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Shelly Thompson

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January 20, 2001:

SUNNISAN:sunni> Let's begin our special event!! Everyone, please refrain from off-topic and side conversations and from all the hello's and goodby's when folks come and go. As we go through our chat, please do not hesitate to ask Shelly any questions that pop into your head!
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I did some frames with a loose filigree I think it would be great to 'frame' a stamped piece with the technique
SUNNISAN:sunni> Shelly - how long have you been crafting in general?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Oh Geez, um, since I was 2? Actually I've been actively crafting for the last 10 years
SUNNISAN:sunni> what have you been working with? has it been stamping the whole time?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> No, I need a variety to keep my mind busy. I started with seed beading. My mother in law introduced me to it. Then I found paper crafting. Well, actually, I digress, My first craft was origami. I started doing that in grade school. My local library asked me to do a display for them to promote a book they had on it.
ELISSAHEART> How did you learn origami?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Honestly, I picked up a book and just followed the directions.
ELISSAHEART> You learned it all from a book?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> 'fraid so. There are tons of origami books out there. It's a great craft for kids. That's pretty much how I've learned all of my crafts. Believe it or not, I didn't take a class until last year!
ELISSAHEART> You're amazing! What was the class you took?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Thanks
SUNNISAN:sunni> origami!! how fun!! do you do origami with your clay?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I hadn't thought of doing origami with pc. I would wonder if the pc would keep the folds necessary to create an object? It would be easy, however, to embellish an origami piece with p.c.
SUNNISAN:sunni> i've never tried it. there would probably be some innovations to manipulating the clay.
KIM2935> Maybe it would depend on the clay, Premo, maybe?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> It teaches geometry and instruction and diagram following
SUNNISAN:sunni> shelly - tell me a little about yourself.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> A little about me: I am a 31 y.o. mother of 2 girls - EH: Paper embellishing - I am married - I own and run Inspiration! Rubber Stamps - and I teach arts & crafts locally at rubber stamp stores. Those are the hats I wear.
SUNNISAN:sunni> excellent!!! what is your latest project?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> On my desk right now is a sculpture of a woman lying on her back. You can see it on my website.
KIM2935> is it a commissioned piece or did inspiration hit?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Kim: Inspiration just hit
SUNNISAN:sunni> what's the URL?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Thanks for asking!
SUNNISAN:sunni> thank you!! do you have any other projects going?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I've recently finished a dragonfly 'stone' mosaic, which, sorry, isn't oon the site. I had the ideas for 3 pieces at the same time. The dragonfly was one. The woman the other. And i haven't finished the final.
KIM2935> How do you do the mosaics?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I took an image of a dragonfly I have as one of my stamps, cut it out of black premo, then I ran different greens through the clay gun on a large circle setting, wrapped that in thin black premo and let it rest for a day. then i sliced that up and layed it out mosaic style. finally, i wrapped that with a frame of black premo and baked it.
SUNNISAN:sunni> wow. elegant in its simplicity!
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes. it did turn out nicely
SUNNISAN:sunni> elissa asked: What was the class you took last year?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> The class I took last year was from Daniel Smith. It was a paper embellishing class. We spent 3 hours on manipulating different mediums to achieve some great background papers.
SUNNISAN:sunni> did you find it helped your creativity a lot?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I did. It really opened my eyes to different styles of teaching. it also helped to see how different everybody elses work came out.
SUNNISAN:sunni> how so different styles of teaching?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Each class I take, I try to find one thing that the instructor does that i like and incorporate it into how i teach. I liked this particular teacher because she really made you go outside of your comfort zone choosing colors, methods that you probably wouldn't have used.
SUNNISAN:sunni> ahhh. Constant evolution. that's the sign of a good teacher!! do you teach just at the rubber stamp stores?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> No, I also teach at peoples homes
SUNNISAN:sunni> one on one or in groups?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I teach groups and would teach individuals if they would be willing to pay for it. haven't had any takers yet
SUNNISAN:sunni> what do you teach?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> OOO boy I have taught so many things! My first class I taught was in my own home. It was making mosaics with plaster of paris.
ELISSAHEART> do you ever have "stamp parties/"
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I've always presented my stamps at my classes, and i would be willing to do a stamp party, but no, i've never done one. i also teach stamping (of course), beading, book making, journaling, box making, and other various inspirations that come to me.
KIM2935> Have you ever incorporated the stamps and bookmaking with scrapbook making?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Oh, yes, On my website, I have a scrapbook made from pc. It's done with one of my very large background stamps then faux painted with a patina'd copper finish. i'm quite proud of it.

are your stamps online so we can see?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> ES: yes
ELISSAHEART> Have you ever mixed any of these media with polymer clay?
LIZZLADY:cheryl> You are involved in some of my favorite things. My polymer clay work often involves stamping and beading. Do you combine these three elements ever?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes, actually i have a 'doll' on my website called Maggie Mae gets a Wild Hair. Her body was stamped using my tatooed woman stamp and she has wire and beads for her hair. she's kind of weird but i like that
SUNNISAN:sunni> tell us a little about your website business.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> my website business: I have a website I do business?. sorry, dry humor there?.
SUNNISAN:sunni> :)
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I designed my website myself. It is always under construction and I am still learning everyday about how to enhance it
LIZZLADY:cheryl> How do you attract people to the website?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> cheryl: I am linked with some major r.s. sites is all for right now.
KIM2935> Do you ever commission customs stamps for a project or do you use what is available already?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kim: no, i haven't had a stamp made specifically for a project. i try and work in what i have made. it's rather expensive to have stamps manufactured.
SUNNISAN:sunni> do you make/design your own stamps?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i design a lot of the stamps in my line. i have 3 artists that work for me and one on the way.
KELLIEAK:kellieAK> shelly, do you ever use mold boards?
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Do you sell the matrix boards that you make the stamps from? they are great for PC
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kellie: not sure what that is - is that a matrix?
KELLIEAK:kellieAK> the mold board is what they pour the rubber into to make the stamp I believe, I have one that I love
LIZZLADY:cheryl> it is the same as a matrix board.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I have all of the process done for me and my manufacturer keeps the matrix boards for when i need reprints made. i would like to eventually make my own. so, kellie, no, i don't have any matrix boards for use (soon i hope).
KIM2935> Very cool. When you use a stamp on the clay, do you powder it or anything?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Kim: yes, most of the time. I don't need to do that as much if i use premo but definitely if i am using sculpey. i usually use baby powder as a release or if i want to add color i use mica powders
KIM2935> Is Premo your favorite clay?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Yes, Premo is my favorite
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Have you got any stamps that are really deep cut? those work well for PC, especially if they are simply drawn.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> All of my stamps are deeply cut - being a clayer, i kind of insist on it
LIZZLADY:cheryl> great!
KIM2935> That's good to know. Do you have a line of textures?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> In my head. I am planning a line of textures right now. hopefully they will be available by June.
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Do you have any special techniques that you like to use when combining PC and rubber stamps?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Yes. My favorite is to use the mica powders
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I will either rub them onto the stamp first and then impress it into the clay or i will rub over the clay after stamping for a relief effect.
LIZZLADY:cheryl> how do you apply them?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> cheryl: i get a small amount on my finger and rub. make sure you don't have 'globs' on your finger though
KIM2935> After you've stamped the clay, what do you use to clean the stamps? I am guessing alcohol could deteriorate the rubber.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kim: i use simple H2O
REVBYRD:byrd> do you use textures more than picture stamps?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> byrd: yes, textures are what i prefer but i also make the picture stamps act as if they were textures. if you look at almost any picture stamp, it usually has some great pattern or design built into it. i will take say, a mans head and stamp his hair around the edge of a piece or my favorite is some alder trees that i use only the leaves to make texture.
LIZZLADY:cheryl> do you ever use ink when you combine RS and PC? If so, what kind and what abut embossing powders?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> cheryl: yes, not very often though
LIZZLADY:cheryl> and?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I will stamp onto baked clay with permanent inks only(or, sorry, Dr. PH Martins dye inks do well also). I avoid using pigment based inks they don't dry effectivly enough for my tastes.
KIM2935> Would that include a pen?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kim: depends on what kind of pen - the gel pens work very well
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I have embossed onto baked clay
ANNIE527:annie> what about embossing powder & clay? can you do this on raw clay & use a heat gun to activate the powder & sure the clay?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> annie: yes, you could, however, you run the risk of the powders getting mottled after you bake your entire piece.
LIZZLADY:cheryl> what is your policy about using rubber stamp images for xerox transfers? There has been a lot of discussion on that topic lately.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> cheryl: good question. Inspiration! Rs is what's considered an 'Angel' company. that means that you can use the images for profit as long as everything is Handstamped. no electronic reproduction is allowed except by special permission. there is one way i would approve copying the image electronically: (for transfer use)
REVBYRD:byrd> Rs?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> (Rs = Rubber Stamps)
LIZZLADY:cheryl> So transfers are ok with you without special permission? Is that the correct interpretation of what you are saying
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> cheryl: yes
LIZZLADY:cheryl> That is a very generous policy. thanks for that
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Just a thought...Since you don;t sell matrix boards, would it be ok to make a mold of one of your stamps and use it the way we use matrix boards or would that conflict with your policy?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> cheryl: good question: I encourage it - that's one of my favorite ways to incorporate
KIM2935> Have you tried stamping a piece, baking it, then restamping with the powder?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kim: nope, haven't tried that. let me know if you do and how it turns out!
KIM2935> I will. I'm guessing it would be hard to align it perfectly.
SUNNISAN:sunni> shelly - you mentioned earlier you caught some inspiration from kellie's filigree - have you incorporated that into your stamping?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> sunni: i recently taught a "polymer clay embellishment 2" class at a local stamp store. that was one of the techniques used
KIM2935> Any chance of getting you to come to San Diego for a class?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Kim: I would definitely consider it!
KIM2935> Then I can give your name to our guild secretary?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kim: absolutely
SUNNISAN:sunni> what are you plans for the future with teaching? with your business?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> sunni: teaching, I want to expand. I want to get into more than just stamp stores - that's why I began teaching in peoples homes. I had considered teaching at Art Continuum in, chicago, i think is where it is.
SUNNISAN:sunni> what is that, please?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Art Continuum is a gathering of artists for a weekend of learning and comradery We have something similar happening in April in Washington State called Artfest 2001. It's put on by "The Studio" 'Zine
SUNNISAN:sunni> will you be teaching there?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> No, but I will have a booth for my stamps and artwork. I will be TAKING oodles of classes, though. Sorry, all, I believe it's full. they only take 250 participants. In business: Selling the stamps isn't as glamorous as it sounds. I am going to be concentrating on selling at conventions mostly this year.
KIM2935> Can you tell us about The Studio?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Kim:
SUNNISAN:sunni> shelly - was stamping the first thing you ever did with clay?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> sunni: no
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i think i tried to make some canes. i think i still have part of the first one i made. it didn't turn out well at all
SUNNISAN:sunni> so stamping was more of an experiment?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> it was, and when i did stamp into clay, that was when i really fell in love with clay
SUNNISAN:sunni> what mediums do you use when stamping?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I try to incorporate as many mediums as possible. I combine paper and clay a lot.
SUNNISAN:sunni> oh? howso?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I will use clay to embellish most anything. such as: the stab bound scrapbook on my site. it was made from plain old sculpey but enhanced with faux copper and that embellished with a frame made from a slide frame
SUNNISAN:sunni> do you use paper to embellish clay?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I haven't done that yet, other than making transfers, stamping and clay!
KIM2935> What is stab bound?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> stab bound means that the holes made are in the 'margin' of the book. this particular one has holes punched into it about 1/2 inch from the left edge and fastened together with bolts and nut heads.
KIM2935> Have you used foils or thin metal with the stamps or clay?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> I have used foils, not very succesfully. I have used gold leaf quite a bit
KIM2935> How did you use the leaf?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> My favorite mokume gane is with leaf. I think i've used a very thin guage copper with pc, but i can't picture the piece right now
SUNNISAN:sunni> do you ever lay the leaf on the clay and then stamp?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> sunni: yes, I wasn't too thrilled with the effect
SUNNISAN:sunni> why not?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> the image didn't come out very clearly, it became mottled with the breakup of the leaf
SUNNISAN:sunni> so it would be better to use powder than leaf for color-then-stamp?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Oh yes! you get a MUCH better saturation of color and a much better definition of the image
KIM2935> Could a brayer help?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i don't think so, i burnished it onto the clay pretty well
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Have you ever used Nan roche's impressed mokume gane technique? It was in Bead and button a couple of years ago.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> no, would you mind sharing?
LIZZLADY:cheryl> She layered three colors of clay (#1 setting) and then put it through the PM at #1. then she cut in inhalf and made it into six layers and ran it through again. she did it one more time and wound up wit twelve very thin layers with a final thickness of #1. then she pushed rubber stamps into it to make raised and impressed areas. finally she sliced through the top layers very thinly, so that in different places different colors showed. it was 12/1998. It is a very cool technique and works with matrix and with stamps. was I clear?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Actually, yes, i have done that - just didn't realize she was credited with the technique
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Well, that's where I saw it first. In an article that she wrote. do you do it the same way?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i never got to read that - i've got another magazine to buy now!:)
KIM2935> That sounds awesome. What impressions would you use Shelly?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i would definitely use my dragonfly stamp with some purples and deep greens and possibly some colored leaf. anything simple. some chinese or japanese stamps would do very well.
SUNNISAN:sunni> do you ever stamp and then backfill with colored TLS?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes, i have done that PAPERNUT:Sandy Mullenix> haven't done much clay work. What is TLS?
LIZZLADY:cheryl> I did it with a chinese writing stamp. it is on a competitor's website
SUNNISAN:sunni> TLS = transparent liquid sculpey - it's a liquid form of sculpey clay.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> there is one 'textured' panel i have on my website that i went over with tls tinted with black oil paint. i was going for a dirty garage look and it worked like a charm. i rubbed over it a couple of times in one direction to give it more of a 'shaded' look
SUNNISAN:sunni> so you used the black tls more as a wash than a backfill?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes and no
SUNNISAN:sunni> ???
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> the piece is very busy with it's design. i wanted to highlite certain areas more so they were 'filled' where others i just wanted highlited so they were 'shadowed'. does that make sense?
SUNNISAN:sunni> yes
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> if you look at it on my site, you'd have an aha moment
SUNNISAN:sunni> for new members of the audience, shelly's website is:
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> (thanks, sunni)
SUNNISAN:sunni> ;)
KIM2935> Makes sense to me. Would you also dust with powders?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kim: you could, you would run the risk of contaminating the fill, though that could look ok if it was what you were going for. has anyone taken mica powders and sprinkled them over tinted tls and then run that through with texturing tools?
SUNNISAN:sunni> no! but it sounds a lot like marbling.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes, i think we could put a neat twist onto it, though
SUNNISAN:sunni> oh?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i'll run up some experiments and let you know, sunni:)
SUNNISAN:sunni> excellent!! do you ever use the stamping on the clay as a template for cutting multiple layers to reassemble?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i have done that in my head a lot, sunni, but haven't gotten the schematic figured out yet.
KIM2935> Layering the clay with stamped images or powders and such raises some intersting ideas.
SUNNISAN:sunni> shelly - can you do all the same things stamping in clay you can with paper?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> no and yes - dontcha love that?
SUNNISAN:sunni> yup. i'm waiting!!! LOL
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> you can get the same effects just using creative means. such as: my favorite way to stamp is using ultra thick embossing powder in 4 or 5 layers then.. while its still warm from being melted you impress your stamp into the mush. let it cool for a few seconds and remove. it looks really fabulous! it's no wonder i like claying and stamping together since this is my favorite stamping technique
KIM2935> It sounds awesome. Any favorite colors/combinations of clay and powders?
SUNNISAN:sunni> can you do that on raw clay or does it need to be baked first?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> you would need to bake it first however.. i would suggest you texture your clay a bit first or the embossing powder won't adhere very well. non porous to non porous surface, if you know what i mean
LIZZLADY:cheryl> I would be afraid that the heat gun would burn the PC and release fumes. Is that not a problem?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> cheryl: no, it really doesn't take that much heat to melt it and i haven't had embossing powders send off a toxic fume yet!
LIZZLADY:cheryl> that's good to know. I have been afraid to use the heat gun with PC
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> oh no! that is a sculpting technique that i learned recently
SUNNISAN:sunni> cheryl - heat guns are recommended for piece work with pc to set small areas while sculpting!
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> when you get a fine detailed area done to 'perfection', take your heat gun and set it.
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Thanks for that advice!
SUNNISAN:sunni> is there anything you use on clay you can't/won't use on paper or vice versa?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i won't use pigment ink on clay. it doesn't set very well even after it's been baked there are of course, very specific glues that need to be used on one or the other
SUNNISAN:sunni> such as, please?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> paper can take pretty much everything, just some things like E6000 are overkill. paper is such a porous surface it takes adhesives very well. pc on the otherhand, being a non porous surface, you need stuff like cyanoacrylate glue (e6000, zapagap) to adhere anything to it. i definitely would not use glue sticks or tape (other than jewelers tape) on pc either (also - hot glue is not one to use on pc)
SUNNISAN:sunni> why not?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> couple of reasons - first, the adherance of tapes is not going to be nearly as long lasting on pc. also, if and when it does come off, or you need to reposition it, you may end up with gunk on your piece
ANNIE527:annie> do you ever get a *clouding* when using the type of glues you mentioned?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> annie: yes, i have gotten a bit of clouding from e6000, so i try to hide it when i use it
SUNNISAN:sunni> have you tried adhering something by baking it with TLS as the glue?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes, i have - successfully and not! successfully: I have done some pins using mica powders to make a relief and wanted to layer some pc over it but pc won't stick to the powders so i used tls and it worked well. on the other hand, the journals that i have made... you cannot use tls on any mat or davey board. it warps in the oven and your piece is ruined
SUNNISAN:sunni> i see!
KIM2935> Have you used colored pencils successfully?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> kim: i have over baked clay. as long as i use a fixative it works great. i haven't used a transfer technique using pencils, yet, but it's up on my list to try
SUNNISAN:sunni> i have used pastel pencils drawing freehand on typing paper and burnished that to the surface of raw clay and sealed with a very thin layer of TLS. it works very well.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> sunni, i'll have to try that!
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Do you prefer mounted or unmounted stamps for use with PC and why?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> good question! i prefer unmounted stamps because: you can be assured of a better impression. it is difficult to 'feel' the depth. with a mounted stamp. also, you can bend an unmounted stamp, which makes it come out of the pc better! you can wrap an unmounted stamp around a piece, also whereas it would be tough to do with a mounted stamp.
KIM2935> Good point Shelly!
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Like on a tube bead? I never thought of that. that's a great way to embellish a bead
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes to both [and] it's a great way to add texture to a bead!
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Do you sell unmounted stamps?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i sell stamps mounted, mounted on just cushion and unmounted
KIM2935> If you do scrapbooking, have you used photos, too?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes, i have used photos, also, though not with anything i'm terribly proud of
KIM2935> How did you use them?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i've used them transferring a pic and then baking that piece, then i took the baked piece and framed it in black pc and baked that. i do minimal scrapbooking.
KIM2935> I've wondered if the pictures would separate from the backing in the oven.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> oh, i haven't actually baked a picture on photo paper
LIZZLADY:cheryl> You can photocopy the pic and then transfer it, Kim
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i make a computer rendering and put it onto photo quality paper then i do a transfer that way
KIM2935> good thought thanks
CAT501:Jersey> Well, I think I'm hooked...this sounds like a fantastic creative outlet
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> jersey, have you never clayed before?
CAT501:Jersey> nope but I've got a small package in my workroom right now. you've made a convert, Shelly
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> Get to it girl!(boy?) you will totally dig it! thanks!;)
CAT501:Jersey> girl here is getting to it right now. Thanks so much for the inspiring interview. Night all.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> night, jersey, thanks for coming!
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Shelly, I understand why you are in the stamp business. Both stamps and PC are addictive. Poor thing, you have at least two ad dictions that have to be supported.
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> yes, i NEVER have a dull moment
LIZZLADY:cheryl> and the two are so compatible
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> they really are. i use them simultaneously the majority of the time
SUNNISAN:sunni> good people - we have only 10min before dianne cook comes in with her guest speaker tonite. any more questions for shelly?
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Not from me but I do want to thank her. I've learned a lot and really enjoyed it.
KIM2935> I have a lot, but I'll have to persuade her to come down here for a class. Thanks Shelly!
PAPERNUT:Sandy Mullenix> I will definitely try more pc. Haven't done but one piece but love everything I see on TV
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> You are all very welcome. This was fun. I'd love to kim, just give me a holler!
PAPERNUT:Sandy Mullenix> thanks Shelly for all the info
ELISSAHEART> This has been a very interesting and informative discussion. thank you for sharing, Shelly!
KELLIEAK:kellieAK> I have also really enjoyed this chat too! gonna have to dig out my stamps!
SUNNISAN:sunni> shelly - what is it about stamping that has you hooked so?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> The versatility of stamps. You can take one image and do a thousand different things with it
SUNNISAN:sunni> and do you have any ideas or techniques beginning stampers could put to use?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> using them with p.c. is just the tip of the iceburg. i think the easiest and most attractive way to marry the two is to stamp into clay and rub with mica powders, i really think it offers a beautiful, and yet immediate effect. then, after that take time to just play, play, play.
SUNNISAN:sunni> do you have any ideas or techniques for advanced stamper/clayers?
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> i would say collage is a great technique. use more than just stamps for your texture, use door pulls, knobs, kids toys - marry them together with mica powders or not. then fill your baked piece with tinted tls. don't just stop there, learn how to make a book and embellish the cover with your finished piece!
SUNNISAN:sunni> those both sound like fun!!!
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> they are a blast
SUNNISAN:sunni> we're at an end of the chat - i would like to take this opportunity to thank you, shelly for sharing with us tonite!!!
KELLIEAK:kellieAK> great chat sunni and shelly!
KIM2935> Thanks ladies!
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> You are very welcome and thank you all - you were a delight to chat with!
LIZZLADY:cheryl> Yes. I second that. thanks's shelly and Sunni and goodnight.
SUNNISAN:sunni> shelly - i'm pumped!! i can hardly wait to start making my own stamps!!
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> oh, yeah! you should try carving them - that's great fun!
SUNNISAN:sunni> i have made my own molds and i did a name stamp, but that's all. but you have shown me many possibilities!
RTSIFRTSI:Shelly> the sky is the limit!

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