Pietre Dure: ... Pietre Dure means "Hard Stones" in Italian, and semi-precious stones are the material used to create these spectacular art form ... ...While most mosaics are made of small tesserea, pietre dure uses larger sections cut from a sheet of variable colored semi-precious stone, which are fitted together rather like Marquetry.
This technique is perfect for adapting to Polymer Clay. Sue Heaser's book contains information on how to do this with beautiful visuals.
If you are fascinated with the different colors that show up as you are mixing and marbling your clay, you might find this a very exciting technique to try, laying out different colorful sheets of clay and using just the right section of a sheet that has just the right shading of colors to cut out a section of your picture.
We will include more information about this as time permits...

This information was used, with Permission, from
The Polymer Clay Techniques Book
by Sue Heaser.
Paperback - 128 pages (October 1999)
North Light Books; ISBN: 1581800088