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PCC Chats With
syndee holt
Special Guest - Howard Segal

Special Thanks to Sunni Bergeron for the Transcript

Click Here to Download a ZIPfile of this Chat

March 26, 2002:

SYNDEEHOLT: Let’s talk about what Howard is going to do for us.
[Howard Segal of The Clay Factory in Escondido, California]
SUNNISAN: Yes, syndee!
KIM2935: Whatcha gonna do Howard?
HOWARDSEGAL: I’ll let syndee tell ya.
SYNDEEHOLT: You all know about my Jacquard Studio Kit? The one with the stolen Fiesta inks?
STARGAZERCA: Got one on order!!! J
KIM2935: Yep
SYNDEEHOLT: Howard is gonna give you all in CHAT 25% off if you order one before Thursday!!
WYOMINGGAL: Want to know more…
SYNDEEHOLT: More about the kit?
BEANSTRESS: I’m ordering one now.
SUNNISAN: most cool!!!!!!!!!
STARGAZERCA: Wahoo Howard!!! :D
GOLDPEMCORGI: Incentive to use my gift certificates.
SUNNISAN: Do you know when he’s going to get supplies?
HOWARDSEGAL: There ya go.
KKEPHART: OK, so where do we order it from?
MACKIMBA: YAY!!! Howard!
HOWARDSEGAL: I just got 6 in and only have one left right now.
SUNNISAN: The Clay Factory
SYNDEEHOLT: Clay Factory, Clay Factory, Clay Factory
HOWARDSEGAL: rah rah rah
CLAYR69: LOL… tell me about it!! I’m like… WAIT!!! J
HOWARDSEGAL: 877-728-5739 (877-SCULPEY)
WYOMINGGAL: I needed to go shopping tonight anyway * VBG * Can we order it online Howard?
HOWARDSEGAL: In an email. Or call me.
SYNDEEHOLT: It’s got all the PX [Pearlex] colors, sculpey blades, 8 Fiesta colors, which are the bomb, 2 Neopaque paints, 8 Lumiere Metallics, Surprise Pack, Exploded Salt, brush, 2 clays, and Scratch Art Shade Tex.
AQUALUNA13: * drooling on my keyboard *
SUNNISAN: So why are these Fiesta colors the highlight??
SYNDEEHOLT: cause the Fiestas are new, they are absolutely transparent, vibrant colors THAT DRY ON THE SURFACE OF RAW CLAY IN MOMENTS. You can put PX under or over them.
HOWARDSEGAL: They are very cool.
WYOMINGGAL: How do they work in mokume gane, syndee?
SUNNISAN: Can you use them on baked surfaces too?
SYNDEEHOLT: Great. Look for Marie’s article with them in Expression. Sure - you can use them on baked surfaces, they dry. Only thing, wear gloves. I didn’t and I wore those vibrant colors for 2 weeks on my fingers!
AQUALUNA13: More toys! * clapping my hands and jumping for joy *
KIM2935: Rats! There goes the money I was saving up for Sandy Camp. Guess I have to start over.
DAVESNYDER14: Ready for Easter..
SYNDEEHOLT: No, print out this message and leave as a hint for Mother’s Day.
SUNNISAN: Will they need a sealer or will they hold up like acrylic paint?
SYNDEEHOLT: I haven’t had a problem with them not being sealed and I’ve drug stuff back and forth.
KIM2935: Is that what you demoed at the last [guild] meeting syn?
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, I demoed them at the meeting.
AQUALUNA13: Can’t wait to give them a try.
KIM2935: They looked like glass paint from what I saw.
SUNNISAN: * starts thinking about stain glass effects… *
SYNDEEHOLT: All this stuff comes packaged in a neat little plastic carrying case.
HOWARDSEGAL: Big plastic case
SYNDEEHOLT: You can take the clay out and put your Shapelets and Stamplets in that spot like Marie does.
KIM2935: With lotsa little spaces to hold more STUFF!
AQUALUNA13: cool.
MACKIMBA: And the cost?
SYNDEEHOLT: Howard, what it the retail?
HOWARDSEGAL: $69.99 - your special discount making it ONLY $52.50
SUNNISAN: Wow, Howard, THANK you for the discount!!!
MACKIMBA: WOW!!! That is a great deal, Howard (And I still have a GF to use… ;-D
KIM2935: You have a girlfriend to use?
MACKIMBA: GF = gift certificate. Yes, Howard.
KIM2935: ahhhhhhhh
HOWARDSEGAL: Ok. Your GF runs out tomorrow, Kimba.
MACKIMBA: Well, can I use it tomorrow then?
HOWARDSEGAL: Just kidding, sorry!
AQUALUNA13: Yes…thanks, Howard! What is “exploding salt,” by the way?
KIM2935: Something to keep away from kids, Raine.
AQUALUNA13: No kids……no problem!
SYNDEEHOLT: Exploded salt is used by the silk painters (the other part of Jacquard). It is really like pretzel salt - it has air in it, so it’s big with little substance.
KKEPHART: How does one use the exploded salt with polymer clay?
KIM2935: Does it act like a resist, syn?
SYNDEEHOLT: You can roll the raw clay in the exploded salt and then soak it out. Rub with PX and bake.
SYNDEEHOLT: It makes a really cool texture. Of course, you can bake it in the clay and soak out afterwards, too.
DAVESNYDER14: The salt sounds like fun.
SYNDEEHOLT: That was the goal, get as many toys as possible in the little box.
KIM2935: Texture…magic word!
AQUALUNA13: Oh, yeah… TEXTURE sheets!
SYNDEEHOLT: Oh, ANNNNNDDD news about NEW texture sheets. When you call Howard to order your kit, reorder the new texture sheets from Scratch Art.
VIVIDVES: New texture sheets !?!?!?!!!
DAVESNYDER14: New textures?
SYNDEEHOLT: Yeppers - I’ve sent a kid to fetch them. I had everything all neatly stacked by my new computer for this chat and now I’m dragging because I couldn’t get into chat with it. I’m in my sons’ room on their computer. New pack of Nature textures - bubbles, butterflies, flowers/vines/seashells, snowflakes, stars…
WYOMINGGAL: OOh, that sounds neat!
SUNNISAN: Oh, most cool!!!
AQUALUNA13: Awesome!
SYNDEEHOLT: …and Cultural patterns - african, asian, celtic, egyptian, islamic, latin american. Howard should have them in a couple of weeks, right?
WYOMINGGAL: Even better.
VIVIDVES: Wonderful!!
----missed some of the chat---synopsis---- There is a new Superflex formula being phased into the marketplace. It is stronger, more flexible, it retains its flexibility and comfortable feel over time.
BEANSTRESS: When will the new formulated flex be out?
HOWARDSEGAL: No date on that yet, Bean.
SYNDEEHOLT: You can mix flex with your S3 (Sculpey III) or Premo to add more flex to areas, too.
SUNNISAN: But when are the gonna let Howard have it!!! * pout *
SYNDEEHOLT: Howard should get it first cause he’s so cute.
MACKIMBA: And he table dances ;-)
WYOMINGGAL: Telling tales, Kimba? * VBG *
HOWARDSEGAL: shhhhhhhhhhhh … lol
HOWARDSEGAL: Well, I guess I better call them tomorrow and find out, I have not yet been informed.
BEANSTRESS: syndee.. I’ve mixed the eraser clay with translucent clay (not an eraser any more) but it makes the most beautiful translucent clay.
STARGAZERCA: Wahoo, Bean!!! J
SYNDEEHOLT: Yeah, it’s cool to mix with the other clays because the color palette is so different.
SUNNISAN: It mixes with the other clays? Wahoo!!
BEANSTRESS: It is so saturated… Is that the right term, syndee?
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, and just a more dense type clay.
SUNNISAN: Well now. I wonder - Bean, what was the surface texture like? Smooth? Shiny? Matte?
BEANSTRESS: It’s matte.. like an eraser.
SYNDEEHOLT: It is matte, very matte. Which I like. I want my clay to look like organic clay. I don’t much care for the look of… like Cernit, which is really porcelain looking. I would like to see what would happen if you mixed the eraser clay with the ivory S3 or Bone Premo.
HOWARDSEGAL: That won’t make the color change very much.
SYNDEEHOLT: No - a little eraser in a lot of ivory.
BEANSTRESS: I bet that would be beautiful!!!
HOWARDSEGAL: Then it will give it just a tint of color.
SYNDEEHOLT: Yeah, green bones…
SUNNISAN: heeheehee
STARGAZERCA: Gonna rise agin…
HOWARDSEGAL: Something for everyone to try.
SYNDEEHOLT: But I bet it would be prettier than the standard pastels. I bet it’s really easy to carve and make your own stamps, too.
AQUALUNA13: Stamps and carving are a GREAT idea! I don’t know HOW you guys think this stuff up. I am in AWE!!!!!
SYNDEEHOLT: Plus that 10 minute baking time is great. (I pay Raine to talk like that…)
HOWARDSEGAL: Yes, no more and no less, no matter how thick [the eraser clay is].
SUNNISAN: !!!!! No more no less? wow!!! syn - when you blend eraser and polymer clays, you still bake at polymer temps and times?
SYNDEEHOLT: It depends on which clay you have the majority. The more you bake it, the harder it gets and the less eraser quality you get.
WYOMINGGAL: Has anyone tried carving it?
SYNDEEHOLT: I always used to carve up my erasers in school…
DAVESNYDER14: Can the eraser clay be thinned with diluent?
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, it could probably be thinned, I don’t know why not.
HOWARDSEGAL: It’s really soft.
SYNDEEHOLT: It’s soft like S3. You need to clean your blade often when you slice the canes, like Granitex. Ohhh, let’s mix Granitex and eraser - what cool cool colors
WYOMINGGAL: might try a bit of cornstarch to see if it helps.
SYNDEEHOLT: Nah. I just had to keep wiping the plasticizer off the blade, but then again, this was way fresh just made stuff.
SUNNISAN: Is there an expected shelf life on the eraser clay? Or will it last forever like polymer clay?
SYNDEEHOLT: Sunni - my stuff is still really nice and plump and I don’t have the best storage conditions. I think it retains it’s plasticizer longer.
SUNNISAN: Oh good!
AQUALUNA13: That’s what’s so cool about polymer clay…I can keep reworking it until I decide to bake it. Very cool.
SYNDEEHOLT: There are other kits from Jacquard, too. You can buy Lumiers in squeeze bottles, Fiestas in their own kit…
HOWARDSEGAL: I’ll have those soon, too. AQUALUNA13! I’m gonna go into clay overload! I LOVE having new toys!
SYNDEEHOLT: My personal opinion, maybe it just hasn’t been exposed to the lawnmower clippings enough yet…
DAVESNYDER14: Yay, inclusions…
SYNDEEHOLT: Now if we could have a clay you could bake and then write with… The house I used to live in had really bad termites and I always had inclusions…
AQUALUNA13: hehehe Gotta love old houses! I have paint chips in my clay…… from the ceiling.
SYNDEEHOLT: Raine has the BEST stories about old houses.. Hey, I wonder if you could mix pearl PX into the eraser clay?
AQUALUNA13: Well…there’s lots of stories since I live in the house which my grandfather was born!!
SUNNISAN: Or glitter?
HOWARDSEGAL: Sure, syn, why not?
SYNDEEHOLT: Glitter would scratch your paper if you erased with it?
SUNNISAN: Maybe - maybe not. It might just work out onto the paper.
DAVESNYDER14: What about mica?
SYNDEEHOLT: Oh, oh, do mokume gane and erase with it, it would always change patterns.
MARCELLAB2: Neat idea.
VIVIDVES: I like that idea, syndee!!
AQUALUNA13: I LOVE that MG idea!
SYNDEEHOLT: Wearable art, erasable art.
SUNNISAN: Wear out your art, make more!!
AQUALUNA13: I’m pitiful, aren’t I?!?!? Well, I don’t lack enthusiasm for my art! * giggle *
SYNDEEHOLT: You know, I haven’t tried those erasers with pens yet, either.
SUNNISAN: Can you imagine how comfy they would be to hole? Folks with arthritis!! A nice grip! Folks with arthritis!! A nice grip!
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, so you can market to both ends of the buying spectrum - kids for eraser and seniors for arthritis. Hey, you could wrap the hole pen and then use it for comfort.
AQUALUNA13: I feel a trip to the office supply store coming on…..
SYNDEEHOLT: Are there any pens that erase that we can bake?
SUNNISAN: No, but we can make pencils ala Sue Heaser!!
VIVIDVES: There is probably more choice for bakeable pens, with the lower temp and short bake time.
SYNDEEHOLT: Hey, wouldn’t eraser clay make a great coaster?
AQUALUNA: Won’t scratch the table that way…..
SYNDEEHOLT: It wouldn’t slip on the table as much as regular clay and sure wouldn’t scratch.
MARCELLAB2: Cup holders for carrying cold beverages in cans…
DAVESNYNER14: Does the eraser clay take texture well, like stamps?
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes! I stamped it and it was great. Really held the ink, too!
HOWARDSEGAL: I better order more eraser clay.
AQUALUNA: Ya think so?
HOWARDSEGAL: I’m dancing on the table. lol
AQUALUNA13: * rolling with giggles *
SUNNISAN: I think you’re gonna be surprised what a hit this clay is gonna be, Howard, once folks catch on!
HOWARDSEGAL: I’ll be ready.
SYNDEEHOLT: You just have to think outside the pencil box.
SUNNISAN: * grin *
AQUALUNA13: * groan *
MOUSE_378: I’ve been waiting to hear about it since seeing it on CD (Carol Duval)
DAVESNYDER14: I wish the segment would have been longer on CD
AQUALUNA13: I can hardly keep up writing notes with all of these ideas!
SYNDEEHOLT: I like it in the molds, too, makes great little erasers that way.
SUNNISAN: So syndee - how did you come up with the travel kit idea? Was that your idea or a team thing?
SYNDEEHOLT: Travel kit? I used a little smelly marker box to keep my PX (PearlEx) in when I went to do TV shows and the producers teased me. I told Jacquard about my box and that started it.
STARGAZERCA: Ahhhh… the “look pitiful” technique! J
AQUALUNA13: Necessity……Mother of invention…..gotcha!!
SUNNISAN: Neat! How did y’all come up with what to put into it?
SYNDEEHOLT: I even went up to RGS and looked at all the stuff they had for more toys.
HOWARDSEGAL: Rupert Spider Gibbons. The Pearlex people
SYNDEEHOLT: Both companies have double names - Polyform/Sculpey, RGA/Jacquard. Split personalities - it’s a business, but they like to have fun.
SUNNISAN: Ah! I see!
SYNDEEHOLT: Actually, I think they play all their practical jokes under one name. Hey!! Did you all know that I have a website now on Jacquard?
SUNNISAN: No foolin!! What is it?
SYNDEEHOLT: I just posted the first of the gallery last night. Raine, send me that bracelet again..
AQUALUNA13: Will do!! URL please!
SYNDEEHOLT:< /a> It’s our own personal clay-jacquard site. I do the content myself and upload from home. AND we are gonna have a discussion group soon on there, too. So send me your work to post and send me suggestions for what designs you want me to show you.
SUNNISAN: We can do that, syndee!
MARCELLAB2: syndee: Are the Fiesta Inks in your kit representing all the color available?
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, those are all the colors. now let’s see if I have Expression news…
AQUALUNA: GREAT magazine. Very classy. Looks more like an Art magazine than a craft mag. Not that there’s anything wrong with craft mags…..
HOWARDSEGAL: That’s a good thing.
AQUALUNA: But Expression is high class stuff!
HOWARDSEGAL: When you say art that’s one thin… and when you say crafts, that’s another.
SUNNISAN: I like that polymer clay is getting artistic exposure on the higher end.
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, I’m getting tired of being at shows and people looking at me and saying, “But I’m a REAL artist.”
SUNNISAN: That would make me groan.
AQUALUNA13: Yeah…next time someone says they work in “found objects” just say “Oh, trash.” and see how fast they get angry!
SYNDEEHOLT: Do you look at it and say, “That’s cool, but why isn’t it PC?”
SUNNISAN: Sometimes….
AQUALUNA13: Absolutely!
SYNDEE HOLT: Expression will have some really great projects coming up. I think they will be featuring it [clay] more, especially since I’m on the advisory board and I recruit artists like crazy. I work very near their offices, so I can pitch people stuff to them in person. I like that they have a range of projects from easy to more difficult. I also think it’s funny that so many other projects look like they should be done in clay!!!
AQUALUNA13: I noticed that, too. Thought several were pc [polymer clay] but not.
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, the last issue LOOKED like it was mostly polymer.
SUNNISAN: syndee, how would you go about submitting an article for Expressions?
SYNDEEHOLT: To submit to any magazine, send a jpg with a brief description of the project, time involved, skill level.
MOUSE_378: Do they have a website? It’s hard to find such magazines here.
AQUALUNA13: I also find myself rummaging thru my grandfather’s workbench for tools to use.
WYOMINGGAL: Half my kitchen… CORGI: My whole kitchen and half of my car.
AQUALUNA13: I use more of my kitchen tools for clay than for food!
SYNDEEHOLT: That’s one of my favorite features in the magazine - What’s in Your Toolbox?
AQUALUNA13: Yeah…it’s great to see the ideas that others have come up with. It’s infinite! Wow!! Some awesome projects coming up. Can’t wait for the next issue.
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, and more to come. We’ll take it over eventually. WE have to show excellent support of the magazine with subscriptions. I’m telling them all the time about how wonderful you all are!
SUNNISAN: That would be nice!! Imagine a whole issue just PC!!
SYNDEEHOLT: It could happen….
MACKIMBA: That would be awesome!
GOLDPEMCORGI: Turn it into an all PC mag permanently.
SUNNISAN: Now, now, we don’t wanna be stingey!!! We want to convert others to clay as well!!!!
WYOMINGGAL: Besides, we like to see other mediums to give us new ideas.
GOLDPEMCORGI: Okay, we’ll let one non-PC project an issue.
SYNDEEHOLT: Can the one project not be a stamping thing to sit on the table?
SUNNISAN: Ok by me.
SYNDEEHOLT: What is it with us that we want EVERYONE to clay? Painters don’t want everyone to paint?
GOLDPEMCORGI: Beaders want everyone to clay…
SUNNISAN: We’re a sharing bunch of people.
AQUALUNA13: Because we get so much satisfaction from it. And it’s EASY to make nice stuff right from the start.
BEANSTRESS: We are a sharing bunch as Sunni said.
SYNDEEHOLT: We aren’t talking sharing, Bean, we are talking Evangelical drives to convert crafters! Now it’s easy - newbies have such resources now. Back in the old days…well..
WYOMINGGAL: Boy, that’s the truth. I remember waiting for the New Clay [by Nan Roche].
HOWARDSEGAL: How long ago was the old days?
BEANSTRESS: There’s immediate gratification when you show someone something and they say “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” or their eyes light up.
AQUALUNA13 : We newbies get to benefit from everything you guys have already done. Thanks! * tipping my hat *
WYOMINGGAL: And all the mistakes we made.
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, I spend a lot of time with mistakes, so if I can keep someone else from making them, GREAT.
MACKIMBA: Of course! ;-)
SUNNISAN: I love the networking we have available to newbies. Thank you, syndee, for being a part of that. Thanks to everyone for the desire to trade info!
BEANSTRESS: You get converts by sharing first.
AQUALUNA13: I have learned more online in an evening than I get from an entire book. Ya can’t beat that. Of course, I still want the books!
SUNNISAN: I think the internet may also be one of the major factors for the explosion in clayers.
BEANSTRESS: Same here… and have met some of the most wonderful people otherwise would not have.
AQUALUNA13: It’s such a great way to connect with like-minded people.
GOLDPEMCORGI: You mean the clay insane?
AQUALUNA13: You say that like it’s a BAD thing! heheheh
GOLDPEMCORGI: LOL Not to me it isn’t, but my hubby is a totally different story.
MACKIMBA: Yes, some of the best people are clayers.
SYNDEEHOLT: WE do tend to be clinically weird…Do you think we could mix micro pearl PX into eraser clay and have it work?
WYOMINGGAL: Might erase pen ink if there was enough Pearlex
SUNNISAN: syndee - the way the powders smear, I wonder if they would leave marks when the eraser is used?
SYNDEEHOLT: I’m gonna have to try that and see what happens. I’m gonna have to mix with Granitex, too.
BEANSTRESS: Roll out the eraser clay and, after it’s baked, punch it with a paper punch. Flat erasers.
SYNDEEHOLT: Hey Bean! I’ll bet it punches really well, too!
BEANSTRESS: I’ll have to try that tomorrow.
SUNNISAN: Hmmmmmm. Cookie cutters…. Ladies and gentlemen - on that note, don’t forget to stop in next month for syndee’s monthly chat!!!
SYNDEEHOLT: Next month, it’s the 3d Tuesday, okay Raine? You’ll be correct next month…
SUNNISAN: Our scheduled time is over!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank syndee - and Howard - for coming to day!!!
----thanks and salutations extended----

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