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Heart Shaping Tool

by Candice Mathewson

Materials Needed:

  • Polymer Clay in any color (scrap clay is fine).
Step 1: Making the heart shaping tool

Make a long log.  I would recommend at least 6 inches long by 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

Pinch slightly along the entire length of the cane.  

Aim for a rounded triangle.

Make a second pass across the cane.  This time push down on the cane as you pinch.

Think "Hershey Kiss" when making this tool.  Make the top sharp and somewhat steep.

Carefully smooth both sides of the slope with your fingers.  Bake according to manufacture's instructions.

Step 2: Using the heart tool to shape an entire cane

Form the bottom of the heart by pinching along the entire length of the cane with your fingers.  

After centering your cane on top of the heart shaping tool, firmly press your cane on to the tip.

This Hershey Kiss shaped tool makes creating heart shaped canes a snap! 

Step 3: Using the heart tool to shape individual hearts.

Begin with a ball of clay.  This particular ball is covered with cane slices.

Slightly flatten the ball with your thumb.

Form the bottom of the heart with your thumb and forefinger.

Center your ball of clay over the top of the heart shaping tool.

Press downward.

Have fun! 

©2002-Candice Mathewson

Thank you, Candy You can Email Name at

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