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1. Measure size of cover and trace 3 slightly smaller squares on all 4 pieces of paper.
2. Cut top.
3. Cut side.
4. You should have 4 pieces of paper that look like this.
5. Take 2 pieces of paper and put glue on the corners (as shown in the picture). Cut squares of ribbon and place where you've put the glue. Let dry. Repeat with the last 2 pieces of paper.
6. Turn over both pieces and put ribbon and glue in the center corners as shown. Let dry. You will now have 1 long piece of paper.

7. Put glue in the corners as shown in the image. Fold in a fan fold following the directions of the arrows in the diagram. Let dry.

8. Bind the back of the book with a long piece of ribbon. The pages with the ribbon on the corner should be on the inside. Let dry.
9. Open the pages to the center. Cut a shape out of the ribbon and glue to the center. Let dry.
10. With the craft glue, apply the front and back covers.
Finished pages
(actual image)

Madeline Nupp
©2002 Text and Illustrations

Conditioning the Clay
Cover Instructions
Pages and Assembly Instructions

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