"If you want to get a date, you're just gonna HAVE to spruce up a bit."
- Leigh Ross

"Get a GRIP!!!...your trip to Mardi Gras was OVER LAST WEEK, HAL!!!!"
- Kris Richards

"The dinko bird version of teenage boys comparing chest hair!"

"Oohhh, that was fun! One more time... 99 bottles of beer on the wall..."

"Please I'm not a touchy feely type of boid!"
- Julie Eyer

"Enough already!"
- Jenny Patterson

"Just think honey, when my mother moves in we won't have to migrate across the country just to visit!!"
- Darla

Green bird:"I caught a fish thiiiiss big."
Blue bird: (Sheesh, this guy's full of it!)
- M.Perkins

"Truth is, all of us clay addicts end up looking like this!"
- mavis parker

"Are you talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to ME?!!"
- Kim Little

"You say I'm a brat like it's a BAD thing!"
- Kim Kennedy

"I told you not to squat with your spurs on!"
- Kim Kennedy

"Jeez... didn't you ever think about using deodorant?" - Emily N

"Please! No more singing!" - Iesa Erck