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From Susan Warner
Tip: "After reading directions about how to clean my clay extruder I knew there had to be an easier way, so I set out to find it. Being a grandmother and greatgrandmother I am very familiar with baby wipes. Our family uses them to take out stains, clean tennis shoes and much more so my mind went right to baby wipes. I twisted one into the barrel of my extruder and pushed it thru with the plunger and and it took all of the clay out of the tube with no effort at all. I wiped the rest of the parts with the same success. I also use them on my craft clay machine and find them very helpful there as well. I also use them to rub clay that has dropped on the carpet. Guess what? Total Success. Hope this information is helpful."

From Ann Stafford
Tip: "I started working w/ pc around '96-'97. I have tried everything... apricot body scrubs, pressing a bar of wet soap into sand, dish soap, make up remover, chemical cleaners, lotions, baby wipes...EVERYTHING! I finally tried something that removes the clay residue and stain (even red and blue) plus it is made for skin...AVON's Skin So Soft. Best results I've ever had. Put 5-6 drops in palm, massage it into skin, wait 1 minute then just wipe it off w/ damp paper towel. Until recently I had only used this stuff as a mosquito repellent, 1 bottle has lasted me since 2007 so I am now in need of a AVON lady! Anyway, try it and you'll never go back to soap and orange cleaner (OMG, your poor hands! ouch)"

From Katie
Tip: "Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get clay out of the ridges in your fingers, textured surfaces, and anything else that you can think of. No chemicals!"

From Lori
Tip: "I have been working with polymer clay for several years and until recently I have been in search of a hint of how to get the clay cleaned off my hands (nothing really worked exept for the Blue Tack suggestion that I read at this site, which, by the way, thank you). I discovered quite by accident that Fantastic Orange cleaner spray works great to get the color and the clay off my hands. I keep it by my work area all the time with a towel, and I spray it on my hands after working with the clay and it completely dissolves it. I have very sensitive skin and so far it hasn't bothered me at all. I then roll some Blue Tack around in my hands and I can work with white or any other color without any color transfer."

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