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PCC Chats With
Lee Radtke and Julie Wise of NPCG

3/24/2003 9:07:25 PM* Topic: Lee Radtke and Julie Wise of NPCG 9pm EST

jwisecraft: and still do when I pop in
jwisecraft: Hi Sharron
Corgi: Hi Sharront1
DonnaBeck: you need to pop in more!
Caneguru: hello sharron! welcome
jwisecraft: I'll try to
Corgi: How did you're move go julie?
jwisecraft: The house is almost intact now but my studio needs work to get it finished up
DonnaBeck: are you back into production?
Caneguru: did you move far?
Beanie: *JOIN* Entered room.
Caneguru: Heya Bean!
jwisecraft: After 12 years in the same house you'd be amazed the stuff you accumulate
DonnaBeck: hi Bean!
jwisecraft: About 8 miles
Beanie: good evening all
jwisecraft: Hiya Bean!!!
Corgi: LO I know all about that.
sharront1: Hi everybody!
Beanie: boy... talk about accumulation!!! I'm trying to de accum today
jwisecraft: LOL
LeeR66: Hi to everyone, I'll get the hang of this in a couple of minutes! I hope~!
Corgi: Okay folks I'm going to start the log and offically start the chat.
Beanie: i have a 1 foot wide path from my caly room door to the chair... "warning" signs on either side
jwisecraft: Well at least now I have a whole studio to have all my clay stuffs in instead of all over the house
jwisecraft: Go ahead Jenn
Caneguru: LOL, Bean! I need some biohazard tape for my upstairs studio
Beanie: the stuff migrates julie!!! believe me
Corgi: Evening Everyone. I'd like to thank Lee and Julie for joining us tonight!
jwisecraft: Thanks You for having us Jenn
Jenn: *JOIN* Entered room.
MarlaFr: *JOIN* Entered room.
Corgi: I'd like to get some back ground info on how both of you got involved with Polymer Clay
Corgi: When did you first discover Polymer Clay?
LeeR66: I was doing silversmithing, had a second spinal fusion, faced a year in a big brace and turned to clay
LeeR66: That was at the beginning of 1992
jwisecraft: I discovered polymer in late 1992. I needed something to replace the bread dough I was doing at the time. I hated painting it. Went to Micheals and the rest is history
Corgi: LOL
Corgi: Did you both have formal lessons or did you just experiment on your own?
jwisecraft: I haven't looked back since
LeeR66: I reallly like working with color1
jwisecraft: I didn't know anyone else existed but myself doing polymer for over 2 years. Completely self taught
Caneguru: what kind of claywork did you do back then?
LeeR66: we had collected blown glass for years, watched a lot being jumped into caning
LeeR66: My first contact with other clayers was at Arrowmont in 1997
jwisecraft: For 2 years I sculpted lil figures and then turnned to caning
jwisecraft: Caning came easy for me because I was a design engineer and I design aluminum extrusions before clay
LeeR66: Nan's book surely opened a lot of doors.....
jwisecraft: designed
Corgi: Now I know how lucky I was to have PCC already in full gear when I started.
jwisecraft: the extrusion process is very much like caning
Corgi: What were the Al extrusions used for?
LeeR66: Even with no one to share with, the clay was a lot of fun. Arrowmont showed us that the same idea can be discovered in several places at once!
annie: *JOIN* Entered room.
Beanie: that's the truth Lee
MryRose: *JOIN* Entered room.
jwisecraft: Um thresholds in your doorway. The mechanism that makes miniblinds turn has an extruded piece in it. Heat sinks are extrusions
Corgi: Cool.
sharront1: Have either of you ever been involved with other clays?
jwisecraft: Other than airdry
LeeR66: I haven't, I did painting before silver work.
jwisecraft: I tried them before pc and didn't like them
Corgi: Now turning toward the National Polymer Clay Guild.....
Caneguru: Lee, did you work in silver very long?
Caneguru: oops. sorry, Jenn
Corgi: No problem
LeeR66: For about 4 years.
Caneguru: thank you
Corgi: Congrats to both of you for your recent appointments in the National Guild.
jwisecraft: Thank You
Corgi: Lee what would you like to accomplish most during your year as Guild President?
LeeR66: Thaks, It is interesting and fun......and sometimes frustrating~! We have a great Board that works well together!
LeeR66: I'd like to see the Guild more representative of a wider variety of artists. I'd also like to see us develop some ethics guidelines so individuals can assess their own work in relation to that of otheres
Caneguru: can you expand on that concept?
LeeR66: Well, I think there is room for everyone and that there are many definitions of one should have to be left outside
Caneguru: the guidelines, part
Beanie: I agree with the "room for everyone"part!!!
Caneguru: the day polymer gets "exclusive" is the day I walk away..
LeeR66: Well, I have seen people upset because someone else makes them feel as if they are copying. We come from a lot of different backgrounds, and we can't expect everyone to believe the same way! It would be helpful to have some guidelines so we don't end up with hurt feelings!
kim2935: *JOIN* Entered room.
Corgi: Ah I see.... we've seen so much along those lines here at our Annex.
Caneguru: That is an interesting goal. I'll be very interested to see how it can be met
kim2935: *JOIN* Entered room.
Corgi: Julie as VP for Education and Outreach what are your goals for your tenure?
LeeR66: We cannot define our own work as art..........that comes from the outside, other artists, critics, galleries, etc. But there is a wide variety of products that are defined and accepted as art.
jwisecraft: Well for starters we are working on the next NPCG conference.
kim2935: We are going to be in Sandy Eggo?
LeeR66: we really want to come up with a good one!
Beanie: will it still be in Orkney Springs?
jwisecraft: We have the dates set as June 20th thru 27th of 2004 in San Diego at SDSU
kim2935: Yippee!
kim2935: Hope I'm still here
LeeR66: Julie is talking about the 2004 national conference.
Beanie: yep
LeeR66: We are hoping to meet the needs of all levels of clayer from beginners to advanced.
Corgi: One of our membership would like to know what the Guild could do to help Newbies to the craft?
jwisecraft: I'm looking at making this a kinder, gentler, conference where newbies to experienced clay alike will feel right at home
Beanie: oops.. sorry I read what julie wrote wrong.. conference not retreat!! DAH
jwisecraft: lol
LeeR66: Hopefully classes can be designed with some criteria as prerequisites so people can decide if they are ready for the level that will be taught.
Corgi: :-)
kim2935: I'll help with newbie classes and demos
Corgi: What does the conference entail?
jwisecraft: We are going to be breaking up the classes so even numbers of beginner, intermiate, and advanced are available
LeeR66: My frist experience with other clayers was a t Arrowmont, and I was amazed and overwhelmed with the generosity of others in terms of shraring ideasxs and teaching
jwisecraft: There will be classes every day with something special every night
jwisecraft: Speakers on marketing
LeeR66: I have gotten email from people new to the clay, and I always take time to answer!
Corgi: Sounds like an insane amount of work Julie.
jwisecraft: Did that answer you question Jenn?
Corgi: yes julie.
tatercatz: *JOIN* Entered room.
Caneguru: Speaking from perspective of another confernece, I can tell you it is, Corgi :)
jwisecraft: I've got a great team working on all of this
Corgi: What would you both say is the greatest benefit of being members of the National Guild?
LeeR66: Well, right now it is only once every three or four years, but we would like to c0ome up with a model so that each one can be planned more easily, and the wheel doesn't have to be i nvented each time
jwisecraft: The title/theme of the conference is "The Evolution of Polymer"
DonnaBeck: How will this conference be different from the Ravensdale retreat?
LeeR66: I think knowing so many people around the country and some from other countries as well.
kim2935: Will you be taking notes as you go for the next group to follow?
jwisecraft: I am working on a model as we go along
LeeR66: We would like to find ways to make the Guild more beneficial to individuals/ Any ideas??
tatercatz: *PART* Left room.
kim2935: That's a hard question for a national guild Lee
DonnaBeck: thinking...
jwisecraft: Well Donna we are trying to to include all polymer clayers. We've made contact with the garge kit makers and several sculpters trying to bring them into the NPCG loop
kim2935: It would be nice to have quarterly input from local guilds for the PolyInformer
LeeR66: The criticism I have heard is that the Guild stands for a small group of people,,,,,,,,I would like to change that perception
jwisecraft: And I am working on doing that with the conference
Caneguru: Lee, I think that bringing the National Retreat west of the Rockies is a good start to reaching a much wider group :)
kim2935: I agree Linda
LeeR66: Yes, I think with Georgia's experience, we will see soome good contact with the local guilds! I am aware of the large number of local members that feel no need to joing the nat' the locals are doing a great job!
jwisecraft: We would like to move the conference around a lil to get to all areas
MarlaFr: or two retreats
kim2935: Is Georgia the new editor?
Caneguru: Georgia is the new Pres :)
Caneguru: err.. no
jwisecraft: lol
Caneguru: sowwy.. brain scramble
kim2935: Maybe local guilds could be involved in the selection process for each retreat.
LeeR66: Western retreat.........I think there should be regional ones. Shrine Mont fills before everyone can get signed obviously there are people who might choose another., The retreat is a rich resource for the guild! Lots of ideas generate there!
kim2935: PUt something out to ask who is interested and who can do the legwork..
LeeR66: hFGeorgia Sargeant is the new Local Guild Liaison person.
kim2935: Is that a new office?
kim2935: *PART* Left room.
LeeR66: We do have a new POLyinfgorMER Editor and a new webmaster!
Caneguru: who are they, Lee?
Corgi: Oh thats great news Lee!
kim2935: I'd like to work with that person Lee
LeeR66: It has been there for at least 3 years as I surved as Rec. sec for two years before this.
kim2935: Surved? Served or survived?
LeeR66: Which one ,Kim?
jwisecraft: hehehe
Caneguru: lol
kim2935: The Editor
LeeR66: She is Jann Hunt of Port Blakely WA and will take over after this spring issue.
kim2935: Is her email addy at the website?
Corgi: Who's the new webmaster?
Caneguru: Oh cool! She's a nice person =)
LeeR66: Kim, email me....and tell me your last name..........will put you in touch!
kim2935: Lee
kim2935: I don't have your email addy I don't believe
kim2935: And it's Kennedy
LeeR66: The new webmaster is Karen Burkhardt and she has just retired, comes with a fantastic we have high hopes of continuing to upgrade the website!
LeeR66: You can always reach me through the address.
kim2935: Oh. duh
jwisecraft: LOL
RIVERPOETESS: *JOIN* Entered room.
Corgi: Would either of you care to explain how the library works?
LeeR66: Are any of you that is a group we would like to pull in!
LeeR66: We are also making contact with the garage kit artists.
kim2935: Garage kits?
MarlaFr: Lee, what are garage kits?
LeeR66: The sculptors are barely represented, except for Deaver and Dewey!
Caneguru: You should try to look up Tommie Howell, if he's still claying.. he knows some of the garage kit folks
kim2935: Haven't been able to reach Tommie for awhile
jwisecraft: There's a whole avenue of clayers out there called garage kit makers that most know nothing about
jwisecraft: Hang on and I'll see if I can get him in here
LeeR66: Garage kits were written up in the PI a couple of years ago. They are figures, heroes,etc that the artists then change and welaborate upon.
MarlaFr: Gotcha -- thanks!
kim2935: There's Nora Jean GAtine
MarlaFr: I've seen stuff on ebay-- sounds like what you're talking about
LeeR66: I don't recognize that name........
kim2935: She runs MSATClayArt at Yahoo
Caneguru: I think
Beanie: She's a miniaturists
kim2935: Works a lot with people who have little money or are housebound
kim2935: That's it Linda
kim2935: Does online webcams and such
Jenn: *PART* Left room.
Caneguru: And we have some fabuloso sculptors at PCC, like Riaz
Caneguru: Ria
clwick: *JOIN* Entered room.
Caneguru: she does amazing dragons
RIVERPOETESS: I am a doll/figurine scuptor too
kim2935: Ria Van Son
jwisecraft: Tommie doesn't seem to be answering right not but I'll snag him if he answers
Caneguru: yes, she's overseas, but that doesn't prevent her from joining National
kim2935: Sorceress Tease
Caneguru: There is a fairy/doll group at Yahoo, too
kim2935: I just found a group called FAntasy Dolls last month. Let me find the url.
LeeR66: I am concerned about some animosity that exists againts NPCG......Privately, please inform me if there is anyone you think I should reach out to and mend fences., I don't need to know what caused the ruift........not my business, just want to fix things
Caneguru: Good attitude to have, Lee :)
Beanie: yes it is...
Caneguru: just move on and make things better
LeeR66: I think the word that I want to be remembered for is inclusion!
Caneguru: inclusions :)
Beanie: and having an open mind, like you Lee, is a great !!
LeeR66: No........inclusion as in including as many people as possible
RIVERPOETESS: Has the National Guild been made aware of the Metalsmithing Magazine article?
Caneguru: I know
WWYTCH: *JOIN* Entered room.
Beanie: there's also the "cutesy" clayers...
LeeR66: Yes! I finally have a copy of it! It is good publicity for polylmer clay even though the author could be better informed!
RIVERPOETESS: good publicity? It was a horrible slight!
jwisecraft: The best way to explain the garage kit makers is to go see the site
kim2935: What's up with PCC?
Caneguru: What do you mean, Kim?
RIVERPOETESS: I am surprised the NPCG hasn't had some sort of stronger reaction
LeeR66: No! polymer clay looked great.........jjust because someone has a different opinion doesn't hurt us........but we hurt ourselves if we make a big hullabaloo over it!
kim2935: Doesn't want to load as usual
Corgi: Good point Lee.
kim2935: I need a faster computer. Sorry
jwisecraft: It's not our place to get into the middle of it. Everyone will have their own opinion
LeeR66: If we scream and holler...........we look like the kitchen artists we are accused ofn being......we kn9w we are not, that we have a medium with which we can do many, many things........let our art speak for is worthy of praise!
RIVERPOETESS: I guess...I thought it was terrible...and everyone in my guild got in an uproar and are writing an "official" guild response
kim2935: I'm so tired of people saying, "But I'm a FINE artist"
RIVERPOETESS: for OUR guild of course, not the national
LeeR66: I hope when they write they will say positive things and point out all the great work there is and where they magazine might find more of it!
kim2935: Then send some pictures of your work Poetess?
RIVERPOETESS: I am sure it will be a tempered, professional response
Caneguru: I think I heard that Elise Winters was also writing a well thought out response...
jwisecraft: My way of thinking is that there is room for each any every polymer artist out there no matter what it is that they make with pc
Corgi: Give them websites in your response so they can see the variety of PC artists out there.
LeeR66: As I said, someone outside of us determines if what we do is to be called art............when we speak well of each other's work, we are building part of that history. The impressionists were laughed at in their own time.........
RIVERPOETESS: I should, considering that I work in mixed media with brass/polymer windchimes
kim2935: Just keep it positive and say, see what else you can do!
Birdums: i think some people forget what art is once they make it 'big' is whatever is in your soul, be it cutesy, primitive, weird, or elegant
jwisecraft: Exactly
Caneguru: brb
LeeR66: I am thinking of asking Elise to write up a "how to" on going about getting a show in a gallery.........certainly a lot of locals could provide plenty to show!
RIVERPOETESS: it's just very difficult to be positive when they make statements that say that polymer clay has NOT EVOLVED as a medium
Beanie: I agree Bird
MarlaFr: *PART* Left room.
Corgi: Is the Guild actively looking for members outside the US?
kim2935: Takes time Poetess
LeeR66: But they are uninformed if they say that! That's the point.......we need to educate them!
RIVERPOETESS: quite true
kim2935: But nicely or they'll tune is out
LeeR66: Right'
StarGazer: *JOIN* Entered room.
Caneguru: Lee, Elise has work in a gallery here in Seattle, so she'd know about that stuff... clearly she knows about marketing polymer work
jwisecraft: Hi Jean
DonnaBeck: hi, Star!
RIVERPOETESS: seems like they should be interested in windchimes, so maybe I will send them some of my slides
StarGazer: Hi Julie!!
kim2935: Maybe you can even put an article together with someone
LeeR66: When someone has to put someone else down, or their art down, that someone just advertises their own insecurtity.
jwisecraft: Jenn the NPCG is always looking for new members to answer your question
Birdums: my mother in law, who is a wonderful artist, is amazed by what i do, and i'm not nearly as good as most folks here.......i think you're right about insecurity issues...MIL is REALLY self-assured
Corgi: Okay Thanks!
MryRose: as a newbie, one of the draws to me was the relatively newness of the medium
jwisecraft: Lee, I believe a while back Jenn had a question about the library. Since I have never taken anything out, you might be able to answer that better than I
LeeR66: We are making history........and will be known as the pioneers!
kim2935: afk
LeeR66: What was the question?
Beanie: known as the pioneers doing it right!!!
Caneguru: *PART* Left room.
Corgi: I wanted to know how the Library works?
LeeR66: One of our local members put on a display at the Ft. Collins, CO library that was well received and we got a couple of new members.
DonnaBeck: how many members are in the national guild?
Beanie: *PART* Left room.
StarGazer: *PART* Left room.
kim2935: Hmm...the bases
LeeR66: There is a form to fill out to request borrowing books, videos, etc. I don't know if there is any charge onther than postage..........but there is lot in the library. I will check to see if there is a current list o n the website, and if now will get one there.
kim2935: That would be a great idea for the wives of servicemen...classes
Corgi: Okay Thanks Lee,
StarGazer: *JOIN* Entered room.
Corgi: wb Starry
DonnaBeck: wb, star
jwisecraft: Delphi must be bumping people
StarGazer: thnx... (disappearing mouse agin)
kim2935: It's making my mouse jump;
Corgi: Sometimes dellphi just freezes on us.
LeeR66: Membdrs in NPCG are around 900 at presenyt.
jwisecraft: Still infested with those gremlins I see
Corgi: always
clwick: *PART* Left room.
LeeR66: Julie didn't mention this, but by the time we get the 2004 conf. arranged, we hope to have a site in mind for the next one! To keep our members interested we need them more than every 4 years and we need to have them in different areas of the US.
Corgi: Are there any other long range plans for the guild?
jwisecraft: Oh to add to the question of what I hope to accomplish during my term...I do a lot of bead and jewelry shows and bring my NPCG materials to educate people about polymer and the NPCG
kim2935: How big do you want to make this conference Lee?
LeeR66: I'd like to see us mount a campaign to educate the public about polymer clay,,,,,,,,get it in the news as much as possible, make it visible in public places,etc
LeeR66: Jullie is aiming for about 300 people!
jwisecraft: We are planning on a maximum of 350 for The Evolution of Polymer
kim2935: I live about 5 miles from SDSU btw
jwisecraft: :)
DonnaBeck: lucky kim!
MryRose: when can we sign up for the conference?
Corgi: I think Moving the confrence to other locations would be a great idea. Iknow I won't be able to go to one unless its in my back yard.
LeeR66: Pam pierce and Julie are in charge........I'm along so I know what is going on......and I'm nosey1 :o}
kim2935: That's the only reason I can go to this one Corgi
kim2935: I'm working with Pam when I can
jwisecraft: Sign ups won't start until the begining of the new year
jwisecraft: If everything falls into place maybe a lil bit sooner
DonnaBeck: will you have classes like at Ravensdale?
kim2935: So we need to start scoping out the next site already
StarGazer: are you looking for volunteers for any of the tasks?
LeeR66: The Las Vegas guild was eager for us to come there.........but there was an unwritten promise to have this next one on the west coast.
jwisecraft: We will have half day classes, full day classes, 2 day classes, and demos
StarGazer: Wahoo! is there a location yet?
LeeR66: Absolutely on volunteers!!!
jwisecraft: San Diego State University
kim2935: I'll volunteer for anything
Corgi: What's the cost looking like for those attending?
kim2935: Long as I can get in free : )
jwisecraft: That's something we are still working on right now
LeeR66: If you have never been to a national, it is WONDERFUL!!! There is sso much energy the air fairly crackles~!
jwisecraft: But I will tell you ae are trying to keep the costs down
WWYTCH: I know I'm going to go!!
kim2935: I've only been to Sandy Camp and that was very cool
jwisecraft: Think on a MUCH bigger scale Kim
WWYTCH: Kim...I went to Sandy Camp, not this year but last.
kim2935: I'm trying but me head is spinning
kim2935: I know Carla
kim2935: We were roomies
kim2935: Yes, tis' that Kim
LeeR66: There is something about arriving and seeing people you havent seen since the last one!
StarGazer: lol
StarGazer: or new people??
kim2935: Or putting a face to a name you've emailed for three year
WWYTCH: I remember Kim! :-)
Corgi: LOL at this point in time I like to put faces with the names!!!!!!!!!!!
jwisecraft: And meeting in person those people you call friends online!
Corgi: lol
StarGazer: Wahoo!!
kim2935: Nobody ever looks like you think they will.
Corgi: Definitely not.
LeeR66: For new people it is mind - boggling! You have so many great NEW friends!
kim2935: Then trying to remember real names vs. online nicks
StarGazer: lol
Corgi: LOL and so many people who are relieved to be with people who don't think they have three heads.
DonnaBeck: everybody should have their real names and their online nicks on their nametags.
jwisecraft: hehehe That's why I didn't recognise you Kim. I know you online as irishred
StarGazer: i think i'll make up a T-Shirt (or something) with my on-line Sig on it... :D
WWYTCH: Donna...that's what I think too.
kim2935: 'Sokay Julie
Birdums: maybe everyone should make clay nametags with their online and real names
LeeR66: Usually, you get a list of all those attending...........just make notes each day, and you will be surprised at how many you remember!
Corgi: I'm Easy to find... just look for corgi shirts.
kim2935: Irish Red was taken at Delphi by someone who breeds Irish Red Setters
StarGazer: :)
kim2935: I'm going to make pins to trade and wear.
kim2935: Going to look totally tourist
Corgi: that sounds cool kim
LeeR66: At the last Ravensdale, we had our email names on our name tags with real names!
kim2935: Is that a promis Lee? I'll remember?
DonnaBeck: I just wasn
DonnaBeck: sorry
LeeR66: Well, if you aren't having senior moments yet!
jwisecraft: I have a list that we will give out in the packets that I wrote a while back for newbie conference goers
Birdums: *PART* Left room.
kim2935: Any chance of getting stuff for newbie packages for freebies?
WWYTCH: R-dale will be my first big conference. Sounds like they are getting a huge turnout!
jwisecraft: There will be a goodie bag
LeeR66: Oh, yeah! We always have a goodie bag!
kim2935: Gotta see about some pre-event publicity in the Union-Trib
jwisecraft: Lisa Pavelka is out Director of Funa nd she is working on the goodies bags
kim2935: Maybe link it with Polly and Ellie and the fair and Spanish Village
jwisecraft: our not out
StarGazer: Cool! maybe someone will win that polymer clay covered car! :)
MryRose: thanks for all the great info... I'm definitely putting this in my calendar!
jwisecraft: hehehehe
kim2935: Car?
MryRose: *PART* Left room.
LeeR66: AT Arrowmont , I took the class where we saw the first polylmer clay pots thrown on a wheel. The instructor cracked everyone up when he said that since he couldnb't use water for slip, he went out and bought 13 tubes of KY jelly!
kim2935: Does it look like a pink Japanese truck?
jwisecraft: If you look at Lisa's site she is covering her minivan in polymer
kim2935: Interesting Lee. And it works?
Corgi: My hubby would love that one.
kim2935: Pavelka?
StarGazer: yup
jwisecraft: Yes, Pavelka
kim2935: 09-r;ofdef
kim2935: ,nf6tcy
Corgi: ??
jwisecraft: People were going into town buying all the ky they could get their hands on
WWYTCH: Kim.I think she has a pic on her site of the back of it.
kim2935: Sorry. Hungry cat crossing
StarGazer: kitty code... :)
DonnaBeck: lol!!!
jwisecraft: hehehe
Corgi: freakazoid
kim2935: brb

I thought it was a secret code
LeeR66: What is brb?
Corgi: be right back
LeeR66: Oh
DonnaBeck: I thought it was the licence number of Lisa's van!
jwisecraft: I think we bought out the stamp store in gatlinburg also
WWYTCH: Lee...we need to get you online more so you learn the lingo!
LeeR66: So true
Corgi: I'm just getting into working with stamps....
kim2935: Are we going to have an ofishul logo for the event?
LeeR66: Probably!
jwisecraft: Yes, and that's something we will be working on
StarGazer: especially as the event draws nearer!
kim2935: Would it be okay to transfer onto pins just for trading?
DonnaBeck: how about a contest to design the logo that the guilds can participate in?
kim2935: Marie SEgal designed the SDPCG logo
ljcswartz: I appreciate my brief lurking.......... but have to give in to my tired eyes......... good night all
ljcswartz: *PART* Left room.
kim2935: nite
LeeR66: That's a good idea! The NPCG logo came about via a contest!
jwisecraft: I;d like to do that!
DonnaBeck: wouldn't that be a good way to get the local guilds more involved?
kim2935: Lee, is there an email list of all guild presidents that you send announcements to?
LeeR66: I thought Pam Pierce might join in tonight........she is conference chair along with Julie
kim2935: Sounds good go me Donna
LeeR66: Local guilds-prez. Georgia has a list, but I think it needs updating, and right now she is helping with the spring PI while we bring the new editor on board
kim2935: Maybe we need an announcement at the site about the contest when the time comes
LeeR66: A new guild that got up and running very fast was Pittsburgh!
sharront1: thanks guys,enjoyed it, Nite
jwisecraft: Night Sharront
sharront1: *PART* Left room.
Corgi: How long till the website gets updated by our new webmaster?
DonnaBeck: hey, could we have the url to the national guild?
DonnaBeck: thanks!
jwisecraft: np
LeeR66: She is working on it this week! The fiasco with the site down really hurt Tara got things going again, and now Karen is taking over!
Corgi: That hijacking of the website was a nightmare...
kim2935: Lee, Polyzine has been putting articles in about local guilds every month. Want to write something for the May issue?
kim2935: I'm hip. I was webmistress at SDPCG when we got hijacked!
DonnaBeck: you poor dear!
kim2935: I got all the blame for it
LeeR66: Actually, it wasn't a highjacking after all. The passwords were misplaced and we couldn't make the changes the server was demanding. I think we will also buy so we can be covered if any mess occurs in the future
DonnaBeck: now now, Kim, you're among friends!
kim2935: lol Thanks Donna
WWYTCH: .ACTION flicks kim on the head and says, "snap out of it!".
kim2935: OKay you two. I get it. On with life
Corgi: lol
LeeR66: The thing to remember is that all the officers are volunteers even though elected......and they have the responsibilities of real life and a real job besidses!
Corgi: Who are the other Guild officers for the 2003-04 term?
kim2935: Real life? What's real life?
WWYTCH: Corgi...I'm Recording Secretary.....
LeeR66: Julie is VP flor Educ. and Outreach, Lenora Kandiner is VP for memabership
jwisecraft: click on my name jwisecraft at the upper right corner of the screen and then the whisper button at the lower right corner of the screen to send a private message
jwisecraft: Oh lol
Corgi: hehehehe
ljcswartz: *JOIN* Entered room.
kim2935: Desi!!!!!
jwisecraft: Hiya Des
WWYTCH: Hey, Des!
ljcswartz: hey red
Corgi: hi Desi
ljcswartz: hey carla, corgi, et al.
Corgi: congrats Carla!
LeeR66: Valerie Aharoni is treas., Carla Randall is rec. sec., Georgia Sargeant is Local Guild Liaison, Webmaster is Karen Burkhardt, PI ecitor is Jann Hunt......who aM I forgetting.....
DonnaBeck: hi desiree!
kim2935: Or is that condolences?
LeeR66: Karen Scudder is Member at large from VA
kim2935: Kewl. I've at least talked to everyone but Jann
ljcswartz: lol red
kim2935: Slept with Carla, swapped with Val and Karen....
Corgi: How do you all get together for guild business? They're a far flung group of people
WWYTCH: said you wouldn't tell!!!
kim2935: oops
jwisecraft: We do conference calls
ljcswartz: kim is such a blabber mouth ;-)
LeeR66: We have meetings by conference call, at least every other month. Then once a year of twice if necessaryt we meet facd tot face. This one will be on Tues. night of Ravensdale,,,,,and alll NPCG members are inivited!
Corgi: That would be an organizational nightmare for me. .... I tend to forget about timezones.
ljcswartz: i suppose they don't want the links to the pictures posted on the website about all that sleeping and swapping
StarGazer: neato!
LeeR66: Right now we are in all 4 continental time zones!
LeeR66: Whew!
jwisecraft: LOL
Corgi: Sounds like the lot of you need to invest in a lot of aspirin.
jwisecraft: You think it's hard following a chat....Get 8-10 women together on a conference call
ljcswartz: Oh, Julie thanks for the update. I was driving myself bonkers for no good reason.
WWYTCH: Tell me about it, Julie.....
jwisecraft: It actually all works out
kim2935: Not enough aspirin in the Western Hemisphere
ljcswartz: heh heh
ljcswartz: nor motrin
LeeR66: Since Board members have to fly to the face-to-face meeting, they are reimbursed for their airfare and tw night lodging. By scheduling it with a conference, Board members are actually getting their transportatioon therre......the only perk!
Corgi: Cool.
kim2935: Won't it be nice when you can do it from your puter?
StarGazer: good deal! i'm sure they all do a LOT of work!
WWYTCH: But it's a huge perk, Lee!
LeeR66: It is time consuming, but I am not sorry I allowed myself to be nominated for pres.
Corgi: We definitely need to find some roosters for the hen house though.... I've noticed a distinct lack of gents involved the guild.
jwisecraft: Nor I for VP
StarGazer: Wahoo!!!
kim2935: We're getting more and more Corgi
jwisecraft: hehehe
ljcswartz: cool, guys
kim2935: Alan Vernall is in the British PCG and he's a staff member of Polyzine now.
LeeR66: Rec. se c. was fun too,.....once I got up to speed with taking part in a conference calln while typing notes for minutes on the domputer at the same time.,,,,ignore those typos!!!!
Corgi: Ah now I know why I've seen so much from him at Polyzine.
kim2935: Yeah, I dragged him in.
kim2935: Since I couldn't locate Tommie
jwisecraft: Good drag there Kim
Corgi: That is sometime I can do.... without the typing.
kim2935: tx
kim2935: Well, I have to go back to repackaging buttons. laters
LeeR66: Back to the trans. perk-------yes it is great, and I didn't know about it before I came on the Board.
ljcswartz: if you're looking for roosters, you might try our current guild president - Johnny Kuborssy
kim2935: *PART* Left room.
DonnaBeck: oops!
LeeR66: Hey! I've talked to him by phone.........nice guy!
ljcswartz: ah, great. he's a bit busy right now, but by this fall, he might be available and interested
LeeR66: I figure if I can do this job from a wheelchair.........anyone can do it!
Corgi: Nice to know there is something you're getting for all those insane moments that bite you in the bum in the job.
ljcswartz: i wish those moments would bite me on the bum, cause mine is dead most times :D
DonnaBeck: Lee, your job doesn't require footwork, it requires brainwork!
WWYTCH: Your bum?
WWYTCH: Lee has an amazing energy level.
jwisecraft: Most don't know what goes on behind the scene to keep the guild running
LeeR66: The job gets a little hot at times.............but we have a policy of keeping it in "the family" and just recording the decisions! The problem with corresponding by email is that you can't hear a tone of voice or see a twinkle in the eye or a frown!
Corgi: Is there any type of outreach program for those clayers with disabilities?
ljcswartz: issue webcams to everyone, lee! :D
LeeR66: All I can say is I am so proud of our Board and the way they shoulder responsibiltiy!
StarGazer: Kudo's to the Board!!
LeeR66: I just corresponded with one and put her onto someone in her state as she had abeen working in isolation.........I wrote a long letter tool
ljcswartz: how long has the NPCG had a board? anyone?
LeeR66: I'm in a wheelchair due to a rare spinal tumor, so I can give a pep talk to anyone having a hard time. I've surviee by making my own set of rules!
jwisecraft: I think the NPCG was started in 1990. Am I correct Lee?
ljcswartz: you must have an incredible spirit, lee!
Corgi: That's one thing I'd like to see is those clayers with disability take an active role. Most of the ones I know kinda hide in the shadows.
Corgi: You're awesome Lee!
LeeR66: The Guild formed in 1991 and there has been a board from the beginning........but early records are almost non-existant. Carla is going to help to get some things together for a history before it 8s all lost'
Corgi: That would be a cool new letter Lee.
jwisecraft: Keep our history intact
LeeR66: Well, I figure an accident of nature ended my walking, I'll be darned if I throw the rest away!
StarGazer: I hear that! :)

JENNY_P: *JOIN* Entered room.
LeeR66: Might as well admit that in 8 days, I will be 66...........but I think YOUNG......don't I Julie?
ljcswartz: hey jenny
jwisecraft: Hi Jenny!
jwisecraft: Yes you do Lee!
Corgi: Hi Jenny......
Corgi: I feel like such a kid around you people.
DonnaBeck: hi jenny
JENNY_P: boy am I out of it, I didn't even know about this chat until 2 minutes ago!
LeeR66: I tell everyone there is a young chick inside this wrinkled wrapping paper! :o}
Corgi: lol
JENNY_P: Julie, are you done moving?
jwisecraft: Done moving now it's setting things up
LeeR66: Jullie is amazing..........she is ready to get her studio up and running!
Corgi: She's definitely more organized with me.
StarGazer: Wahoo!!!
JENNY_P: me too!
jwisecraft: Of course I've left the studio for the last!
LeeR66: With Julie and Pam, we are going to have a great conference!
jwisecraft: Thank you Lee!
JENNY_P: will you have time to come and see me at the quilt show on the weekend of the 11th and 12th?
LeeR66: And...........we are going to need some help from some of the CA individuals...please!
StarGazer: like me?
jwisecraft: All I know is Pam and I are trying really hard to make this the the best ever conference
Corgi: OH Starry.....
Corgi: This is one of the times I lived on the other coast.
StarGazer: :)
jwisecraft: Where is it again Jenny?
Corgi: I wish....
JENNY_P: is this the michigan conference you are talking aobut?
JENNY_P: at the convention center in rosemont, the same place and time as embellishments
jwisecraft: No this is the NPCG conference
LeeR66: The 2004 NPCG national conference will be June 20-27th at San Diego State U
JENNY_P: ahhh
jwisecraft: Do you have a booth number Jenny?
JENNY_P: yep
LeeR66: Get plenty of sleep ahead of time,,,,,,,,,'cause you will be going home tired but happy!
JENNY_P: 1513-1515
ljcswartz: sandy eggo! cool
jwisecraft: I'm not sure but if I do come I will look you up for sure!
LeeR66: Do you put syrup on sandy eggo/
WWYTCH: can pick me up on the way down!
StarGazer: hey, leggo my eggo! :)
Corgi: LOL
ljcswartz: lol
annie: *PART* Left room.
jwisecraft: I was supposed to come to embellishment for Kato PolyClay but with the move I haven't talked with Donna in awhile
LeeR66: Are we putting people to sleep?
JENNY_P: is Donna gonna be there?
jwisecraft: LOL
Corgi: Naahhhhh
ljcswartz: carla, can i ride in your beeuuuuteeefull air stream or will it be full of guys? :D
jwisecraft: Not that I am aware of
StarGazer: not yet! :)
WWYTCH: hehe...
DonnaBeck: well, I might be. I live in southern california.
LeeR66: Carla, I theenk there are some things I should know about youuuuuuuuu
StarGazer: hee-hee
ljcswartz: hee
StarGazer: there's a movie.....
WWYTCH: Oh, Lee...truly I am the shy, retiring type!
DonnaBeck: oh no! You mean donna kato! duh!
jwisecraft: lol
Corgi: When are you that Carla?
ljcswartz: lol
WWYTCH: my last life??
Corgi: ROTFL
LeeR66: I sure wish I could put names and faces with all of you!

*JOIN* Entered room.
Corgi: Click on my profile and there's a picture of me and my oldest and mom's youngest.
WWYTCH: Lee....I'm a hugger, so watch out!
ljcswartz: are the classes being offered all set for the conference?
JENNY_P: well my name is easy Lee.......Jenny face well um ....
StarGazer: just require that everyone send a pic with their conference registration! :)
LeeR66: OHhhhhhhhhh....I really dig hugs!
Corgi: good one.
WWYTCH: Oh, have a wonderful face!!!
jwisecraft: Next year this time we will all be excited about meeting eachother at "The Evolution of Polymer" NPCG Conference!
ljcswartz: jenny, can i use your pic instead of mine? :D
Corgi: Only if I win the Lottery.
jwisecraft: No the classes are not set yet
DonnaBeck: *PART* Left room.
Corgi: How are you choosing what classes are going to be offered?
jwisecraft: I will be shortlt putting out a call for instructors
LeeR66: WE haven't even put out a call for teachers yet............but Julie will tell you that we will be looking a new classes first! This is not going to be a conference of repeats........except for beginners classes.
ljcswartz: is it too late to submit class proposals?
ljcswartz: .ACTION jumping up and down :D.
jwisecraft: No Des. I haven't put the call out yet
StarGazer: lol
WWYTCH: Desiree...someone suggested that you should also do a little pasta machine cleaning demo.
LeeR66: No it is not.........just make it sound as jazzy and interesting and NEW as possible!
StarGazer: Desi is a WONDERFUL class instructor!
ljcswartz: ah, did SOMEONE? i wonder who???
WWYTCH: Ditto to that, Star...I've taken one!!
jwisecraft: As a group the conference committe will select the classes. But we will ask for input on the site as to what people are most interested in
StarGazer: yup, yup, yup!
JENNY_P: *PART* Left room.
ljcswartz: ty jean, ty kindly
Corgi: cool.
StarGazer: yw... it's true too!
DonnaBeck: *JOIN* Entered room.
ljcswartz: wb donna
Corgi: .ACTION hands out velcro belts and canes of demons-be-gone..
DonnaBeck: thank you.
LeeR66: Julie has also said that she would encourage new that is to major cponferences.
jwisecraft: We'll be looking for new and different in the way of classes. We do not the same old ones that have been repeated over and over again
StarGazer: now there's a cane i would like to see, Corgi! :)
ljcswartz: carla is planning on teaching a scultping class in the near future, you know! :D
WWYTCH: LMAO!!! Oh, right.
Corgi: Stop picking on my typos Starry.
Corgi: 8-)
StarGazer: aw shucks... it would be cool if it was a real cane! :)
LeeR66: Somebody send me a dictionary for these letters........I gotta get with it!
StarGazer: laughing my a** off...
LeeR66: That I get!
StarGazer: :)
jwisecraft: lmao = laughing my a** off
Corgi: rotfl = Rolling on the floor Laughing.
DonnaBeck: rotfl!
StarGazer: there is a list on line, Lee...
jwisecraft: My goal is to split the classes evenly between the known and unknown instructors
LeeR66: Where is the list'?
Corgi: That would be great.
donebydebbie: *PART* Left room.
StarGazer: i'm unknown! hee-hee
ljcswartz: known by who?
StarGazer: i'll have to dig it up, lee...
jwisecraft: And then in thirds between beginner, intermediate, and advanced
LeeR66: Perhaps, Julie, we should have a form for teachers to submit with references........especially if they are not widely known.
ljcswartz: since it will be in sandy eggo, i bet there are a TON of great clay instructors nearby MSSERA: *JOIN* Entered room.
ljcswartz: hey sera MSSERA: Ahoy thar!
DonnaBeck: how about you, desiree?
WWYTCH: We don't lack for talent in our guild either, Des.
LeeR66: That would be a great resource..........but all of you in that area will be attracted to teachers you would not normally be exposed to MSSERA: Hey Desiree! *mwah* MSSERA: Hey gals!
jwisecraft: Remember these are goals...some may be met and some may not
jwisecraft: Depends on who sends in what
StarGazer: ah, we just went Global!! :) Welcome sera!
ljcswartz: i'm dying for some advanced classes, some real 'pushing the clay envelope' kinda stuff
LeeR66: What do you think about listing prerequisites for each can judge for oneself if they are ready for the level of the class?
DonnaBeck: like how aobut some lessons on frying clay?
WWYTCH: Des....bring your electric skillet.
jwisecraft: lol
ljcswartz: true, carla. california prolly has the highest concentration of great clay artists on the globe!
StarGazer: that's a good idea Lee! it's really helpful for new clayers... the more descriptive, the better...
JENNY_P: *JOIN* Entered room.
ljcswartz: wb jenny
LeeR66: Even if that is you want only those who are always available?
Corgi: Prerequisites would be very good in my opinion....
JENNY_P: darn puter crashed on me!
Corgi: poor jenny
Corgi: .ACTION hands Jenny a bat to beat the bad computer.
LeeR66: Ah, Julie will be happy to hear that! It is her baby to make this a conf. to remember!!!
JENNY_P: thanks
ljcswartz: lol
StarGazer: for a newbie, it's really difficult to figure out when you've achieved "Intermediate"
WWYTCH: Uh oh, Julie...the pressure is on!
jwisecraft: LOL!
jwisecraft: Bring it on, I am ready!
ljcswartz: how many days is the conference?
jwisecraft: Sunday to Sunday
LeeR66: WEll, with a list of prertequisites, it would be easier to judge, I think. OOO that spelling!
ljcswartz: wow!
Corgi: lol
LeeR66: June 20-27th Six days of classes!
LeeR66: Arrive on sunday, leave on the next sunday.
StarGazer: :) not to worry about the spelling, we pretty much all understand "typonese
Corgi: thats alright Lee, you learn to read fluent typo when on line.
StarGazer: :)
jwisecraft: And we will have half week packages
StarGazer: yup!
jwisecraft: commuter pkgs
Corgi: OHHHH I hate living on the east coast.....
StarGazer: can we share rooms??
jwisecraft: I want to make it so as manay as possible can attend
LeeR66: My opinion is that people come to attend classes, work, visit and share.........sight seeing is at the bottom of the list unless it is to a resource you agree?
WWYTCH: I completely agree, Lee.
Corgi: Yes I do.
StarGazer: yup!
jwisecraft: I agree too
LeeR66: Hurrah........we can putn thatn one to rest
StarGazer: Wahoo!! We're helping!!! :) MSSERA: Hey JennyP MSSERA: I hate it when my boss comes in while I'm in chat....given I only do it once a week or so, I always get caught!
LeeR66: Of course, I am concerned with accessibility. Quite a few people had a toough time with the hills and heavy dooors at the Muse
ljcswartz: lol sera
Corgi: Definitely a big concern... I know I would have had trouble with the hills.
StarGazer: i would expect a university in California to be completely accessible...
LeeR66: Yes, you are helping! This whole board has their ears open and we will at least discuss any idea put before us!
ljcswartz: same here, jean
DonnaBeck: It's good to have you on the board, so you can look out for the needs of disabled people.
Corgi: Sera you need a job like mine. They want me online so I don't rearrange the pharmacy out of boredom.
ljcswartz: is there a page on the npcg site that mentions the 2004 conference yet?
jwisecraft: Not yet Des
ljcswartz: ok, i'll just put up the info you've provided here on our guild site
jwisecraft: Great deal!
ljcswartz: is it UCSD? MSSERA: LOL Corgi :)
ljcswartz: Univ of CA - San Diego?
jwisecraft: SDSU
ljcswartz: ah
ljcswartz: ok
LeeR66: The Guild does not need to babysit anyone......what we need to do is list the barrier, list the help, and list where to go for if up to the individual to take care of him/herself. Karen will be putting an article up on the website entitled "But I'm mot handicapped!" Many people have difficulty walking, breathing, etc. but do not bear the label disabled!
jwisecraft: San Diego Stae University MSSERA: *PART* Left room.
StarGazer: same place... SDSU/UCSD/San Diego State U...
Corgi: here here!
jwisecraft: LOL I didn't know that!
DonnaBeck: well, maybe that was not politically correct. how about people with "special needs/"
ljcswartz: are you sure, jean. cause san jose state is not UCSJ
StarGazer: well, maybe not... but SFSU is the same as UCSF
LeeR66: I'm not bothered by the terms.........some people are! I focus on what I can do.not what I can't!
StarGazer: yup lee! when there's a will, there's a way!
StarGazer: nyah, nyah, Desi... lol
LeeR66: That's right.
DonnaBeck: but when you are faced with a flight of stairs, you can't help but think about what you can't do. I have special needs too, btw.
StarGazer: (she said i was right about the SDSU/UCSD thing) :)
ljcswartz: it's not surprising san jose state u would be difficult that way
LeeR66: Oh, I have my tears of frustration at times! Then I tell myself that if I don't do it today, *I will be able to do even less tomorrow........that usually adjusts my attitude!
StarGazer: i was at the university when they went thru the name change thing... many decades abo...
DonnaBeck: lol!
StarGazer: Wahoo, lee!!
LeeR66: I'm thinking that people with special needs could have a nametag that was a different color, and then people would know theyn might need to ask for help. Clayers are a very caring and generous bunch of peopel!
DonnaBeck: I have found that to be very true.
StarGazer: or..... draft a bunch of volunteers and have them wear buttons that say "Ask me for help!"
StarGazer: it's better than singling out a group... hope you don't mind me saying that...
Corgi: Good Ideas Lee, Starry
LeeR66: That soulnds good to me also! Julie will have a look at the campus.........if nothing else, we could borrow some golf carts to help people get around.
StarGazer: oooo can i drive???? :)
ljcswartz: done, the conference announcement is on our guild's website!
WWYTCH: We just got a bunch of new golf carts at our campus.
StarGazer: thanks Desi!
LeeR66: That's a good point,Star! See........the ideas just flow when we get together!
jwisecraft: Pam has already seen it and feels it is a good fit for what we need
StarGazer: i've had a bit of experience working with "challenges"... :)
LeeR66: I love that is so positive and I use it often!
DonnaBeck: yeah, I say that I am "mobility challenged."
StarGazer: well, i think we gotta get together and party, then! :)
jwisecraft: hehehe
LeeR66: To lighten this up again.........I read......."grandchildren are your reward for not killing off your teenagers1"
StarGazer: hee-hee-hee
WWYTCH: Ain't that the truth!
DonnaBeck: ha ha!!!
ljcswartz: reward or punishment?
jwisecraft: Come on grandchildren!!!
Corgi: More like revenge for the years they scared off of you.
ljcswartz: heh heh corgi
LeeR66: Well, I spent the day playing clay with my 6 1/2 year old granddaughter. When she was 3 she said I had to show her how to do a blend!
jwisecraft: Awwwwwwwwwwww
DonnaBeck: they learn young!
StarGazer: Wahoo!!! did you take pics??
DonnaBeck: toddler today, sanding slave tomorrow!
Corgi: I can't get mine to stop making mud pies with my clay.
ljcswartz: keep up the fun, folks. i gotta head home. thanks lee and julie. you may hear from me soon!
Corgi: nite Desiree.
jwisecraft: Night Des
WWYTCH: BYe, Des...I'll talk to you later.
LeeR66: I'd be delighted! Thanks for all the ideas!
DonnaBeck: bye Desiree
ljcswartz: byeeeeeee
ljcswartz: *PART* Left room.
LeeR66: I feel like I really learned a lot tonight and I'm high on people!
jwisecraft: Ain't it da truth!
Corgi: You're welcome! ;-)
StarGazer: Would you consider doing another chat here as the date approaches??
DonnaBeck: corgi, get some scrap clay that you can use for bead centers, and let your kids condition it!
LeeR66: Just think, Julie........tomorrow you have to go back to those boring boxes!
jwisecraft: LOL!!!
WWYTCH: Lee...I hope you can find time to come to chat once in a while.
jwisecraft: Yes, but the sooner I do, the sooner I can be working again! I miss my clay!!!
Corgi: you guys can hijack my chat anytime .... 8-0
LeeR66: Yes, to another chat. But I will probably drop in now and then now that I know what fun it is!
StarGazer: Wahoo!!!
Corgi: Good Lee!
jwisecraft: I say yes to another guest chat also
StarGazer: i do a chat every Friday night (except the 2nd friday of the month) Drop in anytime!! :)
JENNY_P: carefull lee, they are addicting
jwisecraft: Yes they are!
StarGazer: shhhhh jenny... :)
StarGazer: lol
jwisecraft: I did this here for 2 years, so I can say that
StarGazer: we're no more addicting than the clay! :)
LeeR66: Well, my arms are getting tired,,,,,,,and I must have been smiling, because my cheeks feel stretched.........the ones on my face!!!
Corgi: lol
StarGazer: ROFLOL
Corgi: I guess we'll call it a night then
StarGazer: Thanks SO much, Lee and Julie!!! :)
Corgi: Thanks so much Lee and Julie for chattting with us tonight. I'll make it a point to get in touch
LeeR66: Great
jwisecraft: I really should take off too. DH popped his head in the studio whining about seeing me tonight
DonnaBeck: this was fun! I didn't feel so shy tonight!
StarGazer: Thank for hosting the chat, Corgi!
jwisecraft: Yes Thank You Jenn. Wonderful Hostess
LeeR66: Tell me which chats I'm looking for Corgi and Star
WWYTCH: Yes, thanks Corgi!!
jwisecraft: I'm gonna go Wavie~~~~~~
WWYTCH: Bye, Julie....
StarGazer: StarGaze-n-ClayPlayz - Friday 10:30pm ET
Corgi: I'm Mondays at 10 pm Eastern
jwisecraft: Night Lee
Corgi: Nite Julie and thanks again!
jwisecraft: *PART* Left room.
LeeR66: Night everyone!
Corgi: Lee we also have a begginners basic on Wednesdays at 9:30 pm.
WWYTCH: Good night, Lee! So good to see you here.
StarGazer: Nite Lee!!!
LeeR66: Is that Etime also?
WWYTCH: Figuratively speaking.....
StarGazer: yup!
Corgi: Yes estern
DonnaBeck: good night. Lee!
Corgi: nite Lee and thanks!
LeeR66: Hey, how do I sign off?
Corgi: just hit exit.
StarGazer: click on the CLOSE box in the upper right corner...
WWYTCH: you there in a minute.
Corgi: *LOG at 3/24/2003 11:35:16 PM* OFF

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