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by Barbara McGuire
Claystamps are stamps that are especially designed for art and craft clay, including polymer clay, precious metal clay, art clay silver, and paperclays. They are deep cut, two sided, featuring a positive and a negative relief. The negative side pulls the clay up and provides an embossed relief of the design and the positive side provides an imprint of the design. The stamps are designed with classic lines and limited detail to benefit the application to clay. Design motifs are presented by talented artists Barbara McGuire, Nan Roche and Cynthia Toops. Shapelets craft templates- Theses are templates made to outline a finished jewelry shape. The template includes both the inner shape and the frame. They are used by placing the template over the prepared clay art to serve as a guide. The artist uses a craft blade to cut the shape from the clay. The shapes can be stacked to create more complex compositions. The templates are sized to be filed in business card file and come in sets of four theme designs.

©2001-Barbara McGuire

Thank you, Barbara McGuire You can Email Barbara at And be sure to take a look at these incredible stamps at The Clay Stamps Website:

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