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Sarejane Helm

November 4, 2003
Topic: Personalized Tools and Production Techniques

Sarajane_2: *LOG at 11/4/2003 1:02:44 PM*
Parymdk: good morning Sarajane
Sarajane_2: hi there!
Parymdk: we aren't eager or nothing
PoKoPat: nah, not us!
Sarajane_2: Delphi is being snarky about letting me in, sorry I'm late!
Sarajane_2: that's why the -2
Parymdk: according to my puter clock you are right on time....besides....isn't there something called polyner time?
Sarajane_2: I'm here twice, only not the first time!
PoKoPat: no prob - but i warn you, i'll shorten sarajane to sj real quick!
Sarajane_2: ots ALWAYS polymer time
Parymdk: or even polymer
Sarajane_2: oh do, everyone does!
Parymdk: sheesh...dang fingers are still cold from working in the garage
Sarajane_2: BRB, gotta get my coffe
PoKoPat: good - i'm a quick typist, but not that quick!
StarGazer: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: whatcha doing in the garage, kathi?
Parymdk: hey hey Jean.....sneaking in from work?
StarGazer: shhh... yup! :)
PoKoPat: hi jean - on the sly?
Parymdk: finishing the behemouth was wax on wax off day
StarGazer: lol
Parymdk: I promise not to tell
PoKoPat: bet you're glad it's nearly done
StarGazer: yeah, don't tell the boss... oh wait... i'm the boss! hee-hee
PoKoPat: then you've got the best boss around!
Parymdk: no kidding...only thing left is to put the back on....and I need my partner in crime to help with that
StarGazer: Hi Sarajane!! *waves*
Parymdk: sheesh...are we all our own bosses?
Parymdk: she is afk...getting caffiene
PoKoPat: that's the only way to fly, kathi!
StarGazer: ooohh good idea... me do that too!! brb...
Parymdk: too bad my boss pays so crappy
PoKoPat: what's afk
Parymdk: away from keyboard
Parymdk: <--- net geek too
Sarajane_2: hey there I'm back...
Parymdk: wb
PoKoPat: ohh - okay - don't know all these shorts yet
PoKoPat: hello again
Parymdk: wb=welcome back
Sarajane_2: hello y'all!
Parymdk: ggp=gotta go pee
Parymdk: bak=back at keyboard
PoKoPat: so what are we discussing today - besides kathi's acronym lesson?
Parymdk: ummm anymore you can think of that you might not know?
annie: *JOIN* Entered room.
Parymdk: hiya annie
PoKoPat: hi annie - and none at the mo, kathi
Sarajane_2: I've been working with inks and embossing powders, that's been my focus lately
annie: Hi All!
Parymdk: ::::kicks back with pen and paper for notes::::::
PoKoPat: did you check out the pce bulletin board?
Sarajane_2: hello!
Parymdk: I am all ears Sarajane
Sarajane_2: not yet, but I will--I've been trying to get scome scans together for this--gotta upload.
StarGazer: back! (gc)
Parymdk: wb
PoKoPat: okey dokey - but Elizabeth (at pce) is a wizard with inks
Parymdk: and thanks for the hint Jean...and the pictures
StarGazer: :)
StarGazer: yw Kathi!
Parymdk: I wonder......will the inks hurt critters?
Sarajane_2: O've really gotten fond of Ancient Pages by Colorbox
PoKoPat: you mean real live ones?
Rosey63: *JOIN* Entered room.
Parymdk: because I have used acrylic ink with my glass and had the dog "autograph" it...and think it would be neat to make a critter print thing in clay
Sarajane_2: hello!
Parymdk: hiya Rosey
Sarajane_2: I wouldn't ink the dog
Parymdk: is that a brand of ink SJ?
Parymdk: inking da dog
Parymdk: darn it
Sarajane_2: yah, Colorbox is the manufacturer
Rosey63: hello
Sarajane_2: hang on a tick--
Parymdk: hmmmm I don't think my michaels carries it
PoKoPat: kathi, ink shouldn't hurt em - just don't tell the animal rights folks
PoKoPat: sj, what do you do with the inks?
Sarajane_2: oops---clearsnap is the maker, colorbox is one of the lines, sorry.
annie: What is it that you like about the Ancient Pages ink SJ?
Sarajane_2: ancient pages is dye, not pigment, and REALLY black, and really wetted
Sarajane_2: let me try to pop this up
Parymdk: ahhhh that makes it a totally different ink then
StarGazer: do the dye inks bleed?
PoKoPat: dye, like fabric dye?
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
dulCquilt1: *JOIN* Entered room.
Parymdk: hey Melissa!
dulCquilt1: hi~~~~~~
Sarajane_2: dye, as in fabric--its permanent, and goes in, not on top
Parymdk: ok..that is a totally cool site
Sarajane_2: sooooooo...that url is slow to load
Parymdk: ::::making a channakhah wish list:::::::
Sarajane_2: you can mark it for later, there's lots to see
Rosey63: yeah :)
Rosey63: pretty slow but not once it is up
StarGazer: ah, thanks SJ...
Sarajane_2: now, hang on while I upload something to show
StarGazer: k
PoKoPat: your giving my puter the hiccups! lol
Parymdk: looking at your puter gives ti the hiccups
PoKoPat: cool about the dye - i have lots of fabric dye!
PoKoPat: that's not very nice, kathi
Parymdk: I do too....compliments of Dharma
Parymdk: real...that poor laptop is old
PoKoPat: i'm almost ready to buy a new one - and I love Dharma too
Sarajane_2: now, I don't think you shoukld use fabric dye with PC, this is an INK dye
ShelleyM: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: it's only 2 years old! it got caught in a time warp, and aged exponentially
Parymdk: hi Shelley
Sarajane_2: hello!
ShelleyM: hi there - I'm sorta in and out and lurking - cooking dinner
PoKoPat: hmmm - i'll have to try - they're just sitting there on the shelf, begging in these pitiful voices ....
PoKoPat: ... try us on the clay!
PoKoPat: hi shelley
Sarajane_2: I think you might be able to mix in, but wouldn't bet on the messy factor!
Parymdk: are in the middle east right?
ShelleyM: uk
PoKoPat: sj are the ink dyes alcohol or water based?
Parymdk: have you ever tried using airbrush ink/paint S?
ALANJAMESV: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: hi alan
ALANJAMESV: hi there all
Sarajane_2: hello!
Parymdk: hi Alan
StarGazer: Alan!! Hi! :)
StarGazer: Hi Shelley!! :)
Sarajane_2: never have tried an airbrush, and these dyes clean up with a stamp cleaner. The pigments are easier to clean off
ALANJAMESV: finally - I've found the correct tuesday!
StarGazer: i've used Createx ink/paint in MG... lovely colors!
PoKoPat: okay, my dyes, most of 'em, are water based
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
PoKoPat: buth they require heat setting
Sarajane_2: heres a pic with metallic inks and some finishes
Rosey63: very nice
Sarajane_2: the dye ink does reqire heatsetting. I baked these on too--they are pigment not dye
PoKoPat: that's too pretty for words
Sarajane_2: just test pieces!
Parymdk: kewl...thanks jean...I ahve a ton of it....
Sarajane_2: gotta see how they last
ALANJAMESV: are they stamped post-bake SJ?
StarGazer: loverly!
PoKoPat: definitely gotta try!!
Sarajane_2: no, stamped raw
Sarajane_2: BRB, gotta upload two more
Parymdk: wow...a real difference it what you use
ALANJAMESV: I found I was getting distortions from the clay depressing
PoKoPat: kathi, shall we try a little pigment dye experiment
PoKoPat: and see how it turns out?
StarGazer: just gotta lighten up on that heavy-handedness, Alan... :)
ALANJAMESV: maybe I should cool it down first
Parymdk: sure Pat...I will play with my creatix and Dharma's and you can play with what you have :)
ALANJAMESV: yep - you're probably right Jean
PoKoPat: alll kinds of stuff here - what fun!!
Parymdk: brb am freezing
ALANJAMESV: mind you - this was on scrimshaw - so it looked 'carved' and inked!
StarGazer: neato!!
Sarajane_2: Alan it says to "kiss the stamp to the surface" on the catalog sheets I got
Rosey63: need to go back to work :(
PoKoPat: that sounds neat alan
Rosey63: bye all
Rosey63: *PART* Left room.
StarGazer: bye rosey!
Sarajane_2: bye!! glad you came by!
Sarajane_2: here's another pic
ALANJAMESV: it worked quite well - pigment inks - tiny stamps
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
PoKoPat: i'll have to try that with some of my stamps
Sarajane_2: you'll see the UTEE really melted the gold emboss and also covers up a lot
PoKoPat: sj - can you sand this stuff afterward?
Sarajane_2: The UTEE, no
Parymdk: I am thinking that unless you want the "dimmed" look then UTEE is not the way to go
Sarajane_2: not the emboss powders, either---they come off
ALANJAMESV: the one on the right's very clear isn't it?
Sarajane_2: yes, it has very little on it--flecto stain wiped off, then emboss
PoKoPat: i've tried utee, but i'm not very happy with it - maybe i'm doing something wrong?
BYALLISON: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane_2: the emboss HAS to be last
PoKoPat: howdy
ALANJAMESV: hi Allison
Parymdk: hi Allison :)
BYALLISON: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane_2: hello!
BYALLISON: *JOIN* Entered room.
StarGazer: oh gorgeous!! i like the gold embossing powder!
PoKoPat: oh yeah, always - just that i wind up with puddles
Sarajane_2: I like it too.
BYALLISON: *PART* Left room.
BYALLISON: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane_2: Let me upload another---
ALANJAMESV: so - to clarify - you paint in acrylic, let it set - stamp, then bake
PoKoPat: allison, what are you doing?
BYALLISON: Hi all, sorry about that
Sarajane_2: with UTEE you have to do it multiple times, and reheat
annie: Is the embossing on the piece *durable*? won't peel or scratch off?
ShelleyM: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane_2: it gomes off the edges easily
Sarajane_2: not so much on the surface
PoKoPat: that's what i don't like about it - that and the puddles!
Sarajane_2: and Kato sauce seems to defeat the emb.fluid--it sticks all over
PoKoPat: so maybe i'm just a klutz
Sarajane_2: brb
PoKoPat: no smart remarks, kathi!
ALANJAMESV: you could fill the gaps between puddles with an embossing pen
Parymdk: I wasn't going to say a thing
ALANJAMESV: then re-powder and heat again
PoKoPat: not puddles leaving gaps - puddles like paint drips down the sides
Parymdk: so using a heat gun with the UTEE is the best way to go instead of oven add oven add etc?
ALANJAMESV: oh I see sorry
PoKoPat: yeah, but careful or you can scorch the clay
Parymdk: ::::makes note to get heatgun when rich and famous::::::
PoKoPat: that's okay alan any suggestions
Parymdk: Pat....does it "puddle underneath the piece?
ALANJAMESV: only heat them with a heatgun and wipe off the excess
PoKoPat: goes down the side and leaves a puddle spreading out from piece
ALANJAMESV: but mind your fingers!
Parymdk: when I make a bezeled piece and then use the utee...unless I make sure the bezel is completely attached I always get the under puddle
ALANJAMESV: use a trivet
PoKoPat: guess i could try that - but i'm notorious here for getting it on me! ouch
Parymdk: do it in smaller portions Pat, that should stop that
PoKoPat: let it drip thru the trivet?
ALANJAMESV: exacctly
ALANJAMESV: or make a pin-trivet
PoKoPat: aahhh okay, i can try that want to use the stuff on sculpture
ALANJAMESV: like a bed of nails
PoKoPat: hey! he anticipated my question! he's gooood!
PoKoPat: alan, where are you from?
ALANJAMESV: Cheshire - England
Sarajane_2: I've been using a heat gun, and a ceramic tile
PoKoPat: thought so - the "mind your fingers" gave you away
ALANJAMESV: I'll have to watch that then
PoKoPat: sj - alan just solved my puddle problem! yay
Sarajane_2: that's great!
PoKoPat: no alan, i really like Brit-speak
Sarajane_2: bits that get where you don't want it can be filed off with an emory board
ALANJAMESV: right - toodle-pip
PoKoPat: huh?
ALANJAMESV: pay no attention
ALANJAMESV: just him being strange again
PoKoPat: thanks, sj - and toodle-pip to you, alan!
PoKoPat: is alanjames really alan and james? mpd rears its' ugly head again
StarGazer: heh-heh gotta do what yer good at! :)
ALANJAMESV: yes - two first names
ALANJAMESV: rather than alan james the fifth
dulCquilt1: yea! clay in oven i can chat now!
PoKoPat: sj, could you use utee to fill in a large area with a lot of depression of varied height?
Sarajane_2: ok, now I have to upload three pic, brb---sorry about all the to-ing and froing
Sarajane_2: yes, you can--just gotta heat very carefully
PoKoPat: ok, thanks
PoKoPat: brb - more coffee - and my ears will burn if you talk about me!
ALANJAMESV: no - you're drinking it all wrong
StarGazer: LOL
StarGazer: it was prolly the straw that made her think... ears...
ALANJAMESV: I must admit the embossing gun's VERY handy for part setting TLS and FIMO gel too
PoKoPat: i heard that!
StarGazer: yes yes!
ALANJAMESV: just to stop it flowing while you fiddle about
BYALLISON: Donna Kato suggests using the heat gun for her Kato Sauce.
Sarajane_2: It works in tihn layers
PoKoPat: do you guys and gals like the Kato sauce?
Sarajane_2: thin!
ALANJAMESV: great minds - I use it on my butterfly-wing bowls
BYALLISON: She says you can better handle the bubbles you can get.
Sarajane_2: I do, especially with Flecto over it
Esteban2323: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: didn't know you could do that
PoKoPat: does that get rid of the rubbery feel?
PoKoPat: hello esteban
ALANJAMESV: it doesn't cure it completely - just enough to keep it still
BYALLISON: I just got mine, but I was at Philadelphia when she demonstrated it on transfers and it did a nice job.
Sarajane_2: yes, it does
Sarajane_2: get rid of the rubbery, I mean!
Sarajane_2: hello Esteban
Catherien: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: i knew what you meant and that's good to know
ALANJAMESV: Fimo gels very rubbery but the transparency's great
Sarajane_2: Hiya Cat!
PoKoPat: hi cat
Catherien: Hi Sarajane, hi everybody
PoKoPat: i love the clarity, but hate the feel
Catherien: Hey Alan
PoKoPat: specially in sculpting
Esteban2323: Hello, everyone.
BYALLISON: Hi Cat and Esteban.
ALANJAMESV: it make wonderful anti slip feet!
Sarajane_2: The kato is much nicer with the flecto over---did you see the piece I poped up earlier?
StarGazer: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: true, and it's good as a grip on a pen or pencil
Catherien: anti-slip feet! Hmmm!
PoKoPat: i saw too many which one?
Sarajane_2: it was a round piece with metallic inks
Catherien: could you pop it again Sj?
PoKoPat: yes ...
Sarajane_2: sure, hang on...
PoKoPat: what about it?
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
Sarajane_2: oops, wrong one
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
Sarajane_2: Kato only on the right, Kato and Flecto in the middle
PoKoPat: bottom center?
Catherien: hmm, wierd...I don't get a popup. could my chat settings be wrong?
ALANJAMESV: SJ - have you seen the colorbox texture paltes?
dulCquilt1: I didn't get one either
Sarajane_2: that, I don't know.
Sarajane_2: yes Alan, they are too large a scale for me but nice
Parymdk: firewalls will block the chat *pops*
PoKoPat: i liked the sound of paltes better - hi boo
Catherien: ahh that's right P
ALANJAMESV: nice for repeating patterns on beads etc
dulCquilt1: I keep forgetting we got a firewall when we got cable
PoKoPat: sj - did you cover the kato sauce with flecto on that one
StarGazer: *JOIN* Entered room.
Parymdk: whoops...sorry...
PoKoPat: kathi, really!!
Parymdk: ::::::tapes her fingers:::::::
Catherien: Hi Stargazer
Catherien: wb
StarGazer: Hi!
Parymdk: wb Jean
PoKoPat: hi jean
StarGazer: encountered an error... sorry 'bout that...
Sarajane_2: let me try another pic here
Sarajane_2: if you don't get them, try:
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
Parymdk: I like the different black tones on those......
Parymdk: may I ask how you did that?
StarGazer: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: what are those done with, sj?
StarGazer: *JOIN* Entered room.
ALANJAMESV: very crisp too
Sarajane_2: That's two kinds of black ink, "Archival" brand and the Ancient pages
StarGazer: *PART* Left room.
StarGazer: *JOIN* Entered room.
Parymdk: ::::hands Jean the punt seatbelt::::
ALANJAMESV: velcro for Jean
Parymdk: ahhhhh
StarGazer: grr
Parymdk: multi-inking
PoKoPat: sj - sealed with anything?
Catherien: pretty beads Sarajane
Sarajane_2: I'm sorry you are bouncing!!
Sarajane_2: Thanks---trying tests....
BYALLISON: Sarajane they are wonderful.
StarGazer: not to worry... wrestling with a firewall and all that... lol
PoKoPat: she's gonna get dizzy in a second
Parymdk: :::::places velcro on you know, so she stays put:::::::
StarGazer: lol
Sarajane_2: ok, here's another:
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
Parymdk: hey...I wasn't a hostie for 8 years for nuttin Jean...
Esteban2323: *PART* Left room.
dulCquilt1: will one of you take mom's phone away from her for awhile, please?
Sarajane_2: Those are Ranger Embossing powders--
PoKoPat: sj - back to the black beads - did you seal them with flecto?
Parymdk: I like those Sarajean....
PoKoPat: do you have to seal the embossing powders?
Sarajane_2: those are squares of premo, baked, then embossed, no sealer
ALANJAMESV: I had a thought the other day - how about mixing embossing fluid with pex and stamping with that
Sarajane_2: no, they stay on fine
Sarajane_2: just not around edges!!
PoKoPat: okay, thanks sj
Sarajane_2: you can do that
PoKoPat: that might be interesting, alan
Catherien: Are you still experimenting with the Kato Sauce on Kato Clay? Thought some of them looked like you were (catching up here with your links)
Sarajane_2: I use glycerin instead of emb fluid, works fine
Sarajane_2: I'm using the Sauce but not the kato clay
PoKoPat: hmmm - glycerin?
Catherien: glycerine? huh!
ALANJAMESV: I suspect it's very similar
daywoods2: *JOIN* Entered room.
annie: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane_2: aloe vera works wit PX powders too
Sarajane_2: just wet the stamp, apply powder, and use
Parymdk: ::::looks at her plant with a gleam in her eyes::::::
Catherien: SJ, are you still getting the rubbery feeling with the other clays (i.e. premo)?
shannonowalk: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane_2: I think Premo is less rubbery than Kato, more than Fimo, less waxy than Cernit
PoKoPat: hi shannon
Sarajane_2: hello!
shannonowalk: Hi all!
annie: *JOIN* Entered room.
Catherien: Clarifying: are we talking about the Kato Sauce over these clays?
Sarajane_2: Kato sauce over premo is all I have tried
Sarajane_2: hello again!
Sarajane_2: hree's one more pic
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
Catherien: OH! I misunderstood from something I thought you'd said once...that Kato Sauce over Kato Polyclay is less rubbery than the sauce over other brands.
Sarajane_2: These samples are with Colorbox's new chalk ink pads
PoKoPat: love that red!!
PoKoPat: about the kato sauce - anybody have probs with it peeling off?
Sarajane_2: some are on white, some trans, and some white with UTEE over
BYALLISON: How come I got the first pictures and now I'm not getting them?
ALANJAMESV: is the red heat fast SJ - are these afterbake?
Sarajane_2: The utee went on wet ink
Sarajane_2: These are all after baking
Sarajane_2: stamped while raw
ALANJAMESV: very intense
Sarajane_2: the thing is they are also transparent
BIRDUMS: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane_2: and Flecto melts them!
Sarajane_2: hi Bird!
Catherien: Pat, I have been experimenting with faux lampwork using Kato Sauce-- and yes, it seems to peel for me unless cured very well
BIRDUMS: hi folks - what are we talking about?
Catherien: Hi Bird
PoKoPat: hi bird
Sarajane_2: so when you use the chalk inks, use kato sauce over it first, then flecto
PoKoPat: okay, that would solve that problem
Sarajane_2: embossing powders, inks, and kato sauce
Parymdk: whats the word Bird?
PoKoPat: btw - kato sauce makes an excellent "key" for other stuff to go over
BIRDUMS: ok, I haven't used kato sauce yet... does it differ from LS significantly?
BIRDUMS: bird, of course!
PoKoPat: if you're covering paint brush handles, for instance
Catherien: key?
Sarajane_2: kato is rubbery-er and also slightly more transparent
PoKoPat: something for the clay to hold onto, cat
PoKoPat: covering thin brush handles can be a challenge
Sarajane_2: which is bad with emb. powders---it sticks all over, not just on stamped emb. fluid
PoKoPat: it helps if there's something there for the clay to grip
ALANJAMESV: but don't try using Fimo Varnish over it
BIRDUMS: what are chalk inks?
Sarajane_2: chalk inks are a new brand from clearsnap
Sarajane_2: kind of chalk-y in appearance
Catherien: oh I see pat...hadn't heard it phrased that way before
ALANJAMESV: like pigment inks - but more intense
BIRDUMS: oh, no....i see more money leaving....
Sarajane_2: let me go do one more scan--BRB
PoKoPat: cat, i speak my own language! lol
ALANJAMESV: key's fine - it's like 'tooth' in paper
Catherien: LOL!!
PoKoPat: i'm self-taught, so i don't know all the neato words
PoKoPat: i just make up my own.
ALANJAMESV: you didn't
BIRDUMS: could you stamp after baking, then bake again for the embossing powder?
shannonowalk: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: hey kathi - do you have any dye pens
Catherien: I know what tooth idea meant, just hadn't heard key used before. Learn something new every day
PoKoPat: where'd kathi go?
ALANJAMESV: stamping postbake's a good idea if you're heavyhanded like I am
BIRDUMS: i tend to be a klutz
Parymdk: dye pens
Parymdk: suring clearsnaps site
PoKoPat: I have some by Fabricmate - gotta try them on clay!
PoKoPat: suring?
ALANJAMESV: but I've used a gun for the embossing with best results
BIRDUMS: heehee....i love chatting at work... :-)
Parymdk: surfing
PoKoPat: fingers still cold?
Parymdk: frozen
Sarajane_2: if you bake the emb. powders, they get dull and spread
PoKoPat: how come, kathi?
Parymdk: um.....dunno
Sarajane_2: you want clearsnap popped up again?
PoKoPat: hey sj - is that why my emb powder stuff looks so uck?
BIRDUMS: yeah!
Catherien: I had baked a UTEE covered bead...not nearly as nice as with a heat gun. OH! Which reminds me-- anybody have a good way to get the holes around UTEE covered beads to look nice and clean? Mine always come out funny looking.
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
ALANJAMESV: their site's a little overpowering
Parymdk: can a hair dryer be used as a heatgun?
ALANJAMESV: see what I mean!
ALANJAMESV: of course
Sarajane_2: sorry! just close'em out
ALANJAMESV: just not as fine a stream
Parymdk: cool...thats a few pennies saved
PoKoPat: actually, most hair dryers don't get hot enough to really set the ep, i thought
Sarajane_2: I don't think hair dryers get hot enough---mine did not
Catherien: wouldn't a hairdryer be too strong a 'breeze' for the embossing powder?
Parymdk: I am thinking I could probably create a nozzle to tighten the stream
ALANJAMESV: the one I used was a little old
Parymdk: the one we have is ancient
dulCquilt1: *PART* Left room.
ALANJAMESV: so maybe it was a bit cat-fluff clogged!
Sarajane_2: acrually, blowing off some of its ok--it sticks to the fluid fine
Catherien: Alan, that sounded, a bit gross (g)
Sarajane_2: ok, here's a set with the chalk inks
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
ALANJAMESV: sorry - but that's me and mine,Im afraid
PoKoPat: Wow!!
BIRDUMS: nice stuff!
StarGazer: cool!
Catherien: that lentil is gorgeous SJ
PoKoPat: looks like blue plate china!
Sarajane_2: that's done on raw clay, with chalk inks, and then baked with Kato sauce, then flectod
daywoods2: Very, very beautiful!
ALANJAMESV: did you stamp the lentil flat sj?
Sarajane_2: yea, I noticed the china thing--its fun to play with!!!
Sarajane_2: yes, stamped flat, let dry, then shaped
Catherien: Does the Flecto help with the rubbery feeling at all? I thought someone had said it did
PoKoPat: the colorbox chalk inks?
Sarajane_2: yes, it kill;s the rubbery quality
Sarajane_2: right, Pat
Sarajane_2: tha's iris blue
PoKoPat: oh no - more money flying out the door!
Catherien: Would 3 coats of Flecto be good enough, or do I need more?
ALANJAMESV: have you tried the post-bake stamping on the pieces you can?
Sarajane_2: you'll note the emb. powder sticks to the kato, and makes it spread a bit
Sarajane_2: yes, it takes a while to dry and I worry about the lack of heat setting
PoKoPat: could you give the order of application again, sj?
Sarajane_2: raw clay, then ink, let sit. kato, bake, flecto and gold emboss
PoKoPat: ok, thanks
Catherien: very simple
PoKoPat: wrote it down this time
Sarajane_2: oops, g t my lock on!
Catherien: lol
PoKoPat: :::::fixing notes::::
Sarajane_2: I'm logging the chat
ALANJAMESV: and with something like that barrel bead - when do you stamp it?
Sarajane_2: so it'll go up later
Sarajane_2: stamped when wet--I rolled the clay on the stamp
ALANJAMESV: ah - thankyou
Catherien: how do you keep the design from mushing as you do that?
Sarajane_2: I tried some stamp on baked squares, and it was harder to get it neat
StarGazer: so bake, gold emboss, flecto is the end of the order??
Catherien: I would think it would get fingerprints or something
Sarajane_2: It takes practice!
Sarajane_2: do it very lightly, Cat
PoKoPat: you could pierce the bead, and leave it on the needle
Catherien: would having your needle tool in the bead help with rolling it on the texture sheet?
Sarajane_2: Star, just don't bake the emb, powder--it has to be last, or almost
StarGazer: ok, thanks!
Sarajane_2: I pierce and roll on the skewer
PoKoPat: i would think so, cat - then you just have to touch one edge of the bead
RRadoy: *JOIN* Entered room.
ALANJAMESV: like a tiny rolling-pin
RRadoy: afternoon all
Sarajane_2: hold it RIGHT next to the bead on both sides
PoKoPat: precisely, alan
BIRDUMS: howdy!
Sarajane_2: 'xactly, Alan!
Sarajane_2: hi there!
PoKoPat: hello
Parymdk: hiya Robin
Catherien: right, I gotta try this...Just got a set of texture Sheets from Sue Lee and there's a lovely victorian one that would make awesome beads
Sarajane_2: bike spokes make good rollers too--don't bend
RRadoy: hiya Kathi! PLEASE tell me you got those beads I sent...
Catherien: Hi Robin
Sarajane_2: do the rolling kind one at a time, then remove and put on another stick for baking
ALANJAMESV: I like bamboo skewers - with a flat on them
Sarajane_2: I prefer the rounds
Sarajane_2: I thought the flats were mistakes!
ALANJAMESV: It just stops rotation
Catherien: those leave huge holes though
Parymdk: nopers, they never made it....stoopid USPS
Parymdk: but thats ok
Sarajane_2: they come in two sizes, kmart has the smaller ones
PoKoPat: never thought of that, alan - does the hole keep its' shape?
ALANJAMESV: if you're gentle
Catherien: Kmart, huh? Hmmm thanks I'll check on that SJ
PoKoPat: i just use copper wire from coaxial cable - dirt cheap at Lowes
Sarajane_2: its the Martha Stwert brand skewers, if you can stand that!
RRadoy: ok, thats it. I am making you 4 more, and send them out with Delivery confirmation, I am having HUGE problems with stuff sent to California, 1 auction I sold never got there either
PoKoPat: oh no! anything but that, sj! lol
Sarajane_2: wire doesn't let you push onto the stamp well enough
PoKoPat: this stuff is like 10 gauge
Parymdk: gee Robin, you don't ahve to do that....honest it is ok :)
RRadoy: and im re-making that one too, maybe i'll switch to UPS...
Sarajane_2: (sorry..but when it comes to tools, we do what we must!)
Catherien: I wrote the brand down, going to Kmart today for sure
RRadoy: oh yes I do, I wont let you go without stuff you paid for
Sarajane_2: I think skewers come in 10 and 12
Parymdk: I use knitting needles for my bead skewers
ALANJAMESV: as you can re-use it - some square section copper rod could be useful
BYALLISON: Dh has fixed some brazing wire for me. He is going to sharpen one end so that when I put it on I can bake the beads on it.
Sarajane_2: those are great too!
BIRDUMS: i'm thinking.....there's a whole big spool of copper wire in the warehouse...just sitting there... :-)
Parymdk: got em in all sizes
PoKoPat: those are good too, kathi
BYALLISON: He also got me some stainless wire from somewhere.
PoKoPat: bird - make sure the gauge is heavy enough!
Sarajane_2: wanna see one more pic with clay and emb. powders?
RRadoy: i do!
PoKoPat: sure!
Parymdk: please
BIRDUMS: it looks pretty thick
Sarajane_2: these are mixed in. Kato clay, trans and pearl
Catherien: Hate to repeat myself...but wondering still if anyone has had good results with bead holes and embossing powder? (SJ?)
Sarajane_2: not me, Cat!
Sarajane_2: *SHOWURL*
PoKoPat: if it isn't easy to bend by hand, should be thick enough to roll clay over a stamp, bird
ALANJAMESV: I've only done pendants and brooches
RRadoy: bead holes and EP?
PoKoPat: cat - buy a set of small metal files, and use the round one to clean up the bead hole
Catherien: Yeah robin...been covering some experimental millefiori beads with UTEE but can't seem to get the holes to look nice
Sarajane_2: Margaret Maggio did these testers
BIRDUMS: i've got a shipment to do this afternoon; i'll check it then
RRadoy: hmmm. interesting problem, doesnt the UTEE scratch?
Sarajane_2: the color and texture is very cool when mixed in trans clay
Sarajane_2: yes it does
Catherien: Pat, yeah thiat would work, hmmm.
Sarajane_2: and flakes off of edges easily
PoKoPat: i missed something - what is MM testing?
RRadoy: that stinks, its so nice and shiny and glasslike
Sarajane_2: try heating and then pushing a knitting needle IN both ends
RRadoy: thats a good idea
Sarajane_2: good for ornaments, I'm thinking, but not high end jewelry
Catherien: I don't know about scratching Robin...I do 3 coats of Flecto on top but it's still new experiments. SJ: did that with skewers, and works ok, but remelting is tricky
ALANJAMESV: Cat - what about some thick varnish like Fimo Spirit for your beads?
RRadoy: does the flecto adhere well to the UTEE? doesnt peel or anything?
Sarajane_2: I didn't like it at all
Parymdk: I am sorry....but my back has so decreed that I must sit no longer.
Catherien: Short term, like 3 weeks-- yes, but long term? dunno
Parymdk: thanks Sarajane....see you in a month
PoKoPat: bye kathi!
Sarajane_2: sorry!!!! glad you came by though!
BIRDUMS: darn it...if people would just understand that i'm too busy to do work, and stop calling me!!!
RRadoy: bye kathi! will be sending those replacements this week!
Parymdk: bye all :)
Parymdk: *PART* Left room.
Catherien: bye Kathi
RRadoy: darn post office. GRRRR!!!
Sarajane_2: flecto and utee were not a good mix for me
ALANJAMESV: at least your lot aren't on strike like ours are!
Sarajane_2: UPS is safer
RRadoy: Sarajane, do you bake after flecto-ing? if so how long and what temp?
PoKoPat: i think i may just pass the utee up completely
Catherien: they are tricky SJ. TLS does work better though more work in the short run
BIRDUMS: customers don't strike usually
Sarajane_2: you can bake flecto, I sometimes do to get beads off skewers
Sarajane_2: maybe 5-10 min. at 200
Catherien: don't you always bake your flecto on?
PoKoPat: i bake in between each coat of flecto
Catherien: me too, pat
BYALLISON: Robin if you use the delivery confirmation it seems to go better. They are still really pushing it and are keeping track of it.
Sarajane_2: I only use one coat!
RRadoy: i flecto on thin wire, but sometimes the flecto comes off because it sticks to the wire, i think i need to quit dipping, people seem to have better luck with brushing
Sarajane_2: dipping is a no-no
PoKoPat: ooh - i'm into multiple coats
RRadoy: cool allison, maybe i will require that from now on
PoKoPat: and i never dip
Sarajane_2: that's when you get peeling, never with brush application
Catherien: I've been using my finger, robin...seems to give better control for me than a brush. I don't have drips any more
PoKoPat: not even when dancing! sorry, couldn't help myself
RRadoy: darn, the dipped stuff looks so nice, i cant figger out how to not get brush marks
PoKoPat: really think coats
BIRDUMS: grandma used to dip.....ugh!
RRadoy: hmm. fingetr sounds good, ill try that
PoKoPat: thin coats
Sarajane_2: brush marks=old flecto
Sarajane_2: or, a nasty brush
RRadoy: can i dilute it SJ?
PoKoPat: with water
Catherien: can you thin....yeah exactly robin
Sarajane_2: flecto should be the consistancy of milk
Catherien: I have some old stuff that looks like syrup
RRadoy: ok, i need a good brush too, only have the el-cheapos
RRadoy: mine is milk like
Sarajane_2: you can, but it interferes with adhesion if you thintoo much
RRadoy: must be the brush
Sarajane_2: nat.fiber brush?
PoKoPat: ok - i use a soft brush, no thinning of the flecto, thin coats baked after completely dry
RRadoy: um, yes, but real junk
Catherien: sable brushes work good
Sarajane_2: like syrup is old flecto
PoKoPat: doesn't have to be natural fiber
RRadoy: clean the beads before application?
PoKoPat: always!!
Sarajane_2: just not the plastic bristle brushes that are 10 for $1.00
PoKoPat: use rubbing alcohol
RRadoy: alcohol or dish soap?
PoKoPat: right, sj - invest in one or two quality brushes
Sarajane_2: I just rub with a tshirt
PoKoPat: i use rubbing alcohol, robin
Sarajane_2: no alcohol or washing of beads here!
PoKoPat: unless i sanded first
PoKoPat: hey, that's cool - whatever works!
RRadoy: i have been sanding like mad, but with the small beads i make, this is WAY hard on the hands
RRadoy: i want to go back to flectoing
Sarajane_2: Pat, I got my brushes at Walmart, or Hobby Lobby, I forget.
ShelleyM: *JOIN* Entered room.
Catherien: Robin have you seen Sunni Bergeron's bead sanding technique?
Sarajane_2: they were in a set---for maybe $5.00
RRadoy: um, no Cat
PoKoPat: i have oily hands, tho - yeah sj, but i'll bet they aren't hard plastic bristles, right?
Catherien: Hi Shelley
ShelleyM: hi cat
PoKoPat: hi shelley
Sarajane_2: they are natural bristle--pobably squirrel or rabbit
BYALLISON: I sand and fututre the pendants and just future the smaller beads.
BIRDUMS: yeah, robin, I have a batch of unsanded ones too... I need to put them in the rock tumbler, but I have such a problem with the sandpaper clumping in it
Catherien: Oh Robin, dang... she had it on the web last year. Wonder if it's still up
Sarajane_2: acrylic bristles are ok if they are soft
PoKoPat: brushes don't have to be expensive, just don't buy the junk they put with the model car stuff
Catherien: Basically she makes a cone with the sandpaper, pops a bead onto a skewer, and sands it down in the base of the cone
RRadoy: i have a tumbler, never use it, it takes too long for me
ALANJAMESV: got to go folks - thanks for the chat and the demo SJ
RRadoy: thats a great idea Cat!
ShelleyM: oh I couldn't be without my tumbler
RRadoy: bye Alan
PoKoPat: bye alan
ALANJAMESV: have fun
Sarajane_2: good to see you Alan!
BIRDUMS: bye alan
Catherien: bye Alan!
PoKoPat: or is it james?
ShelleyM: demo - I missed a demo??? rats
RRadoy: darn, i didnt know there was a demo
PoKoPat: sj - do you do much sculpting?
Sarajane_2: not really a demo, just lots of pics
Sarajane_2: the links will be in the chat log, you can see what you missed
ShelleyM: bird - I found the sand paper clumped too in the tumbler, so I stopped adding the water!
Sarajane_2: I do like to sculpt, Pat!
Catherien: Robin, ask Sunni if she still has that thing had a short video of how she does the sanding and it really works. Maybe cuts your sanding time by 1/3 to 1/2. And with 7 grits, that's a lot of time per bead in savings.
PoKoPat: good grief - there's a record of this chat?
Sarajane_2: hehehehehe..she's got spelling guilt!
BIRDUMS: it works without water???!!!
RRadoy: wow, ok Cat
ShelleyM: yup!
PoKoPat: asked about the sculpting, 'cuz how can you sand sculpture?
BIRDUMS: OMG-thank you!
Sarajane_2: I don't sand much, I pet the clay while its raw
ShelleyM: just change all the bits of sandpaper (wear a mask cos the dust gets everywhere)
RRadoy: i sand with 6 grits, after sanding 10 beads through all 6, my hand is ready to fall off
Catherien: Shelley, do you use the same amount of sandpaper as you would normally use with wet-tumbling?
ShelleyM: and then last tumble without paper but with water and some soap - cleans them up
BYALLISON: Very Carefully? lol
ShelleyM: yes cat
PoKoPat: ok - i'll try that, sj - 'cuz some areas need to be smoother
BIRDUMS: oh, goody!
Catherien: Robin...LOL sometimes sanding the fingernails and fingertips red? Ouch~
PoKoPat: have you tried diluent to help with smoothing?
Sarajane_2: does anyone have any questions?
BIRDUMS: i sand my nails off crooked every time!
RRadoy: yes, definately red fingertips, LOL
Sarajane_2: Pat, get one of those rubber tipped art thingies
PoKoPat: yeah - look above your question! lol
Sarajane_2: those are GREAT for smoothing doll bits
PoKoPat: color shapers? got those
Sarajane_2: never tried diluent
PoKoPat: works pretty well - so does veggie oil
ShelleyM: well hand sanding does give a better finish to the beads, but kills the hands!
Sarajane_2: there's arubber point and a rubber chisel on the other end of mine
BYALLISON: You can get finger thingies at the office supply. They really work great.
Sarajane_2: "cots"
Catherien: can also try doing your final bead rolling with some aloe in your palm
PoKoPat: cots?
Catherien: that reduces the amount of sanding for me sometimes
Sarajane_2: finger cots---like teeny condoms
RRadoy: ok, back to work, i am doing an undersea themed inro, need to finish, happy chatting all, and thanks for the advice!
PoKoPat: oh okay
Sarajane_2: meant for paper users
PoKoPat: bye robin
Sarajane_2: Bye!! nice to see you here
BIRDUMS: ok, i have a question - does anyone have any tips on how to accomplish the 'football' cut on beads consistently?
Catherien: bye Robin
BYALLISON: They're like cots but they are used for filing and come in a box of a hundred for a few bucks.
RRadoy: *PART* Left room.
ShelleyM: ah, now I know what finger cots are!!! no idea what we call them over here, but now I understand!!
Sarajane_2: don't know the football reference
Catherien: Allison I bet they would make sanding easier? Less slipping around with beads because they are rubber?
ShelleyM: do you mean the cut like desiree does for her beads?
Catherien: (the cots, I mean)
ShelleyM: can't help I'm afraid!! not tried it!
PoKoPat: bird - why not just make a cutter that shape?
BIRDUMS: well, that's an idea! i've never made a cutter, though.
PoKoPat: or is it a true football shape?
Sarajane_2: Cat, at least you'd sand off rubber, not skin
BIRDUMS: the clay beads on my necklace are the 'football' cut
Catherien: LOL SJ...anything to help with that would be good
Sarajane_2: found a trick for sanding lentils
PoKoPat: sj - where are colorbox chalk inks available?
Catherien: Bird, are they cut or rolled in that shape? just curious
Sarajane_2: use a tile, hang off the edge
PoKoPat: you lost me, sj
Sarajane_2: hold the part off the edge and rub the part on the paper back and forth
Catherien: ah, ok
Sarajane_2: so you just do one side at a time
PoKoPat: oh okay
ShelleyM: sorry I'm trying to follow that sj, but just can't visualise it!
PoKoPat: did you see the ? about the chalks?
Sarajane_2: Otherwise there's nothing to hold on to!
BIRDUMS: i haven't been brave enough to try lentils yet
Sarajane_2: the chalk inks are available at Michaels, etc. They have a catseye shape
Sarajane_2: also, check the url to see them
Sarajane_2: lentils are a pain
PoKoPat: thanks - but no nearby Michaels - anywhere online to buy?
Sarajane_2: but cool shape
Sarajane_2: you can order from clearsnap
PoKoPat: thanks, sj
ShelleyM: I love lentils, but been too worried about how to join them together successfully to try them
StarGazer: ah, but wait until you see JennyPat's new sanding tool! :)
BIRDUMS: what is the best way to adhere the 2 sides?
Sarajane_2: that's the pain part!!
PoKoPat: wire wrap 'em shelley
StarGazer: works great for lentils... :)
ShelleyM: ah, now that is an idea pat!!
PoKoPat: glue together, then wire wrap
Catherien: I use superglue and a thin rope of clay, Shelley. Especially good for a lentil with one side smooth and the other side texturized
PoKoPat: that would be cool, also, cat
Sarajane_2: I sand, then tls, then grout with clay
PoKoPat: i'm just a freak for wire
ShelleyM: I must admit I've been making smaller and smaller beads lately, if I made lentils they'd be tiny!!
Sarajane_2: beacause the seam is never exact
PoKoPat: part magpie - love shiny stuff
BYALLISON: One side smooth, one side textured, what a great idea.
PoKoPat: i just made one like that!
Catherien: "ooooh...a sparklie!" eh, Pat?
PoKoPat: not finished, yet, though
PoKoPat: will be when I'm done! lol
Sarajane_2: you can bake swar.crystals into the clay too
BIRDUMS: so....after the 2 halves are baked, and glued or grouted, they can be baked again without collapsing?
PoKoPat: i meant smooth one side, and textured on the other
Sarajane_2: yes, I make them #3 thick
Catherien: uh huh, Bird
Catherien: mine do
PoKoPat: that's good to know
PoKoPat: but my pasta machine's #s are backwards
BIRDUMS: alrighty, then; i'll try it soon!
Sarajane_2: oh, a pasta queen
Catherien: So your #7 is an Atlas' #1?
Sarajane_2: that's be a #4, then, I think
PoKoPat: yeah, that's right cat
PoKoPat: i use my fingers and count backward, lol
Sarajane_2: or a #5
Catherien: one of my students has one like that
PoKoPat: a 5
BIRDUMS: you could write #s on it with a sharpie
PoKoPat: really - is she as much a cheapskate as me?
Catherien: Good idea, Bird! I'll pass that along
Catherien: Nope prolly both paid about $35?
PoKoPat: nope, less than that
PoKoPat: and the ink won't stay on that metal
Sarajane_2: retail is about$30-40, thriftstores/garage sales are much better!
Catherien: She bought it at a chain department store so paid more, unfortunately
PoKoPat: put some labels on it
daywoods2: *PART* Left room.
Catherien: OH that reminds me...anyone near a K's Merchandise store-- pasta machines on sale this week.
PoKoPat: i'm currently looking for a wider one - any idea where to find one
BIRDUMS: well, i think a sharpie might wear off after a while, but just do it again, or maybe make a clay ring with #s and glue it on?
Sarajane_2: there's a slightly wider one for chefs/bakers---but clay slabbers are HUGE!
PoKoPat: clay slabbers?
Sarajane_2: for earth clays
PoKoPat: ohhh - lotsa $ i bet
ShelleyM: the numbers on my pm have disappeared, I tried a few times to re-mark it, but it does wear off quite quickly
Sarajane_2: rio grande catalog, if you don't mind $$$$$$$$$$
ShelleyM: I go by 'feel' now
PoKoPat: figures
PoKoPat: maybe my hubby can make one for me
Sarajane_2: there's one for pizza dough too, restaurant supply places
Sarajane_2: also$$$$$$$$$$4
BIRDUMS: i have one that's 7" wide, paid about 25 bucks for it at one of those kitchen stores that you find at outlet centers
Sarajane_2: ladies, I must run---I have a lunch date!
PoKoPat: bye sarajane, thanks so much!!
BIRDUMS: have fun! bye!
Catherien: Ok Sarajane, bye!
Sarajane_2: have a lovely day/night wherever you are!
BYALLISON: bye Sarajane, don't eat too much.
ShelleyM: bye sj and thank you
Sarajane_2: you are all welcome, and thanks for coming!
PoKoPat: was great fun!
Sarajane_2: *PART* Left room.
Catherien: yeah it was
StarGazer: ok
StarGazer: yup...
PoKoPat: okay - any great ideas on larger pasta machine type thingies?
StarGazer: but i had to keep ducking in and out... (work...) hee-hee
BIRDUMS: you too? heehee...
Catherien: LOL yeah work gets in the way
PoKoPat: sneaky stargazers, and bad birdums
ShelleyM: lol
BYALLISON: I got the larger atlas and it is great. I got it from Polymer Clay Express. Not cheap but worth every penny.
PoKoPat: how big is large, allison?
annie: *PART* Left room.
BYALLISON: Brb, going to measure.
PoKoPat: ok
BIRDUMS: if i'm not mistaken, it's 7.75 or 8"
PoKoPat: i still think my hubby could make one
ShelleyM: oh that's big!
Catherien: wonder if it has different settings as well as wider rollers
ShelleyM: think mine must be about 6 - regular size
BIRDUMS: uh.....are we still talkin' pasta machines?
StarGazer: gotta go...
StarGazer: see y'all
BYALLISON: Right the roller is about 7 1/2"
PoKoPat: mine, too , shelley
StarGazer: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: yes, so get your mind out of the gutter, birdie
BIRDUMS: darn customers...brb
PoKoPat: my current pm is 5 - 6 inches - that's not much of an increase
ShelleyM: but I bet it makes a difference!
BYALLISON: You would be surprised. It was like night and day for me.
Catherien: And there's still the issue of the streaking at either end
PoKoPat: think i'll see if the dh can come up with something
ShelleyM: so far *touch wood* my pm has never streaked (I now have 2 and neither of them have) and neither have been cleaned either!!!
PoKoPat: maybe he could figure out a way to use 2 solid acrylic rods - no streaking!
Catherien: probably would be an engineering feat to do that Pat
PoKoPat: you'd be amazed at what he's built for my work!
ShelleyM: i gotta dash folks - byeeeeee
ShelleyM: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: but most of it's been out of wood - lol
PoKoPat: that was fast!
Catherien: yeah it was....I'm at leas going to give my 5 minute warning
PoKoPat: okay - have a wonderful day - i need to get off this thing, too!
PoKoPat: i'll see you folks later!
Catherien: bye Pat
PoKoPat: byeeee
PoKoPat: *PART* Left room.
BYALLISON: I have to go to. I have my biggest show of the season this weekend and company coming. So inconsiderate.
PoKoPat: *JOIN* Entered room.
Catherien: Have a good time Allison. I'm off too-- kiddo needs the computer and my timer just went off.
PoKoPat: wanna know something weird - according to the forum, kathi's still here!
Catherien: refresh your window Pat
BYALLISON: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: oh - duh and bye
Catherien: Lol and bye
Catherien: Bye Bird!
PoKoPat: *PART* Left room.
Catherien: *PART* Left room.
BIRDUMS: *PART* Left room.
BIRDUMS: *LOG at 11/4/2003 3:02:07 PM* OFF [Last participant has left the room]