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Sarejane Helm

Hi everybody--for those that missed it, here's the log from the March 1st Tuesday Chat with me, Sarajane. We go over the watercolor technique that I use.

Sarajane: *LOG at 3/4/2003 1:03:17 PM* Topic: Personalized Tools and Production Techniques
ljcswartz: *JOIN* Entered room.
ljcswartz: I made it here but have to get a drink. etc BRB
beadnmouse: *JOIN* Entered room.
beadnmouse: whew! made it!
Sarajane: hi there!
beadnmouse: Hi SJ
beadnmouse: I'm Gini
Sarajane: Nice to meet you Gini!
beadnmouse: the pleasure is mine
Sarajane: Ignore the numbers, I can't make them go away...
beadnmouse: is there a topic?
Sarajane: nominally its tools and techniques...but any PC subject is open
beadnmouse: kool
Sarajane: and I do mean Polymer Clay!
Sarajane: given your name, do you do beads?
beadnmouse: are you still going to be guest speaker this Suday? at PMJ
Sarajane: you bet! I'm looking forward to it!!
beadnmouse: yes, all kinds and hubby just told me today that with our tax money he is getitng me set up to do lampworking
Sarajane: oh, that's great--something I've wanted to learn
beadnmouse: I'll miss that chat...I hostess desipleship training at that time
Sarajane: ah, well, then be sure to ask any questions today.
beadnmouse: I really had one question I wanted to ask
Sarajane: ask away!
beadnmouse: how do you get the watercolor bead to look like torn paper
Sarajane: which bead do you mean, and do you mean a deckle edge on clay?
beadnmouse: well Elissa had made some hearts using your technique
beadnmouse: and her edges looked torn between color changes
Sarajane: they may well be--that's one thing I do.
beadnmouse: I wanted to incorporate that in with my faux lampworking I'll be working on today
Sarajane: well, I work with sheets, or pads, which are thick sheets of clay
Sarajane: you add teeny bits of colors, then start flattening/thinning it
Sarajane: keep folding unlovely edges under to pad the piece enough that you can thin it again
beadnmouse: OOOOO I get it....
beadnmouse: I'm very visual
Sarajane: me too, its harder to say than it is to do
beadnmouse: KWEL
beadnmouse: I know what you mean..
Sarajane: then, when you get pieces you like, rip them and use on top of the pad, keep going
beadnmouse: Jackie, I didn't mean to just jump in like this....
Sarajane: I have no idea if others do the same in their "water color" techniques...
beadnmouse: are you using a roller, or the pasta machine?
ljcswartz: I just got back from getting my drink :-)
Sarajane: Hi there!!
Sarajane: that's the nice thing about chats, you don't miss anything its all there!
Sarajane: Gini, I use both
beadnmouse: BUT I just wish we could cut and paste we can keep the copy of the conversation
beadnmouse: on the thinest setting?
Sarajane: Sometimes I just stretch and pull by hand, almost like pzza dough
Sarajane: no, usually on a #1-#3
beadnmouse: ok
beadnmouse: Jackie, I just LOVE your widdle snow men beads! Sooo cute!
ljcswartz: you saw them??
Sarajane: You can always go thinner. When you get a sheet made then tear off a strip, roll that up so colors show, and then you get those deckle edge effect
ljcswartz: it has been a while
KCRedcat: oops, that 'thang'
Sarajane: Hiya Kim! Glad you made it.
beadnmouse: do you layer transparent between?
Sarajane: WE're talking about the watercolor techniques
KCRedcat: ahhh
Sarajane: not usually, tho you sure could! I tend to work on off white
beadnmouse: hmmmm...the possibilities
Sarajane: The thing is to stretch the pigment over the base color
Sarajane: That's how it is in paint--its a thinned pigment over a light base
beadnmouse: ok, now that is hard for me to understand, cause I don't paint
ljcswartz: is there possibly a link to show an example?
Sarajane: but you've seen watercolor pics--the paper shows through
beadnmouse: yes
Sarajane: no, there's some in my Impressions book, in the seashell howto
ljcswartz: I have that book right here
Sarajane: well, with clay, you get the colored part so thinly on the white base by stretching and re-rolling
beadnmouse: Sara, this is dumb, but have you thought of doing an ONLINE class? You could do it thru MSN messenger and have a webcam set up. take payment for the class thru paypal
Sarajane: pg 95
beadnmouse: then we could watch you create/teach
beadnmouse: voice could even be active it this
Sarajane: well, actually, yes we are looking into that as a real possibility soon.
ljcswartz: thanks got it
beadnmouse: WOOO HOOOO
Sarajane: See how you star with LOTS of white and teeny scrubs of color?
Sarajane: Chop--or use a grater
beadnmouse: you are on the other side of the nation from way I could just pop in to take your class
ljcswartz: yes but this chat explanation helps make it more clear- thanks
Sarajane: boken old slices of cane are PERFECT for color source
KPALLEN: *JOIN* Entered room.
beadnmouse: yes, thanks!
Sarajane: Hello!
beadnmouse: what a great way to use end pieces!
Sarajane: broken--not boken
KCRedcat: hi KP
beadnmouse: oops
beadnmouse: giggle
Sarajane: there's no waste with PC!!
Sarajane: You've all seen this"technique" when you mix up old bits of clay--how the colors blens as you mix.
Sarajane: Many rechniques are accidental, but then you can say "I meant to do that"
beadnmouse: this is soo cool
Sarajane: pardon the spelling, I've worn away quite a few letters on the keyboard...
Kathy_2: *JOIN* Entered room.
Kathy_2: hi hi!
Sarajane: Hi Kathy!
beadnmouse: Sara, thanks for answering my questions. DH is sick and need to see about him. Huggies Ya'll!
KCRedcat: hi Kathy
beadnmouse: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: With trans, black and gold you can do this and make tortoishell fauxs
Sarajane: bye!!
Sarajane: well, that sums up "watercolor"!!
Sarajane: Does anyone else have any questions?
KPALLEN: I'm fairly new to polymer clay. One thing that I keep struggling with is a good technique to use cane slices to cover items without getting distortion.
Sarajane: Used any cool new tools lately?
Sarajane: flat or not, surfaces?
Kathy_2: I've been using my shade tex texture sheets . . .
Sarajane: Those sheets are very cool! Slippery tho
Kathy_2: Great fun . . . and your idea for the pounce bag . . . works great to keep the clay from sticking
KPALLEN: usually not flat...but I seem to have problems with flat too. When I try to get the cane slices to line up nicely...they distort.
Sarajane: I find that if you roll slices down with an acrylic rod, it helps avoid distortion. Also, press slices DOWN to the surface,
KCRedcat: have you tried applying them to a sheet of clay first and burnishing them down?
Sarajane: don't spread them out when you press
KCRedcat: use wax paper over them...
Sarajane: I do that a lot, Kim--like making fabric
Kathy_2: I like to burnish cane slices down with the back of a spoon
Sarajane: You are welcome on the ponce bag! Water mist works even better with the shadex
KPALLEN: then do you run it through the pasta machine?
KCRedcat: as long as it's not too thick, yes
Sarajane: I do--start with a #3, add slices, put it through at #1
KPALLEN: then the other way at a 2?
KCRedcat: same here...
Kathy_2: I found that the water mist allowed the clay to stick . . . whereas the powder keeps the clay from sticking so much
Sarajane: Right!
Sarajane: I do prefer powder myself, its more useful in the long run
Kathy_2: it is hard to use thicker slices of cane . . . If you slice your canes paper thin, you'll have less distortion
KPALLEN: Ok...I'll give it a try. I think it's also a matter of practice and patience. I get impatient and rush it I think
Sarajane: If you roll in diff. Directions, you even out the distortion---again, "I meant to do that"
Sarajane: Also, SOME blurring can be sanded off after baking, as only the top level is distorted
Sarajane: Its clean lines underneath!
Kathy_2: I've been using copper impregnated paint and patinator on my textured clay. It really looks like metal when I'm finished
KCRedcat: cool
Sarajane: That's cool! I cheat and use copper colored clay and verdigris embossing powder
Sarajane: or the pearlex copper
Kathy_2: that sounds yummy, too
Sarajane: The powders are much fun--they are good with the shadex sheets too!
Kathy_2: I really love the pearlex powders
Sarajane: Kathy, is the patinator a chemical process? And what brands?
KCRedcat: me too!!!
Kathy_2: Let me check, BRB
Sarajane: Thank you!
Kathy_2: It is called "sophisticated finishes patina antiquing set"
Sarajane: Kim, have you mixed the powders into trans much--that's a good effect
Kathy_2: I picked it up at Joann ETC
KCRedcat: not yet, one of these
KCRedcat: I"ve used them in TLS though...
Sarajane: Is the SF part the brand, Kathy?
Kathy_2: The paint has copper in it and the patinator causes an actual verdigris patina
Sarajane: And it doesn't effect the clay underneath?
Kathy_2: looks like the mfg is Modern options
shannonga: *JOIN* Entered room.
KCRedcat: yep, them, that's what I thought it was
Sarajane: they have a URL?
KCRedcat: hi Shannon
Sarajane: Hello!
KCRedcat: lol
Kathy_2: GMTA . . .LOL
shannonga: hi everyone - just happened across the chat :)
Sarajane: Thank you Kathy, I'll check there later!
Kathy_2: Hi shannon
Kathy_2: I'm impressed with the product. the copper paint is an acrylic based product, so there shouldn't be a rxn with the clay
shannonga: :)- I am usually a day late and a dollar short! :)
KCRedcat: Jean COmport did a demo on it several years ago Kathy
Sarajane: Do you have any poeces over 6mos old with that on it Kathy?
Sarajane: That's OK Shannon--you can read what's gone on so far!
Kathy_2: and, if you let the paint dry a little longer, the patinator doesn't make it go really green . . . more like a "dirty penny" patina
Sarajane: Kim, that's good to know--so its probably not interactive!
Kathy_2: which is more in keeping with the look of copper used in the "Arts and Crafts" period
Sarajane: I do love that period...
Sarajane: Mission oak and Stickly
Kathy_2: me too . . .my brother has a house decorated in that style . . .he does all of this lovely oak woodwork and hammered copper fixtures
Sarajane: the pared down reaction to Victorian Excess
Kathy_2: yeppers
Kathy_2: well, I need to get back to the "studio" . . . I have a show on the 15th . . .so much to do and so little time to do it!
KCRedcat: good luck Kathy!
Sarajane: Thanks for coming, and good sales at your show!
KCRedcat: I know how ya feel , sorta
Kathy_2: Thanks, good luck with your class tonight, Kim
KCRedcat: thanks!
Sarajane: oh, I didn't realize its tonight! Are you all excited??
KCRedcat: as long as I don't get snowed into the store!
Kathy_2: Have a fantabulous afternoon everyone!
KCRedcat: 'anxious'
Kathy_2: Bye!
Sarajane: Not a bad place to be stranded, actually...
Kathy_2: *PART* Left room.
KCRedcat: printing tips sheets as we 'chat'
KCRedcat: yes it is...LOL
KCRedcat: luckily it's only 10 miles from home and I have 4wd
shannonga: what techniques are you teaching or is it general?
Sarajane: well, then I'll hope you get a great time out of it and then get safely home!!
KCRedcat: general, basic canes
KCRedcat: me too thanks!
KCRedcat: I have to remember we only have 3
shannonga: yes so much info! is this your first time teaching?
KCRedcat: nope, 3rd, first time in a few years and first time at Joann's
KCRedcat: I have 2 pages of pc info, like where to buy and links etc, and 2 pages of 'tips'...
Sarajane: you'll do great--you know a lot and you have enthusiasm to share.
KCRedcat: they'll be covering a votive and a pen
shannonga: well, good luck! I admire those that can teach this stuff!
KCRedcat: _ACTION turns REDDER_
KPALLEN: are you teaching the class with premo or fimo?
KCRedcat: FIMO...
KCRedcat: will be showing them HOW to condition it
KPALLEN: will you have the clay pre-conditioned for them? Or will they do it at the class?
KCRedcat: they'll do it in class...
Sarajane: You may want to take a heating pad if they are doing the clay prep there
KCRedcat: HEAT GUN ;-)
Sarajane: yep, warm is good!
KCRedcat: and acrylic rods
KPALLEN: is that the way you condition at home or do you use a food processor (or both)?
KCRedcat: with which to BEAT the clay into submission >:->
Sarajane: a food processor is imperative if there are many people--otherwise conditioning takes an hour or two...
KCRedcat: depends on how I'm feeling and such
KCRedcat: 6 people
KCRedcat: last I checked
KPALLEN: I only use the food processor...haven't used a heat pad OR heat gun. should I try it?
Sarajane: I betcha at least one will have if you have a processer to take, I would!!
Sarajane: The proc. really helps with Fimo, clumps and breaks the motor with premo
KCRedcat: yeah, my little one, it's dedicated to white/pearl/trans...that's the only 'colors' I'm using this class
Sarajane: heating pads help warm it once its in sheets, and its great for warmning old cane slices
KPALLEN: I am only using fimo now...I got too frustrated caning with premo
Sarajane: why is that?
Sarajane: too soft?
snowdove: *JOIN* Entered room.
KCRedcat: same hands would get too warm
Sarajane: hello!
KCRedcat: hi Snowdove!
snowdove: Hi
Sarajane: ah, I don't have warm hands
snowdove: How is everyone.
Sarajane: having fun, thank you!
KPALLEN: I felt that the cane was too squishy after I had played with it for a while
snowdove: sounds good to me.
KCRedcat: and the clay too mushy, I do use premo for other things...and do mix FIMO and PREMO :-o
snowdove: Thanks Sarajane for answering my email.
Sarajane: I had that problem at first because I am too fast---you have to take breaks of 5 min. with Premo canes
Sarajane: you are welcome! Glad you made the chat.
KPALLEN: ah...must be my lack of patience again!
KCRedcat: yikes, can't do that....have to do mine all at once when I can...
Sarajane: premo is extremely heat responsive
Sarajane: once you learn the timing, its much better in many ways than fimo
Sarajane: Kim, I am impatient too--so make two and once, and go back and forth
Sarajane: I had the same problem with MUST let layers dry in between sometimes!!!
KCRedcat: I've had problems with it not 'seaming' together if it's sat too long too though...
snowdove: you mean painting on paper right.
Sarajane: that's because its cooled off. Meld seams and then let it sit
snowdove: like with watercolor you need to let it dry sometimes to layer it.
Sarajane: yes, painting on paper or fabric
snowdove: ahh I see.
KCRedcat: although anymore, I have to leach much of my FIMO!
snowdove: I know with watercolors you have to really watch not to make mud.
Sarajane: some of us like to charge right on through....
KCRedcat: got some leaching right now
Sarajane: I do NOT like the new fimo texture
KCRedcat: I have to do it when my 'energy' and 'pain' allows....PFFFFT!
KCRedcat: ya mean GOO??? ;-)
KPALLEN: the pearl? I noticed my last pearl was quite soft.
Sarajane: My fave is aged premo or classic fimo.
snowdove: What is good to do if your clay is crumbly.
snowdove: I got some fimo like that recently.
Sarajane: pearl and trans are VERY soft
KCRedcat: the pearl I have is still some of the old batch I'm's behavior isn't regular...
Sarajane: mix hard clays with softer ones
snowdove: ok I tried that and it worked pretty well.
Sarajane: or add a little canola oil--a few drops--and process
snowdove: that seemed to for this package anyway.
KCRedcat: I've had FIMO crumbly until it's conditioned and then it was GOO!ack!
snowdove: hmm never thought about that. thanks.
KCRedcat: yeah, I have to mix my pearl with white...
Sarajane: You're welcome...its all in the books!
KCRedcat: and I don't NORMALLY have white!
Sarajane: I do that too, Kim, to keep it from darkening so much
ERNESTINE24: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: hello!
KCRedcat: hi Ms. Ernie!
snowdove: Hi there.
ERNESTINE24: Hi, folks! I'm at work so may not be able to stay long.
snowdove: gotta have to get some books.
Sarajane: we'll understand, if they make you work there...
snowdove: I have a few but didnt know that.
KCRedcat: LOL
Sarajane: ah, then you don't have my books , yet!
MsErnie: Question-what is the 00PM-etc. behind the names?
KCRedcat: sadly I don't, YET
KCRedcat: delphi 'glitch'...
snowdove: NOt yet.
Sarajane: its just a fluke of the chat system...ignor it
snowdove: but am planning on getting them.
MsErnie: Will do.
KCRedcat: same here....
snowdove: Just looked at Amazon this morning
Sarajane: If you go from my site and order, I get an extra dollar, from tha Amazon program...
snowdove: sure can do that for you.
Sarajane: not that I'm pushing, mind you!
snowdove: no problem.
MsErnie: Sarajane, I have your Impressions book and it's beautiful, especially the antique looking items.
snowdove: oh well why not if it would help you out. My pleasure.
Sarajane: Thank you! I give the recipes for the stains more completely in the new one
snowdove: I can't wait to try the watercolor technique
snowdove: neat.
MsErnie: Do you go further into the watercolor technique?
Sarajane: do read the top of this chat--we discussed it in depth
shannonga: have to go all - my 2 year old is waking from his nap
KCRedcat: bye Shannon
shannonga: this has been fun - thanks!
MsErnie: Sorry, unless it is logged I don't have access to the beginning of the chat. But I'll wait and see if there is a log.
Sarajane: have fun, and thanks for stopping in!
shannonga: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: I did log it--do you mean you can't scroll up?
MsErnie: Only to the point I joined the chat
Sarajane: oh---as I try it, I see I can only go so far...
Sarajane: I don't know where the logs "go" but I did turn it on
ljcswartz: I may try to caoture the chat with pics__ I am distracted with a phone call , let me try
MsErnie: That's why I was so disappointed that this was going to be a daytime Eastern chat since I knew I would only be able to join for a few minutes. I'm a working gal.
Sarajane: ok, we'll see ya later!
MsErnie: I'm sure that Desiree will be able to get the log and post it for us.
Sarajane: Oh, Ms Ernie, I meant that for her..
KCRedcat: I'm sure it's saved somewhere at pcc?
KPALLEN: Thanks for the chat. I enjoyed it..but have to go.
KCRedcat: bye KP
Sarajane: yes, this one is PCC, PCJ is Sunday
Sarajane: Bye!
KPALLEN: *PART* Left room.
KCRedcat: the day I'm sure I will not be able to make it!
KCRedcat: baby shower for my friend...
Sarajane: Same time Sunday at PCJ, and we will be discussing books
Sarajane: I'm glad people come by, no matter how long they stay!
snowdove: It is nice you are able to have chat on Tues too.
MsErnie: I hope to join you Sunday, then. Wish I could stay, but here comes my boss even as I type.
KCRedcat: yep
ljcswartz: A question... when carving or shaping faces and hands, what tools do you like best??
MsErnie: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: bye Ms Ernie!
Sarajane: a toothpick, an exacto knife, and the rubber tipped thingy
ljcswartz: I need a rubber tipped thingy I think :-)
KCRedcat: well, I'd better get going too, have to make sure I have all my 'shtuff' for teaching, going to have to be there early to set up before students arrive! yikes! lol
Sarajane: its got a rubber point on one end and a rubber chisel on the other
ljcswartz: I have the others
KCRedcat: thanks for the chat! take care all!!!
Sarajane: Have a great time, Kim!!!!
KCRedcat: clay pusher...
ljcswartz: enjoy
ljcswartz: other than online.... is there a store to find these
KCRedcat: thanks! ttfn!
Sarajane: I think many art supply stores have them
KCRedcat: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: also the Clay Factory has them, I think
Sarajane: the tip is great for smoothing places my finger can't reach
ljcswartz: We don't seem to have an art supply store near us.... though it is a fair sized town
ljcswartz: the right tools sure make a difference
Sarajane: yes, that's very true...
Sarajane: have you gotten into catalogs like Dick Blick and Jerry's ARt Supplies
Sarajane: or AMACO
ljcswartz: I have heard of the name of Dick Blick but not Jerry's
snowdove: Sometimes Dick blick has great sales too.
Sarajane: There may be links on my links and sources page...
ljcswartz: hummm sales!!
ljcswartz: I will look
Sarajane: I don't remember what's there and whats not.
Sarajane: Also Flax is very interesting.
ljcswartz: Flax is a catalog place?
Sarajane: yes, art supplies and aristic gifts
Sarajane: they have a pearlex and a glitter sampler that's way cool
ljcswartz: sounds like a fun place to look
Sarajane: dangerous...don't have the credit card TOO close by.
snowdove: hehe that can always get you in trouble.
snowdove: I haven't seen a Flax catalog in a long time.
Sarajane: is another favorite
ljcswartz: I have receipts for lots of my purchases but haven't added them up :-)
snowdove: haven't seen that one before.
ljcswartz: it is almost 2" thick
snowdove: CheapJoe's Art supplies is good too.
Sarajane: I added mine up, sent in the forms, and Our Dear Uncle has helped me now to buy more supplies!
ljcswartz: wow - that is the good news and bad news then
Sarajane: Its a good idea to go legit and be a business and get sholesale--even if it means doing the tax thing
Sarajane: wholesale, I meant!
ljcswartz: i knew that
Sarajane: Don't let anyone tell you that little reciepts don't matter, either!
Sarajane: They add up, a dollar at a time.
ljcswartz: is there a certain level of sales that should motivate me to do the tax thing?
Sarajane: Legally, you must declare income over $400
Sarajane: practically, showing a loss can be good too--you get money back, or offset against other inciome
ljcswartz: I feel that I just want to sell enough to make room and $ for supplies
Sarajane: Wholesale means twice as much clay for the same cost
ljcswartz: Ireally!!
ljcswartz: where does the wholesale clay live?
snowdove: mm I didnt know that.
Sarajane: Premo is $8.00 per pound, in bulk
Sarajane: $15 retail, isn't it?
snowdove: I was wondering how much you could make legally.
snowdove: I got a long way to go. Lol
ljcswartz: might be.......... I use the coupons and build a stash
Sarajane: you can buy wholesale MANY places--you need a business license or resale #
Sarajane: how much, legally? as much as you can, as long as you declare it
snowdove: yes.
snowdove: I used to have a busines license a long time ago when I sold some paintings.
snowdove: that has been about 4 yrs ago
Sarajane: I get my premo from the Clay Factory, and am set up wholesale acct. many other places
ljcswartz: the committment issue is a block for me too...........
Sarajane: most states you renew annually
ljcswartz: don't you have to show a business address etc.
Sarajane: there's paperwork and forms to bother with...
Sarajane: its legal to work at home
snowdove: I think when I got mine it was pretty easy. I had some paintings at a shop and they took to much to make much.
Sarajane: don't declare the space on your sched C, unless that's ALL you do in it
Sarajane: Its $25 and a form to fill out, here.
Sarajane: you also have to have them to do craft or art shows
snowdove: Haven't gotten into doing any crafts shows.
ljcswartz: do you have to pay the sales tax, income tax and social security taxes etc too?
Sarajane: its a lot of work, but can be educational and $$--depends on the venue. Can also be no$$ and sore feet.
ljcswartz: I did have a temp tax number for one school craft show
Sarajane: you pay sales tax on items you sell, but not on wholesale purchases you make. Then you have to do a Sched. C
Sarajane: profit/Loss form on taxes, and Self Emplyment tax covers the other, once you reach a certain$ pint
ljcswartz: maybe I should think more about getting more legit :-)
Sarajane: it pays for itself quickly.
Sarajane: but its also A Job.
ljcswartz: eeekkkk
ljcswartz: not a job
Sarajane: and some people don't want to do that to their Fun.
ljcswartz: but it could be a learning adventure -- and actually save money?
Sarajane: I wanted to avoid math, with I do the accounting and taxes..go figure!
ljcswartz: but you want to -- hopefully
Sarajane: My tax return is my investment in business money every yeaR
Sarajane: Some years I do have to pay--but some years I get some back!!
ljcswartz: good way to look at it
Sarajane: And I get twice as much bang for my purchasing bucks.
Sarajane: Retreats/Seminars are a writeoff
Sarajane: so are all artsupplies...
Sarajane: no matter how much you MAKE, its what you spend that is also important to the bottom line
snowdove: that is always good to get more for purchases.
ljcswartz: that is a good way to look at it
Sarajane: SAVE ALL RECIEPTS--that's the secret to success in business
Sarajane: at least from the accounting POV
ljcswartz: I have saved them.......... just stacked them though
snowdove: That is a good idea
Sarajane: only the current year will count in any tax year
Sarajane: and cancelled checks arent enough--you need the bill/reciept for the IRS
ljcswartz: do you catagorize your receipts when recording them?
Sarajane: That's just USA, tho--I have no idea abvout the rules elsewhere!
Sarajane: yes, there are catagories on the Schedule C that you want to fit--"Advertising" is one. That's my costs for running a website.
Sarajane: AS well as any fliers, postcards, etc
Sarajane: all those catagories get added up and deducted from your gross sales
ljcswartz: does the IRS get worried about five years of negative income:-)) probably not
Sarajane: actually, not from gross--I'm wrong there...but its all on the sched. C
ljcswartz: I have only been at this for less than two years
Sarajane: you are allowed to show a loss for 3 years before they get anxious, but longer if you can prove you are making an effort--doing shows, etc.
Sarajane: you pay taxes on the PROFIT---not the actual amount of total sales
ljcswartz: I guess I really should start by knowing my costs
Sarajane: that's where reciepts come in
Sarajane: your own labor does NOT count for tax purposes
ljcswartz: so maybe my stack will get attention after all.
Sarajane: if you do a show--your transport $ counts. Your dinner $ counts..and the show fees count
ljcswartz: if you teach through a store and they pay taxes.. that must be separate?
Sarajane: you are paid for your labor as a contractor then, not an employee usually
ljcswartz: ok
Sarajane: you pay for that, They only pay for employees
Sarajane: "goods and services" is teaching as well as selling beads
ljcswartz: I did teach a simple pen class at JoAnn's but didn't think about the tax responsibilities
Sarajane: so it all goes under the "income" heading
Sarajane: unless you make more than $400--profit--you are not required to file
ljcswartz: profit after I do the receipts - right
ljcswartz: I doubt there will be a profit
Sarajane: By Jove, I think she's got it!!
ljcswartz: :-))
Sarajane: Congrats, you are now thinking like a business person
ljcswartz: okokok I will do the receipts then
Sarajane: check into the tax forms, and get prepared for NEXT year, even if you don't do it THIS year
ljcswartz: I used to sell real estate - long ago and far away.... been there done that --- guess I may do it again
ljcswartz: the taxes seem to change too fast
Sarajane: I hear you make more than $10 at a time doing land sales!!
ljcswartz: true and it was great fun
ljcswartz: but I don't want to do that now
Sarajane: they DO change, every year--you have to keep up as part of the Job aspect!
Sarajane: Go to Blocks--you write off the cost next year as "professional services"
Sarajane: HR Block, I mean
Sarajane: I figure my taxes, but they check and file them
ljcswartz: My husband is pretty good.......... for the real estate job we had great advice from a tax preparer who saved us money
ljcswartz: long ago and far away
Sarajane: well, then you've already had some experience...reciepts are receipts, no matter the biz.
snowdove: How much longer will you be online Sarajane?
snowdove: I need to go but should be back maybe
ljcswartz: it is almost 3
Sarajane: I'm here till 1pm, my time--15 min. or so.
snowdove: ok
ljcswartz: I hope to keep this log...... since I had a phone call in the middle
Sarajane: yes, three is my one...ack its math again!!
snowdove: I guess I will be leaving then.
Sarajane: well, thank you for coming!
snowdove: it has been good chatting and thanks for taking the time out to chat.
snowdove: sure.
ljcswartz: thanks
snowdove: bye bye for now.
Sarajane: You are welcome! Bye!
ljcswartz: I will stay here hopefully in order to read
snowdove: hope to see you all again soon.
snowdove: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: I'll be at PCJ this Sunday at 11Mountain tome
ljcswartz: I also teach skiing.......... that is a ski day :-)
ljcswartz: but I will look for the next one
Sarajane: ah, controlled falling at a high speed in the cold.
ljcswartz: great fun!!
snowdove: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: we're here every first Tuesday of the month
Sarajane: hello again!
snowdove: will be sure to come back
ljcswartz: I just have to remember to tune in
snowdove: hi again was wondering will this chat be available to see on pcc
ljcswartz: I plan to try to get screen shots - if that helps
Sarajane: I have to figure out the method and where it goes, but yes--I do have the log function on
ljcswartz: I will store them somewhere online or email them to you
snowdove: that would be good.
ljcswartz: cool
snowdove: oh that would be wonderful.
ljcswartz: how will we find it??
Sarajane: I'll ask a staffer to help me figure it out!
Sarajane: And I'll leave a message over at PCJ and PCC
snowdove: oh good.
snowdove: sounds good to me.
snowdove: Thank you.
ljcswartz: thanks
Sarajane: you are welcom--in fact, I'll go ask now.
Sarajane: well, in a few minutes..
snowdove: ok
Sarajane: BTW--I'm going to be doing a regular column for Belle Armoire on Business of Art.
snowdove: oh that is neat.
Sarajane: should start in the sspring or summer issue
Sarajane: its a great magazine--gorgeous pics
ljcswartz: That is super
snowdove: That would be very helpful.
snowdove: I don't think I have seen the magazine but have heard of it.
Sarajane: Its all wearable Art
Sarajane: any form, any media--as long as its wearable
snowdove: that sounds like fun
Sarajane: I'm originally a fiber artist/costumer--so I like it a lot!
Sarajane: Time to go...thank you both for coming today!
snowdove: I think that would be fun too.
ljcswartz: thank you so much
snowdove: ok sure and thank you for everything Sarajane.
Sarajane: See you next time!
snowdove: see you soon
snowdove: bye bye for now.
snowdove: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: *LOG at 3/4/2003 3:03:07 PM* OFF

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