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Attaching Images to Messages

By Sunni Bergeron
So many new folks ask about how to upload images and the same answers are being given out over and over again. While it's no hardship to do so, I thought it would be so much more convenient for everyone to have a manual with pictures on how to do it. Some of the windows in this tutorial will be just a little different than yours because these are snapshots taken on my Personal Computer with Windows2000 using Internet Explorer, but the basic steps are pretty much the same. Here ya go everyone!!!

Step 1: On the Message Board, look along the top just below the tabs and click on Post New.

Step 2: Click on the little down arrow (see where I put the red arrow?) and select the appropriate topic to place your message under. In the next field, Enter your Discussion Title here, just place your cursor there and start typing in a name. There are only so many characters you can type, so if you get to the end, just revise your title. Leave the From and To section alone. Place your text message in the big box. When you're done typing, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Below the text message box you'll see the signature box. Leave that as is, that's edited someplace else altogether. The next field you'll see is where you enter email addresses of anyone you'd like to email a copy of the post. It's optional, too. Skip down to the last three lines. You'll leave those as they are. Now we get to uploading a file from your computer to Delphi. Click once on the "Attach Files" button.

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