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The Leading Edge with syndee holt
October 22, 2003

SYNDEEHOLT:    Hi Star! It's so nice to be able to picture you now. Hot up there?
StarGazer:    aw shucks... i'm not much to look at... hee-hee-hee. no, it was nice earlier, but now it's breezy with a bit of a chill... how about where you're at??
SYNDEEHOLT:    it's hot hot hot here at least it's cool here at the beach, but inland YIKES!
StarGazer:    wow! neato!! i was missing Marie last weekend, so i watched her videos all day long...
SYNDEEHOLT:    I want a tape of just her outtakes. Actually, what I should do is videotape the chaos when she is here
StarGazer:    wouldn't that be fabulous!! if you get one, please think of me!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I've been thinking of buying my son a video camera for Christmas, but I kinda have to see how much money he costs me in Costa Rica. That sure is a good excuse to buy one though... Live stream on the internet - dog, bad shorts, guacamole and all..
Jenn:    lol - that would be a riot!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I"m gonna be teaching at National in June I found out yesterday
Jenn:    cool... what will you be teaching?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'm not quite sure, but it sounds like surface treatments (everything you can do with Jacquard) and photography/business
Jenn:    everything you can do with Jacquard products - sounds heavenly!
SYNDEEHOLT:    and you know that Jacquard will send EVERYTHING for us to play with..
kellieAK:    I spent the day doing something with jacquard that I had never done before, painting on silk!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Yes, I've done that also - it's fun!! I made my boss some scarves
sunnisan:    intriguing, kellie! how'd it turn out?
Jeanette:    I was using Fiesta inks to color transfers
kellieAK:    it was a blast. I get to pick up all the scarves tomorrow. Karen Burkhardt from NPCG is in town
sunnisan:    syn, what have you been up to this last month?
SYNDEEHOLT:    This month - mostly photoshop stuff
DESIREEM1:    PS?!?!?
SYNDEEHOLT:    Claywise - I had one of those moments where the teenager comes out and says"Screw TV I'm gonna do clay with you"
DESIREEM1:    wow, syndee, that's a rare rare moment?
SYNDEEHOLT:    Yes, Des, and then the panic - just what are we going to do?
DESIREEM1:    there's so much more i need to learn about PS
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'm here to tell you there is SOOOOOO much you can do in PS
sunnisan:    you said a mouthful there. i work with PSP and it is awesome!!
DESIREEM1:    i've been dabbling with PS for maybe 10 years and still have only touched on a few features
SYNDEEHOLT:    You photographers out there - when you print out a digital photo
sunnisan:    yes? *perk*
DESIREEM1:    yeah? ACTION gripping the edge of the screen
SYNDEEHOLT:    You can mix Lumiere with Future about 1:8 and paint the surface
sunnisan:    ???? oooOOOooo
SYNDEEHOLT:    Straight on - it's a normal photo, from the sides it GLOWS with golden sparkles (Providing you've used gold lumiere)
DESIREEM1:    inkjet or toner surface?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I use an Epson printer, durabrite inks and Kodak Picture paper - this is important - it's the instant drying-print on 2 sides stuff
sunnisan:    epson. i'm in the market for a new printer!!
Ornieldy:    I am looking for some ideas for finishes for polymer clay
sunnisan:    lumiere and future might be an answer, niel!
Ornieldy:    I am making PC lollipop ornaments and would like to use a glossy finish on them
SYNDEEHOLT:    The same finish will work great on polymer clay also! Glossy finish? why not wrap them in cellophane like real lollipops?
kellieAK:    I love that idea
sunnisan:    now there's a great idea!!
Ornieldy:    I am also doing PC Christmas cookie ornaments and would like the finish to be something of a sugar finish. Can you help?
sunnisan:    add salt to the future? rather, sprinkle the surface with salt while the future's still wet.
Ornieldy:    One question, does the salt that you put on the wet future ruin the PC ?
sunnisan:    no nancy, not at all.
Ornieldy:    You ladies are the BEST!!!!! I will be coming back to this room for more help as I become more involved with PC
SYNDEEHOLT:    That's what we are hear for dear!
sunnisan:    nancy, i use salt as a texture tool. smash it in, bake, then wash it out!!
Jenn:    cool... I'd never thought of mixing lumiere & future... heaven knows I do it enuf with px...
SYNDEEHOLT:    Sugar finish - matte, somewhat porous - how about fine, fine sandpaper? or maybe press the surface lightly with a porous surface paper like posterboard
MSSERA:    I mixed px and future and covered a xmas bauble. It was a very interesting texture...the px sorta graduated down the sides like lava.
Ornieldy:    Also, what would you suggest for the lollipop sticks.
SYNDEEHOLT:    Lollipop sticks are easy - use pieces of bamboo skewers
DESIREEM1:    why not use lollipop sticks? :D
SYNDEEHOLT:    If your lollipops are big enough - you can use pieces of wooden coffee stirrers
MSSERA:    then you get to eat the lollipop :)
SYNDEEHOLT:    Okay, let's get a major sugar high going here
sunnisan:    :D i'm game!
DESIREEM1:    no thanks! headache city!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Our Sandy Camp was great fun again - although I missed most of it since I was sick
kellieAK:    sorry to hear that syn
sunnisan:    syn!! i'm sorry to hear that!!! u ok now?
kellieAK:    it sucks to be sick in the middle of an event like that, eh?
SYNDEEHOLT:    yeah, it was a nasty cold
sunnisan:    didja have fun with your roomy?
SYNDEEHOLT:    RAine is an absolute doll and so is Beckah
Ornieldy:    When you talk about future is that some type of product? I am new at making ornaments
SYNDEEHOLT:    Future is floor wax
DESIREEM1:    future is an acrylic floor finish
Ornieldy:    Oh. So I just rub it on the PC project?
SYNDEEHOLT:    We clayers either talk chemistry or household products
MSSERA:    brush it on Orni - or dip it in
Ornieldy:    Thank yo sooooooo much.
sunnisan:    so what didja do at sandy camp, syn?
SYNDEEHOLT:    drank
DESIREEM1:    drank future?
sunnisan:    and between margaritas?
SYNDEEHOLT:    tequila
DESIREEM1:    yuck
SYNDEEHOLT:    Oh baby - margaritas and a hot soak was all my ailing back needed. unfortunately it didn't help the stinking virus cold I had
sunnisan:    yeah, but it made the rest of you feel better!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Anyway, we party hard, have tons of fun and always come out in the black
sunnisan:    yay!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    take a note you guild officers - it's all about the clay and fun and the money will come.. we made over $800 in raffle alone
sunnisan:    that's GREAT!!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Yes, I insisted that Beckah Krahula come to teach and she is AMAZING
sunnisan:    really? what did she offer?
SYNDEEHOLT:    For you guilds that have more advanced members, she is the BOMB - - she lists all her clases
DESIREEM1:    is that the Beckhah on the cover of a recent mag?
SYNDEEHOLT:    She taught 5 - count em 5 classes and the stuff that just casually falls out of her mouth caused my members to salivate  -- that sounds gross..
SYNDEEHOLT:    Anyway, our newest members to our advanced (and most critical) members came up and said "GOOD CALL - she's amazing"
sunnisan:    yahoo!
DESIREEM1:    how was beckhah for the not so advanced?
SYNDEEHOLT:    She causes an eruption of creativity. She can explain at the most basic level in a very low key manner that somehow causes major excitement
DESIREEM1:    hee hee, that sounds great
SYNDEEHOLT:    She can maintain a class at all levels without losing control (okay we WERE bad sometimes). I HIGHLY recommend her to any guild looking for a creative person to stimulate and drive a weekend or a weekend retreat
sunnisan:    sometimes? i thought mischief was your middle name....?
SYNDEEHOLT:    REMEMBER -= I was sick.. or drunk
sunnisan:    *eye roll with big smile* ah. make her the FIRST teacher!! :D
DESIREEM1:    i don't know if she's a clay goddess or a jewelry design goddess or what
SYNDEEHOLT:    Beckah is a little hard to categorize, but I would say a clay goddess
sunnisan:    how about just a creative goddess?
SYNDEEHOLT:    She is the one who brought us the gin transfer. Sunni - that's perfect
DESIREEM1:    cheap gin? :D
sunnisan:    loved your last article in expressions, syn!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Thanks Sunni! - It was a big step to include the photography
sunnisan:    yes it was, but one creative folks are addressing more and more!
sunnisan:    with the onset of digital photography, there's been an explosion in the photographic world.
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'd love to have a forum to explore it more - maybe right here on PCC
DESIREEM1:    last expressions issue has photography? i mean an article on...
sunnisan:    desi - yes.
SYNDEEHOLT:    I have to confess - I do take some of the photos from PCC and "fix" them - it's a compulsion
sunnisan:    that might be doable. perhaps a second chat just for photography?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I think it would be better to have actual photos of work and then explain what I do to fix them up
DESIREEM1:    another reason to stop a michaels on the way home
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'm a photo editor at work and every magazine that comes in I check for color correction and continuity on the photos - I could care less about the text
sunnisan:    hmmmm. ok - we could start a thread, then. with links to pages on your website? asking people to post pics or links to them, they have questions about?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'm pretty sure I"ll be teaching photography at National
DESIREEM1:    cool
sunnisan:    oh!!! that's in next year, huh?
DESIREEM1:    i hope i can sign up
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'm thinking about doing that Sunni - you can download the original photo and follow along
sunnisan:    syn, i think that's a good idea. let's email back and forth and see how we can initiate some photography threads.
SYNDEEHOLT:    Sure thing - you have my email?
sunnisan:    yesm, i do!! :D
JENNY_P:    Ok one more reason to try to get to sandy eggo next june......Photography!
DESIREEM1:    syndee, which apps; PS and PSP for following along?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I use PS - full version, but I could get a copy of the LE to make it more accessible. I have PSP also.
sunnisan:    des, syn uses PS. but everything can be found in corel/adobe/jasc applications.
SYNDEEHOLT:    Good thing about National, is that we won't quit after class is over, we can continue through the retreat with photos
sunnisan:    whoa!!!!!!! now there's an exciting feature!
DESIREEM1:    just wondering, because i don't know how many have PS
SYNDEEHOLT:    PS Elements is about $50.
JENNY_P:    if someone was in the market to purchase a photo editing program, on limited funds, which one would you recommend?
SYNDEEHOLT:    PS Elements
sunnisan:    or PSP. but PSP is closer to $100
JENNY_P:    PSP?? name???
SYNDEEHOLT:    Then you can move onto the bigger version if you get into it.
sunnisan:    both are powerful. PS is moreso with more bells and whistles. PSP = Jasc Paintshop Pro
SYNDEEHOLT:    Paint Shop PRo
JENNY_P:    thanks!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I actually find PS easier to use than PSP
SYNDEEHOLT:    My brother was a big PSP user and HATED PS (mental block) until I went to visit him after I taught at SAn Jose  We loaded PS, I sent him some tutorial CDs and he is off and running
sunnisan:    really? PS confuses me!! but that's only cuz i'm not used to it.
SYNDEEHOLT:    Find someone who works at a school - they get massive educational discounts on software
JENNY_P:    I do have adobe photoshop version 5, it was on my puter when I got it, and I don't have the disk, so I am afraid if I upgrade my computer I will loose it
kellieAK:    I love PS
SYNDEEHOLT:    Photoshop LE or Elements has a pretty good spread of things   Clayers are REALLY interested in the photo part of the craft
DESIREEM1:    take care, i'm headin home. my muse is riding my butt today! gotta go create now! ;-)
SYNDEEHOLT:    Des - try the Future and Lumiere - it's cool
DESIREEM1:    hee hee, ok
sunnisan:    almost every clayer i talk to online is keen about photographing.
SYNDEEHOLT:    Look at the Lark fiasco - most editors/publishers don't have a clue about digital
sunnisan:    but you're on a mission to change that, arncha?
SYNDEEHOLT:    YEP I've been on that mission for years - all my editors accept my digital files NO PROBLEM
kellieAK:    my hero
SYNDEEHOLT:    Bottom line - it's got to be a good photo to begin with
sunnisan:    that's a given!! what a blessing it will be for us AND them, to go primarily digital. geez, they don't hafta do as much to the photos when they accept them!!
SYNDEEHOLT:   You get more $$$ too.  Which brings up another point - WHY DO EVERY SINGLE FLAW IN CLAY show up in photos?
sunnisan:    because the camera's eye is more critical than the human eye.
SYNDEEHOLT:    No, it's a machine - it's gotta be the lighting
Jeanette:    humans can't go macro?
sunnisan:   humans don't look at EVERYTHING like camera's do. either that or murphy's law....
SYNDEEHOLT:    it's the human brain - we fill in where the detail is lacking
sunnisan:    or skip parts to see something else.
SYNDEEHOLT:    the eye records the same as a camera (not talking wide angle or telephoto) it's the brain that interprets. for instance - ever see a photo of yourself that YOU think is awful and others say "looks just like you"?  It's because you are used to the image in the mirror that's reversed left to right and the face is assymetrical. the photo is the same left/right as others see you. Hold the photo up to the mirror and you will recognize your face.  ta da.  My thesis for portraiture degree was on phrenology - face reading
sunnisan:    ?? that's an unusual approach!
SYNDEEHOLT:    all about how the mind interprets the map of the face
sunnisan:    i'll bet that one took you on interesting side trips!!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    we take it for granted but it is a geometric design, like all art
sunnisan:    howso?
SYNDEEHOLT:    Okay - tomorrow your assignment is to notice where everyone's ears are according to their eyes -   High? Low?  Our brains interprets low ears as a sign of low intelligence.  It will absolutely freak you out - people have ears all OVER their heads..
JENNY_P:    lol
sunnisan:    wow! i never gave it thought!! as long as they're fairly even with the eyes, i don't really "see" them!!
sunnisan:    unless they really stick out!! ;)
SYNDEEHOLT:    Nope - check out the placement up and down the head - I'm telling ya - you will freak out.  Look at almost any professional boxer - they have very low ears. So - could we transfer this to clay design?
sunnisan:    absolutely!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    would design elements placed too low in the over all composition be interpreted as gauche?
sunnisan:    case in point, the 7 dwarves and dopey?
SYNDEEHOLT:    DEfinately, if you sculpt faces, put those ears up high for intelligence and down lower for "dumb but fun"
SYNDEEHOLT:    Check it out - find a picture of them - I'm betting his ears are lower
sunnisan:    they are!!! thanks syn!!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    That Prince has got some mightly low ears also...cute - but trainable..  Don't blame me if you are totally entertained tomorrow looking at ears..
sunnisan:    *giggle* now - tell us, anything new at polyform/jacquard/expressions?
SYNDEEHOLT:    Let's see- You all saw Johnny's pencil sharpener in Expression?
sunnisan:    yes!! too cute!!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    For you non-San Jose people - Johnny is cute, nice, fun, MARRIED and incredibly talented.  also bi-polar in his clay - he makes those darling monsters and then incredible jewelry.  Sort of Western cowboy meets Easter harem.    Better yet - here is his website
SYNDEEHOLT:    Another high recommendation for a teacher - he can take our sexual harassement too
JENNY_P: sounds like I need to go shopping and find this issue of expression
Jeanette:    okay which issue???
sunnisan:    the newest one, jeanette!
Jeanette:    nov/dec?
sunnisan:    yes.
Jeanette:    nertz I haven't gotten it yet
sunnisan:    i am blown away with his ivory and jewelry design. it's yummy!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I['m very pleased to say that I recommended him for the DIY jewelry series and he is taping next week!  Along with the Ankara sisters, TwoCanClay, Marie and myself
sunnisan:    yeah!!!!!!!??????????? GOOD FOR JOHNNY!!!!  when will all this air? 2004? or later this year?
SYNDEEHOLT:    DIY is doing 26 segments of all jewelry
sunnisan:    i do NOT wanna miss ANY of those!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'll find out tomorrow when they premiere - I tape tomorrow
sunnisan:    good!!! post to pcc wouldja, please?
SYNDEEHOLT:    yes indeedy!   TwoCan Clay are 2 artists from SAn Diego that do the most amazing canework
sunnisan:    really? i've never heard of them. do they have a website?
SYNDEEHOLT:    it's fun, it's without borders and incidentally - they teach a great class also.
sunnisan:    hmmmm.
SYNDEEHOLT:    They are working on the website - I took photos for them, so when the call came for the show - I just happened to have photos on my desktop..
SYNDEEHOLT:    Okay here is a two-fold page - first it's a before and after of photography and the signature bead of TwoCanClay
sunnisan:    gee, why am i not surprised their signature bead's a toucan? *grin*
teddyDodge:    wow
SYNDEEHOLT:    they are straight Premo users also - who are those people who say you can't cane with Premo?  sure enough of us who do it and do it well..
sunnisan:    folks like jenny? *giggle* jenny? u there? i was hoping to get a rise outta ya!
Jeanette:    shoot I used to cane with S3
sunnisan:    i still do.
SYNDEEHOLT:    S3 is pretty fun to cane with
JENNY_P:    hey I don't say I Can't cane with Premo  I prefer Fimo!
SYNDEEHOLT:    When I had a woman come to a caning class with Fimo mixed with so much Vaseline it was like tar, we actually caned successfully with it - I knew you could cane with just about anything
JENNY_P:    you got it!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Also note the difference in the photos? Photoshop is a wonderful thing..
sunnisan:    omgosh, i can't imagine fimo that gooey!! that would be like bleached translucent on a hot day!
SYNDEEHOLT:    No beyond that - think peanut butter..
Jeanette:    ewwwwww
SYNDEEHOLT:    but because it was all the same consistency - it worked.   I told her never to wear it on clothing - it's probably still leaching emulsifiers - on the good side - her neck and chest would be softened..
sunnisan:    no doubt!!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Pearl EX talk - the new colors are coming..
sunnisan:    when are they finally due to hit the shelves?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I haven't had a revision of the actual date (I did try today to no avail), so let's say first part of December.  I will post on PCC when I have an actual date
sunnisan:     good!!! thx! just in time for stocking stuffers!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I've done ads and tear sheets for them and they were tight deadlines, so I would say we are within at least a couple of months.
annie:    i'm behind the times......what are the new colors, if you wouldn't mind saying?
SYNDEEHOLT:    new colors were picked at Ravensdale - Carbon Black, Pumpkin, Salmon, Reflex Violet, Mink, Sky Blue, Grey Lavendar and Pink Gold
Ronnie:    oooohhhhh -- loverly!!  I'm liking the Pink Gold and Lavendar
sunnisan:    truly, they ARE loverly!! the salmon is to die for.
SYNDEEHOLT:    We did some very cool stuff in SAn Jose with the newies..
sunnisan:    oh? do tell!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    The Pink Gold and True Gold on Gold Premo make for Black Hills Gold
sunnisan:    ooooo!
Ronnie:    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
SYNDEEHOLT:    mix a little antique copper in and you have it.  The gray Lavendar is a lovely soft silver - not dull at all
Ronnie:    will we see these by the end of the year?, Or next year? (sorry, I missed that part)
sunnisan:    syn sez, prolly around the first of december. she will post to the forum when she knows the release date.
Ronnie:    yayayayay, thanks!!
teddyDodge:    I have a question
sunnisan:    answer.... ;)
teddyDodge:    I have Fimo classic and mix quick, do I put the mix into the chopper with fimo? or mix it after I chop the fimo
sunnisan:    jenny?
sunnisan:    what do u do?
JENNY_P:    put the mix quick into the chopper with the fimo  then process till it looks like cottage cheese, past the crumbs stage
sunnisan:    thx, jenny!!
teddyDodge:    thanks, I have a small black and Decker electric chopper
Ronnie:    Welcome Back!!!!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Geez - what caused that? [syndee bounced out of delphi]
sunnisan:    delphi, probably...
SYNDEEHOLT:    Oh well, I filled out forms for kids for school whilst I waited..
SYNDEEHOLT:    Scanned the kitchen for dinner..
sunnisan:    multi-tasking!!
Ronnie:    whatchya makin?  (for dinner)
SYNDEEHOLT:    They HAD dinner already - which is why I don't have any..   Curry
Ronnie:    hmmmm, never had it
teddyDodge:    is it clay?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I have teen boys that eat things like mushrooms, cabbage, spices, and always rice
JENNY_P:    I have had Curry a couple of times
sunnisan:    ??? where did you find teens boys who would eat that kinda stuff? lucky woman!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I raised em that way - real food - good food
Ronnie:    my son (going on 16) should be huge with all he eats, but he burns it all up
JENNY_P:    thats the way I raised my girls too, good food REAL food!
sunnisan:    hey syn!! do you have any more trips out and about this year or was sandy camp the last one?
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'm going to Burbank tomorrow to tape a show and then that's it, I *think* until I go to Costa Rica in December.  I have lots more time now though cause I'm retired as Pres of San Diego guild after 10 years
sunnisan:    yay!!! congratulations, syn!!!
Ronnie:    congratulations!
SYNDEEHOLT:    DIY is easy - no flying - only one set of step outs - one segment at a time.  HGTV Our Place and Home Matters were multiple segments 3 sets of step outs for each project
sunnisan:    and a step out is?
Ronnie:    I wish we had DIY
SYNDEEHOLT:    Imagine building a cane, and starting over at each step so you an example of each step  Then having to do that 3 times - all exactly the same for all 5 projects that you are going to tape in one day
sunnisan:    ah. ok!!
JENNY_P:    when does this start showing on DIY? I think I get that
sunnisan:    syn said she'll check tomorrow on timeline and post to pcc!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I was insane to do that.  But at least we never had retakes, so I finally cut down to 2 sets and dared them to make me do more
Kim:    lol
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'm not a production person, so I really don't enjoy doing it over and over.  I found the trick is to do one or two steps each day until you are done
[long pause in conversation...]
SYNDEEHOLT:    sorry - had to go chase the dog, who was chasing the cat, who was chasing a hamster in a ball - my life is complicated
sunnisan:    but not boring....
Ronnie:    lol
sunnisan:    i need one of those hamster balls in ferret size for my hedge hog. he's getting fat!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Now he is chasing a possum
sunnisan:    good dog!!
Ronnie:    awwww, hedge hogs are adorable!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I'd love to have a hedge hog! OH, don't tell my sons..
Ronnie:    i always wanted a prairie dog
sunnisan:    they are great pets if handled a LOT when they're young. mine wasn't so he's a huffy old thing!! SO cute.
SYNDEEHOLT:    I can't turn down an animal, but I don't fancy myself an animal lover,   My human family comes first.
sunnisan:    before you go, syn, can you give us a hint at what you or marie are gonna put in jan/feb expressions?
SYNDEEHOLT:    Jan/Feb is the HIA issue - and yes it's got more Marie/syn frollicks
StarGazer:    :)  Wahoo!! more frolics!
Ronnie:    yayayayayayaya
SYNDEEHOLT:    I believe it's surface treatments - all kinds of fun stuff we've found in "other" stores and tried on clay,  Plus old standards in new ways
sunnisan:    oh oh!! u2 are having way too much fun!!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    Let's see - we've covered photography, phrenology, clay, surface treatments, sculpting, alcohol..  clay teachers, Expression, SAndy Camp - We got some stuff done tonight! Watch the ears tomorrow..
EOKEN:    oh, gosh, I missed surface treatments...
SYNDEEHOLT:    Did you have a question bout surface treatments?
EOKEN:    yes, I' dont know if covered this before, but how do you feel about painting clay?
sunnisan:    use acrylics, not oils!
SYNDEEHOLT:    I know lots of people who paint clay - there are so many ways to do it.
sunnisan:    katherine dewey paints clay to great effect.
EOKEN:    I've done that with acrylics, and with bronze powders mixed with flecto or with acrylic medium
EOKEN:    Katherine dewey...
sunnisan:    lemme pop up her website for you eo...
EOKEN:    oh, terrific, thanks
StarGazer:    kat's new book is almost out! :)
EOKEN:    I'm also particularly interested in producing effects simulating natural stones and other natural elements
SYNDEEHOLT:    also Patty Kimel, Elise Winters, the British artists - all do amazing work with paints, inks and stains as surface treatments
EOKEN:  I think Tory hughes?   How can I copy the chat, can I save it to a log?
SYNDEEHOLT:    Tory probably doesn't do much on the surface, but rather incorporates it into the clay
sunnisan:    the chat will be up at pcc within the week. you'll get the whole thing...
SYNDEEHOLT:    There are numerous ways to do faux stone, bone and wood - I'd search PCC for tutorials, as well as maybe some of the craft magazines
EOKEN:    I'm open to both options, to painting it or to incorporating it. ..
SYNDEEHOLT:    I just did a faux stone article in my column in Expression in Sept/Oct
EOKEN:    Want to make big beads, for my silver jewelry
SYNDEEHOLT:    and I'm getting ready to do one for Jewelry Crafts
EOKEN:    syndee, is that online or the magazine?
SYNDEEHOLT:    both are printed magazines
EOKEN:    terrific... thanks!  I got Expressions, did I get that issue, I'll see...
SYNDEEHOLT:     We did wood in one of the first editions last year know what all? I've got to log off and pack for tomorrow
sunnisan:    you have fun tomorrow!!! and thanks for a fun evening syn!!
SYNDEEHOLT:    *PART* Left room.

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