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Attaching Images to Messages

By Sunni Bergeron

Step 8: If you have more than one graphic to upload, repeat Steps 4-6. When you're finished uploading, click once on the "Done" button.

Step 9: That will take you back here to the message window. Now is when you should take a moment to go over your text in the message box to make sure you wrote it all down right. If everything looks alright, click once on the "Post" button.

Step 10: You are now done. Click once on the "Continue" button to go back to the Message Board.

Step 11: Locate your thread and this is what you should see. Underlined in red is the Topic where you posted your message and the title of the new thread. Delphi places the attachments below your signature. You'll note I uploaded the attachment --twice. Oops! Oh well, better luck next time!! <G> And that's all there is to it, boyz 'N girlz!!

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©2001-Sunni Bergeron

Thank you, Sunni! You can Email Sunni at or visit her Website at

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