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From Jacque
Tip: "Make sure you take precautions when using PearlEx powders. Always wear protection over your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling particles. It can be a nuisance, but safety is always first!"

From Marcella Brooks
Tip: "Mica powders, such as Pearl-Ex and Powdered Pearls are often applied before curing, and mostly rub off without being sealed. Painting or spraying the sealant with Future or other sealants can often ruin the powdered mica's effects. For spectacular highlights to raised portions of texture, add mica pigment powder to a small amount of Future. It can be painted on the raised portions and won't rub off after it's dried or cured in the oven. This mixture can also be applied to un-cured clay; however,the Future will most likely bubble at the higher temperatures. Fortunately, the bubbles can be popped and another coat of Future applied and baked at 200F for 10 minutes with lovely results. "

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