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Sarejane Helm

December 2, 2003
Topic: Personalized Tools and Production Techniques

Sarajane: *LOG at 12/2/2003 12:54:05 PM*
DonnaPyro: *JOIN* Entered room.
DonnaPyro: hi Sarajane
PoKoPat: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: Hello, Sarajane!
DonnaPyro: hi Pat
PoKoPat: And Donna!
PoKoPat: Told you I'd be here, and here I be!
DonnaPyro: I got some work done on my stick :)
DonnaPyro: lol
PoKoPat: Good deal - I've been scanning photos - bleah
DonnaPyro: I think Sarajane is away
DonnaPyro: I wish I had a scanner on this puter
PoKoPat: Next step - cropping and resizing for the site - she's probably just waiting for 1 p.m.
DonnaPyro: ok
DonnaPyro: my clock must be fast
PoKoPat: I got an HP Scanjet 4300C for $50
DonnaPyro: cool
PoKoPat: They're very inexpensive now, Donna.
DonnaPyro: if I got an hp it would probly work well, that';s what my puter is
PoKoPat: Lexmark makes a good one too
DonnaPyro: I have one on my old puter, but I keep that puter unplugged
DonnaPyro: it conflicted with my camera on this one
PoKoPat: But I've always preferred HP - that's what my printer is, and now my computer - why not just switch the scanner to the new computer
PoKoPat: oh - because of the camera?
DonnaPyro: it took over my camera drivers when I did that
Sarajane: hi everybody!
DonnaPyro: hi Sarajane
PoKoPat: Hi Sarajane
PoKoPat: What are we here to learn today, SJ?
Sarajane: well, get a different keyboard for in here then
Sarajane: we'll talk about polymer clay and the holidays!
ClayFeet: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: Good day ClayFeet!
ClayFeet: hi
Sarajane: Hi Clay feet!
DonnaPyro: hi clayfeet
PoKoPat: Haven't seen you here before - new?
ClayFeet: hello everyone
ClayFeet: i've been here once or twice
Sarajane: I'm trying to get ready for the xmas spirit
Sarajane: but its always TOO SOON!
DonnaPyro: lol
PoKoPat: LOl - been there and completely understand!
PoKoPat: This may sound strange - but I've never made Christmas decorations from pc.
ClayFeet: me neither
DonnaPyro: I did once in the early 80's
Sarajane: gee, its fun!!
Sarajane: and so suitable for gifts!!
PoKoPat: But I'll bet Sarjane has!
PoKoPat: I knew it!
Sarajane: what kind, Donna?
DonnaPyro: it was a white flying horse, just flat relief
DonnaPyro: skulpey
Sarajane: cookie cutters are the easiest and most plentiful source
PoKoPat: Sounds lovely, Donna
DonnaPyro: ty
PoKoPat: Doh! Never thought of cookie cutters!
DonnaPyro: lol
PoKoPat: But then - I don't bake.
PoKoPat: Except clay.
Sarajane: oh, they are is great, as are stores around the holidays
DonnaPyro: me either
PoKoPat: lemme write that down
Sarajane: I baked food before clay, and still do!
PoKoPat: You're just too talented!
ClayFeet: really!
DonnaPyro: cool
Sarajane: They have lots of sets there---very addictive, watch out. The snowflakes are great!
Sarajane: TY!!
PoKoPat: Is the pricing reasonable?
Sarajane: yes, more's the pity...
PoKoPat: LOL
DonnaPyro: lol
Sarajane: number sets, letter sets, butterflys...
Sarajane: did serious damage to my budget there last year
PoKoPat: Would be better if they were too expensive - oh, please, stop - my budget's already blown!
Sarajane: and use'd 'em in the "Celebrations" book
ClayFeet: I have some Christmas rubber stamps... was thinking maybe I could use them for something?
shannonowalk: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: most are$7-9 for a set of circles, or animals...
DonnaPyro: hi Shannomn
Sarajane: Hi Shannon!
PoKoPat: Hi Shannon - and yes, CF, stamps are great for clay.
shannonowalk: Hi all!
ClayFeet: hi shannon
ClayFeet: stamp with pearl-ex or something?
Sarajane: Rubber stamps are great for impressions, or for ink, or pearl-ex....
Sarajane: wet the stamp first with glycerine or aloe
PoKoPat: You could - or stamp on gold clay, and then shave off the raised areas for mica shift
shannonowalk: And mica shift!
shannonowalk: Hehe...we've been obssessed with mica shift lately. :)
ClayFeet: ok
PoKoPat: Us? Obsessed?
Sarajane: oh yes....but the matrix trays are deeper thand stamps and much better for m.shift
PoKoPat: innOcent look - oh goody, never thought of that, SJ - thanks!
Sarajane: and try sanding off after bakinginstead of shaving---way more control
Sarajane: also goes fast with 100 grit
shannonowalk: OooOooooHHHhhhhh.
shannonowalk: I'll try that.
PoKoPat: SJ - ooh, another good tip - do you cut your matrix trays apart?
Sarajane: I always wshave too deeply in parts
Sarajane: no, never thought of cutting them. Why?
PoKoPat: The matrix is the yellow part, right?
Sarajane: I did cut the rubbers though
Sarajane: no, that's the acrylic--matrix is the tray--may be yellow in the center but is brownish on mine
PoKoPat: Oh, okay - that's good, 'cuz I was worried - the acrylic part is cracking a little
Sarajane: acrylic is the leastest value---but still of use.
PoKoPat: What do you do with it - it seems so fragile
cjks2000: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: it is--it cracks
cjks2000: *PART* Left room.
DonnaPyro: hi cjks
Sarajane: hello! goodbye
PoKoPat: Then how do you use it?
Sarajane: but the acrylic is just like the rubber--an out-ty
Sarajane: and you can do beads on both sides like a sandwhich
Sarajane: and get the same design on both sides at once
PoKoPat: Ohhh! Now, if only I made beads more often.
Sarajane: Or pieces of all sorts--doesn't have to be beads
PoKoPat: I'm paranoid, so I usually stamp my maker's mark on the back, hehe
Sarajane: signing is good
DonnaPyro: how do you geta makers mark?
PoKoPat: I carved it for myself
Sarajane: had a teacher that gave "F's" to any unsigned piece turned in
Sarajane: You can use a stamp, or a signature cane too
PoKoPat: Would be interesting trying to sign jewelry, though - guess the cane could work for that?
Sarajane: Sure!
PoKoPat: Donna, if you're interested in a stamp for your mark, email me later.
DonnaPyro: ok Pat, ty
PoKoPat: welcome
Sarajane: I also put a piece of pc over the pin backs on the backs of pins, then stamp my name into that
PoKoPat: What about necklaces, SJ - like inros?
Sarajane: micr-mark makes really teeny stamps of metal for use by jewelers
Sarajane: micro mark, sorry
PoKoPat: are they online?
ClayFeet: you don't sign everything, though, right SJ?
DonnaPyro: letters and numbers?
Sarajane: that's a tough one, Pat--I'm not sure where to sign my girl beads either
Sarajane: micto-mark is on line, I think there's a link from my page
Sarajane: MICRO!!!!
DonnaPyro: I get their catalog
Sarajane: I confess, Pat, I don't sign most of the beads--there's too many!
PoKoPat: Well, the individual beads would be nearly impossible to sign - maybe a small clay tag at the clasp?
Sarajane: yep, that's where the micro mark thing comes in--you can use it on tags or on clay
ClayFeet: I have one of your hands... i don't think it's signed, though
Sarajane: no, I can't figure out where to put a sig
ClayFeet: hmm
Sarajane: no place looked right when I tried
PoKoPat: It's a problem - the local gallery wants jewelry from me, but she also wants everything signed.
Sarajane: maybe the palms
DonnaPyro: you could roll out a cane to pin head size, and put that on everything
ClayFeet: yea, in a fendi style sig.. since the hand has fendi on it
Sarajane: I put them on cards, which at least makes them identifyable at point of purchase!
PoKoPat: LOL - you haven't seen my canes! Yuck.
DonnaPyro: lol
PoKoPat: I think I'll opt for the card idea, SJ - thanks.
Sarajane: I do have a sig cane (fimo, and 8 years old) but its running out--I put one bead near the clasp with it on it
DonnaPyro: cool
annie: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: Also a cool idea - but I have a real prob with cane making.
PoKoPat: Hi Annie!
Sarajane: hi Annie!
ClayFeet: hi annie
annie: hi all
DonnaPyro: hi Annie
Sarajane: practice makes caning easier
PoKoPat: Yeah, so I've heard.
DonnaPyro: I've never tried making a cane in clay
Sarajane: hate tosay it...but its really a matter of doing it
ClayFeet: I tried, and failed
KATPAINTS: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: oh, they are fun!! geometrics and flowers are the easiest to start with
PoKoPat: I've heard that, too.
Sarajane: Hello!
PoKoPat: Hello Kat!
DonnaPyro: hi Kat
Sarajane: even simple canes can be very effective when reduced and combined
ClayFeet: except for the chrysanthemum cane... i had succes with that one
PoKoPat: BTW ladies, if I start typing gibberish, blame it on the new keyboard.
Sarajane: HAH!
DonnaPyro: I always blame it on the cat ;)
PoKoPat: I can construct a cane - it's reducing that causes me probs
Sarajane: actually, my letters are almost all gone
ClayFeet: mine too!
DonnaPyro: I can't even start to imagine how a cane is made
PoKoPat: This keyboard is just big - I got real used to the laptop
Sarajane: from my keyboard--the clay on fingers eats the letters away
DonnaPyro: lol
PoKoPat: I haven't had time to damage this one yet
PoKoPat: Just got it Friday night
Sarajane: xmas early?
PoKoPat: So - dare I ask - what's the best way to reduce a cane? Sort of, SJ - been saving for 3 months
Sarajane: Pat, when you reduce, do you wrap?
PoKoPat: Um, no.
Sarajane: a nice thick layer of clay?
ClayFeet: wrap?
ClayFeet: oh
PoKoPat: I should be, huh?
Sarajane: I use three or four #1 layers for a big cane
Sarajane: or at least one for smaller--makes a HUGE differnce
Sarajane: its like this---the outside layer touches your hands and gets moved.
Sarajane: so make a layer to move that is NOT your picture
DonnaPyro: that makes sense
Sarajane: and that's what goes to the ends, savingyour pic
DonnaPyro: like skin over muscle
Sarajane: most can be cut away and reused
Sarajane: exactly, Donna!
PoKoPat: I tried a 4 leaf clover cane for my son - markers for a game - looked sooo good large! And so deformed once reduced. Guess I'll have to practice.
DonnaPyro: someday i'll try a clay cane :)
Sarajane: Try with a wrap, and squeeze as well as roll
Sarajane: caning is great fun, and very exciting when you cut them open after reduction
SueDeaunim: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: except when it doesn't work!
PoKoPat: There are some I can do - I excel at lace canes. Of course, they're just about the easiest to make, lol.
Sarajane: Hello!
DonnaPyro: so far, I just try to sculpt, I'm not very good with color
DonnaPyro: hi Sue
PoKoPat: Hi Sue!
SueDeaunim: Hi...just found the post that this was happening
Sarajane: lace is very fun---I'm doing some black and flesh lace for black lace glove hands
ClayFeet: oooh
PoKoPat: That sounds neat!
Sarajane: it will be when I get it down right!
PoKoPat: If you mix multiple color bullseyes (made with translucent) together, you get a faux stained glass look.
Sarajane: have you seen some of the liquids used in faux stained glass?
PoKoPat: Mix up various brown bullseyes for tortoise shell
PoKoPat: Nope, sure haven't
DonnaPyro: that sounds great Pat
KATPAINTS: it is hard to wrap my mind around the possibilities - i've painted for years but this is so different
Sarajane: haven't gotten a grip on the liquids yet, except as glues
PoKoPat: Can you pop something up?
Sarajane: sure, I think...
PoKoPat: hehe
Sarajane: rell me the url
Sarajane: tell!
PoKoPat: No! I was asking if you could pop something up on the liquids!
Sarajane: oh, I thought you meant on the screen!!
PoKoPat: In other words, something you've seen?
DonnaPyro: lol
PoKoPat: Misunderstandings abound! hehe
Sarajane: ah, gotcha, no it was a pic in some book, seen at the retreat this summer
PoKoPat: shucks
PoKoPat: Still, sounds interesting - how translucent were they?
Sarajane: I just played with Jones Tones for the first time two weeks ago--got catching up to do!!1
Sarajane: Pat, the Fimo gel is the most trans, then Kato, then TLS
PoKoPat: Hard to believe you haven't used those before, SJ.
Sarajane: Shameful, isn't it--and they sat here waiting to be noticed for months...
PoKoPat: Some really cool results with that stuff - lovely shimmer.
Sarajane: yes, you can layer for great depth
PoKoPat: Layer the JonesTones? How?
Sarajane: if you use the Kato in between
SueDeaunim: At the risk of sounding uninformed, Fimo Gel?
shannonowalk: Ahhh.
Sarajane: use it in bits, or with stamps and the adhesive heat stuff, embossing powder
Sarajane: Fimo gel is new
DonnaPyro: hehe I am only understanding about 20% of this chat :) maybe I'm learning
ClayFeet: <<
SueDeaunim: Ah, I wondered why I hadn't heard of it before
Sarajane: haven't played with it myself, but have some and it looks very interesting...
PoKoPat: Yeah, CF, Jones Tones are foils
ClayFeet: thanks
Sarajane: You haven't heard of it, just ask!
PoKoPat: welcome - don't be afraid to ask, that's what this chat is for, right SJ?
Sarajane: the foils are place pretty side UP on the clay, then burnished and ripped away like a band-aid
ClayFeet: have you made xmasy stuff w/the JTs?
shannonowalk: brb
Sarajane: That's right!
Sarajane: I'm triong it out with some eggs which are ornaments
SueDeaunim: How have you fared with the Kata polyclay? I have only tried a few blocks and found the black to be very messy...Messed up my pasta machine and made my hands black.
Sarajane: I've only used the liquid Kato, I've a stockpile of Fimo and Premo to go through
PoKoPat: Can't wait to see those - your eggs are gorgeous!
Sarajane: Thank you Pat!
SueDeaunim: Yes, I know what you mean about the stockpiles!
DonnaPyro: lol
KATPAINTS: I've tried to use the Delta? foils but couldn't get it to release - are JT different?
PoKoPat: I wish I had stockpiles of anything to go thru - supplies are getting low!
Sarajane: haven't tried the delta--are those the gold and metallic?
WWYTCH: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: Kat, are you talking about the foils that come with a liquid medium?
Sarajane: Be careful what you wish for Pat--stockpiles have a way of making one feel guilty and slow!
DonnaPyro: hi wwytch
shannonowalk: If they're the ones I'm thinking of...they're designed to be used with an adhesive.
PoKoPat: Hi Wytch!
SueDeaunim: I find I have stockpiles of all kinds of colors, but I end up using black and white all the time
WWYTCH: Hi, all!
Sarajane: hello!
SueDeaunim: Hi Wwytch
shannonowalk: Hi!
PoKoPat: Okay, Kat - those aren't really designed for using with clay.
PoKoPat: sadly
WWYTCH: <------------Carla
KATPAINTS: my conclusion too
Sarajane: Sue, I found that to be true for me, just add trans and gold!
PoKoPat: _ACTION smacks forehead - Carla, of course!_
DonnaPyro: take care everyone, I need to get some woodworking done
shannonowalk: Catch you later Donna!
DonnaPyro: bye :)
Sarajane: Bye, Donna!
ClayFeet: bye Donna
SueDeaunim: Yes, I left out those colors...or lack thereof...I use a lot of translucent too
PoKoPat: Bye Donna - I want to see that Santa!
WWYTCH: bye, Donna!
DonnaPyro: *PART* Left room.
shannonowalk: Here's my thing, I always feel like I'm doing everything the hard way....
PoKoPat: how so?
Sarajane: like what?
shannonowalk: Probably b/c of habits that I formed when I first started, for instance...
Sarajane: those parts where there is a "grind"--they point out places to change
shannonowalk: ...when I wanted to make a pendant, I would go ahead and make a core shape and bake it ...
shannonowalk: ...then cover it and bake again.
PoKoPat: go on
SueDeaunim: Shannon, you're talking my language
Sarajane: you CAN do that, but don't have to.
Sarajane: Try it without the warm up!
SueDeaunim: I used to do the same thing...and still do depending on the shape of the vessel
shannonowalk: Then I didn't like the edges, so I would cover the edges AGAIN and bake again...
Sarajane: you can smooth more over a solid core
shannonowalk: Then I'd sand for like two days.
PoKoPat: LOL - and I know how much you love to sand!
Sarajane: yes, that's why this is an "easy" and "Fast" medium!!!
shannonowalk: And I'm thinking to myself "Maybe you're doing this all wrong."
PoKoPat: Seriously, Shannon - it's actually easier to work over an uncured base.
Sarajane: do you like the piece afterwards?
SueDeaunim: Shannon, I think some things demand that much attention...unfortunately, people don't always want to pay for all the ateention you put into a piece
SueDeaunim: oops attention
shannonowalk: Oh yeah I like it...usually the piece looks great. :)
shannonowalk: I hear that, Sue. :)
Sarajane: well, then its not ALL wrong, couldn't be!
PoKoPat: exactly - but I think maybe Shannon was looking for a way to do a little less sanding!
PoKoPat: She really hates to sand!
shannonowalk: I've gotten better at smoothing so the sanding isn't as bad as it used to be. :)
Sarajane: but there are places you can cut the time/effort, and the base may be one of them
shannonowalk: That's what I'm hoping. Maybe I can eliminate a couple of steps here.
Sarajane: use nitrile gloves, or use lotion on your hands before the final petting
Sarajane: I pet, I hardly ever sand much
PoKoPat: Hmmm, here's a thought - if you really prefer building over a cured base, what if ....
Sarajane: but I have cold hands too, that helps
SueDeaunim: Gwen Gibson just showed us her latest technique for vessel making...the steps are greatly reduced and using a texture on the outside layer helps reduce the need for sanding to nothing
shannonowalk: OOoOOOohhHHHhhh.
shannonowalk: I like that.
PoKoPat: ... you make the base bead smaller, and put a thicker covering over it after it's cured? More clay to smooth=smoother finish?
Sarajane: gotta love texture for that very reason!
SueDeaunim: Yeah, carving is another option, but a time consuming one, at that
PoKoPat: Must confess - I use a lot of texture in my sculpts!
PoKoPat: And I like to carve - also like to sand.
Sarajane: stamps, lace, lots of texture out there...
SueDeaunim: Yeah, you can also carve your own texture plates
SueDeaunim: That has saved me the trouble of having to do a lot of carving
Sarajane: go to the dollar stores around now---look for plastic placemats that are "lacy"--- great for texture
PoKoPat: Yep - I do that, too, Sue.
PoKoPat: Good one, SJ!
Sarajane: also kids toys have great textures, as do cosmetic items like cheap mirror backs
KATPAINTS: i get it by the yard / inch at the fabric store
SueDeaunim: Another great texture is the soles of kids tennis shoes, believe it or not!
PoKoPat: Also good are screwdriver tips, meat tenderizers, sponges and many other household items.
Sarajane: if you use real fiber stuff, try flecto-ing it first it lasts much longer
Sarajane: and slippersoles too!
PoKoPat: Buttons! Don't forget buttons.
Sarajane: (don't flecto the soles, now!)
shannonowalk: LOL.
Sarajane: buttons are grand
PoKoPat: LOL - that owuld be interesting
PoKoPat: would
KATPAINTS: my can of flectco got tipped over and I didn
PoKoPat: "Mom, what's wrong with my shoes?"
PoKoPat: didn't what, Kat?
KATPAINTS: didn't see it for weeks - slow leak and now there is a pile of doo
KATPAINTS: on the carpet / in the carpet
PoKoPat: uck! what a mess! And the expense!
shannonowalk: Yuck.
SueDeaunim: Oh, grrr!
Sarajane: oh dear--it should have dried up quickly!
KATPAINTS: the room is piled so replacing it seems impossible
KATPAINTS: it dried and dripped and dried and dripped....
PoKoPat: ack - the mental pics are terrible!
Sarajane: oh dear....when in a carpeted room, I always get plastic runners at the hardware store
KATPAINTS: it was almost empty when I found it
Sarajane: because I am a messy worker.
PoKoPat: You, too?
Sarajane: yep...
WWYTCH: Oh, so am I....
SueDeaunim: Gee, this chat thing is kinda's the first time I've participated in one...I'll have to pay closer attention to the schedule in the future.
PoKoPat: I work over a hardwood floor that needs to be sanded - so I don't have to worry.
Sarajane: that flecto probably will not come out. You'll need to cut out the spot and replace it
KATPAINTS: the carpet is oooold
SueDeaunim: I work over a hardword floor that needs to be sanded due to my messiness!
Sarajane: Glad to have you, Sue!
SueDeaunim: Thank you
PoKoPat: Oh Sue - if you're online in the mornings (8 -9 Central) drop in - we have a loose coffee chat thing then.
Sarajane: this one's the first tuesday of every month
SueDeaunim: Thanks for the invitation...I will try to make a point of it.
PoKoPat: I live ... er, love ... to chat!
Sarajane: Are you all aware you can do holiday ornaments with polaroid pics on 'em and bake?
Sarajane: or school pics?
KATPAINTS: polaroids?
PoKoPat: You're kidding - polaroids?
Sarajane: make great gifts...
KATPAINTS: do you cut them?
Sarajane: yep, they bake just great!
PoKoPat: How!!??
ClayFeet: any kind of photos? or just polos?
PoKoPat: Tell us!
SueDeaunim: I'll try to remember to bring this up in front of our guild...people are always looking for inspiration and there's nothing like the support of other polymer artists to get one inspired
Sarajane: any kind works
KATPAINTS: what about the backing on the polo
ClayFeet: i'd a thought they'd melt
Sarajane: there's a how-to over at
PoKoPat: Pleeeessse - directions!
shannonowalk: That's a neat idea. I've been trying to figure out a "baby's first christmas" ornament to make for a friend.
PoKoPat: thank you
Sarajane: nope, our temp is too low
ClayFeet: oooh
Sarajane: and they last---I have some 8 yrs old
WWYTCH: So a regular 35mm photo would also be okay?
PoKoPat: SJ, what's the name of the link or tute at Sculpey - just look for polaroid?
Sarajane: Prints of pics taken at school worked OK, also the official school photo prints worked fine
Sarajane: emulsion doesn't wrinkle or anything
Sarajane: it's "Star Student"
Sarajane: there's a link form my projects page too
SueDeaunim: I would avoid using photopaper for an inkjet printer though...the top layer doesn't hold up to the heat
ClayFeet: a family christmas ball with lots of little faces on it sounds fun
PoKoPat: Thanks - I'm thinking beyond ornaments! My hubby has some old polaroids of the kids - would make a great desk accessory!
Sarajane: I can see that would be possibel, I've just used the photos and poloroids
Sarajane: oh yes, Daddy presents are very good!
KATPAINTS: i would be afraid of using the poloroids - no negative to back it up
SueDeaunim: You can print pictures on regular paper though and put a layer of TLS on top to protect it
PoKoPat: Been wracking my brain for a gift for him this year.
Sarajane: haven't lost one here yet!
SueDeaunim: Scan the poloroids and print them :-)
Sarajane: there you go!
PoKoPat: Oh yeah could do that. Scanner works well.
KATPAINTS: i found my scanner/printer set up makes them come out better than the originals
Sarajane: you can also mess with them, that way---adjust and correct
missylynn2: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: hello!
PoKoPat: However, I don't think I'd cover with tls.
shannonowalk: Hi!
SueDeaunim: Yeah, and then you can enhance them once they're in your computer
PoKoPat: I'd use ModPodge after everything was cured.
Sarajane: you can use them as transfers after printing too
missylynn2: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: And then seal with Flecto.
KATPAINTS: i still have a few drops
SueDeaunim: I did the TLS thing with a PMC locket that I made for my mother...depending on the look you're going for, you could even add a tint to the TLS
Sarajane: Flecto is very similar--you could do one or the other
PoKoPat: Poor Kat - you can also use Future Acrylic Floor Finish - much cheaper than Flecto.
PoKoPat: Hey Sue - sepia tint?
Sarajane: and better for your floors!!
PoKoPat: LOL for sure!
SueDeaunim: Exactly, Pat
KATPAINTS: i've got to check that pile - may be some great texture there
PoKoPat: Cool idea!
PoKoPat: For both of you!
Sarajane: I have atshirt that I use to rub off the flecto when staining. Its now very impregnated, and makes a great polishing cloth
PoKoPat: What else have you been up to, SJ?
SueDeaunim: I was reading about Golden having a nice polymer finish that comes in three different finishes...matte, satin and glossy...supposed to be very cool
PoKoPat: I have some, but haven't tried it yet.
Sarajane: I've heard that too--used it for paints before, but not clay
PoKoPat: Takes too dang long to set up - haven't even opened the bottles yet!
Sarajane: Pat, I'm so busy lately I need to get back to work just to get a vacation!
PoKoPat: What's a vacation?
SueDeaunim: Oh, the setting up part will not be fun for me
Sarajane: that's where you only do your REGULAR work, not all the extra!
PoKoPat: Never heard of it ... oh wait - had one about ten years ago, I think.
PoKoPat: I can't get away from my work - I work at home.
Sarajane: did it involve a hospitalization? mine usually do!
PoKoPat: LOL - no, thank goodness!
Sarajane: had a "vacation" each time I gave birth...
annie: *PART* Left room.
KATPAINTS: then I had my last one 22 years ago
Sarajane: not too many since then, tho!
PoKoPat: Sue, the set up time on the Golden is 1-3 hours before second coating, and 2 weeks before handling!
Sarajane: nope, won't work for me!!
SueDeaunim: Oh, that makes it a lot less desirable
PoKoPat: I'm tempted to contact Blick and see if I can return it!
KATPAINTS: kind of spendy too
PoKoPat: no kidding!
WWYTCH: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: I'm too touchy feely---have a hard time allowing the inks to dry!
KATPAINTS: i buy my Golded with my michaels 40%
PoKoPat: The catalog didn't mention the time thingy - very aggravating.
KATPAINTS: Goldennnn
JENNY_P: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: We knew what you meant!
PoKoPat: Hi Jenny!
Sarajane: Hi Jenny!
SueDeaunim: I really want a satin finish, but I would like to get it via buffing...which is not always easy to do if paint has been applied to the clay
JENNY_P: hi, am I very leat?
JENNY_P: late?
Sarajane: nope!
Sarajane: I'll post the log in a day or two, you can see what you missed so far!
PoKoPat: Sue, Future rubbed on with a cloth gives a satin finish.
JENNY_P: OH good! I usually miss this chat, I forget about it!
PoKoPat: And Flecto now offers a satin.
Sarajane: The flecto is nice--still shiny but not as much as the gloss
SueDeaunim: I guess I'm going to have to pop open my old can of Flecto. I have a ton of the stuff but stopped using it in favor of buffing
PoKoPat: BTW all, did you know you can seal with Flecto, and then spray over with Krylon matte for a totally flat finish?
Sarajane: Buffing is great, but not with paint
Sarajane: hmmmm. doesn't go thru the flecto to intereact?
ClayFeet: spray? I've heard sprays react badly
Sarajane: how old is your oldest piece with this?
PoKoPat: Not if you heat set the Flecto, and just mist with the Krylon.
PoKoPat: Hmmm, a year, I think.
PoKoPat: I'd have to check the date to be sure, but it's about that old.
KATPAINTS: then you could mask off parts for different levels of gloss
Sarajane: should be long enough--usually it shows in the first year
JENNY_P: Sara, I have used the Krylon Matte, with clay for many years now, and have never had it react with the clay
Sarajane: what clay, Jenny?
SueDeaunim: I've taken to adding a couple of layers of TLS over the top of painted pieces and then buffing lightly. It's usually acceptable, but the flecto on the rag bit sounds like it could help protect the layers better
Sarajane: Very interesting!
PoKoPat: I think most people spray too heavy.
JENNY_P: but I know of a number of very well known art doll artists who use it with Super Sculpy and don't have trouble either
Sarajane: usually its the prpellant that's the problem
PoKoPat: It just takes a light mist to matte the finish.
SueDeaunim: Isn't it something in the propellant that makes it a problem?
SueDeaunim: Oops, you just said that Sara
Sarajane: great minds...
PoKoPat: That's what I've heard, but I've only had probs when I spray too close or too heavy.
JENNY_P: but it has to be, the krylon Matte #1311
Sarajane: ok, what's the differnce btwn that and the usual, do you know?
PoKoPat: Yep, that's what I use!
PoKoPat: I have no idea, SJ.
Sarajane: hmmm...time for research!
PoKoPat: Sorta found this usage out by accident.
PoKoPat: More power to you!
JENNY_P: nope, I dont' know the difference, just that it is the one that works
Esteban2323: *JOIN* Entered room.
JENNY_P: you could email Jodi Creager, she is one that uses it on her dolls
shannonowalk: Hi est.
PoKoPat: And never, ever, use the Crystal finish on clay - guarantee will be tacky in a month!
PoKoPat: Hi Est!
Sarajane: have used krylon for pastels, don't know if I still have any.
JENNY_P: she might know
Sarajane: hello, Esteban!
Esteban2323: howdy y'all sorry I'm late
ClayFeet: I have Marshalls Matte finish for photos... but never tried it on clay... would be afraid to
SueDeaunim: Can you use Krylon as a fixative?
Sarajane: you can try it on a test square, set it aside for a few months...
ClayFeet: yea
PoKoPat: As a fixative for what?
JENNY_P: yep sue
JENNY_P: that is what I have used it for
SueDeaunim: well, this is a nonpolymer clay application...but I printed some business cards on my inkjet and was told that water would run the printing
SueDeaunim: So, it was suggested that I spray a fixative on them
PoKoPat: Me too, but wondered what she - oh yeah, would work well for that.
JENNY_P: when I have used pastels to color a clay dolls face, and want to fix it, just a light mist of the Krylon Matte
Sarajane: a fixitive, as in for pastels? yes, but flecto holds pearlex and such on the clay pretty well-it goes in to the surface
SueDeaunim: Gracias
Sarajane: pastels on raw clay have to be sanded off to remove after baking, with no fixative
PoKoPat: Krylon is an excellent fixative on paper - that's what it was first marketed for.
JENNY_P: I have some dolls here that go from 3 to 5 years old, and no tackiness
SueDeaunim: OK, gee, this is great!
PoKoPat: Good deal, Jenny!
KATPAINTS: you could layer with a fixative
Sarajane: you can use powdered makeup too
PoKoPat: I have some other spray sealers that I use with the recycled magazine sculpting, but not on the clay.
Sarajane: but only on raw clay
KATPAINTS: it would give a bit of a grip to the next layer
PoKoPat: What do you mean, Kat?
KATPAINTS: sometimes the pearl powder seals itself - can't add more
JENNY_P: I used the pastels on baked clay, rubbed it in very very well with an old paint brush, in layer until I got the color I wanted,
KATPAINTS: spraying should seal it and then give a surface that would take more color
PoKoPat: oh, okay, got it!
PoKoPat: Did you know you can spray Flecto?
Sarajane: right, that's done with thin layers of Kato liquid too
Sarajane: you can spray it in an atomizer
PoKoPat: Yep - or an airbrush
Sarajane: and if you forget and it hardens, soak in hot water and you can maybe claen it
PoKoPat: Really good for sculpts with lots of nooks and crannies.
KATPAINTS: i would be very careful about masking yourself when you spray that stuff
PoKoPat: Always!
Sarajane: should always mask with any spray
PoKoPat: I look like I'm ready for surgery half the time!
SueDeaunim: Do you all wear a mask when you buff?
PoKoPat: Sanding, carving, spraying, buffing!
Esteban2323: Where is the best place to buy the flecto?
Sarajane: with a machine I wear mask and goggles
PoKoPat: Depends on the quantity, Est.
ClayFeet: i buff under running water.. why would i need a mask?
Sarajane: Esteban, I get it at the hardware store
shannonowalk: I don't use a mask when I'm just wet sanding.
KATPAINTS: just the dry stuff
KATPAINTS: or when it is airborn like spraying it
PoKoPat: That's what I meant, folks - but I dry sand for some effects.
Esteban2323: i heard it only comes in one gallon cans. I didnt know I had an option for multiple sizes.
SueDeaunim: I have a bench grinder that I use for buffing...can't use it under water, but wearing a mask is probably in order.
Sarajane: buffing is technically with a cloth, or cloth wheel
PoKoPat: You can buy it online in smaller sizes, but it costs more.
KATPAINTS: no - mine was a quart
KATPAINTS: check out hardware stores
Sarajane: I get Flecto in quarts, its just gone up to $18.00
Esteban2323: oh, good. thanx
SueDeaunim: I think I bought mine Flecto in quart size, but it was years ago.
Sarajane: There's apic of the can to get on my website
PoKoPat: Our local hardware only carries it in gallons.
Sarajane: Sometimes they'll order the quarts if you ask
PoKoPat: Wish I could talk hubby into using it on his woodwork - but he's hooked on MinWax.
PoKoPat: I did, they won't. Creeps.
Esteban2323: well, it seems to be the way most artists are going about finishing their projects these days, so I guess I will have to save some pennies and try some.
KATPAINTS: do you live in a smaller town?
PoKoPat: Can't they cater to the artiste? LOL Yes, Kat, very small.
Sarajane: go do-operative and split it up then. Or order direct from the company, but you have to get a case.
Sarajane: co-operative!
PoKoPat: Well, a case of quarts would be okay - I worry about the gallon crystallizing before I can use it up.
Esteban2323: we do the coop thing in our guild with liquid polymer
PoKoPat: Even with transferring to a smaller container.
Sarajane: someplace on line sell it in small amounts--polymer clay express? I don't remember
PoKoPat: I'm the only clayer in this town, folks. Yeah, PCE, SJ.
shannonowalk: Yeah...they sell it in 4 oz. cans.
Sarajane: They sell empty pint and qt. containers at our hardware store--you could repackage
SueDeaunim: I was just checking Polymer Clay Express...Flecto Varathane 4oz $4.00
PoKoPat: Good idea - repackage all at once?
Esteban2323: syrup jars with the sliding lid work wonders...
Sarajane: I would, then seal some
KATPAINTS: just make sure you seal that can with a hammer
PoKoPat: Okay, will do that.
PoKoPat: A gallon will last a loooonnng time for me.
Sarajane: my cans last 1-2 yares, and that's when opened and losing some every few months to the use container
ClayFeet: i like the little jars that fancy jams come in (like if you order breakfast in a hotel room)... great for future and stuff
Esteban2323: do you have to sand and buff your beads before the flecto or does it work its magic by itself?
Sarajane: is great for containers
Sarajane: just like magic, Esteban!
shannonowalk: One of my friends just had a baby this summer, so I'm looking forward in the next couple of months to the influx of baby food jars. :)
PoKoPat: The local gallery owner is doing a cool thing for me - getting my Premo cheaper than I can find it.
Sarajane: They don't seal well
PoKoPat: That's neat, Shannon, but don't use them for liquids - clay bits, maybe?
Sarajane: Pat, don't you buy wholesale?
KATPAINTS: i'm seeing babyfood in plastic pouches here
shannonowalk: Really? I seem to remember using them for all sorts of messy things...but then again, that was almost 9 years ago so my memory might be foggy.
PoKoPat: No, SJ I don't.
ClayFeet: thanks for the chat... see you next month if I'm still around. happy holidays
Sarajane: well, then! next step, m'dear, and well worth the cost and hour of effort.
PoKoPat: But I probably should, huh?
Sarajane: Bye!
ClayFeet: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: Bye CF!
Esteban2323: So, I could use flecto to enhance all my old beads I have hanging around before I started sanding and buffing. Kewl.
PoKoPat: whoops - too fast for me.
Sarajane: go for it--Premo is around $8 a brick, whsl.
SueDeaunim: do you need a tax ID for wholesale?
PoKoPat: Yesss - but it would also enhance any bumps and such, Est.
PoKoPat: Yes, you do, Sue.
PoKoPat: Or a resale license.
Sarajane: Yes, a tax id or sales lic.---varies in each state
PoKoPat: I'm using the one through our family business - saves time.
Sarajane: Eteban, apply it with a brush, don't dip.
Esteban2323: because????
PoKoPat: But should start using the resale # to order my supplies.
Sarajane: Then you are set up already, Pat! Go through the Clay Factory in Escondido
PoKoPat: okey dokey! :)
Sarajane: because you get a better coating that is not too thick and won't drip or peel.
SueDeaunim: We are trying to get a program together for our guild in which someone presents a how-to on creating a business...the steps involved, the benefits, the drawbacks...wholesale pricing would definitely be a benefit
Esteban2323: O I C ;-)
Sarajane: I'm writing a series of articles in Belle ARmoire on this. The second one is out now
KATPAINTS: love that magazine
PoKoPat: Totally off topic - but does anyone know of a pc guild in Tennessee?
SueDeaunim: So, I've missed the first one, then, SJ. Drat!
Sarajane: look on the npcg page--ther's a locals listing
Sarajane: They have back issues, Sue!
Esteban2323: Tennessee, Tennessee aint no place I 'd rather be....oops, just channeled jerry garcia a minute
PoKoPat: Thanks - checked there about a year ago, guess I should try again.
PoKoPat: LOL , est.
SueDeaunim: Oh, a Deadhead!
Sarajane: yes, new locals spring up every year!
Esteban2323: beads sell well to deadheads. ;-)
SueDeaunim: Ha! :-)
PoKoPat: I'd start one, but it would be kinda lonely at the meetings!
Sarajane: but we always have the incese burner-pipe argument!!
Sarajane: DO NOT cover with PC!!!
PoKoPat: LOL - the smell would be less than heavenly!
PoKoPat: But oooohhhh the colors!
SueDeaunim: I see there are two guilds in Tennessee...Munfordville and Seveierville
SueDeaunim: Oops, Sevierville
shannonowalk: Awww. Sevierville is where hubby and I ran off to get married. Ten years ago last month. :)
shannonowalk: That's Dolly's old stompin' ground. :)
PoKoPat: Well, Sevierville is about 4 hours from me - and I don't even know where Munfordville is.
SueDeaunim: That's in the northesastern part of Tennessee, right?
Sarajane: BRB---coffee needs refilled!
PoKoPat: good idea, me too
shannonowalk:'s the first good place we found after we crossed the NC line into TN. :)
SueDeaunim: OK, now all I can hear is Jerry singing Tennessee...and it's your fault, Esteban!
Esteban2323: hehehe
shannonowalk: I can fix that, Sue, but you'll hate me for it. Hubby adn I have the fool-proof cure for getting a song out of your head when it's stuck there. :)
customfutur1: *JOIN* Entered room.
shannonowalk: "Rockin' around the Christmas tree have a happy holiday." :)
SueDeaunim: Hahaha
Sarajane: hello!
PoKoPat: Shannon! that's just cruel!
shannonowalk: It's especially funny when you do it in Feb or Mar. People get REALLY hostile. :)
PoKoPat: Hi Custome!
shannonowalk: Hi cust!
PoKoPat: What's your name? Cust sounds too strange!
SueDeaunim: I have a friend to whom we sing Feliz drives her nuts
PoKoPat: Now I have three songs playing - thanks so much all!
shannonowalk: I thought you told me this morning you weren't good at multitasking !
SueDeaunim: Sorry...I guess we're just a musical group here today :-)
shannonowalk: _ACTION ducks!_
PoKoPat: _ACTION catches her with a fat pillow anyway_
PoKoPat: Customfutur1 - may I just call you CF?
SueDeaunim: _ACTION domes equipped with a natural fat pillow_
Esteban2323: ok, ok, where is that moderator....
SueDeaunim: oops, comes
Sarajane: here, here!
PoKoPat: LOL - probably laughing her head off
Esteban2323: smiling here too.
customfutur1: *PART* Left room.
customfutur1: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: _ACTION hands Sarajane her head_
PoKoPat: Are you bouncing, CF?
Esteban2323: brb
PoKoPat: The forum does that sometimes.
PoKoPat: Okay, did we ever figure out where Munfordville is?
shannonowalk: phone
Sarajane: I think one of the Muppets lives there
PoKoPat: kay, shannon
PoKoPat: That's helpful, SJ! Who put what in the coffee today?
Sarajane: like this is different than most???
PoKoPat: LOL, no guess not.
PoKoPat: I'll check for a guild near me - but I don't think there is one.
Sarajane: I've started three, now.
KATPAINTS: you need to get a friend addicted
PoKoPat: Although I did find someone who clays, and only lives 1.5 hours away.
PoKoPat: We're getting closer, anyway.
Sarajane: that's how it works, Kat!
SueDeaunim: According to the NPCG website, Munfordville is halfway between Louisville and Nashville
PoKoPat: Hmmm - never thought of that devious plan.
Sarajane: I've two friends coming over to play in just a bit!
PoKoPat: Louisville, Kentucky?
SueDeaunim: Yes
Sarajane: we're trying embossing powders
PoKoPat: Way north of me then.
KATPAINTS: i've got some.. can I come?
SueDeaunim: And you are where, Pat?
PoKoPat: That sounds like fun, SJ.
PoKoPat: Tullahoma, halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga - smack in the middle of the state.
Sarajane: Sure thing! y'all grab your coffee and powders and come on...
PoKoPat: Would that I could!
Sarajane: My NY resolution is to get video classes going
KATPAINTS: on-line?
PoKoPat: You'd think there'd be more around me - I AM centrally located!
SueDeaunim: Pat, have you posted anywhere that you'd like to get together with other clayers in your area?
Sarajane: probably by March, and on line
Kim: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: Hi Kim!
PoKoPat: _ACTION hangs head "No."_
KCRedcat: HI ALL!
PoKoPat: Hi Kim!
Sarajane: how'd you change your name like that?
KCRedcat: I'm BA ACK
KCRedcat: slash nick
Sarajane: aHA! S
Sarajane: welcome home!
KCRedcat: _ACTION happy dances as she's NOT been in a chat in eons!_
KCRedcat: TY!
PoKoPat: Where would I post for clay buddies?
Sarajane: does anybody have any ornament type questions?
KCRedcat: wish I'd been here sooner though! grrr, my 'duh'!
SueDeaunim: I would post to the newsgroups, Pat
Sarajane: Par, post at PCC and the other groups!
KCRedcat: PCC has a page for that too....
ALANJAMESV: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: Hello!
KCRedcat: HI Alan!
PoKoPat: Okay, can do the pcc post
ALANJAMESV: Hi all - sorry I'm sooo late
PoKoPat: Hi Alan - or is it James today?
SueDeaunim: rec.crafts.polymer-clay
KCRedcat: on the website....
Sarajane: also ther's yahoo groups, and rec.crafts.polymer-clay
SueDeaunim: and also the yahoo groups
SueDeaunim: oops
ALANJAMESV: either Pat - as you know
KCRedcat: lol
Esteban2323: ok, im back. i wish one time when nature calls I could just let the machine answer it. ;-)
SueDeaunim: there we go again
customfutur1: Hi all I would love online classes I'm going to connect with someone I emailed through PCC is 1 hr away
Sarajane: there we go again, Sue!
KCRedcat: lololol
KCRedcat: lol
PoKoPat: Where are you located, CF?
KCRedcat: I'm not too far from some clayers, but getting TOGETHER...well....
SueDeaunim: SJ, how do you plan to do the online thing? Sounds intriguing
Sarajane: what sort of online classes would interest y'all?
KCRedcat: these days TRAFFIC makes 'short' distances here in MI....LONG 'travel'!
Sarajane: I'd do things in front of a video feed...
PoKoPat: mica shift!
PoKoPat: hehe
KCRedcat: _ACTION has Clay DT's..._
PoKoPat: oooh - that's bad, KC
Sarajane: hey, works for other businesses, why not ours?
KCRedcat: right!
SueDeaunim: So, it would be streaming video available?
KCRedcat: my BF just took a 'class' for work, at work today!
customfutur1: I am from Mass
Sarajane: I don't know--that means "live" right?
ALANJAMESV: NJ does it for Msat - so why not
PoKoPat: Oooh - far from me, CF
SueDeaunim: Yeah, gotta have a video server or some kind of service
Sarajane: right, that's the part I have to investigate/learn
KCRedcat: technology, eeep!
SueDeaunim: I used to be in telecom business and so I'm acting like I know something...I don't
KCRedcat: LOL
Sarajane: I have lots of room on my ISP though
PoKoPat: Well, when you get to that point, let us know, okay SJ?
KCRedcat: cool
PoKoPat: LOL, Sue!
Sarajane: I will post it from the rooftops loudly!
KCRedcat: LOL
KATPAINTS: i'm learning how to digitize for embroidery - there are a couple that have videos we download and watch
PoKoPat: Shout even.
KATPAINTS: whenever we have time
Esteban2323: online is good, but the lessons on PCC are really well written and easy to follow.
KCRedcat: and WE'll spread the work quickly no doubt!
KCRedcat: worD
Sarajane: Both could happen, with archiving old lessons
SueDeaunim: SJ, I think your idea is a good one...people don't have to travel...they just take the class from the comfort of their homes
Sarajane: live is great, but travel is hard.
PoKoPat: SJ, any tips on making sculpts light weight?
ALANJAMESV: and the lessons could be made into VCDs
KCRedcat: _ACTION is WAY out of 'practice' typing for chats too...YOU can tell!_
Esteban2323: yea, and if you could get the same amount from each student online as you would if you taught in person, it might be a good reason to invest in a good seeyouseeme camera
Sarajane: lightweight sculpts need an armature and bulk inside
PoKoPat: So could hang from a tree?
KCRedcat: _ACTION has to 'fight' with the CAT for her computer 'chair'! LOL_
PoKoPat: Foil?
Sarajane: I use wire and alum. foil or paperclay
customfutur1: Help I have to pick a name for my work today so I can print cards ANY IDEAS Please
PoKoPat: Give us some info, CF.
Esteban2323: what type of work ?
SueDeaunim: What is your work today?
Sarajane: what work needs a name?
KCRedcat: general or specific piece(s)
KCRedcat: ?
SueDeaunim: zzzzzzz
Esteban2323: While we are waiting on that reply, I have to that really another guy here? We seem to be few and far between in the pc world
customfutur1: I'm self taught in poly Have been workinging with it awhile and have a small line and an opportiniyt to sell it in a shop Now I need a name
PoKoPat: What do you make? Sculpture, jewelry?
KCRedcat: what kind of things do you make...
Sarajane: you can use something with YOUR name or ID or the design line
SueDeaunim: Why don't you just use your own name?
KCRedcat: gmta
ALANJAMESV: oh yes - I'm male
KCRedcat: yeah, I'm K.C. and my 'Business' is K.C. Redcat Craft Creations...
customfutur1: I need a company name Mostly jewelry
KCRedcat: 'red' hair and 7 CATS (as owners....
Sarajane: there's a few of y'all out ther--My DH and sons all do clay.
SueDeaunim: _ACTION is pleased that there is at least one other person here who is >50 :-)_
PoKoPat: And I'm Pat O. married to Kris O., thus PoKo Designs.
KCRedcat: LOL there ya go....MOSTLY JEWELRY!
shannonowalk: I like it.
PoKoPat: KC, that's great!
Sarajane: not bad at all, Kim!
KCRedcat: _ACTION grins from ear to ear! and laughs..._
PoKoPat: What do you think, CF?
KCRedcat: simple yet to the 'point'!
customfutur1: I like it your right
KCRedcat: you could put YOUR NAME before 'mostly jewelry'....
Sarajane: please do NOT use "Designs by---" or "originals by" etc. ---too many people do that.
KCRedcat: Glad to help!
PoKoPat: Yay!!
KCRedcat: CF's Mostly Jewelry
hannonowalk: phone
PoKoPat: Well, gee, SJ - is PoKo Designs okay?
KCRedcat: lol
Sarajane: Ladies and GENTS--I do have to run soon, any questions?
Esteban2323: If its really nice jewelry mostly you could be "clay gems"
PoKoPat: another good one
SueDeaunim: On my business card, I put a picture of one of the silkscreen designs I created along with my name...didn't have to think up a fancy business name, but still get the point across that it's an art-oriented thing
Sarajane: POKO Designs is great!
KCRedcat: nope, glad to FINALLY be 'here' again! can't recall the last time I was able to COME!
PoKoPat: Hmmm - don't think so (thank you) you've given me a lot to think about SJ.
Esteban2323: thanx SJ, hope to see you again here soon.....
Sarajane: and its good to see you here too, Kim!!
SueDeaunim: Thanks, SJ was great
customfutur1: Thanks your all great I'm inspired
KATPAINTS: thank you, i enjoyed it
Sarajane: this was lots of fun!
KCRedcat: putting 'craft' and my 'name' in the NAME...'techincally' you do NOT have to DBA, btw...
KCRedcat: great to be here!
KCRedcat: but I dba'd's cheep....
PoKoPat: chirp
Sarajane: see you all next month, I hope!
SueDeaunim: Bye SJ
PoKoPat: Bye SJ - I'll be here!
KCRedcat: that's NEXT "YEAR"! eeep!
ALANJAMESV: I must stop having visitors on tuesday evenings!
Sarajane: Have a lovely end to this year and start to the next!!!
KCRedcat: _ACTION hugs SJ_
KCRedcat: YOU 2
PoKoPat: You too, SJ
Sarajane: or invite them to clay, Alan!
KCRedcat: corrupt them...
Sarajane: Bye!!!
PoKoPat: Thanks for all the great info, SJ
KCRedcat: I mean...get them 'hooked'....
SueDeaunim: Does this thing cut off or can we stay?
customfutur1: Bye I'll be back
KCRedcat: can stay....
PoKoPat: we can stay, I think
ALANJAMESV: and stay
Sarajane: it'll turn itself off here.
PoKoPat: hang on ups delivery
KCRedcat: I'm a 'host(ess) too...
Esteban2323: oh, i am staying
SueDeaunim: Oh, good :-)
Sarajane: whenever the last one leaves, the log will turn off.
KCRedcat: 'when' I'm rarely here anymore! LOL
KCRedcat: right!
Sarajane: seeya all later!
SueDeaunim: Oh, that's right...a log is being made of everything we type
KCRedcat: I got the 'title/job' right before I got the 'BF'! LOL
Sarajane: *PART* Left room.
SueDeaunim: Guess I'll have to pay more attention to what I'm typing
ALANJAMESV: so - watch what you say - it's all recorded!
KCRedcat: ok, 'native' is restless....AKA: MISS TABIGAYLE DEMANDS the 3pm FEEDING...LOL
Esteban2323: I had a friend I tried to show the clay too because he was so enthusiastic....that lasted until he made his first good piece of scrap clay and now he wants me to buy all the supplies he's not using anymore.
SueDeaunim: Indeed
KCRedcat: I'll BRB all!
ALANJAMESV: buy them cheaply I hope
PoKoPat: hello, i
SueDeaunim: Esteban, as long as it's something you need...
PoKoPat: i'm back, i mean
customfutur1: *PART* Left room.
Esteban2323: oh, thats why i am saying he wants me to buy it. i dont need any of it.
PoKoPat: what is he selling?
Esteban2323: my arsenal of clay tools has been building for ten years.
SueDeaunim: Oh, perhaps you could suggest ebay to him :-)
PoKoPat: oh, tools?
PoKoPat: brb phone
ALANJAMESV: bye again
Esteban2323: oh, mostly scrap canes and a used blade or two
PoKoPat: back again
SueDeaunim: I'm always amazed at what sells on ebay
PoKoPat: is he nuts?
SueDeaunim: lol
Esteban2323: or what people are willing to sell on ebay...
PoKoPat: why would you want to buy that?
ALANJAMESV: is he famous? - should he autograph them?
PoKoPat: LOL
Esteban2323: oh the reasoning goes somethinglike well you will find a better use for it than I can. etc.etc
PoKoPat: uh huh - famous last words
PoKoPat: cold fingers - nippy outside
ALANJAMESV: keep off the Fimo then
PoKoPat: never use it alan
KATPAINTS: Well, it's kind of like buying used motor oil
KCRedcat: BACL
SueDeaunim: Sounds like you've done a good job of resisting the temptation to buy the stuff, Esteban
KCRedcat: I man BACK
PoKoPat: LOL, keep trying, KC
ALANJAMESV: and I man - never left
Esteban2323: I tried to warn him before he went to the store not to get anything he wouldnt mind throwing away, but did he
ALANJAMESV: hee hee - I know
PoKoPat: ROFL - stop! Trying to type, drink coffee - can't laugh too!
KCRedcat: 10 'years' of 'collecting did you say???
KCRedcat: no coffee, gag, hate it! LOL
KCRedcat: oh, you! LOL
ALANJAMESV: ask him to donate them to you - he'll learn that way!
KCRedcat: duh!
PoKoPat: That's how long I've been working with pc KC
Esteban2323: Where do y'all find FIMO classic? It doesnt seem to be available in the Austin area anymore
KCRedcat: yeah, really!
KCRedcat: I'm in some here! LOL
KCRedcat: a wee bit of a drive though! LOL
PoKoPat: I order everything online
Esteban2323: My sister is in Otsego, KC
PoKoPat: no other choice
ALANJAMESV: just about the only readily available one in the UK
SueDeaunim: I've seen some at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, Esteban
JENNY_P: I buy mine on-line from WeeFolk creations
KCRedcat: MI?
SueDeaunim: You probably would do better ordering it online though
Esteban2323: MI, right. where else would they name something Otsego
Esteban2323: ;-)
PoKoPat: Tennessee
KCRedcat: HEY JENNY! Kathy talked up a STORM about you at the last meeting!
KCRedcat: really? LOL
JENNY_P: Hey, if anyone here has Yahoo, I will be on in about an hour, with my webcam on, while I make a quilt cane
PoKoPat: Nah - but we've got some weird ones
Esteban2323: Kewl, I will look online. There are a couple of canes I made years ago that just dont seem to do as well with premo and the like
JENNY_P: oh oh KC, I hope it was good
PoKoPat: Do you Yahoo? I don't.
KCRedcat: LOL Tabigayle is NOW making me give her space FOR the NEW computer chair...I bought "us"! LOL
SueDeaunim: Yes, I think Fimo is the caner's preference.
KCRedcat: very good!
KATPAINTS: Jenny how do you get to where you'll be?
SueDeaunim: Fimo usually drives me crazy though because of all the mess during conditioning
PoKoPat: _ACTION shakes her head in confusion_
KCRedcat: Munro's ships!
Esteban2323: But, some like Kathleen Dustin have mastered caning with Sculpey. Its all usable if you work hard nuff at it.
KCRedcat: yeah, me too Sue....but in the long run it's worth it...I 'recall'...vaguely! LOL
PoKoPat: Folks, I have a website to update, pics to crop and downsize sooooo,
JENNY_P: If you open up yahoo, and add me as a friend , you should see my cam ope
PoKoPat: I must vamoose!
Esteban2323: ciao, pat
JENNY_P: my yahoo Id is pcajenny
PoKoPat: See you all later.
SueDeaunim: Bye PokoPat
ALANJAMESV: I think Fimo bad for canes in a cool climate - hard to get it running well
KCRedcat: bye Pat!
PoKoPat: Byeee!
PoKoPat: _ACTION zzzzzzzzzzzzzip_
PoKoPat: *PART* Left room.
KCRedcat: I can get it done here in MI....
KCRedcat: I can 'cane' with it here in MI
KATPAINTS: thanks - got to go have lunch
KCRedcat: shesh!
JENNY_P: Actually Alan, I live in a very cold climate, and use 99% Fimo Classic
KCRedcat: bye Kat!
KCRedcat: I still get it too 'mushy' these days...ack....
Esteban2323: old trick for fimo is to put it inyour pants pocket while your conditioning something else and it will be really warm by the time you need it
KCRedcat: or I 'did'....
ALANJAMESV: each to his own
SueDeaunim: I live in boiling, hot humid Houston, but prefer Premo :-)
KCRedcat: gee, why NOT your BRA?!?!?
KCRedcat: _ACTION grins evily!_
KATPAINTS: *PART* Left room.
ALANJAMESV: or Sporran?
KCRedcat: hehehehe
JENNY_P: I have to go
Esteban2323: hey, dont think I wasnt ready to order a BRO when Seinfeld brought up the subject years ago.
JENNY_P: maybe I will see some of you later this afternoon
ALANJAMESV: see you Jenny
KCRedcat: LOL
SueDeaunim: LOL
KCRedcat: cool Jenny!
SueDeaunim: Bye Jenny
JENNY_P: _ACTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~ waves as she leaves_
JENNY_P: *PART* Left room.
KCRedcat: my posts are 'slow' for some reason! if I miss anyone sorry
Esteban2323: So, Sue your in Houston? Ive been there to take classes from your guild a couple of times....years ago
KCRedcat: I was 'in' Dallas a few weekends ago....LOL
PeaceLuvClay: *JOIN* Entered room.
SueDeaunim: Really? I'm the one who coordinates the classes these days, Esteban
PeaceLuvClay: hey
KCRedcat: hi Peace!
PeaceLuvClay: :)
Esteban2323: we should exchange email or something cause I am the current vice pres at the austin guild.
KCRedcat: shesh, CATZ!
KCRedcat: cool!
SueDeaunim: Indeed, we should Esteban...are those things on here somewhere?
Esteban2323: we could coordinate classes and bring in lots of teachers
ALANJAMESV: oh - buy a clockwork mouse
ALANJAMESV: they're easier to feed
KCRedcat: 'she' wants...2/3's of my CHAIR! Grrrrr
KCRedcat: lol
SueDeaunim: Yeah, that's a great idea...we just had an Austinite here for our class with Gwen last month
KCRedcat: or the 1/4 of it 'spreading' to the other quarters!
KCRedcat: cool!
Esteban2323: well, my email is
KCRedcat: looking forward to HOPEFULLY a LEIGH one here before the MDPAG retreat, or in that time frame....
KCRedcat: then Sarah Shriver!
KCRedcat: in June?
SueDeaunim: Sarah is really cool...she was here in January. I loved hosting her at my house
KCRedcat: after the BF takes me to Stratford on the Avon in Ontario
KCRedcat: she was my FIRSTEST workshop....May 99?
KCRedcat: she's AWESOME!
KCRedcat: MAN, lucky YOU!!!!
Esteban2323: Not a pc question, but that picasso art show from new york still at the houston art museum?
KCRedcat: she's a great 'teacher' 'understandable'....
SueDeaunim: Good question, Esteban...let me check
Esteban2323: I am jealous of Sarah's cane work...
KCRedcat: she's amazing ain't she....FRELL!
KCRedcat: too amazing!
Esteban2323: my friend bought a pin that was two fish head to head that looked like it was painted
PeaceLuvClay: ooh i wanna see
KCRedcat: Stargazer is really great too!
KCRedcat: dang
ALANJAMESV: oh dear - sci fi bad language - and I 've gotta go
PeaceLuvClay: is there a link to stuff with her canework?
KCRedcat: wha?
KCRedcat: LOL
KCRedcat: you like Farscape yes???
ALANJAMESV: see yous all sometime
PeaceLuvClay: bye alan
ALANJAMESV: oh yes - of course
KCRedcat: I think Sunni had some on her site,,,
Esteban2323: just typein Sarah Shriver in your browser and her webpage comes right up
KCRedcat: bye Alan!
PeaceLuvClay: thanks
KCRedcat: it's BACK-Farscape!
KCRedcat: oops, missed him!
KCRedcat: I'd 'pop' it up (her site) but I can't recall 'how'
KCRedcat: been too long since I was in a chat! LOL
SueDeaunim: I just looked at the MFAH website and didn't see any mention of a Picasso exhibit...however they do have Van Gogh's Starry Night there right now
PeaceLuvClay: wow her stuff is beautiful!!!
KCRedcat: dratted wonderful BF!
KCRedcat: ain't it though!
PeaceLuvClay: yep
Esteban2323: right, that s the one....i really want to try and get down there to see it before its gone
KCRedcat: just, amazing!
PeaceLuvClay: it makes me want to quit with all the xmas presents stuff and start makin some kaleidoscope canes
KCRedcat: lol
SueDeaunim: It'll be here until January 4
KCRedcat: I just FINALLY got my BUG!
KCRedcat: it 'BIT' me!
Esteban2323: excellent
Esteban2323: thanx, sue
SueDeaunim: My pleasure
KCRedcat: ain't clayed since Nov 15th before the Farscape CON in CA!
PeaceLuvClay: what im making right now has to be the most boring cane ive ever made lol
KCRedcat: lol
PeaceLuvClay: im making a star wars logo cane for my brother
KCRedcat: ahhhh
shannonowalk: Okay...believe it or not, I am actually back now. That was a long phone conversation. :)
KCRedcat: lol
SueDeaunim: Are all of you caners?
KCRedcat: I'm "ON" my phoneline, so NO 'calls'<>
KCRedcat: I am, I guess.....
KCRedcat: I love to do so many things with clay....
Esteban2323: what does a star wars logo look like?
shannonowalk: Hehe. I hate the phone, most days. There are only like 2-3 people I actually like to talk to and that was one of 'em (one of our best friends)
KCRedcat: I'm having 'issues' right now after being 'w/o/ claying for so long....what to 'do' first! eeep!
PeaceLuvClay: in the top left corner of that page is where it is
KCRedcat: ahhh, yeah, I talk to the BF on the phone....
PeaceLuvClay: just where it says "star wars" lol
KCRedcat: his 'cell phone'....
KCRedcat: evenings we IM (yahoo) he really gets a 'kick' outta IM'ing! LOL
shannonowalk: LOL! As soon as I get settled back in, my little man now wants hot chocolate to help his little sore throat. BRB.
KCRedcat: he's a newbie to IM, but a "GEEK"....
KCRedcat: LOL
KCRedcat: awe!
SueDeaunim: Esteban, do you know Laura McGuinn?
KCRedcat: an 'engineer' (electrical) not 'much' on the computer stuff
Esteban2323: ok, so its lots of letters. I have never been able to do good letter canes.
KCRedcat: I haven't tried one of "THOSE" yet myself....
KCRedcat: luckily my 'logo' does NOT 'need' letters! LOL
PeaceLuvClay: lol
PeaceLuvClay: im about half way done with the letter part, then i get to do the exciting wrapping around of the black!
KCRedcat: but the RED cat was a 'lesson'....
SueDeaunim: We learned a really clever techniques for doing letters at the Muse a couple of years ago
KCRedcat: oh...
Esteban2323: ya know, I must know her because she's in our guild ,but right now cant put a name to the face.
KCRedcat: so many 'people'.....
PeaceLuvClay: i usually love doing letters in canes
KCRedcat: 'usually' eh?
KCRedcat: when it's for YOU I'd bet! LOL
SueDeaunim: It involves cutting the word in half from top to bottom and inserting thin slices of clay in to spaces and then recombing top and bottom
PeaceLuvClay: yep lol this part is just dragging along just basic white blocky letters
KCRedcat: cool!
shannonowalk: back.
PeaceLuvClay: wb
KCRedcat: I 'try' to draw everything (cane) out on graph paper....
KCRedcat: wb again
KCRedcat: or at least PAPER....
Esteban2323: well, make sure you send George Lucas his cut of the proceeds or he will have the stormtroopers after you..;-)
KCRedcat: lol
PeaceLuvClay: lol
SueDeaunim: Yeah, those copyrights are quite serious, but as long as you're not selling it, I'm sure it's fine
shannonowalk: I was trying to figure out how far "fair use" will go.
PeaceLuvClay: its not even turning out as good as i wanted, i got in a hurry and made the black/red blend part for wrapping around the letters too thin but i didn't feel like doing it over
KCRedcat: yeah....its a 'fine line' with some companies at times....
PeaceLuvClay: yeah
KCRedcat: don't blame you, sounds like you just want to be 'DONE WITH IT"! LOL
PeaceLuvClay: there are so many things i would like to make to sell that im sure are copyrighted, i wouldnt come close to going through the trouble of getting permission though
KCRedcat: Farscape and Farscapers are doing 'some' things....but NOT for 'profit'....just for GETTING OUR SHOW BACK!
KCRedcat: it'd be so COSTLY also!eeep!
KCRedcat: 'donations'....
PeaceLuvClay: yup lol that's why it's taking so long, its hard not to be thinking about my plans for making my dollhouse while doing this at the same time lol
KCRedcat: LOL
KCRedcat: understandable!
KCRedcat: what size of DH?
KCRedcat: lol, doll house,
PeaceLuvClay: 1" scale
PeaceLuvClay: hehe
KCRedcat: cool!
KCRedcat: lol
SueDeaunim: I must bid you all adieu...thanks for the chat!
PeaceLuvClay: im gonna make it out of cardboard boxes lol
KCRedcat: bye Sue! nice to see ya!
Esteban2323: Well, I have to be running.It was very nice chatting with you all. Ciao!
shannonowalk: Talk later, Sue! Thanks for the chat!
KCRedcat: bye Esteban!
PeaceLuvClay: bye sue
shannonowalk: Bye est! Catch you sooN!
Esteban2323: *PART* Left room.
SueDeaunim: *PART* Left room.
KCRedcat: *PART* Left room.
PeaceLuvClay: *PART* Left room.
PeaceLuvClay: *LOG at 12/2/2003 4:54:40 PM* OFF [Last participant has left the room]