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Welcome to the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia

Welcome to Polymer Clay Central's new Polymer Clay Cyclopedia. This is an ever growing INTERACTIVE collection of tips and information directed at the Polymer Clay Beginner, compiled by all the friends and members of Polymer Clay Central.

We invite everyone to add their tips and discoveries using the handy forms found at the bottom of all the pages.

As you look through the Table of Contents, please take note of the colors and symbols that appear. The symbol represents Beginner Information. These have the answers to the most frequently asked questions!!

The HOT PINK colored words stand for Major Categories, and when you click on a Pink Category, that link will bring you to another page with multiple listings of more pages belonging to that category.

As an example, Basic Tools is a Major Category with a next to it. When you click on this link, you will get a list of all the basic tools a beginner would need to start working with Polymer Clay. Each of these individual tools would also have their own links from the Table of Contents, and it's obviously a great help for all beginners!

Clicking on Subject words followed by an Asterisk (*) will have more information added later, but for now they will pop up a window with some information about that term, such as a definition.

We are making every effort to insure that the information you will find in the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia is all tested and true, but with anything that is put together by people, there is always room for error. If you should find any of those errors, please email SincereLEIGH at Tell us the error and what page you found and we will repair it as quickly as possible.

This page is part of the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia being assembled by the friends and members of Polymer Clay Central,

We would like to encourage all beginners to print out the pages that are published in the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia Format
. (the Cyclopedia Format is the lavender ruled white paper background).
The authors of this information have provided it with the intent that it will be printed out for personal use to help everyone learn more about the basics of the Polymer Clay World.

All information here is without charge and given freely - this is a compilation of contributions by Polymer Clay Artists from all over the world, designed to help promote our medium and to answer the many questions from beginners. Please respect those generous contributions and do not include any of these lessons or techniques in any shape or form in any articles or books, or any electronic retrieval system other than PCC, without the express written consent of the author.

All images are copyright the artists and are used here by permission. All rights are reserved and it is expressly forbidden to use any images without first obtaining permission from the author.

As we add more and more contributions from all over the world, the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia will soon become an important resource on all things dealing with Polymer Clay for the aspiring new Polymer Clay Artist.

We do not intend the Polymer Clay Cyclopedia to replace the wonderful books and videos that are available, but we feel very blessed to have the authors of those very same books and videos sharing bits of their techniques and information in the Cyclopedia. Hopefully this will spur you on to purchase the right types of resources to meet your polymer clay needs!

We also want to have as much information as we can for the beginners in an easy to use fun format!!! Polymer Clay is a fantastic medium for everyone, and we want to help the world to learn all about it!

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