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From Jacqueline Gikow

Tip: "The best way to learn about working with colored polymer clay is to experiment. I suggest learning something about color theory first, but don't get hung up in that. Color mixing will be more useful. One of the best books I've found to refer to in color mixing is, Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green, by Michael Wilcox, published by Northlight.

Even though polymer clay comes in a zillion colors, you can make almost every color you need by selecting a red, a blue, and a yellow, along with white, black and translucent. You can experiment with different reds, blues, and yellows forever and get different results. Cadmium red, and cadmium yellow will give different oranges than magenta and a lemon yellow, for example.

Set aside a day for color mixing and keep track of the proportions -- maybe make samples and glue them on cardboard, or string them on a cord (write the formula on the back)."

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