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by Corinne Loomer
I have been using Artistic Wire for several years now and I love it. It is the best brand on the market. The reason for this is that the color coverage is the very uniform. If you buy a different brand, many times you can look at the wire and see that the color is not true (for example, if it's an aqua color wire, when you look at it on the spool it will look almost aqua/copper in some spots). If this type of wire is on sale for a great deal, then buy and use it for practice.

The best way to buy wire is on a spool. Whatever you do, try to steer clear of loose wire bundles, unless you like to "wire birdnests." The only way around this problem is to put it a tall coffee can and keep an eye on it.

Colored copper wire is considered "dead soft" and it is bakeable. Barbara Mcquire's book "Wire in Design" is a wonderful book on this topic - wire and clay together as a new venue for polymer people to play with. Helpful websites are:,, and (go to the hobby and craft page).
©2003-Corinne Loomer

Thank you, Corinne.

Member Tips
From Gail Davis
Tip: "I would agree that Artistic Wire has the best silver coloured wire; however, when it comes to the colours I far prefer Para Wire, since their colours are permanent, not a nylon or plastic coating. I find the colours in Artistic Wire peel off with any kind of pressure with the pliers. Para Wire can be ordered directly from the company at good rates."

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