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by Crafty Owl

The most recent Polymer Clay Retreat in Britain (although we don't call them 'retreats') was two years ago - April 1999, held at Loughborough University. Strangely enough, we had the classes in the Chemistry building, in one room with the sign 'Polymer Sciences' or something like that! The event was run by the British Polymer Clay Guild, and is to be repeated this spring.

We arrived on the Friday afternoon, and had the guild AGM that evening. The next day there were two class sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with a choice of three subjects for each. I know I taught 'Textures and Finishes' and 'All kinds of Beads', but I don't remember who else taught what! We had teachers from Britain, France and America (maybe others I don't remember) and topics included miniatures for dolls houses (very popular amongst clayers in Britain) and mosaic canes. Marie Segal and Sue Heaser were probably the most popular teachers.

In the evening, we had demos and talks accompanied by nibbles and drinks. There was space for those who wanted to to exhibit their work, and there was a raffle for clay-related prizes.

On Sunday morning there was one more class session, and then we all went home.

©2001 The Crafty Owl

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