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Adding Inline Images to Your PCC Messages

By Sunni Bergeron
What you will need:
  • A website or someplace on the internet where you can store graphics.
  • A way of uploading graphics from your computer to your website.
  • Familiarity with highlight, copy and paste.

This tutorial will assume a couple things.
1) That you have the ability to create electronic graphics.
2) That you know how to upload them somewhere onto the web.
These things will not be discussed during this tutorial.

Step 1: Convert your picture(s) to electronic graphic format and save in the *.jpg or *.gif formats. Those formats are compressed and upload pretty easily. Don't forget to downsize the graphics before uploading them so they're not huge. I usually upload two copies of the same picture. The little one is always 100 to 150 pixels in height. That's my thumbnail. The big one is never more than 700 pixels along the longest side of the picture.

Step 2: Upload your graphics and make a note of their path. The path is their location on the internet. For instance: would be the path for this picture -----> ani-sold.gif (1690 bytes)


Step 3: Once you're graphics are all uploaded, trip on over to Polymer Clay Central Message Board area and select Post New.

Step 4: Select the appropriate folder and name your thread. This will drive you to the page where you create your message. (Left click on the thumbnail for a closer view.)

Step 5: At the bottom of the webpage you'll see four buttons and four lines with check boxes and radio buttons. Click in the checkbox next to "Check here if HTML tags are in the message (not including signature)."

Step 6: Scroll back up and place your cursor in the message box and we're ready to begin.

Now, you just cruise through the rest of the tutorial to find the configuration that most closely meets your needs. You'll find the cheat sheets on the next page.

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