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Blended Filigree Egg
by Kellie Prather Robinson


From Robin Stevens
Tip: "I love making filigrees but putting those lines in the clay for design interest can be tedious, and one slip and they aren't evenly spaced or evenly indented. One night when I was pressing a strip of clay onto my Marxit tool to make evenly sized little balls, the lightbulb went on. What I do is, after extruding a length of flat clay from the clay gun, I press it onto the smallest side of the Marxit tool. Spritz the tool first with some water and gently press the length of flat clay along it. You'll learn how much to push to get the indentations you want and without distorting the width of the clay. If you find the clay breaking when you try to lift it off (especially with transluscent clay), insert your needle tool under the strip and run it along under the clay strip. Be sure to put the needle tool all the way under it so the point is sticking out the other side - don't let the tip of the tool rub along the clay or it will leave a mark. Now, you have perfectly spaced lines along the strip for your filigree or anything else you want to use it for."

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