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Some Tips for Fast Reading

from Mia Rox
This was when the forum was CRAZY!! LOL 500 posts a day!!!

I would enter the board and hit "ctrl N" 2 or 3 times. That would pop up an identical windows of the board. Then in one window I would pick out a message, say from the break room, then while that was opening I would click on the second window and click on a post in show n tell. While that was opening I would do the same thing with another window, or just go back to the first window.

It would depend how many post there were and how much time I had! I usually had one window open for every 100 posts there were waiting.

This tip I got from Kimba. When you are in the show n tell and you click on a message and there are attachments, you can right click on the link to the pic and scroll down to the second choice that says "open in a new window" and open them all up. I do this with the reply button as well then I can go on to the next message.

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