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Attaching Images to Messages

By Sunni Bergeron

Step 4: You'll get a pop-up window that looks similar to this. Your "Document Space" will be different from mine. Click once on the "Browse..." button.

Step 5: Navigate your hard drive to wherever it is you keep your files. In this example, I show that I'm going to C:\Graphics folder. The little box with the arrow pointing to it changes the view of what you're looking at from small icons (where I keep it) to large icons or details. It's your choice how it looks easiest for you to navigate. The little down arrow in the red circle is a drop down menu so you can see the main drives on your computer and is a shortcut for navigating your menu. The red oval is the destination folder where I keep most of my graphics.

Step 6: After you've gone to the folder where you keep your graphics, click on the JPG or the GIF file you want to upload. That will bring you back to this view. Notice, I finally decided to uploaded a picture, Whew1_1.jpg, from my C:\0\New folder. Now click once on the "Upload" button in step 2a. Take your hands off your keyboard and mouse and wait patiently! You will not see any activity during the upload and, depending on Delphi, your connection and/or the size of your file, it could take a while, so please do not click on the upload file again for at least 3 minutes.

Step 7: If you do not wait patiently and click on the "Upload" button again before the file shows up just above the pie chart, you will get duplicates of your graphic like I did here. You CANNOT remove any files once they have been uploaded. And you get only so much free space. While the picture shows a 500Kb limit, this has recently been changed to 1Mg. That's why it is so handy to learn how to upload graphics to your own website and link them inline instead. But that's another story.

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