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Glass Attic History and Purpose

I was still fairly new to polymer clay when I learned about the internet and its online polymer groups back in 1995. Once online, I began to save bits of posts from those groups simply to try and understand what people were saying, and to remember how to do things. After awhile, I realized it was becoming too difficult to find anything in the monthly Word files I was creating, so I began saving the bits (and bookmarked links) in separate category files instead.

Later I began to understand at least some of the basics of polymer clay and I noticed that other clayers in the groups were asking the same questions I had wondered about, often about little details of techniques. So instead of posting complete answers online, I began to send out individual e-mails of my collected info for each subject a person inquired about. I wouldn’t have been able to include the sheer breadth of information and different opinions each time anyway, so I was happy to send everything and let each person paw through to pick out what was of most interest.
(I also noticed that there could be many opinions on any subject, and that the experts even tended to disagree. So sometimes I saved different but reasonable opinions, and sometimes I simply copied the ones that seemed most relevant to what I did at the time.)
Eventually I found myself sending out more and more of these e-mails (!) until I realized that a lot of people were reading them, that the files weren't really just-for-me anymore and that I should put it all online (which I did in Oct. 99), and also that I should be attributing every single info-bit to the person who had posted it. I began attributing consistently then, but many of the info-bits in this website were gathered before that time (--also on occasion I'd get distracted in the copying or adding process and forget to include one). I apologize to anyone whose infobit I’ve gathered from a group online and reproduced here without having a name to attach... unfortunately there is no way I can correct that without removing the infobit entirely, and I feel that most people wouldn't want that this community being the incredibly sharing place it is. I know those words will be of invaluable help to many appreciative people!

On another subject, since a piece of information will often relate to more than one topic, it has sometimes been difficult to decide just which category to put it in. Occasionally I've reprinted it on more than one category page, but generally I've put it in the category that seemed "most relevant" at the time and then tried to indicate on some of the other relevant pages where it could be found.

Nowadays, since I can actually understand so many of the older things I've collected, I find myself constantly re-sorting the order of ideas and comments, and creating or juggling sub-categories. I've also spent quite a bit of time writing things of my own ... more suggestions and ideas, etc., but most importantly I've tried to add "overviews" of many sub-categories or techniques and/or fuller explanations of the terms we use, especially for newbies (...again though, I haven't gotten to it all by a long shot.)

I do still hope to add lots of my photos, diagrams, exercises, etc., to the site, if I can ever find time. (There are also lots of other things --projects, ideas, etc.-- relating to other subjects I've been interested in that I want to add as well.) Just adding new info daily to the site is a full-time job on its own though, so at some point I may have to declare GlassAttic a finished "edition" and get on to the fun things for awhile<G>.

So here's to us, and to our power to help each other!

Diane Black
The Glass Attic
©2004-Diana Black

Thank you, Diane! You can Email Diane at or visit her Website at

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