled barbeque chicken, whoa!
Emma> then HOW???
JENNY P> Red, I have a rock amulet made by Jodi Bishal, and she used those
ShelleyM> is the sort of knot I use, just wondered how anyone else did theirs
Sally> just had that for dinner, desi
PoRRo> You just have to find a little smaller drinking straw to make the holes and then push them to the holes
Irish Red> I use a square knot, go back through a few beads, tie an overhand knot, back through a few more, tie another. Then glue them all.
Irish Red> Lucky you Jen!
PoRRo> they will not need glue if just right size hole.
Emma> that is what I was gonna try next porro, okay then back to the drawring board on that one, thanks
Irish Red> I do it just for insurance.
Crafty Owl> That's more-or less what I do on continous ones, Red.
Emma> are the things you use squished by a funny hand held machine thing?
Desiree> wondering if there's anyone here who's puzzled about how to take a pile of beads and figure out to make a quick necklace?
Irish Red> I don't use a grommet setter Emma. Just a hammer.
PoRRo> no. I hammer (actually pushed) the other sides when the thing was baked
ShelleyM> ginger, if you give me your e-mail addy I'll send you a lot, but I'm hoping Sunni might put it up later at pcc
Irish Red> ME!
ShelleyM> log!
Emma> ah! I see I will try that too then
JENNY P> Me Des!
Emma> what do you mean by a quick necklace? just make it shorter ;-)
PoRRo> ok, making a necklace out of handful of beads:
Irish Red> I can't use the setter. My hands won't press the darn thing
Crafty Owl> If I have that, Desiree, I make a concertina of paper and lie the beads out in a fold
PoRRo> first find some beads you want to use.
Crafty Owl> to decide the order etc.
Emma> ah well, I got a new hammer the other day so it must be fate!
PoRRo> :-)
Jeanette> For me making a necklace out of a handful of beads! What to use for fillers?
Irish Red> I always end up with no contrast.
Sally> I'd use seed beads
Desiree> one of the first things to do is think about how long you want the necklace
Emma> I am lost?? what is we talkign about now?
PoRRo> and then find some beads that you do not want to use but you only have few and would go nicely with that one
Sally> in a neutral or complementary color
Jeanette> what is the standard lenght?
Crafty Owl> OR just line with the wire looping.
Desiree> starting necklace construction
Crafty Owl> I mean link, not line.
Sally> I don't think there is a standard length
Desiree> there really isn't a standard length
Emma> I start in the middle! I hold one end of the thread in my teeth and usually drop it over the floor at the last minute, how about you guys?
PoRRo> or are you going to do a pendant type of necklace or do you want to make a shorter allaround your neck one
Jeanette> Same here
Crafty Owl> 16 inches is a sort of 'standard minimum' unless it's a choaker.
Irish Red> It depends on the wearer.
ShelleyM> I'm always dropping beads!
MJSKI> The tips I have are an open clamshell with a loop. There's a hole in the middoe that you string the thread through, knot it, then pull it back into the clamshell. Closing the clamshell over it is
MJSKI> no harder than closing a jumpring.
Sally> 16 inches is a choker on me, elise
Jeanette> What length do all you use?
Irish Red> Like 16 inches would strangle me.
Emma> there are standard lengths, if you check the Jewelry crafts mag site, they have a table somewhere with interesting facts like that i think
Crafty Owl> I always put one end of the clasp on first, if there's a clasp.
Irish Red> I like 20-22 inches. That hangs right in the cleavage I don't have.
Jeanette> Oh cool thanks
ShelleyM> I like to start in the middle of my necklace and work outward on each side. When I remember I tape the end I'm not working with to the bench
erum> I guess it also depends on the design
Desiree> the biggest consideration about length is whether it will fit over your head without needing to be opened
Crafty Owl> Yea, me too Red.
Emma> I used to do it that way and then got out of that habit!
Jeanette> Yep the clevage thingie!
erum> Since I have just been tying a sliding knot till now I keep a longer length
Emma> usually I design as I go along, if I know what I am making I will do a clasp first
Desiree> the other big consideration is the hole size of largest and smallest thing you want to string
Emma> lol, 15 long years shelley and I never thunk of that!
Irish Red> A bead board is essential IMHO.
erum> that way everyone can adjust to their own convenience
Sally> i agree red
Crafty Owl> Professional stringers put the clasp on first, so it can go on a loop of thread with gimp around.
ShelleyM> even when I've worked out a design before, I still always start in the middle!
Irish Red> My prob is figgering out how many beads to make to get the length I want.
Crafty Owl> I thought that 'til I misplaced mine, Red, and I've been OK since.
Emma> you can still use gimp if you do the clasp at the end though cant you? I sure do! maybe I do it wrong!
ShelleyM> I've never used one
Crafty Owl> I make more beads than I think I'll need, then I can pick out the best ones.
kellieAK> kim, they made some neat beading trays that help with that problem
Desiree> you want to keep the smallest and largest holes as close together as possible
ShelleyM> what are the benefits of gimp. I've never actually used it. How do you use it
Emma> me too, and still never have enough!
Irish Red> Who did Kellie?
Cheryl Trottier> irish if you have a bead board that is marked in inches do a couble of inches and them multiply by length yu want
Crafty Owl> You can, but then you've got to tie ends off at both sides.
Desiree> i mean in size
Jeanette> I try to make more than I think I need but sometimes when using cane ends don't get enough
kellieAK> I have seen different kinds in bead stores.
Crafty Owl> Gimp stops the thread rubbing on the metal of the clasp.
Irish Red> But that means math Cheryl
Irish Red> I am math impaired.
Emma> it is great if you use the doubling back through the necklace knotting technique of finishing things off, makes a neat little loop for the clasp to hang on
erum> lol
Desiree> beginners, start simplest by making a single strand necklace
Cheryl Trottier> or just lay a few against a ruller while raw clay and then multiply to see how many you need
Jeanette> I have several necklaces but am lost for spacing.
erum> ok I lost you there Emma
Emma> Erum, I lost myself I think also!
erum> lol
Emma> kinda need a picture really!
Crafty Owl> Yes, but you have to do that both ends. IF you start with a loop, and use doubled thread through the necklace, you only have to tie off one eond.
erum> yes
Jan> Does anyone here have a suggestion for the best book on jewelry construction? Is there a "bible" of jewelry like there is for clay?
Jeanette> That is what to put inbetween my home made beads.
Emma> so how do you tie off TWO ends at the other end then?
Irish Red> I like The Best Little Beading Book by Wendy Simpson Conner.
Cheryl Trottier> Jeanette take a color from a big bead and make clay contrast beads
erum> ya I know - book where they teach you all the knots lol
Desiree> The Best Little Beading Book is good
Desiree> also, The Book of Beads
Jeanette> Is there a book that actually shows a necklace construction. IE starting crimping fillers etc?
Crafty Owl> Bring back to between two beads, put one end between the threads, tie together, put through more, repeat, put ends through to 'loose' them.
Emma> ?
Jan> I don't know the knots....and the findings....etc....
erum> Same here Jan
Cheryl Trottier> I have those bead rollers they make up filler beads fast and perfect;
Crafty Owl> There's a booklet called 'necklace making basics' and another called bead stringing basics.
Emma> yeah i get it, though usually I use much too thick thread for my beads as it is!
Jan> This chat will help....and then I can read the books and know what in the world they are talking about!!!
Irish Red> I can't get a bead roller to work for me.
ShelleyM> I think I have the bead stringing one
Emma> I must admit, I dont use gimp that much but I really like it alot.
erum> what is gimp?
Crafty Owl> Better to use two strands of thinner thread, the neclace hangs better.
Cheryl Trottier> anyone make bracelets
Emma> true, I have always been a lazy so and so about using the right stuff for the job though!
Desiree> Jan, check out this url for a breakdown of some of the things we're talking about here
ShelleyM> I quite often use plated beads inbetween my pc beads as spacers. It gives for more contrast as well
Crafty Owl> Sometimes I even do proper knotting between beads, as in pearl stringing.
Jeanette> Oh sheesh, if I only had a brain! How simple is that! thanks
Irish Red> Does anyone find that the holes in their beads slump during baking?
Jeanette> Can't see the forest for the trees
PoRRo> I wanted to say something about necklace design. If you have a time to go to look at
flyte> What do you all use as thread, I'm using dental floss but that may be a big mistake?
Crafty Owl> I bake on metal rods sold for glass beadmaking.
Desiree> for spacers, i'm boring. i like basic matte black glass beads
Emma> I do sometimes like for pearls etc if I ever have to mend them for people and that.
JENNY P> one of my problems is that I can't seem to plan ahead enough, I can make the polymer beads, but when it comes to the fillers, I either don't have enough, or what I do have doesn't have the right hole
JENNY P> size, usually to small
Jan> Are these books ones that you guys would recommend I purchase and will use multiple times? Or should I just check them out of the library
Cheryl Trottier> I bake on batting in baking bags
Crafty Owl> Dental floss rubbs easily. I like silk or nymo thread.
PoRRo> you can see several similar necklaces with similar cats on middle
Emma> there is a thing Crafty! I only ever bake my beads in a tray on parchment paper. I never get the shinies that way so never bothered with the metal rod scenario at all
erum> I wish I could find this in a libray
PoRRo> but with different colours and bit different side beads, you get totally different feeling
ShelleyM> If my pc bead hole is too small I drill it bigger
erum> its quite pricey - the book ie
Crafty Owl> If you can find them at the library, do that - then get if you want them!
flyte> what about "tiger tail" I've tried it, but it seems too stiff!
Emma> fishing line is a good alternative tan,
Crafty Owl> I just find it easier to use a rod - no rolling about, no folding paper etc.
flyte> Ah great emma...I tie a beautiful dad can help LOL.
JENNY P> the PC holes are easy to drill, it is the holes on things like the matte black glass ones I have trouble with
Emma> true, no losing them under the kitchen cupboards or into the dog
ShelleyM> soft flex has more drape than tiger tail
Crafty Owl> I never use tiger tail - tried it, don't like it.
MJSKI> Jeanette? I got a book called Beautiful Beads by Alexandra Kidd that has projects that demonstrates basic techniques. Also a book called Hemp and bead Jewelry by Mickey Baskett that demonstrates a
MJSKI> wide variety of knots..
PoRRo> if you do not want to use the rod and hanging in the oven, try using wwww folded paper
ShelleyM> Necklace strung on softflex:
Crafty Owl> Poor Apollo!
kellieAK> I have been using the fiber fill recently to bake my beads on
PoRRo> someone had fire problems with fiber fill just reacently. Talked about it on PCI
Emma> if beads want to live in my world they have to behave and jsut not roll around! I wont pander to them and give them cosy beds to lie on let me tell you! DODGEMA:Mary> What is fiberfill?
Jeanette> Thanks ski
kellieAK> were they using a toaster oven? I have heard of that
JENNY P> What types of filler beads to you guys think works with polymer, I like the matte black, but what else works?
MJSKI> Also search the net. about 3/4ths of what you find is poor, but I hit on a few good sites
ShelleyM> Compare with necklace on tigertail:
Irish Red> Quilt batting Mary
Emma> I certianly like matte finish for working with clay beads
Desiree> here's a necklace strung on softflex
kellieAK> fiber fill is what you stuff a quilt with
Emma> small copper beads work nice to,
Crafty Owl> Small metallic ones, and matching or toning seed beads.
PoRRo> K, I see the point, shelley !
Emma> I dont like the metalicc lined seeds for it, they seem to clash
Crafty Owl> But I usually keep my necklaces to all-clay, or all-glass etc.
Cheryl Trottier> fiber fill can be made from different materials so test first
kellieAK> I found some matt glass beads that look like clay
Irish Red> Some metallic seeds will lose the silver over time, too.
JENNY P> does the shine on the glass seed beads bother you? it seems to me to clash with the polymer
Irish Red> I put shiny with shiny and matte with matte Jen
Emma> especially the ones coatedwith the metallic on the OUTSIDE, the silver lined ones stand up longer
Crafty Owl> Probably the way the middle reflects light through the glass makes them too 'un clay like'?
Desiree> jenny, that's why i like matte glass beads
PoRRo> it depends on the beads.
Emma> yes, I dont like shiny seeds with polymer
PoRRo> I wanted to use all clay beads, but they look and feel too heavy to me.
JENNY P> Me to Des, I was just wondering how others felt about it
erum> the hemp and bead book looks interesting and under $11
Irish Red> Sue Heaser shows how to make little spacers of clay, but I found an easier way.
PoRRo> As I already am making necklaces in bigger scale than normal shopping center has, it was a good idea
Emma> yeah, not bother!
Crafty Owl> I do make very tiny bead spacers. Roll a tube or clay around a tiny rod, bake, then cut up while warm.
PoRRo> to use glass beads
Irish Red> I roll the clay to #1 on the pasta machine, double it over, use my round Kemper cutter and pierce them.
Emma> life is TOO short to make small clay beads
PoRRo> those beads (heishi ?) made that way have too sharp borders for my eye
Jeanette> Does Sue Heaser show it in her book? I just bought it yesterday and haven't had the time to read it yet
Emma> me too porro
Crafty Owl> Cute, Red.
ShelleyM> I do that as wellCrafty. Works really well for lots of little spacers
kellieAK> LOL emma
Irish Red> Yes Jeannette
Emma> cool idea red
Jeanette> Thanks gonna run for it now
PoRRo> red, can you repeat that in other words. I did not get how you make them
Crafty Owl> IF you get a tumbler, you can soften the edges of them.
JENNY P> Red, you mean you just cut it out with the cutter? leaveing it flat?
Irish Red> Do you have a small round Kemper cutter Porro?
MJSKI> My pocketbook is too empty to buy small spacers when I have nips and pieces of PC to make them with! LOL
PoRRo> oh well, now you are confusing me to someone RICH and famous. I am just famous:-) (joke of the day)
Emma> true, another question about that, cheap tumblers in the uk??? anyone?
Irish Red> Roll out your clay to #1 on the pasta machine.
PoRRo> yes, I have. Bought a set and smaller ones from polydays
Crafty Owl> How cheap, Emma? Best I could find is about #50.
Irish Red> Cut it in half and put one half on top of the other...two thicknesses.
Emma> lol, me too
PoRRo> k, red
Emma> I was hoping maybe for one of the kiddie ones like the US folks talk of
Crafty Owl> Or you can borrow mine for a while - I only use it now and them.
Irish Red> Use the cutter to punch out all the circles.
ShelleyM> there's a shop in Poole that sells tumblers. I can find the price for you if you want
PoRRo> ah, now I got it. Thanks
Irish Red> When they're all done, just put holes in them.
Emma> that is a very kind offer. however I break other peoples stuff just by looking at it, so as a matter of cousre now I always decline ;-) but thanks for offering!
Crafty Owl> May I 'pinch' that idea, Red?
Irish Red> Sure
PoRRo> desiree, I meaned to say that your softlex string necklace seems to bend quite well
Crafty Owl> OR I could tumble some beads for you, Emma?
Emma> lol, not youa re talking!
Crafty Owl> Thanks, Red.
JENNY P> Des where do you get the matte black beads?
Irish Red> I think you'll find there are many ways to do this.
PoRRo> desiree, what are the spacer beads (red and yellow) made from ?
Emma> the really annoying thing is, we always had a tumbler as a kid, and my mum threw it out about 2 years ago! cruel life
Desiree> yes, porro, softflex is lovely stuff, supposedly it can be knotted, unlike tiger's tail, but i've never tried that
Crafty Owl> LOL!
JENNY P> Emma I used to have one too, it disappeared when I moved about 8 years ago
Irish Red> I hear you Emma. When my dad died, we gave away his marble work surface.
Desiree> surprisingly, matte black beads aren't easy to find
JENNY P> I know!
Crafty Owl> Buy shiney ones and dip in Etchall cream!
Desiree> everytime i go to ANY bead store, i grab whatever ones they have
Irish Red> Desiree, General Bead usually has them.
PoRRo> the first beadshop in england we went had those.
Emma> it seemed to me though that surely tumblind beads cannot be very cost effective if you were really counting all the costs of making a necklace. Do they use much electricity ?
JENNY P> I have done that crafty
PoRRo> etchall ?
flyte> buy shiney and tumble!
Emma> no, not more things to dip!! cool idea though!
Crafty Owl> Well, you run a tumbler for about three days total, I guess, but it's not much more power than a light bulb I don't think.
ShelleyM> it depends emma if you count the cost of the time taken to sand by hand
JENNY P> it only takes a few minutes
Crafty Owl> That's for quite a lot of beads, though!
ShelleyM> but I don't think they use much electricity
Emma> yes I guess, but in reality could you EVER sell a necklace snaded by hand to that extent and make a profit?
Crafty Owl> I love Etchall for dulling-down glass beads.
Emma> lol, I have no idea how much it costs to run a lightbulb for three days either!
PoRRo> is that a brand name for something that is going to make milkier glass ?
Irish Red> WE need to find out how they make the fake "beach bottle" glass.
Desiree> he he, porro
Crafty Owl> It's an etching cream.
Emma> I think it mimics the effect of sandblasted glass
JENNY P> red, I bet they tumble it
Emma> do you do stained glass too crafty?
Crafty Owl> Don't they just break glass and tumble it?
Crafty Owl> I have done, Emma, but not recently.
PoRRo> we call the beach glass looking glass "milk glass" here
Irish Red> Probably
Emma> brb need battery pack
Irish Red> Here, milk glass is white like the old milk bottles.
Irish Red> And it's shiny
PoRRo> i see. A cultural misunderstanding
Irish Red> Battery pack?
flyte> coffee i think
PoRRo> so one word for finnish for you: beach glass = maitolasi
Irish Red> Ah
Crafty Owl> She's probably on a laptop, Red.
PoRRo> maitolasi also means a glass of milk
Jeanette> Great idea for a pendant. Broken bottle glass put in etchall
PoRRo> :-)
Irish Red> oooo
Crafty Owl> What a lovely word, Porro.
Desiree> i'm getting hungry, guys, brb
ShelleyM> yes she is, no wires!

Hi Folks!
PoRRo> desiree, your site is very slow loading today
erum> Hi
Crafty Owl> Put it in for a long time, JEanette, so the edges loose the sharpness.
Jeanette> Can you sand the edges or tumble them?
Crafty Owl> Hi Copper.
ShelleyM> I'm eating while I type!!
COPPERANGEL> What are you tumbling?
Crafty Owl> You sure can, JEanette.
flyte> Shelley, I'm copping the crumbs over here!
Jeanette> No jokes folks or shelley is going to feed the 'puter
Desiree> back, which site porro, the pbase one?
Crafty Owl> I better go, I have to make dinner. Sorry!
PoRRo> jup
Crafty Owl> Be well, all. Bye!
PoRRo> bye elisse. Wonderful miniature you had made !!!!
Emma> nice to chat with you crafty! I shall email you sson for that list if I may
COPPERANGEL> byebye Crafty
Irish Red> Food! Need sammich
ShelleyM> I was lucky, my son made dinner for me!
Crafty Owl> Thanks. Bye!
Emma> gotta go too but may well return
ShelleyM> I have a question regarding crimpers
Emma> see ya, thanks for a great chat Porro and pals
Cathy> thanks for the chat
Sally> shoot shelley
PoRRo> so how many else makes a lot of necklaces here ?
PoRRo> some of mine are at
COPPERANGEL> I make alot of jewelry....mostly beaded, though
PoRRo> I think this is the worst addiction I have because it is hard to sell jewellery in Finland
Cathy> I'm new to Jewelry making Porro
Jeanette> I do. used to have them on photopoint. Don't know if I still have it
ShelleyM> I've tried using my crimping pliers. What am I doing wrong, where can I get crimps that fit it? Mine seem too small and slide through the opening of the pliers. Can I use ordinary beads, or does it
ShelleyM> have to be crimp beads?
flyte> why porro...are you an adornment free country?
kellieAK> I am trying to concentrate more on jewelry making
Sally> has to be crimp beads, shel
PoRRo> nope. Hand made jewellery just needs to be silver or something.
COPPERANGEL> Shelly, are you using reg crimping pliers? THe ones with two stations?
Desiree> crimps are special kinds of beads
ShelleyM> I presume my crimp beads I have are just too small for the pliers then
ShelleyM> yes, has two thingies on it
PoRRo> I actually do not know. People like them, and the size is not the only reason. I would like to know though
COPPERANGEL> hmmmm.....must be the crimps, then
COPPERANGEL> the 2mm crimps should work
Desiree> nope, the smallest crimp beads should fit in a crimper
ShelleyM> I got them recently in London and tried them out and all my crimp beads just fell through the hole, or wouldn't crimp tight enough
PoRRo> kellie, do you have your necklaces someplace ? A link would be great to have in this log
flyte> maybe you're not holding your mouth right?
ShelleyM> could be!! lol!
Desiree> shelley, is your crimper a jewellers crimper or a hardware crimper?
erum> ok I'm back
kellieAK> yes, let me get it
Cathy> lol, 38
ShelleyM> would biting my tongue help?
Desiree> lol
ShelleyM> got it in a bead shop.
flyte> sometimes...but only if you draw blood!
Irish Red> That would be putting abit too much of yourself in your work Shelley
ShelleyM> should have been the right sort. I just presume I've got the wrong crimp beads or something.
Sally> shelley, my crimper looks like a pliers with 2 little holes on each side
Sally> any size works with them
COPPERANGEL> Shelley, maybe go to and look at their crimps
Sally> Porro, am I right that crimping is a 2 step process?
Jeanette> hardware store crimpers won't work. Too big
PoRRo> drool, kellie. To see them in one page is a treat.
COPPERANGEL> compare them
Irish Red> I think you just need a demo Shelley
Jeanette> Porro your right
Desiree> geesh, i wish i love yogurt as much as my cats do
ShelleyM> mine have two little holes, the one at the top has a little dent bit to bend the crimp over, but it just doesn't seem to work for me!
kellieAK> oh, gosh, you are making me blush porro
PoRRo> When you get tired to your violet wedding dreass necklace, you can send it to me. LOL !
COPPERANGEL> the one with the dent is the first step
kellieAK> okay!
ShelleyM> thanks copperangel. I'll take a look
COPPERANGEL> you're welcome :-)

what's new in the necklace construction business?
PoRRo> I am using normal pliers to crimbing
PoRRo> But I am first flattening them, and then putting the pressure on sideway
Desiree> i find a 3-step crimp process makes me happier
Irish Red> I don't use crimp beads cuz I can't see the little suckers.
ShelleyM> that's what I've always used Porro, but I bought these 'special' crimpers when we were in London
COPPERANGEL> Desiree.....three steps?
SOTAGIRL> my problem is getting the clasps on!
Jeanette> Porro that works too. Got my pliers from a friend so they were cheap cheap cheap
PoRRo> you can see my tools at
Desiree> the second step kinda flattens the crimp bead, so i turn it on its side and kinda round it again
Jeanette> Hey Porro can you do a small tutorial on crimping?
COPPERANGEL> PoRRo, I've seen your work..........FABULOUS!
PoRRo> I have seen the crimb pliers in the net, but have not been convinced I really need them
PoRRo> thanx copper !
COPPERANGEL> ahhhhhhh....I see, Desiree
SOTAGIRL> also,I nees some glasses line the dentist wears, they have a magnifying glass built in to them. Has any one seen them?
ShelleyM> If I ever get them to work, I'll let you know porro!
PoRRo> copperangel would be kuparienkeli in finnish, wich is very nice word
flyte> you can buy magnifiers real cheap at chemist/drug store
COPPERANGEL> I like that
Desiree> i saw something similar at a model train shop, bench magnifiers
Sally> I've got something called mag eyes, works great
Irish Red> Sota, you can get some at a rock shop.
flyte> make you dizzy though!
ShelleyM> have you looked at the opticians?
Irish Red> You're already dizzy Tania!
PoRRo> or needlepoint catalogs etc ?
Desiree> LOL
Sally> you can get mag eyes at a craft store or online
SOTAGIRL> Dslly, Where did you get the mag eyes?
PoRRo> I second that !
Irish Red> Yeah, like Herschnerrs
Sally> I think I got mine at michaels
COPPERANGEL> Fire Mountain Gems has them, I believe
Dawn> they always have those things in Lillian Vernon catologs for little old ladies who do needle sork
Dawn> work
PoRRo> needle sork sounded more fun
Irish Red> I'd like to see needle sork Dawn
ShelleyM> I like all your beads all very neatly in the box porro. Mine are never neat like that!
Irish Red> Sounds like special scissors. Is that what they call those bird scissors?
COPPERANGEL> eek...neat? what's that?
flyte> uhoh...Porro and Red are cranking up!
Dawn> Alright I deserve this just ask Cathy!
kellieAK> LOL
Sally> stork scissors, red
PoRRo> I need to have my necklace spacer beads neatly. If I do not have them handy, I will not find them
Irish Red> There you go
Emma> ha I came back!
Cathy> indeed you do!!!
Dawn> where does she see these beads
Irish Red> Ha!
Dawn> don't ya just hate people that come in in the middle!
Cathy> but we love you dawny *G*
Emma> oh yes dawn we suck!
PoRRo> there is also a picture of one of my colour mixing strings. I have about (do I confess now) dozen of those
Irish Red> At least we're not ignoring you
Emma> lol
PoRRo> this one is with cernit metallic mixes
Irish Red> I think I've tried every clay but Cernit and Puppenfimo
Emma> I have to say this is a great chat, great topic well done folks who made it!
SOTAGIRL> thanks, I'll check. There is a Michael's where I live.
Irish Red> Cheryl, are you still here?
Emma> I still want to try cernit
Desiree> you have my sympathies, sotagirl
SOTAGIRL> What's cernit?
ShelleyM> I must try a colour string like that.
PoRRo> I have been waiting to get the info on colour mixing swap few years ago. I am going to host a colour mix swap later in this year
Cheryl Trottier> yes
Irish Red> A brand of strong clay Sota
ShelleyM> Cernit is another brand of clay, like Fimo, or Premo
kellieAK> I have been making my own color string the last few days. up to 50 colors so far
PoRRo> I need to have fimo soft colour strings and do not have the patience to mix all myself :-)
Emma> if I am correct, cernit colours are all translucent somewhat except the white?
ShelleyM> lol! A lot of colours!
Cathy> cool, kel
Cheryl Trottier> was wireing a puppet made with cernit and pupppenfimo
kellieAK> yep, and I feel it is just the beginning. LOL
Irish Red> lol
Cheryl Trottier> what was the question about them VBG
SOTAGIRL> I think I can learn alot from you guys.
ShelleyM> what did I start?
ShelleyM> lol!
Cathy> my color string is about 15 long
Irish Red> Trouble as usual Shelley
Desiree> lol
PoRRo> yes, Cernit is a little translucent. Cernit also is feeling less "plastic" than most of the clay brands
PoRRo> forgive the p- word
COPPERANGEL> that a bad word?
Emma> it has a more porceline feel to it I have heard.
PoRRo> plastic
Dawn> I have missed a whole lot trying to hand type the addressthat has since disappeared.
Emma> I just had my nurofen!
ShelleyM> Porro has converted me to Cernit. I love the stuff. I love the colours and the consistency
erum> so we avoid p words ;-)
Cheryl Trottier> cernit is the strongest
Emma> so can we get it here Shelley?
COPPERANGEL> :::::::shrug:::::::: I do mostly seedbead work, but polymer is accepted
Cheryl Trottier> but the mushiest
ShelleyM> which address were you after Dawn?
COPPERANGEL> since it's sculpted
Emma> accepter????? Humpf!
PoRRo> sue heaser said if there is enough interest, she might get it. Try to talk to her about it
Cheryl Trottier> wee folk carries cernet
ShelleyM> Sue doesn't sell it yet, but is thinking about it. I got mine from Porro!!!
COPPERANGEL> not frowned upon, I mean
Emma> okay will do
Dawn> nope the only bad work is CLEAN!
Emma> humpf, when you are in a hole, stop digging! accepted indeed! I dont know!
erum> Cernit's available at PolymerExpress
PoRRo> wanna swap a brick of premo pearl white ?
PoRRo> emma that is
COPPERANGEL>, come on. I make clay goodies to bead around all the time
Dawn> well I am on Porro's page just can't find the tools I think the last part was thetools.htm
PoRRo> to some cernit metallics.
PoRRo> just tools.htm
Irish Red> Marie has it too
Emma> yep! I will have to get some premo first though! dont use it much, but I need to get some. I also have lots of sculpey 3 if you ever use that and wanna swap sometime
PoRRo> haha. I will never use it again. The test part was all I wanted to know about that brand !
PoRRo> not for me.
Emma> okay I have now forgiven Copperangel, I know she will eventually be as addicted to clay as us, it is jsut some people fight it at first
COPPERANGEL> LOL! Those are my specialty!!!
ShelleyM> I still have some sculpey 3, but trying to use it up.
Emma> what did you make Porro?
COPPERANGEL> Emma, I AM addicted! To clay, beads, wire..........
Emma> You knwo, S3 is pants for many things, but there are somethings it is great for. dont discount it totally.
Emma> it is also cheap!
PoRRo> I made some tests with different brands making same thing with each brand. SculpeyIII failed the tests and is now suspended for a year
Dawn> Oh yeah I used those wonderful floss boxes too! Also I found some clear lure boxes at a yard sale (5) bought them all!
PoRRo> those fishing supplie houses are heavens !
PoRRo> we do not have many craft shops, but we have over 100 000 lakes in this country. Lot4 of fisherman here :-)
PoRRo> dawn, the other page was called chat.htm
PoRRo> dawn: and the cat necklaces are on the oven fresh page (click from the left side)
ShelleyM> I have a necklace related question
kellieAK> shoot
RJR0208> go shelley
ShelleyM> if you use tigertail or soft flex, do you wrap it round the finding at the end or use a jump ring, or split ring?
COPPERANGEL> I never use jump rings unless they're soldered
kellieAK> I double it back, and go thru a bead
Dawn> :)
ShelleyM> reason I'm asking is I think I read somewhere that it could be dangerous if you don't use something like a jump ring
COPPERANGEL> the tigertail can slip through the gap
kellieAK> really?
Desiree> split rings are the strongest
Cathy> the jump ring will open
Emma> in the dessert?
Dawn> crimp bead?
ShelleyM> reason being that the tiger tail etc is so strong if it catches it'll take your neck with it!
RJR0208> I use jump rings. Splits do just that. Doesn't stand up to the weight of my beads.
Emma> split ring Shelley
Sally> in the community I live in, lots of water and greenery
PoRRo> have used nothing.
COPPERANGEL> it's good to put a *weak link* somewhere in a necklace for safery
Desiree> i call it closure anatomy
ShelleyM> that's what I'd heard as well copperangel
Cathy> i didn't know that copper
Emma> why does the site hate me today?
Emma> it keeps booting me
PoRRo> that is something I do not get. Maybe I live in too peaceful country to understand this weak link thing
Cathy> desiree...
ShelleyM> I saw that desiree, and that got me thinking. I just wondered on the safety aspect of something like that
Emma> split rings are best
COPPERANGEL> PoRRo, you're lucky
Cathy> I can't get into your site
Desiree> yup?
Emma> do you mean nasty anne robinson weakest link?
ShelleyM> that sometimes it's good to have a weak link!
Dawn> who ever reminded me about the keyboard commands thanks it worked!
Emma> good
ShelleyM> good!
Desiree> that site might not be able to handle too many pulls at the same time
Cathy> 'k
flyte> peaceful country + Porro is the best oxymoron I've heard all week!
ShelleyM> could be, there's lots of us trying!
Cathy> i'll try later then
Emma> yes, but it is not good when the jump ring works its way off the thread and falls on the floor in the customers hands
Sally> you're welcome
Desiree> shelley, safety issue? whacha mean?
ShelleyM> that's true too.
COPPERANGEL> Emma, yep.....
Sally> just an old bit cruncher here
Dawn> yeah crimp beads.
PoRRo> haha. Australia would always be in fire if you ruled :-) love you, kido
ShelleyM> reason being that the tiger tail etc is so strong if it
ShelleyM> catches it'll take your neck with it!
ShelleyM> that it could be good to put something in there that would break before your neck did!
JENNY P> Des on the brick gold pinapple necklace, what are the gold, yellow and orange fillers made of?
flyte> Easy to be strangled by nasty person with tigertail necklace....plastic coated steel wire
Emma> yes, I see your point. I am the person who gets her earrings combed out regularly by the hairdresser though, so you are talking to the wrong girl about that sort of stuff
Desiree> the crimp beads are the weakest part, i'd think they give under stress
PoRRo> like having piano strings... what a good idea :-)
Dawn> but for short necklaces or chokers it might be okay. . .I like mono fillament line for long necklaces
PoRRo> I have really hard time figuring out the robber who might want to strangle me with my necklace, though
ShelleyM> I must admit I don't tend to use monofilament. I always find it stretches too much on me
Desiree> shell, are we wrapping up?
ShelleyM> well I think time is up for the necklace chat anyway. Anything anyone else wants to add or ask before it ends?
flyte> Yes....Thank you Shelley!
Desiree> sorry about my site being slow, try later
Irish Red> Maybe cuz everyone is accessing it.
Emma> thanks for a great chat, thank you Porro for doing such a great subject today and thanks Shelley for everything moderating wise!
kellieAK> yes, thank you!
ShelleyM> hope you all enjoyed it
kellieAK> absolutely!
Emma> sure did
Irish Red> Thanks hostess and moderatoress
flyte> Ooh...thank you too Porro!
Irish Red> Let's do it again sometime.
Sally> red, it's a lost cause, don't worry
erum> Yep though I'll have to go through it again to make sense of some stuff lol
RJR0208> Thanks Shelley. I actually learned something
Emma> do we have to leave the building then or can we chat on?
Desiree> *sniff* emma forgot me
Irish Red> Okay hon.
Sally> thank you all, Porro and Shelley
Emma> no I didnt!!!1
Desiree> heh heh
Emma> I was jsut ignorant and yes okay I forgot you sorry!
JENNY P> I have a question
ShelleyM> I've changed the group name, so anyone who wants to stay and chat can
Dawn> Porro's off making a pie. . right
Cheryl Trottier> thanks for the chat
Emma> desiree, how can you ever forgive me?
erum> yummm what kind of a pie?
Desiree> i gotta go, but i had loads of fun
kellieAK> bye des!
flyte> Bye Des....soon OK?
ShelleyM> I want to say a special thank you to Desiree and Porro for thinking this whole thing up
Desiree> *whine* waaah, *sniff* OK send me some chocolates ;-)
brigitta> hai , i only come in to tell you that my new fairy,s are up in the pcc forum and my new project on my forum is up too :0)
Emma> take care Desiree, send me your addy and I sure will!
Dawn> I don;t know she said something about taking ten minutes to put a pie in the oven
JENNY P> I need some ideas, I want to make necklaces from my quilt canes for my customers, I need something I can do quickly, any one have any ideas for me?
kellieAK> thanks bri! I'll have a look
Emma> jenny, I have some ideas, give me a minute
brigitta> oke happy claying everybody :0)
kellieAK> hmmmmm, with lots of beads? or just a pendant?
ShelleyM> what sort of beads have you got jenny?
Dawn> Jenny are the snail trail one?
Emma> those wonderful quilt canes
ShelleyM> mainly feature type beads?
JENNY P> I don't know Kellie, that is why I need ideas
COPPERANGEL> see you all later
Desiree> have fun guys, catch some of you later
Dawn> my sister sent me a website that specializes in non fabric quit work
erum> bye to whoever is leaving
JENNY P> shelley the quilt canes, and I can make them any size, but they must stay square
Emma> pillow beads made from two cane slices jenny, foil amature inside and hole on the diagonal. Bingo!
kellieAK> maybe a big square pendant bead on some buna?
Dawn> ten minutes?
JENNY P> Yes dawn the snails trails is one
Dawn> Well I will go get you the address.
ShelleyM> I was going to suggest that too kellie
kellieAK> I think it would look great
Emma> sure would
kellieAK> and a pillow bead from quilt squares would be gorgeous
JENNY P> How big?
Emma> not exactly quick though!
Dawn> Quilters Newletter Magazine
kellieAK> mia has a pillow bead lesson on her site, would you like me to get the link?
Emma> how big ya want, any size really
JENNY P> maybe a pillow bead on buna
Emma> or maybe takea cane slice and fold over te very top to form a tube and thread it on that, kinda like quilt flags haning down
JENNY P> thanks dawn
erum> Is buna the favourite around here for stringing?
RJR0208> How about mobius beads?
Emma> nope, not for me!
kellieAK> I love buna! hooked!
JENNY P> I do make mobuis earrings already
Emma> Erum, I use a vareity of things, depends what I am trying to achieve
Dawn> ah a mobis beads would be great!
erum> like?
kellieAK> jenny, pillow bead lesson here:
Dawn> are mobis beads in the claypedia?
JENNY P> but then how to hang it from the cord?
Emma> like a small bracelt with small beads would use something very different to a large bead necklace. and a necklace that jsut features a pendant would use different things still
RJR0208> not sure of what claypedia is. Dawn do you know how to make them?
ShelleyM> I gotta go ladies. Take care all
Dawn> your quit beads are so wonderful and beautiful. . .just slices with an insertion hole through the top.
Emma> see ya shelley
RJR0208> bye shelley
kellieAK> bye shelley! take care!
ShelleyM> hope you all enjoyed yourselves!
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